tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSlave Academy Ch. 04

Slave Academy Ch. 04


Chapter 04: Recapture

I run through the woods, sobbing, my side aching, heading toward the road. I know the slave academy compound is fenced and gated, but if I'm very lucky, maybe I can manage to slip through the gates when a car comes through. Maybe they won't see me...and I'll be on the road and free!

As it turns out, the gates stand wide open. I can hardly believe my luck, and glancing behind me to check that there's still no pursuit, I run through the gates and onto the road.

There's a car coming, another incredible piece of luck, and I frantically wave my arms to get it to stop. It's a police car! Better and better...besides, who's not going to stop for a practically naked girl desperate in the middle of a road in the woods, her tita hanging out, bare ass and pussy right there to be seen?

The cop car stops, and the driver gets out. In uniform, he's tall, strong, with brown hair on the long side for a policeman, and he looks at me with horror and concern.

"My God, miss! What happened to you?"

He puts an arm solicitously around me and leads me to the back door of the police car, a station wagon painted in local cop colors. I clamber inside and sit trembling on the back seat, and he gets in beside me. He looks at the leash still attached to my collar, at my almost-naked body—well, how could he help himself—and puts an arm around me again.

"I—they—kidnapped me—to be a slave—" I lean against him, so weak with relief I can barely move or speak or think.

"Well, you're safe now," he says, and lets me calm down a bit. I manage to stop trembling after a minute or two; but then...

I stare in shock as the cop pulls my hands above my head before I can react, locking them in a set of handcuffs fastened to the back of the seat, and slips my ankles into those loops you use to help pull yourself out of the seat.

I'm too stunned to resist at first, then I fight back, but he's too strong and I have no room. In no time he's got me helpless, spread-eagled in the back seat space. He positions himself between my open legs, facing me, and grins as he ties off my leash to a metal corner of the seat back.

"This is one of the perks of turning a blind eye to their operation," he says. "A little treat for me, a little lesson for the runaway. You're not the first slave-in-training to try to escape; but you really didn't expect not to be recaptured and punished, did you?"

He gets back into the driver's seat, turning the car off the road and down a logging lane to a leafy clearing deep in the woods, where we're completely screened from view. Whatever he's going to do to me, no one will see or hear it. Before he gets out of the driver's seat, he moves the seat as far forward as it can get, to give the rear seat as much space as poissible.

As he rejoins me in the back of the car, I try to twist away from him as his hands leisurely rip off the slave tunic and begin exploring my slim, soft body, but there's no give in the cuffs or straps. I'm held perfectly for him to do whatever he wants to me, for as long as he wants.

I feel his fingers trail over my smooth bare mound, toying with the steel rings I'm wearing there, then he begins pushing back my clit hood to play with my glistening pearl, already beginning to swell. Involuntarily, I moan at the sensitive touch, and he laughs.

"I see your training has been effective so far," he says, and his finger slips down to circle my moist opening. Then he lowers his head between my legs, and starts to eat me out. He nibbles and licks my inner lips, biting gently. His tongue flicks at my clit, then along the swelling nerve path leading upward. He draws my clit into his mouth; my clit is twice its usual size now, and throbbing, and he keeps his mouth working it as his index finger slides into me and begins to move around inside, then a second finger.

With his other hand, he works my tits, pinching my nipples, flicking the steel rings. Then he unzips his pants and brings out his cock; shifting his position, he kneels astride me on the seat to bring it to my face.

He forces my jaws open and stuffs his member into my mouth. "No teeth," he warns, "or I'll have to hurt you. And report you, which will make what you're going to get when I bring you back even worse. So, let's see how well you suck dick, slave."

He leans forward, and his thick cock goes deeper into my mouth. I moan, I can't help it, he's nice and big, and I've been well trained. I begin to use my tongue on him, flicking the hard ring of flesh that circles the head of his penis, then I move my lips on his shaft, nibbling, drawing him in.

He grunts as he slides in deeper and begins to fuck my throat, with long, slow thrusts of his hips, his hands behind my head, pushing me against him until his balls are crushed against my face. The leash holds my head still, and the collar presses against my neck.

