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Slave To-Be


It was a hotel room, like many others she had been in. The sterile prints on the walls, earth tones made up the decor, telephone that she reached over and turned off, and the standard color "comes with 50 cable channels and HBO" television set. She unpacked her bag, shook the wrinkles out of her clothes and hung them in the closet. The next three days would consist of one meeting after another, pasty tasting hotel catered food, and 50 cable channels plus HBO with nothing worth watching on any of them.

She sighed as she stripped off her clothes, thinking what could have been. They should have been together tonight, but schedules collapsed yesterday and he couldn't get away. She had stripped down to her panties and took a closer look at what she saw in the mirror. The three F's, fair, fat, and forty. The legs still held up well, her breasts weren't huge, average size with no sagging. Pink nipples the size of quarters topped each mound. She pulled at each nipple until it stood up and she began to feel her pussy getting wet.

She stepped out of her panties and began to finger herself, thinking of the ways his fingers moved in and out of her until she moaned in delight and released her cum into his hands. Her fingers moved faster as her pussy started to tingle and she thought how he always brought his fingers up to his mouth to lick off her cum. Her thumb found her clit and began to roll it, her hips arching and writhing as she rose to meet her own hand. She could feel her orgasm nearing. Her fingers moved faster and faster, just as she was about to give in and fall into sweet pleasure, she heard the first knock at the door. She tried to ignore it and kept her fingers buried deep in her pussy. The knock sounded again, this time more insistent.

This time she stopped and called out for the intruder to wait just a minute. She slipped on her lavender silk robe and ran her fingers through her short red hair to make an attempt to straighten it. She walked across the floor and asked who was at the door. She startled at the voice that answered and then quickly unlocked the door and opened it.

"What are you doing here," she questioned, "I thought that your wife was staying home this weekend."

He grinned, stepped through the door, closed and locked it behind him. "I lied" he told her. "I just had to see your face when you opened the door."

"And what would you have done if my husband had decided to come along at the last minute?"

"Called your house from a pay phone before I left town, talked to your husband and no you do not need a new vacuum cleaner." he chuckled.

"Oh and you think that you are so smart, do you, well the mistress does not like her slaves to be so forward, I'm afraid that you must be punished." she said.

"Mistress, please do not think badly of me, I only wanted to please you." he answered quickly falling into his role.

"On the floor in front of me", she demanded,"and do not speak until I tell you too"

He fell to the floor at the tips of her toes, for some reason he was a bit unsettled. They had played the game before, but she never sounded so stern with him. This time it seemed real, and he wondered if coming here and surprising her had been a good idea after all.

"Crawl into the bathroom and run my tub, slave, undress yourself and prepare to bathe me."

He couldn't help himself, even though she sounded really pissed at him his cock grew hard at the sound of the intensity in her voice. He crawled into the bathroom, staying on his hands and knees, he began to fill the tub with water. The hotel had supplied bath gel so he poured a bit of it into the tub. The bubbles in the bath scented the room so that it smelled of jasmine. He breathed in the scent as it permeated the room. She came into the bathroom, still dressed in her robe.

"Undress me" she commanded. He started to untie her robe with his hands. "No, with your teeth, slave, you have committed a grave error today and your punishment must be severe, it is time you learn that your mistress is through with games. This is for real, but you must decide now, stay and please me or go, but it is no longer a game with us. do you understand?"

He looked up at her face and saw the woman he wished so to pleasure, at that moment it no longer became a game for him either. He was the slave, she the mistress, and he would do anything to stay with her, to just be able to gaze into her eyes.

"Yes mistress, I understand, I want to stay" he answered his eyes lowered to the floor as he spoke to her.

"Good my lovely pussy slave, I will start your training now." she answered as she ran her fingers through his hair. "Go on, undress me."

He tugged at the tie of her robe with his teeth until it opened. Then he began to pull at it in various places with his teeth until it loosed and fell from her shoulders. She was completely naked underneath the robe and he felt his cock harden in response. He longed for her to touch it, just brush her fingers against him, but his longing was to no avail. He assisted her as she got into the tub. Water and bubbles were covering her tits so just the nipples peeked out.

He put soap on his hands and began to rub her body. He knew that she did not like the feel of a washcloth on her skin. His hands gently caressed her body as he soaped her shoulders, cleansed her breasts, found their way over the soft folds of her belly and ass. She opened her legs to him and he washed her feet, taking care to clean between each toe. His hands soaped her legs and then then he began to rinse her by cupping his hands and pouring the warm water over her body. He watched as she relaxed into the tub with a smile on her face.

