tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSlave Academy Ch. 02

Slave Academy Ch. 02


I wake up with a start. Someone is standing over me...I'm chained to a low bed...how did I get here... what the hell happened...Then it all comes back to me with a slamming rush. I was kidnapped last night and brought to this place, this training school for slaves. I'm to be trained and sold. And last night, as my first lesson in slavery, I was used by force, cunt and ass both.

I don't move, but look up at the man standing over me. It's not Master Marco, the slavemaster who told me he would be conducting my training, but a man I haven't seen before. He jerks his head for me to get up, but says nothing. I am a little slow getting to my feet, since I'm a bit stiff from use and my wrists are still chained to the wall, and he gives me a cut with the riding crop he carries because I don't move fast enough, as a slave should. I remember my instruction from last night, and go to my knees beside the bed, in front of him, my arms strained behind me in the cuffs and chains.

This seems to please him. He reaches behind me and unlocks my wrist cuffs from the wall chains, then fastens them to the chain around my waist, snaps a leash on the ring in my collar and leads me over to the bathroom. He allows me to relieve myself, then pushes me into the shower and cleans me thoroughly. Before my piercings last night, I had been depilated of all hair below the neck; he checks to see how the piercings are, how the brand looks.

Then he dries me off, rubs oil over my skin until I gleam, and gives me a bowl of food for breakfast, soft sautéed potatoes and scrambled eggs, very hot. I'm hungry, and I wolf it down. Then he tugs once on the leash and leads me out of my cell and down the hall. I follow obediently after him, trying to keep up with him but still remain behind him, instinctively. To my shame and also my delight, I find that being led like an animal turns me on. I'm the property of men now, and they can do whatever they want to me.

"You'll be taught to heel your master properly, animal," he says over his shoulder, the first words he's spoken. "Among other things. But not bad for now. You're a pretty little piece of tail. Move along."

I'm led into a small room with mirrors all around and thick mattresses on low platforms. Master Marco smiles at me. "Good morning, slut. Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, master, thank you."

"I had a very good report of you from the man who used you last night. He tells me you're hot and responsive, and that he used your ass for the first time."

"Yes, master."

"How did you enjoy him?"

I blush a little. "Master, he was...he used me very well."

"Most men don't know how to use a woman properly, let alone how to use a slave. Now you: as I said last night, you're a natural slave: you're submissive by nature. You want to please and serve men, you want men to use you for their pleasure, because their pleasure is your pleasure. Your training will be conducted along those lines. Once you're sold, you'll be used whenever your owner wants a piece of ass; you're the piece, and it's your ass, or cunt, or mouth, that will be used. Whether you're ready for it or not. And you'll love it."

I stare at him; how could he know? He laughs, not unkindly. "I've been training sluts since before you were born, little animal. I know a natural slave when I see one, and I know what she wants. Now, let's get started on those slave positions. The quicker you learn, the sooner you'll be broken in."

He snaps my leash. "Now, stand in front of me. " As he orders me to, I immediately spread my feet about eighteen inches apart and link my fingers behind my neck; my breasts lift and jut forward, my chin is up, my eyes cast down.

"Excellent. This is 'Display' posture. Now,the imagination is just as important as the body. Imagine yourself being viewed by possible buyers. There's a buyer for a Mideast prince who likes to own Western women; the supervisor of a corporate harem in Singapore, where the girls are exquisitely trained to please company clients; the foreman of an oil rig in the North Sea, who is here to pick out girls to stock the platform, to keep his men happy; a woman who runs a whorehouse on the Mexican border; the captain of a fishing fleet, who wants a ship's whore to service the crew and himself; a few private clients who are looking for a well trained and hot personal slave. Does this excite you to think about?"

"Yes, master." No lie: I'm dripping wet at the thought of all these buyers examining me, deciding what they'd be willing to spend for me, being owned by one of them...

