With a loud crack, her pelvis broke and reshaped, moving her vagina to the front of her body. Small, pale scales grew down from her belly to cover her labia, turning black and hardening as they developed. Her pussy lips pulled into her body leaving a wet slit behind. The bones of her pelvis segmented into pieces.

She felt a pain in her spine, as if someone was slamming her spine with a sledgehammer. The bones fracture and reform, thinner but wider and stronger. If she could move, she'd find that she could bend her body to bring her head between her legs while laying down. Her ribs shift and grow joints along their lengths to accommodate her new flexibility.

There's a sickening popping sound as the bones in her legs and feet break apart and dissolve. The burning in her pussy moves up her back and she feels something on her ass, as if a drunken surgeon is stitching the skin around her ass shut with a burning hot needle. Her upper body shakes against the pain. The feeling moves slowly down her body. She can feel her pants moving against the skin of her legs.

A line of skin grew from her spine, pulling her two legs together. As her legs join together, they push against her clothes, forcefully sliding them down her body. Where her legs are joined together, the old skin is pulled off leaving large midnight black scales in their place. She felt something tugging against her spine as her legs fuse, inch by inch.

When her knees are joined together, the pain in her body starts to lessen.

Victoria almost screamed when she heard voices, loud and strong as if someone were talking directly into her brain.

"...Girl...Ssssleeep...girl... giiirrll... Ssssssssleeep girl..." The voices talk over each other endlessly. It's the last conscious thought she has before blacking out.

While she slept, her legs continued to pull together until her feet have melded. There's a pause as her body prepares itself. Finally, a new growth extends past where her toes used to be. Her spinal column grows a new segment and is quickly swallowed by muscle, veins, curved bones and a light, translucent skin. Bit by bit her new tail grows longer and longer. Eventually, the new skin hardens into black, shiny scales.


In her dreams, Victoria sat before a huge blazing red fire over a mountain of black coals. It warmed her and comforted her but she couldn't say why. She felt so cold in the dark. Behind her, monstrous shapes shifted and moaned but didn't dare to approach her. She lay down as close as she could to the fire and slept peacefully.

When she woke, she felt the coarse carpet against her skin. Her body felt heavy and sluggish, as if she was suddenly woken from a particularly short nap. Grey light filtered through her curtains. She couldn't remember why she was on the floor - specifically why she was naked on the floor. Well, wearing pants it felt like.

She pushed herself up and tried to bring her left knee under her to stand. What happened instead was a sudden swift movement and her head slammed into the ceiling with a loud crack. She immediately fell forward with her eyes closed, putting her hands out to shield herself from falling on the floor. When she didn't feel the impact from the ground, she opened her eyes. She was hovering three feet off of the ground, breasts dangling heavy below her. Her hair slid under hair, dangling in the air.

Victoria stared at the ground below her. She couldn't make sense of it. It felt like her toes were caught on something, holding her up. As if with just the muscles in her lower leg she was able to keep herself at a crazy angle. When she was a child she used to play a game where she would lean forward as far as she could without falling over. This felt exactly the same, except that she was completely horizontal. And her damn hair kept getting in her eyes.

Out of a habit born from years of dealing with unbound long hair, Victoria reached to brush her hair behind her ears. Her fingers froze. This was not her thick, soft hair. Her fingers touched something cool and smooth, almost like marble but with little indentations. She pulled one of the things around to look at it and shrieked when her eyes focused enough to see what it was - a thin, pure black snake.

"...told... sooon... you... tooo soon... told you.. told youuuu... too soon... toooold you... too soon... sleeep... told youuuu... sssssleeep... no... ssshee neeeeds to ssssseeee..." The voices came at her from both sides and she couldn't shut them out, not even with her hands clamped to her ears. A loud WHOMP WHOMP CRASH WHOMP! sound echoed around the room.

"... calm! ... girl ... calm! Peacccceeee... girl! be caaaalmmmm...." The voices rasped at her.

Victoria opened her eyes again to see a massive black tail whipping around the room, crushing whatever it hit. Her bed was flattened and pieces of furniture littered the room.

She could feel it. She could feel this tail moving. She felt the tugging on her spine and the impact of the tail against whatever it struck. It was huge, impossible to know how long but at least four feet in thickness. She was still screaming.

