I was on the phone Friday morning when Carol came into my office and dropped the three-quarter inch thick report on my desk. "There is, all finished. I have never had such a tedious assignment." I thought she was joking when she said, "I’m a bundle of nerves; what I need is a good spanking to help me relax." She left as quickly she came without giving me a chance to comment.

Later, I tried to read the report but my mind was a jumble of the report mixed with flashes of Carol's bare buttocks over my knee. No matter how hard I tried, the vision of her bending over, exposing her bare ass for me to spank kept coming back. I was painfully aware that I was sitting at my desk, trying to read the report with a tremendous erection.

Carol and I were equals, working on the same presentation to a client. She did most of the research while I would actually give the report. Besides being an excellent researcher, she was also a very attractive woman. No one would believe she was a grandmother, perhaps 42, seven years younger than me. Divorced, she was very attractive with short blonde hair, blue eyes, a Rubenesque figure and a quick, sensual smile. I often wondered why she didn't model for some of the plus size fashions that were so popular. Everything she had seemed to be just the right amount and in just the right place.

Although we had never done anything out of line or even suggested any improprieties, I secretly lusted for her. Now, the mental image of me slapping her bare ass with my hand was overwhelming. It took me all morning to read the report. By lunchtime, I finished and couldn't find any thing wrong with it anywhere. My erection and also subsided somewhat but I knew it was just lying in wait, like a snake, for the right time to present itself.

On my way out to lunch, I stopped by her office and dropped the folder on her desk. "The report is exceptional, I can't find a single fault with it anywhere. I think the client will be very pleased." I started to leave but when I got to the door I had a thought, turned around and half joked, "By the way if you need some help with that spanking let me know."

Later that afternoon, I passed her in the corridor. She grabbed me by the arm and pulled my ear down to her mouth and in a conspiratorial way whispered, "You can spank me anytime." She stuck her tongue in my ear, gave me peck on the cheek and left me standing there in the hall, watching her beautiful bottom undulating sensually down the hall, away from me and my hardening dick.

The rest of the afternoon was worse than the morning had been. Visions of both bare boobs and buttocks danced around in my head until everything I looked at was either a tit or a rump and I had the mother (or perhaps father) of all erections. By five o'clock, I was a wreck. She and I both used the same carpool and I wasn’t sure I could trust myself in the car with her.

There were six people in the carpool and because Carol and I were the next to the last two to get out, we always sat in the back seat of the van. About half way across town, she snuggled up to me, put her head on my shoulder and her hand in my lap. In the darkness in the back of the van, she unzipped my fly and easily found my engorged dick. As she fondled, she whispered in my ear for the second time that day, "It feels like our playful discussion bothered you as much as it did me. I have been dreaming about you spanking me all afternoon. I am going to take you up on your offer."

I wanted to run my fingers up her skirt and see if her pussy was as wet as my cock was hard but I didn't want to disturb her hand and what it was doing to me. She leaned forward and said to Paul, the driver, "Ed is going to stop by my house and do a little chore for me. I'll take him home when he is finished."

I was only a few seconds away from shooting my wad when the van pulled up in front of her apartment building. She quickly zipped me up and pulled me out of the van. I'm not sure if Paul knew what was going on or not. He turned around and winked at me before he drove off. Halfway down the block, he gave the horn a couple of toots.

Carol led me by the hand up the stairs to her second floor apartment, not letting me go until she had to open the door. Once inside, she turned, put her arms around my neck and with her forehead almost touching mine whispered to me, "Have you ever spanked a woman before?"

I hadn't, but I didn't want her to know just how inexperienced I was, so my ego said, "Sure, lots of times."

"Thank you for your little white lie. I know you're just trying to put me at ease but the rules of spanking are important and must be followed to gain the maximum pleasure and enjoyment."

She explained to me that I must be completely dominant and that she would be my slave. She stressed that I must be completely in charge and even verbally abusive and degrade her. From a drawer, she produced a small paddle and dropped it in my lap. It was a unique item. It looked a little like a ping-pong paddle that had the coverings removed and had been varnished. The handle was round, about six or seven inches long and perhaps one and a half inches in diameter and the end, rather than being square, was perfectly round and, quite frankly, resembled a penis.

She gave me a beer and left me sitting in the living room pondering both the paddle and the instructions for about 20 minutes. When she returned it was obvious she was freshly bathed and was wearing a very loose flitting muumuu. She kneeled at my feet, put her hands on my knees and said, "What would my master have me do now?"

She began to run her hands up my legs, dangerously close to my erection. At first I was indecisive and really wanted her to touch me there but remembering her instructions, said, "Stop that bitch! You already misbehaved in the van. What makes you think I want you to touch my cock?"

"I am very sorry master, I won't do that again without your permission. Are you going to punish me now?"

She was trying to act timidly but I could see there was a certain twinkle in her eyes. "I think so, you deserve it. Let's go into the bedroom so I can do it properly."

I led her into the bedroom and made her get crosswise on the bed on her hands and knees. When I threw back her dress and bared her buttocks I was mesmerized by the beautiful symmetry of her ass. Large creamy white globes of soft, smooth, velvety flesh were there for me to touch, caress or even kiss but I knew I must play the game. For some reason, I wasn’t surprised that she wasn’t wearing panties and assumed she wasn’t wearing a bra.

"Don't think that smile will make me go easy on you, slut", I told her as I stroked her gorgeous ass with my bare hand. "I want you to count as I deliver your punishment, do you understand me, whore?”


"Yes what?"