It doesn't take him long, either because of his readiness or the job I'm doing; he unloads, and I swallow as I've been taught. But he doesn't pull out of my mouth, and he hardens up again almost at once as I suck him now to clean him up, swirling my tongue around his thick shaft.

"Very nice, slut." He shifts position again, and now his cock, still wet from my mouth, is pushing at my dripping slit, just the head poking inside me. "You're a hot little package, and you're going to make some lucky man a fantastic slave."

In one thrust he's all the way in, filling me up. He's of average length but above average thickness, and he stretches my cunt out just as he'd filled my mouth. He pulls out a little, enjoying my helpless moans of protest, then slams deep into me again.

I feel his hard swollen cock moving against my soft, slick pussy walls, skin against skin. This is how a man is supposed to fuck a woman, how a woman should be fucked by a man. He should have her naked under him, just like I am now, legs spread wide, tied down to be used as he pleases. He's slamming into me as hard as he can; we're both gasping with the force.

"Oh yeah, you're a natural, honey..."

My hips are moving in time with his thrusts, and his hands are mauling my breasts. Pinned on the seat, I'm perfectly positioned for him to have complete access to me, all the way up my aching cunt, and now his hands are cupping my ass, pulling on my waist chain, forcing me up off the seat and against him as he rams into me. He's pressing hard on my clit, the hood is sliding back and forth, and I'm wild with excitement as our hips lock to each other and our rhythm gets faster.

"Oh, master..." I moan, uncontrollably, and I writhe against him, feeling his cock as tight and deep in me as it can get, driving all the way in, not an inch of my cunt he doesn't dominate, and I yield to the motion of his powerful pushes.

He gives a hoarse cry as he comes in me, his hot juice flooding my cunt, and I scream as my climax hits and leaves me trembling, waves of delicious feeling pulsing outward from my throbbing pussy.

He relaxes and pulls out of me, leaning back against the rear of the front seat, breathing hard. "Outstanding," he says, smiling down at me, hands stroking my shivering inner thighs, fingers brushing the gleaming sweat from my quivering belly and heaving breasts. "But now let's try something a little different..."

He takes out his nightstick from a door pocket, and I shrink away.

"Oh, no, please, master, not that!"

"Shut up, slut."

He reaches to one side, and lets down the back seat to make an open flat space, lifting my body and positioning it further back. Now he can spread me out completely; the tension on ankles and wrists and throat holds me unable to move as he inches forward to lay on top of me, his clothed weight atop my naked body.

"Oh yeah, that's better, I'm not finished with you yet. And you have to learn your lesson, don't you. You're prime fuckmeat, pretty slut, but you're obviously not broken entirely or you wouldn't have run away."

He slides his shoulders beneath my legs, so that my entire lower regions are open for him. Without warning, he shoves the nightstick into my cunt and begins moving it in and out.

I can't help myself, I scream with pleasure as he makes me come; then I shrink away again with terror as he removes it and begins to push it against my asshole.

"Please, no, not there..."

He slaps me hard across the mouth. "What did I tell you?" Cursing, he gags me with a strip torn off my slave tunic, so I can't cry out. Then he begins to work the nightstick, wet with my own juices, into my ass, slowly and expertly.

Tears are streaming down my cheeks at the unbelievable pain of it, but at last it's well seated in me, most of it remaining outside my body, so that he has only to touch it gently for it to make me tremble and scream behind the gag. Then he mounts me again and starts to push his cock into my cunt, carefully, taking his time.

The sensation is indescribable: since my slave training started, I've been double-reamed in the cunt and ass a number of times, but this is on a whole other level.

He sees me respond, and smiles, increasing his tempo. "I knew you could take this, slut! You feel that? You feel that wood in your ass? Yeah, I bet you do. You feel MY wood in that tight, dripping honeypot? You are one hot piece of pussy, little fucktoy; when I bring you back, I'll be sure to tell your training masters just how good you were. Don't feel bad, no slave has ever escaped from there. You might call this paying the fine...a traffic violation."

