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Slave Auction


Since I realized and accepted my submissive nature I've explored various fantasies. I teased an otherwise nice male into holding the remote for my vibrating panties. It was intensely humiliating as he turned them on in a restaurant, laughing as I struggled not to cum...a battle I lost several times that evening.

I've been instructed to dress as a common streetwalker, short skirt, white satin shirt, six inch heels, fishnet stockings – then go to a grocery store and purchase a single cucumber. Then after presenting it to the male standing at the store entrance who was controlling me that evening being publicly berated..."That's not big enough, go back and get a really big one!" as everyone stared and pointed.

I'm a humiliation junkie.

Now understand, this isn't something I want. In truth being degraded angers and disgusts me – angers because I cannot deny the attraction, that hot burn as I am put in humiliating situations, publicly put in my place, made to embarrass myself. I fought these tendencies for years but I've finally given up.

I crave humiliation, degradation, being put in my place by males. I need humiliation, to be degraded, used, embarrassed. I don't really understand this but I am what am and I now accept it.

But despite all I've been through, public collarrings, being stripped naked and whipped, even my experiment with multiple partners one evening - nothing so far has compared to the slave auction I experienced last month.

I first learned of slave auctions on the Internet (where else?). Several porn sites mention them. I was fascinated! To be sold as common chattel, the loss of control, the humiliation of being auctioned off like a cow gradually permutated my day and night dreams. I could think of nothing else.

So I began to research it, to dig deeper. I found a few men who had knowledge of such things. All were reluctant to open up to me; slavery is illegal in the US after all. There is the whole issue of white slavery, a separate and disgusting practice where women are kidnapped against their will and forced into prostitution.

Some slave auctions are fun events, consensual and organized by one BDSM club or another. Most are done to benefit charities; all the money is donated. Each girl specifies her limits; these are strictly respected. The slave is chattel for the weekend only and the girl can of course opt out and be returned time.

I was told girls with fewer limits brought a higher price.

The only problem was, the girl's Master submitted her for the auction, drove her to it, and picked her up afterwards. I have no Master at present, so I was told I could not be sold.

But persistence prevailed. I agreed to take a taxi to and from the event, and to follow the instructions given to me without question.

Finally one organization accepted me. I was given a time and place.

I arrived by taxi to a warehouse area of the city on a Thursday evening around 9 PM. The driver looked at me a little strangely but took my money and drove off. I had only a small overnight bag. I grabbed it, walked to the door of the nearest warehouse and knocked.

A pretty girl in her early twenties opened the door. "I...I'm here for the auction," I stammered. "Staci."

The girl smiled, "Ah, yes, Staci, we were told to expect you. Come in please." She held the door as I stepped past her into what looked like a normal office.

The girl motioned for me to follow her. We walked out another door, down a corridor. Several feet, turn...Through an open door I saw an unmistakable apparatus, an OB/GYN exam table complete with stirrups.

The girl motioned me inside. "Remove your clothes and shoes , put them in this bag," she said, pointing. "Put on this gown; the doctor will be in soon." She took my overnight bag with her as she left, pulling the door closed behind her.

Doctor? Damn I thought I was going to a slave auction, not getting an exam! I was about to protest when the door closed. I HAD agreed to follow instructions after all. I undressed, pulled on the paper gown, and sat in the exam chair.

In a few minutes the door opened and a man in his early forties came in. He was dressed in a white coat and slacks; he looked like any OB/GYN. He was reading from a clipboard, "So, no problems? Everything ok?" I realized he was looking at the application I'd filled out, which had looked a lot like a medical form. Apparently the first part of the slave auction was an exam.

I put my feet in the stirrups; he completed the exam quickly then left. A nurse came in and took blood samples, and I gave a urine sample.

I realized I was being checked for STDs.

After the blood and urine tests the nurse returned and led me down another hall to a bathroom complete with shower. She instructed me to shower thoroughly, wash and dry my hair. I turned on the water, waited for it to warm, then stepped into the shower.

I noticed my overnight bag was on a stool. I blew and brushed my hair until it dried, then brushed my teeth. I'd been told not to apply any makeup.

In a few minutes another girl knocked, then pushed the door open and came in. "Put these on," she said, handing me some soft items. Red thong, matching red bra, brand new, size 5 panties, 34C bra, my sizes. A long white satin gown, frilly and soft, covered me from my neck to my ankles. I quickly dressed.

"Now one more thing," the girl said smiling. In her hand she held a leather collar, about a half inch wide, also red. "Come here, darling."

My blood pounding in my temples, I looked down at my feet as she came over and buckled the collar around my neck. She attached a tiny brass padlock; it snapped closed. I realized I could not remove the collar.

The reality of my situation suddenly hit me. I was dressed in a satin gown and lingerie in a strange place. I had no money or identification and was locked in a collar.

I shivered. It wasn't cold but I couldn't stop shivering.

The girl smiled. "Follow me," she ordered.

She led me down another hall (How many halls did this place have?) to a dimly lit room. It was large; I could faintly see several bunk beds. Most had forms in them, covered by blankets.