"You may wash my pussy now slave" she softly told him

Using the scented bath gel he rubbed the outer part of her pussy lips. His fingers opened her and he began to use his thumb to roll her clit. She moaned and opened her legs further still for him. He began to move one finger in and out of her, still thumbing her clit. He positioned his body so that he could open her wider and see the inside of her pussy as it opened to reveal it's pink satin skin and and love hole. He put two fingers inside her and then three, as he began to pick up the intensity of his finger-fucking. He could feel her body stiffen, his cock pounding begging for release, as she came on his fingers.

He looked at her, his eyes begging permission. "Yes, go on slave, you may taste me, it is your reward for the pleasure you have just made for me."

He lifted his fingers to his mouth and sucked her cum from his fingers. He could smell the musk of her sex on his hands, he knew that pre-cum was leaking out of his cock and his balls had tightened against his body. He continued to suck and lick his fingers until all taste of her was gone from them. She watched as he licked up her cum smiling at him. He knew that he had pleased her and hoped that perhaps his punishment might be a little easier because of it.

She stepped out of the tub and he used one of the soft white body towels to dry her. She bent down, picking up her robe, and began to exit the bathroom. "You may bathe now slave. Wash your cock and balls very well but do not play with them, if I see that you have had an orgasm I will not be pleased." she stated. "I will wait for you in the bedroom."

He washed himself quickly, making sure that every part of his body was clean. As soon as the washcloth and soap hit his cock he moaned for release but did not linger to play with himself. He must please his mistress. He got out of the tub, drained the water and dried himself off. Again his hand touched his cock and it jumped in anticipation. He was so hard by now that it hurt, the cum kept building in his balls. He had to touch himself just for a minute, he used his left hand to rub the length of his shaft, and cupped his balls in his right hand. But he knew he couldn't linger long in the bathroom or she would know that he had been touching himself.

He lowered his body back to the floor and crawled back into the bedroom. The top of his head touching the tips of her toes, he stopped in a prone position in front of her. He kept his eyes lowered to the floor and did not speak. He knew that his punishment was coming soon and he tried with everything he had to soften her heart toward him.

"You may look at me now." she said.

He raised his eyes to find that she had donned a black lace corset, the bra pushing up her tits to make them look larger than they were. The lace on the bra stopped covering and lifting only the bottom of her breasts. The cherry colored nipples lay pointed toward him and he almost came just looking at her.

"Lift your ass up", she commanded. He could see a small phallic shaped object in her right hand. It looked to be about 3 inches in width and about the same in length. She was covering it with a lubricant. Her hands parted the cheeks of his ass and one finger found the hole she was looking for. He could feel as she rubbed the lub around his asshole, sometimes sliding one finger in and out of him, fucking his ass with her fingers. Then she inserted the small dildo into his ass. He moaned in pleasure.

She looked down at him. "You know that I will not punish you with pain. Well at least not now but tonight you will service me well and deny yourself. If you should think about cumming your punishment will be ten lashes with the riding crop Six of the lashes will be on your ass, 2 on your legs and 2 on your cock and balls."

She lay down on the bed and motioned for him to kneel at the edge of it. She slid her ass down to the edge of the bed and opened her legs to him. "Eat my pussy, little slave boy, and don't stop until I have cum 5 times in your mouth"

He eagerly moved his mouth to her pussy, licking the slit and sucking on her pussy lips. He ran his mouth back and forth on her until he could feel the wetness of her pussy begin dripping out and running down her thighs. He heard her moans of pleasure. His tongue parted her outer lips and he began to lick the inner parts of her. He sucked her clit into his mouth like it was a tiny penis. Finding the hood of her clit, he used his tongue to pull back the skin and started to lick the sensitive button underneath it. She cried out, grinding her pussy into his face, her orgasm reaching its height.

"Yes, yes, "she cried out, "use your tongue and fuck me with it" Wave after wave of orgasm hit her and he made sure to lap up every bit of her juices.

Every move he made he could feel the dildo in his ass and his cock was red, raw and raging by now. Precum ran from the opening in his cock and as he continued to suck her dry he knew that it was going to be impossible not to shot his load. Then he saw the riding crop laying on the bed beside her. He did not doubt now that she would use it if he released himself. She lay on the bed spent. She patted the pillow beside her and motioned for him to join her on the bed. He crawled in beside of her and lay his head on her breast. His cock was still hard and he knew that he would have trouble getting to sleep. She reached down and removed the dildo from his ass, then cuddled him to her body.

"You were a good slave tonight and took your punishment very well, sleep now and rest, we have two more nights together my wonderful slave and if you continue to be good I will make sure that you are taken care of. You may speak now if you wish." she said.

"Thank you mistress, I will serve your pussy well. I live only to please you" he answered

"Sleep well my darling slave" she said as sleep overtook her.

"Sleep well my lovely mistress" he answered as he cuddled in close to her.

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