Suddenly, a single blinding, pure command hit her.


And, she did. This time she did fall to the ground and she felt her tail crash to the floor with her.

"... weak... heavy... her... can't... sssstilll too heavy... weak... can't command... her... weakenssss ussss..." The voices were more quiet in her head, as if from a great distance.

Victoria tried to move but it was difficult. She was still breathing fast and her heart hammered in her ears. Rather than trying to move again, she looked at herself in the mirror on the bathroom door. Her hair, her beautiful hair was all gone. There was a mass of pure black snakes covering her head, except for a streak of blood red ones down the middle. They hung limply around her, barely moving. With everything else, that was what struck her the hardest - she always loved her hair.

Her arms were in front of her and she could see where the black scales covered the tops of her hands and her whole forearm on both arms. Her fingernails were gone, replaced by thick black claws. She flexed her hand and watched the scales ripple down her forearms as the muscles contracted. She looked stronger. She had actual biceps now where she only had plain arms before.

As she watched, her tongue flicked out three times, curling up to touch her nose on the third time out. It was forked and rasped against the skin of her nose when it touched her.

She could see part of her back -- it was mostly still her skin except for a wide patch of blood red scales running down her neck to her ass. Or, where her ass used to be. There were no ass cheeks or bulge to signify where they once were. She hadn't even been particularly proud of her ass but at least she had one. Now... now there were only smooth black scales in its place. From there, the tail began. She could see it coiled behind her.

Victoria wailed.

The voices whispered in her ears. "Calm... good... be... be calm girl... be... girl... calm... be calm... be good..." Over and over. They were louder than before but still weak.

Her breath hitched as she tried to talk. "I... I don't... I don't know what's hap...happening!" She sobbed over and over.

"Fooolissshhhh... coming... they are... are... they... coming... will come... foolisssshhhh..." Now there was a sense of urgency in the voices.

Victoria wiped the tears from her face. "Who? Who is coming?"

"Sssss... loud... tooooo loud... you were... come... they will come... coming now... thingsssss... you... find you... breaking thingsssss..." They told her. She could feel the snakes moving against her and each other. She could actually feel them touching each other. They weren't just separate creatures attached to her - she could feel what they felt.

She looked around the destroyed room. They were right. She was surprised the police weren't knocking on her door right now. She tried to push herself up and found she could, slowly. She wriggled what used to be her toes and watched as her tail unwrapped itself, sliding around and over. She felt the scales against each other but she could only feel the pressure and the coolness of them. When she thought of herself as kneeling, the part of her tail directly under where her ass used to be picked her up so her torso was vertical. Her tail coiled behind her and the floor creaked under its weight.

What could she do? She would be shot or worse if she tried to leave. She would never survive.

The snakes on her head writhed against each other. "Him...him... caaaall him... the man... man... callll..."

Rob. She could call Rob. He said he would help. He said he would. He could do something. He'd understand. He would do something.

Rob's card lay on the ground in front of the door. When she thought about walking, the length of tail below her torso pivoted and unraveled, sliding back and forth to bring her to the door. In her own mind she felt herself walking, felt her feet moving and walking to the door. She stood at least seven feet tall with just a bit of her tail holding her up. So much of her tail was still coiled behind her.

She grabbed the card and dialed the hotel phone. At least she could still talk properly.

Rob answered on the fourth ring. "Hello?"

Victoria almost cried when she heard his voice. "Rob?" She asked tremulously.

His voice was cautious in reply. "This is he. May I ask who is calling?"

"It's... it's Victoria. From last night? Do you remember the restaurant?" She asked, daring to hope.

"Victoria! Of course I remember! Are you okay? Are you feeling better?" He sounded genuinely concerned for her and she loved him in that instant. Her whole world had collapsed but he still cared.

"No... I... listen... could you come to my room? I need help. Room 322. Please hurry." She hung up quickly, not daring herself to talk more.

Victoria moved (she refused to think of it as slithering) back to the main part of the room. She caught sight of herself in the mirror again. Her torso was larger, stronger. She had a six pack for her abs and her shoulder muscles were huge. Her tits were definitely bigger and lay full against her chest. The snakes were unmoving on her head. In bad light she'd almost look like she had dreadlocks. Pure black dreadlocks with a strip or red color down the middle of her head.