By now I'm almost delirious with the sensations as he thrusts his cock slowly and deeply up my wet cunt until he's all the way in, my cunt lips stretched wide open. I can feel the rigid nightstick and his dick, just as rigid, separated from each other only by a thin barrier of my own flesh; as he starts to move in me, and wiggles the nightstick, I go wild.

"You like this, don't you, honey, yeah, I knew you would. Body like that, you're built for men to use. They knew what they were doing, grabbing you. They'll break you good, once I bring you back. You won't be able to help it. And pretty soon you'll be sold. You're already branded and collared like an animal. You're property, a piece of livestock. Wish I could buy you myself, but a slut as good as you are is way out of my price range. Still, getting to stuff you like this is a nice little treat."

One hand is gripping my steel collar, pulling and jerking me, almost choking me. He's controlling his cock in me with the motion of his hips, and with the other hand he's manipulating the nightstick, withdrawing one slightly as he pushes deeper into me with the other.

Watching my helpless responses, he begins to increase the pace; the tension on my throat and wrists and ankles, and the nightstick impaling me, keep me immobile, I can't push back at him as I usually do when I'm being fucked. But somehow my forced motionlessness makes it even better and more intense, for both of us, and I strain beneath him as he pounds me, the nightstick and his cock both as deep in me as they can possibly get. My muffled gasps are getting louder as I start to come, turning us both on, and he smiles, gasping himself with his effort.

"That's it, slut! I'm fucking you like the animal you are...just lie there...you're meant to be used...just enjoy it, you know you love it."

Finally we both explode as we come. I've never felt such a climax before: it rips through me like earthquake tremors, and I scream against the gag and shake under him as he jerks and shudders and cries out, and then I lay there all but unconscious, exhausted. He kisses my tits, gently.

"Great job, little slut," he says, grinning, and pulls his dick out of me, then, more carefully, works the nightstick out of my battered ass. I'm incapable of movement, and when after a while he flips me over and uses his belt on my back and thighs and ass, then starts to fuck me again, just his cock this time, straight up my cunt from behind, I haven't the strength to respond. But he seems to like that, as he drives into my limp body like a dog into a bitch, and I come helplessly and hard.

Finally he's through. He cleans me up with the rags of the tunic, then binds my ankles together with leather cuffs. I don't resist; I can't move under my own power, and he unfastens my wrists and cuffs them behind my back, clipping them to the ankle restraints, so that I'm bent like a bow, hogtied and naked, bruised and stained with our juices.

"You look good like that, slut. I hope you've learned your lesson. And thanks for the fun afternoon."

He gives me a kiss on my pussy, then goes to the driver's seat and starts the car. Pulling back out onto the road from the hidden clearing, he heads the police car through the gates and up to the delivery entrance of the slave academy.

Master Marco is waiting, smiling, as the cop pulls me from the back seat and slings me onto the grass at the slavemaster's feet. I lay unmoving, helpless, barely conscious, not even able to dread the punishment I know will be handed out to me.

"Rick, nice to see you. Well? How did she do?"

The cop--Rick--grins. "Terrific. She's a born slut. I do enjoy these little tests. You've never had one get away yet, have you?"

"Not with you lying in wait to pick them up on the road. They think you're saving them, and it's an exquisite punishment when you start teaching them their lesson. Not one of them has ever failed to try to make the escape, either. It helps us determine how far we have to go in breaking them, a very useful test."

They both stare down with satisfaction at my naked, bruised and bound body lying helplessly on the grass at their feet, used and controlled: a woman under the power of men. As it should be.

"So now you'll punish her suitably, I'm sure. She was damn good, though. Probably the best I've had here."

The slavemaster laughs, and prods my body with his foot, then places his foot on my neck. "Oh, she's a natural fuck, and a natural slave too. She enjoys being used; enjoys her slavery, even. But now we just have to break her the rest of the way. Thanks for helping."

"My pleasure. No, REALLY my pleasure. If you need any more help, let me know."

Master Marco gestures, and a trainer comes over and lifts me in his arms, carrying me into the building, where I will be broken the rest of the way...

To be continued, if it pleases masters and mistresses...

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