Other girls I realized. I couldn't tell how many were in the bunks, maybe ten or twelve.

The girl led me to a bottom bunk bed. "Get in."

I quickly complied, pulling the sheet and blanket over me. "No talking, you must be silent," she instructed me. "Someone will come get you tomorrow."

Using a key she unsnapped the brass lock on my collar. I felt a brush of cool metal then heard the lock snap closed. I saw a short chrome chain attached to the bunk. The other end was locked to my collar.

I was secured to the bunk.

There was nothing to do but sleep but I couldn't. I could hear the other girls breathing; it was dark after the girl shut the door so I couldn't see anything. I smell the pleasant odor of freshly washed female flesh. I finally drifted off.

I was awakened by the sound of the door opening and a bright light snapping on. Two men stood in the door, dressed in leather pants and boots, naked from the waist up. They had something in their hands...silvery metal.

Moving to one of the upper bunks they unlocked the girl lying there and gently pulled her down out of the bunk. She was a pretty brunette; I could see the look of confusion in her eyes. One of the men pulled her to her feet near the door.

The other raised the metal object – another chain I realized. He pulled it to her neck, hooked her lock in one of the links, and snapped it closed.

This was repeated for each girl in the room. We were attached by our collars to the chain, locked together about two feet apart. I realized we could walk but escape would be impossible.

The men had small riding crops. I shivered as I realized what these were for.

I heard a loud pop and a yelp as the first man brought his crop down on the ass of the lead girl. "Walk cunts!" the guard yelled. The lead girl yelped and jumped, pulling us along on the chain. We were led down the hall; the men took particular enjoyment from popping each of us once or twice.

It hurt a bit but not really bad. I yelped like the others, more from surprise than pain. I began to feel like a piece of meat, realized I was responding as the others were. Our individuality was being removed, we were already property, chattel to be sold and used.

We shuffled down the hall through a door into another large room, trying not to stumble or step on one another's feet. "Sit cunts" we were ordered. We sat on a bench in front of a table and were fed a nice breakfast of eggs, bacon, and pancakes. I choked down a few bites but couldn't eat much.

After breakfast the first girl was unchained by one of the men. She was led off; I later found out when it was my turn to shower again and use the toilet. One girl at a time this took over three hours, twelve girls in all. I was lucky to be fifth; some of the others had to wait a long time to go pee.

A couple of the girls said one thing or another to one of our guards or each other. This was always followed by a pop from a riding crop then the guard would bark, "No talking!" The talking soon stopped.

We were left in the room sitting on the bench for several hours. If someone wanted to go to the bathroom she raised her hand and was unchained, escorted to the bathroom, then back and was locked to the chain again.

We were each provided a glass of water which the guards kept full. After several hours they brought in a plate of sandwiches. I did better, eating almost a full sandwich.

This went on for several hours. We were not told what was happening beyond immediate orders from our two guards and were not allowed to talk.

Finally another man opened the door and whispered to one of the guards. I couldn't hear what was said but I saw the guard nod and smile. A few minutes later the guard shouted, "Up!" We all stood obediently; by now we knew better than to disobey. He opened the door; we were urged out by the guards' crops on our asses. Down another hall, to the back of a large room.

In front of us was a raised stage, brightly lit by spotlights. The room was dim; I could make out several figures seated in front of the stage.

Men, I realized. The room was full of men, more than twenty. I began to shiver again.

An older man dressed in leather pants, boots, and shirt climbed onto the stage. "Welcome to the sixth annual slave auction," he said to the crowd. "This year's auction will benefit the following charities." He read off a list of charities. The men clapped politely.

"Each girl has specified her preferences and limits," he continued. He held up a deck of nine by five index cards. "Limits must be strictly respected; also during the chattel period the girl may at any time opt out, in which case she is to be returned to her Master immediately.

"Each girl has been examined and certified to be STD free and not pregnant." Again the men clapped. "Are there any questions?" There weren't. "Very well, let the auction begin!"

He waved to the guard. The first girl was unlocked from the common chain and lifted up onto the stage. She looked down, obviously embarrassed.

The guard climbed behind her and pulled her hands behind her back. He slipped leather cuffs on her wrists and buckled them closed. Moving in front, he pushed her a bit then picked up a silver chain from the floor of the stage. I could see the end was secured to the stage floor.

He locked the other end to her collar, and stepped back.

The auctioneer walked over to the girl. He had something in his hands I couldn't quite make out.

"I present for your pleasure, Ariel," he said, sweeping his hand in her direction. "Ariel is twenty four years old, 140 lbs, blue eyes, brown hair. She likes forced orgasm, anal sex, and giving blowjobs. Here limits are scat, drugs, and animals."

Oh, damn, I thought. I forgot to say no animals...

Ariel still looked down at the floor, obviously deeply humiliated. The auctioneer brought his hand up to the neck of her gown in back. I saw what he held in his hand: scissors!