"Yes sir!"

I was getting into character now. I started with a soft, almost hesitant swat to her ass. I really didn’t want to hurt her.

"One, Sir."

Although small, I could sense the excited tremble in her voice.

The next one was harder and she jumped as the paddle slapped against her soft, pink flesh.

"Two, Sir. Thank you Sir."

"When I want your thanks, I will ask for it, Bitch. You know you teased me, baited me and misbehaved on the ride home, exposing my cock in the van. You need to feel my anger toward you. You must learn who is your Lord and Master".

I swatted her hard and then put down the paddle and caressed her ass with my hands, rubbing both cheeks softly. I let my right hand travel lower, between her legs. I could feel her wetness and her clit, like a tiny little cock, protruding from between the lips of her pussy. I rubbed it a little and then pinched it hard. At the same time I spanked her ass hard with my bare hand

"You are enjoying this way to much slave. Your pussy is all wet, you wiggle at my touch." I ran my thumb deep into her pussy. It was so wet there was almost no resistance.

I laughed as I picked up the paddle and swatted her ass again and again, first a hard slap, then a softer one, then hard, then soft, over and over.

"Four, Sir, Five, Sir, Six, Sir. Ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," She yelled out, but continued to count each slap to those, now fiery red, beautiful buttocks.

She was moaning with greater intensity with each swat, and my erection was straining to bust free from my pants.

I told her that a girl as bad as she was deserved much more discipline. She moaned as I took the end of the paddle and shoved it roughly between her legs. I kept probing with it until the handle disappeared, sandwiched between the lips of her pussy. Slowly I started moving it in and out like a hardened cock. My other hand was spanking her behind with loud smacks.

She was begging me now, pleading for me to fuck her pussy with the paddle, counting each strike of my hand as it hit. Now, however, her counts were more like loud moans, almost incoherent. "Oh, Sir, please, Sir" was all she was able to mumble finally. I was using my hand on her very red, hot, beautiful ass, spanking it hard, delivering a clout with it each time I thrust the paddle into her. She was being fucked and spanked with constant motion and she kept pressing her ass back into my hand and onto the paddle.

She was moaning continually and started to finger her own clit as the "punishment" continued. She was so lost in her own feelings I could see she was just on the verge of cumming, so I stopped. Stopped cold!

"Ohhhhhh, Sir, please don't stop," she begged of me.

I laughed out loud at the expression on my bitch-in-heat's face. "Slut, this is punishment, not a reward for something good you did. If I wanted to pleasure you, I would expect you to have earned it, to deserve it."

She was pleading with me to continue when I pushed her hand away from her clit and covered it with my own so she couldn’t reach it.

I decided to take a chance, and took her gown over her head and used it to tie her hands to the headboard, still face down on her stomach. I told her I wanted her silence, or she would be severely sorry. I took some lotion from her dresser and massaged her reddened ass. It was so hot to my touch; I knew it must be sore. Then, wet with the lotion, I smacked it hard. I knew the moisture made the spanking sting even more.

I started slapping her again with the paddle. Striking, then stroking with my hand then spanking again until she was begging for more from me. I began to play with her very wet pussy and clit with my fingers, fucking them in and out of her as I delivered more pain to her ass. I spread her open further, and began to spank her pussy with my hand, hard, quick slaps. I did not stop, slapping her ass, paddling her pussy, constant, quick, hard, softly, repeating the actions over and over.

Soon, my beautiful, naughty, desirable pet was pleading with me to hurt her, fuck her, and begging me to allow her to cum.

I told her she was not cumming without me. I untied her arms, and turned over her. Her ass was red, and I am sure she felt it's sting as she laid on it.

She begged me to hurry...telling me, "Sir, please fuck me, Sir, please, oh my God, hurry, please. I need to feel your big cock inside of me!"

At this point I was only too happy to oblige. I stepped out of my pants and boxers, letting my iron hard rod spring free. I scooted her to the side of the bed, opened her legs and with me still standing on the floor, stuck my mighty pole deep into her pussy. She wrapped her legs around my ass and as if she were a cowboy with spurs, she dug her heels into me to make me probe her depths. She was in complete control, driving then releasing my ass while my blood-engorged penis was pumping in and out of her in unison with the powerful force of her heels.

I could look down and see her face, contorted with the strain of an attempt to reach an orgasm. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open, panting for breath. As I watched, a different look overtook her, a look as if she was surrendering. And surrender she did. She pulled my ass hard into her making my dick reach maximum penetration. I could feel the muscles of her pussy tightening as she came, trying to milk the semen out of me. I tried to delay the wonderful feeling of my own climax but the third contraction was all I needed. It struck like a blast of thunder out the night, gobs of cum shooting out of the end of my cock, deep into her cunt.

I tried to keep pumping, to make the feeling last but she was still controlling the movements of my ass with her legs and I was too week to fight her. I virtually collapsed on top of her, those big beautiful breasts tight against my chest. I kissed her, the first time our mouths had touched during this entire escapade.

I remembered her mouth against my ear whispering, “Thank you,” Before I dozed off. Now she was roughly shaking my shoulder. “Wake up sleepy head. I called my big sister, Doris, and told her about you. She is usually my lover and is VERY dominating. She loves to spank and be spanked and wants to meet you. She is on her way over and should be here in just a couple of minutes. You better clean up a little.”


Copyright © 01-20-2004 by E. J. Sheeran. All rights reserved. This work, in part, or whole, is not to be distributed, reproduced, transmitted or posted, in any manner, without the express written permission of the author.

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