In a sudden panic she looked for her vagina. How would she pee?! She found a small slit roughly where her pussy would be if she were still human. Her scales were so smooth and cool to her fingers. She got closer to the mirror and looked at the area, touching herself over and over.

As she did, a muscle she never had before worked and the slit grew, opening up. To her shame, she felt aroused. Her pussy was still there, bigger but still her pussy. Even the lips were there. She rubbed herself and felt her own juices. She felt warm and she was still soft inside. Soft and wet. Out of morbid curiosity she tasted herself and found that was the same - stronger smelling but still basically the same taste. Her new tongue flicked at her fingers eagerly.

She reached a hand around herself to feel where her ass used to be but her body automatically rotated itself ninety degrees to help. There was a similar slit where her asshole used to be so she assumed it still basically worked.

She touched her pussy again, fascinated by it. The feeling was different. Just the touch brought feelings of pleasure down her spine to the tip of her tail. The tip of her tail flicked in response.

"Monster." She told herself out loud. "I'm a monster." She stared at herself and watched as her tongue flicked out, as if under its own control.

She grabbed the hotel telephone, ripping it from the wall and threw it at the mirror. "MONSTER!" She screamed at herself.

Victoria beat her hands against the scales below her belly. It was like pounding on steel and she could only feel the force of her hands and nothing else. Her hand opened and she brought a talon against one of scales. Screaming wordlessly she tried to pry the scale off. It hurt badly as she flexed it, straining her muscles. The pain was similar to a dentist finding a nerve ending with a drill.

"Girl! ... sssstttuuu... giiirrlll.... sssstupid girl... girl ... girl ... stupid girl... ssssstupid!" The voices hissed at her. Her hair was alive and furious. She felt them sliding and moving against each other.

A loud knocking at her door stopped her. "Victoria?!" Came the yell.

"I can't." She whispered to herself. "I can't let him see this."

"Trussssstt.... he ... truuuusstt... usssss... fine... trussssttt... he will be ... truuuuustttt ... fiiine...." The snakes rubbed against her face, as if to calm her. She shook her head and they settled down against her.

"I'm... I'm coming!" She told him as she made her way to the door.

She hesitated with her hand at the latch. She couldn't do it. He'd run. He'd scream and that would be the end of her.

A sudden peace descended on her and she felt like she was in a dream. She saw her hand reach for and undo the latch. She watched herself pull the door open completely. Rob stood in the doorway, his shirt half-buttoned. Her hair was moving again, facing the man and weaving in an intricate pattern.

"Man.... come... sssson of man.... man... ssssson... come... come to usssss..." The voice was coming from her own throat now. Somehow she was repeating the voices she heard in her head.

"Wha...?" Victoria watched in a daze as Rob's eyes grew to pinpoints and his mouth hung open. He took a shambling step inside her room. Victoria's traitorous body moved back to allow him entrance.

The snakes suddenly hissed in surprise when a woman came around the corner. The woman glanced in the room and stopped, her eyes taking on a far away look.

"Too ssssstrong... sssssssstrong... too... tooo... ssstroooong... sssstrong...." Victoria felt herself say. The woman followed Rob into the room and Victoria's body closed the door behind them. They both followed her into the bedroom.

Victoria suddenly felt her control return and the snakes slumped against her head. "What did you do to them?!" She screamed.

The snakes lifted slightly from her. "Controoool... yoursssssss... control... yoursssss to control... yourssssss... command..."

Rob and the woman both stared at Victoria with no expression. They seemed small next to her. She wanted to cry or scream but who would listen? She picked up Rob's hand and he offered no resistance. "I'm... I'm sorry. I'll put you back when I can. I..." But she didn't know what else to say. She hugged him to her, his head just coming to her belly button.

"Victoria..." He whispered, but his voice was without emotion. He rubbed his head against her and she felt the heat from his face and hands against her scales. He seemed so warm compared to her. His hands slid over her body and she found the sensation erotic in a way she couldn't explain. His warm flesh slid and caught against her as he moved. She felt a small contraction below her as her muscles opened her up to him.

"Victoria..." He said again as he brought his mouth down to her opening.