"Your training will probably take a month or two. It depends on how quick a study you are, how fast we can break you, and also on how we decide to train you. A run of the mill slut for general use, say in a truck stop whorehouse, has a lot less to learn than a pleasure slave destined for private ownership. But we don't generally sell low-class sluts here; our clients are all wealthy and discriminating purchasers who can afford and expect the best quality. Now you—you have talents as a dancer, so we'll work on those. And as a college girl, you're obviously not stupid. Many masters prefer their slaves to be intelligent and well educated; they find them more interesting, and also it's more enjoyable keeping a girl like that under full slave discipline."

"Master, may I speak?"

He smiles. "Of course. These first few days you may ask as many questions as you like. After that, you'll only speak when spoken to."

"Thank you, master. The man who used me last night that I was a great fuck, a talented piece. I never thought I was."

"Well, you are; take our word for it. I see from your information sheet that you haven't been used by many men yet, but I promise you, the men who will use and train you here know how to get the best out of you. You'll find yourself becoming more responsive every day, as you're trained to respond exquisitely to any man's command; that's what being a slave is all about. You're a hot little animal, and we'll work with that. Just because one man buys you doesn't mean he'll be the only man to use you. He may decide to offer you to a friend or business colleague, for the night or just for a quick fuck, and he'll expect and require you to please that man as thoroughly as you please him, your master and owner. Or several men at a time, or a woman, even. Your training will take all this into consideration. You'll submit, or you'll suffer."

That first day, I learn basic positions. I already know to drop to my knees when a man entered the room, and I'm taught many postures. I have already seen that it's useless to struggle against this; there's no way out and I would do best to resign myself to my new life as quickly as possible.

"On your knees, animal. Rest your ass on your heels a bit more. Back arched, tits out, hands on your thighs; good. This is the basic position, you'll spend most of your time in it, beside a master's chair. When a man snaps his fingers, this is the position you'll go to. Immediately. When you enter a room at your owner's summons, most men like a slave to prostrate herself. So, bend over, put your forehead to the floor, arch that back, ass in the air. Now, arms on the floor in front of your head, make a triangle and touch your forehead to your hands. You will assume that position in your master's presence, and not break it until commanded otherwise. If your owner wants you to take this position from another position you're already in, he will say 'Down!" and that's the position you will immediately assume. Now, on your back..."

I go onto my back on the low platform bed; he puts the riding crop between my legs and indicates that I should spread my thighs. "Hands at your sides, legs open. This is called 'Present!" , as in 'Present yourself for fucking, slut.' If your master wants your knees raised, or some other variation, he'll command you. Right, on your belly, now..."

He teaches me half a dozen more positions, then he runs me through them, going fluidly from one to the other, until I can flow like a panther between them.

"Not bad. Now I want to see you perform for myself." I am panting with exertion, and I catch my breath at the sight of the man who comes into the room in response to a pressed buzzer.

"This is Master Vincent, one of our training captains," says Master Marco. "See what she can do."

Master Vincent snaps his fingers and I instantly assume the kneeling posture. "Present!" he commands, and I spread myself on my back, trembling. He takes off the tunic he wears and is naked under it. He's a tall, handsome blond, muscled all over, and his uncut cock, already stiffening, is huge.

I'm not chained, but I know I have to hold my position. He kneels between my open thighs and feels my slit. "Wet already," he comments, and Master Marcus takes notes. Master Vincent slides a finger into my cunt, runs it over my clit, and my hips arch up toward him. "Drew was right, she's a natural," he says smiling, and mounts me, guiding his hard member deep into my cunt. The rings don't hurt so much today, and I can feel his balls pressing on them as he begins to fuck me.

"Arms around me, slut," he orders, and I eagerly encircle him, and, as ordered, lock my legs around his thighs. He settles into me and begins slowly thrusting in and out. My smooth pussy and swollen clit, still a little sore from the piercings, begin to fall into his rhythm. He rams as deep into me as he can get, then pulls out, the head of his dick just at my dripping entrance, waiting until I beg him to fuck me, then he forces my jaws open and I take his cock inside my mouth, tasting my own juices on it.