With a quick motion he cut her gown down the back, then the arm holes. It fell to the floor. She was dressed only in red bra and panties, like mine.

Then two more snips, then a third...and her bra fell to the floor, exposing her ample breasts. I could see her heaving as she tried to control herself.

Then she yipped in surprise as two more snips cut her panties. They fell to the floor at her feet.

She was naked. I could see her panting as she felt the men's eyes on her body. They cheered and clapped, not at all politely now, more like men at a topless bar. Pigs I thought.

And what does that make females, attracted to pigs?

The auctioneer moved beside her, grabbed her hair in one hand, pulled her head up. "What am I bid for this fine piece of ass? Shall we begin the bidding at five hundred?"

The auctioneer recognized one bid after another. Five hundred, six...seven...eight...finally one man bid one thousand dollars. "Thousand once...Twice...SOLD for one thousand dollars!"

He unlocked her from the floor chain and attached another, a chain leash. The guard helped her down; the winning bidder stepped forward and counted out some bills to the guard. He took the girl's leash and walked off, pulling her behind him, still naked.

She was again looking down. I could see she was bright red from embarrassment but her nipples were hard. She was obviously excited.

I realized my own nipples were painfully hard, my pulse pounding in my ears. I discovered I was wet, my traitor body readying itself to be taken, opening, softening, easing the passage of whatever male decided to use it, excited as I realized I would soon be displayed for the men and sold.

It seemed to take forever before it was finally my turn to be sold. Finally I was hoisted to the stage, my hands cuffed behind me by the guard. He attached the floor chain was to my collar, snapping the lock in place. Then it was as if the world went into slow motion.

I could feel my pulse pounding in my ears. "For your enjoyment I present Staci," he said. "Staci is thirty five years old, five feet no inches, 105 pounds. 34C-22-32. She is older than most of the other girls but with her petite body could probably pass for fourteen don't you think?"

I was looking down at the floor like my sister slave girls, unable to raise my eyes. I had never been so humiliated; I also had never been so excited! I was panting; I felt like I'd climax at any moment. I fought this ultimate humiliation, fought to control myself in front of the men.

In slow motion I felt the auctioneer's scissors on the back of my gown...Felt one cut from neck to right armhole, another from neck to left...Felt the satin garment slide down to the floor. Felt suddenly cold as my flesh was exposed.

I have a nice body. The men began to cheer as I stood in my bra and panties.

Snip...snip...it seemed to take forever, but my bra fell off exposing my breasts. No hiding my excitement now; my nipples were hard little pencil erasers pounding as my heart beat. My breasts are firm; they jiggled a bit as I felt the scissors on my left hip under my panties...

Then suddenly I was naked. I felt the men's hot eyes on me; saw them in the distance as the auctioneer grabbed my hair and pulled my head up, forcing me to look at them. "Look at your masters, cunt!" he ordered.

It was too much, I couldn't take it! Crying out softly I came, legs shaking and spreading slightly as the orgasm washed over me. I hoped nobody noticed but the auctioneer called it to everyone's attention! "Look at that, she likes being displayed like a hot little cunt so much that just thinking about it made her cum! Think of the fun you'll have this with her this weekend!"

Well, cumming on the stage apparently increased my value. I heard the bids, heard my price go up...five hundred, six...a thousand, eleven hundred...I was finally sold for fifteen hundred dollars, the most so far. I felt a strange sense of pride behind the pounding, burning, overwhelming humiliation.

But mostly I felt my hard nipples and wet pussy. I realized I was so excited I'd squirted a bit when I'd climaxed and my juices were now running down my thigh. Great, I thought, now everyone knows what a slut I am.

But I realized that ship had sailed the day before when I'd allowed myself to be collared.

I was lifted down off the stage. A nice looking young man in his early twenties came up. I saw him counting out bills out of the corner of my eye – I was again staring down at the floor. I felt the chain leash being locked to my collar then a tug as he walked off.

I followed obediently, legs still shaking, barely able to walk.

He led me naked past the other men and out the door. We stopped by a table. I saw several cloth sacks...suddenly realized what was happening as he pulled one down over my head and tied it loosely around my neck. I could breathe but not see.

Just before he pulled the hood over my head I saw him reach for a riding crop on the table. "Follow me cunt," I heard him order. He was young but I could tell he was an experienced Dom. I'd be put through my paces this weekend!

"Ok," I said. Suddenly I felt a burning on my ass and heard the loud slap of the crop as he brought it down hard on my ass.

"Ok WHAT, cunt?"

"Ok, M..master," I stammered as he pulled my leash and led me off.

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by Anonymous

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by roseyfingers11/16/17

Great but need more

You should have mentioned Staci's limits, or lack of limits.

Also, what happens next?

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by OralDave05/21/17


I was going to kidnap you on lit discussion board. I still am going to try, it's just that you write so well it'll be hard to equal your skill and sensuality. As a guy, I could still see through Staci'smore...

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by Anonymous04/22/17

Wish I could do this too.

This admission is so captivating I wish I had been you.

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