She was shocked at what was happening. This wasn't what she wanted! "No, Rob, wait!" But his mouth was on her, licking the hot, wet opening. The pleasure was intense and she arched her back with her mouth open. No sound came out. His fingers pulled the sides of her pussy open further and he sucked on her lips. Victoria grabbed his hair and held him against her. Her tail coiled endlessly against itself as Rob sucked on her.

The unnamed woman dropped her mini skirt to the ground when she unzipped it. She was a tall pretty blonde girl with a fake tan. Her breasts seemed small and perky under her shirt. Her panties followed the skirt to the floor. The woman walked over to Victoria and hugged the side of her tail, rubbing herself on it. Her right hand rubbed the dark red scales of Victoria's back while her left hand found Victoria's cunt. She dipped her fingers inside.

"Nooooo..." Victoria moaned. She couldn't help herself. When the woman put her fingers inside her, a shockwave raged down her pussy to the tip of her tail. She rocked back and forth on her tail, biting her lip. Her left hand massaged her tit, tweaking the nipple.

Rob was trying to push her down to the ground but she was beyond strong; her tail was pure muscle and she herself was bigger than him. She flexed and brought herself down, pulling Rob gently down with her. The snakes on her head fanned themselves out on the carpet. Rob grabbed her right breast, holding it while he bit at the nipple of her left breast. Victoria moaned. The woman came over and presented herself to Victoria, offering her pussy for Victoria's pleasure. Victoria grabbed her by the hips and pulled her down against her mouth. Her tongue flicked up and into the woman. Even through the strange deadness of them both the woman couldn't stop herself from rocking her hips. A small moan even escaped her lips. "Mistress..." the woman whispered. Victoria kneaded the woman's ass with her talons, drawing blood.

Rob worked his way down Victoria's body, kissing her stomach, her belly button and the scales above her pussy. His mouth felt so hot against the cold black scales. He stopped to take his shirt off, calmly unbuttoning himself with no hurry. His pants followed and he sat astride her, naked. She basked in the warmth of his flesh. He pulled himself down and his dick rubbed against her pussy. Victoria shivered. She felt the snakes stirring against her head but paid them no mind.

Rob gripped Victoria around her hip with one hand and guided himself into her with the other. He was well endowed and thick but had no problems entering her. He hissed out quietly as she took his full length. Victoria's tail tried to tie itself in knots from the pleasure of it. Now he held onto her with both hands and leaned forward, wrapping his legs around her tail. Victoria never felt like this in her entire life. Her whole cunt felt like it was wired with electricity. She could barely lie still as he started thrusting into her. Her own tongue darted in and out of the woman above her, drinking the warm juices flowing from the woman's pussy.

Three of the snake heads caressed themselves against the woman's thigh, sliding over her smooth skin. One of them, a red one, opened its mouth and sunk its small fangs into the woman's flesh. The woman screamed in sudden orgasm, her legs and hips jerking against Victoria. Two small lines of blood trailed from the snake's mouth.

Victoria was distracted, not noticing what her own snakes were doing. She couldn't seem to concentrate on anything. All she knew was the building pressure in her cunt. Her entire tail felt like it was building an orgasm. She threw the woman off of her and grabbed Rob, pulling him close. He sped up and bit hard into the nipple of her right tit. She felt his mouth pulling and sucking at her nipple as he slammed into her again and again. He came first, his sperm jetting into her over and over but he didn't stop pounding her. "Victoria..." He whispered, close to her ear. Victoria's snakes were sliding over him, rubbing on him.

And, suddenly, her own orgasm slammed into her. Her tail whipped out, crushing the entertainment center, blowing it into pieces. Her tail wrapped itself in knots and flexed, rubbing against itself. Victoria shrieked and dug her hands into the ground, cutting into the floor with her claws. She couldn't remember anything after she came until she saw Rob standing near her, staring at her with his dead eyes. His dick hung limp, crusted over with his sperm and her juice. She would fix what happened to him. Whatever it took.

When she could move again, she pulled herself up. Her pussy had closed itself back into a slit but a trail of liquids oozed out of it. Rob fetched a hand towel without asking and wiped her off. Her slit opened to him again and he carefully cleaned her. She pushed him back when it looked like he might start again.

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