I haven't done oral sex very much, and he doesn't instruct me, wanting to see how instinctive I find it. I suck gently on his shaft, running the tip of my tongue up it to the slit at the top, using my lips to softly nibble at him, flicking my tongue up and down his shaft like a snake's, taking his balls in my hand to gently massage them. He comes in a matter of moments, spilling his fluid down my throat. I choke on it a little, trying to pull my head back, but he holds my head still and my mouth closed around him until I get it all down.

He orders me to suck his cock and get him hard again, then he pulls me up and drives into my dripping slit in one long forceful stroke. He slips his arms under me, lifting me a little from the mattress, and we rock together as he fucks my cunt in long slow movements. He's really skillful: his cock is even bigger than the man's who fucked me last night, and he keeps up a running commentary to Master Marcus.

"Tight, very tight; good muscle tone in her cunt, we'll start her on kegels to tighten her up even more. She's got a real dancer's body, soft but flexible." He takes my ankles and puts them on his shoulders, to gain deeper access to me, then bends my legs at the knees, almost up to my ears. "Quite the talented little fucktoy we have here...when she's trained she'll be superb."

He drives harder, pumping into me, my belly quivering against his. I cling to him and ride with his motion, and feel my orgasm rising up. It hits like a ton of bricks: I scream with it and lie there trembling as he finishes in me and pulls out of my pussy. His cock is covered with my juices and his come, and he orders me to lick it off. I clean him off as he commands me, and lie there waiting further orders.

Master Vincent confers with Master Marco, out of my hearing, then, hard again, he flips me onto my belly and rips into my ass with one powerful push. I'm not ready for this, and I cry out. "Please, master, you're hurting me, please don't..."

He slaps me on my ass and the side of my thigh, then pulls me up onto all fours, my head and arms resting on the mattress, my ass in the air, my legs spread wide. "You were not given permission to speak, animal. So now you'll be fucked like one."

He pulls back on my hips, spearing me deep, and grabs my wrists, pulling my arms behind my back.

Then another man, one I didn't even know was there, slides under me, and Master Vincent lowers me onto the second man's cock. They close their bodies on mine until I can barely move, and they begin thrusting, one in, one out. My ass is being reamed, and my cunt too, as they shift from alternate thrusting to pushing into me at the same time. I cry out, delirious with sensation: two enormous cocks in me at once, bigger than any cock I've ever had.

Again I come in a big way, feeling them inside me, and they unload into my cunt and ass and pull out. I lie there gasping, dripping come and my own wetness, unable to move. I feel a gentle pat on my ass; it's Master Marco.

"Very nice, slut. For your first time being double-teamed, and by surprise, you did very well. We'll try again this afternoon with a cock in your mouth as well, and one in each hand. I don't want to wear you out too much your first day; training is a gradual process. But I think you've earned your lunch."

I'm led back to my cell, where a tray is waiting for me on the floor: tomato soup, a couple of pieces of sole, some rice and vegetables. I'm obviously being trained on a healthy diet; not that I need to lose weight, there is very little fat on me, only a bit in my belly, where men seem to like softness. I'm concave between my hipbones when lying on my back, and the men who've fucked me before I came here really liked the balance between soft belly and sharp hipbones.

I'm allowed to rest for a couple of hours, then yet another trainer comes and fetches me. This time I'm led to a large room set up with rings and hooks hanging from the ceiling, rings set into the wall, pieces of padded furniture.

I struggle at the sight of this, but they force me where they want me to go. For the next two hours, I'm strapped to the benches or into the frames, sometimes whipped, hung from the ceiling rings like the piece of meat I am, set into clamps on the walls so that I'm off my feet and can't move. Different men use me in all these positions until again I'm too exhausted to move.

Master Marco orders me released and tells me to crawl behind a trainer back to my cell. I obey, as I have all along, but I am starting to feel a little angry and a little rebellious...they all talk about me being broken, like the natural slave I am. Maybe it's time I fought back...

to be continued...for your pleasure?

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