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Slaves on Planet Zebes


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Warning: Category III. ADULT ONLY!

If you are offended by inner-species breeding, foot slavery or bi-sexual overtones, LEAVE NOW!


Sakurai, an eighteen year old space cadet, open his eyes and wake up. His space ship has crashed on an unknown planet and was apparently out of fuel, so he was trapped.

"Where am I?" he think looking around, brushing his jet black hair out of his face. "I remember only that my spaceship was acting out of control, and later, everything blacked out. This world looks dark, cavernous and twisted!"

He turns and see, some ancient runes with bird like statues in Buddhist meditation poses. "What is it? Strange, very strange, but now I must understand where I am!". Immediately after this thought he hear a scream.

"Hey!!! Stop you!!!". Sakurai turns, happy to hear a person in this desolate place, but no a person scream. In fact it was a group of anthropomorphic metalic creatures strangely resembling beetles and praying mantis . They were the same height as a normal human, but probably had more mass and were more durable than humans. Everyone was rushing forth Sakurai, with pincers coming forth to the young man’s face.

"Stop human, where are you coming?" the same creatures asked. Sakurai just look bemused at the whole situation.

"I remember nothing!" Sakurai reply "Hoo, this heat is really getting to me! Is this a hallucination?"

"Shut up human! You aren't seeing things you are on the Planet Zebes, we are the Zebesians. Here, there are no humans like you, but animals, giant behemoths and vegetation with great intelligence. But now, follow us, we come back to our castle, you can meet our leader of us, the Space Pirates ... I think that he's pleased to see a human ... eh eh eh!!!"

Sakurai accept and the group made their way into caves and out dodged rising lava in the treacherous region for at least an hour and finally arrive at a huge fort. They entry and, during the route, Max can see a various type of big monsters living in the hot, humid region. Every creature, seeing Max, clap the group and every time the Zebesian Space Pirates make a gesture of victory.

"Master Ridley!", say a soldier, "We have found a stray human in the Norfair region of Zebes."

Sakurai see up to the top of the stair in the fort. Ridley, an enormous fuchsia coloured dragon, much more immense than all of his pirate cronies, sit on the regal chair. His Amber eyes stared down at Sakurai, giving him a cold look.

<“I have a horrible feeling about this......”> Sakurai nervously thought to himself as the Norfair dragon eyed him.

"Very well, friends , very well, you have found a stray human!" he started with a monstrous voice "Like the famous Space Warrior, “Samus Aran” ... hmm ... you, come, come here to me! Unlike Samus, you don‘t look equipped to battle, making you more vunerable! HA HA HA HA HA "

Sakurai climbs the few stairs and arrives in front of the king.

"I hear from you that another human-like creature arrive in this world? Can you help me? Help me to back home! PLEASE?!" cried Sakurai. Ridley just stood there, and shook his head in dismay.

"Sorry human but I can't help you!"

"Why?" replied Sakurai "You know this whole planet, you obviously are a leader of Zebes, why?"

"Yes I'm the leader of the space pirates of Zebes.....“ Ridley responded, now having a evil grin on his face. “and ... you remain here, in this world, forever ... and become my slave and the Mother Brain‘s slave!" Sakurai dropped his jaw and felt shocked beyond belief.

"WHAT?!? I don't want to serve you nor the one you call ‘The Mother Brain‘! I want back home, to Earth!"

"NO!!! YOU ARE A HUMANOID ... AND I HATE HUMANOIDS, THEY ARE INFERIOR! Samus Aran is just an insignificant creature like you, however, she won all battles against me! But now, thanks your example, weakling, we space pirates shall pillage and plunder at any planet we want to get our hands on . You become the first humanoid being under me but, in a future, all creatures not of Zebes become my slaves. Mother Brain shall be happy....HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!!!" Ridley laughed, but quietly continue "... but if you don't want accept this honor ...I will scorch you with my breath and crush every bone in your young, healthy, imputent little body of yours! What do you do?"

Sakurai says nothing, but tears form in his eyes...

"Very well!". As Ridley begins to fly, he sees Sakurai on his knees, trying to signal Ridley to come here.

"Ok, now I decide what you can offer me". Sakurai whimpered.

For a moment Ridley see the poor young man and comes forth to him. "You are a hot blood young man .. yeah ... so young....so handsome for a human...so imputent ... come, come to me human!"

"Uhhh....okay." Sakurai says, blushing bright crimson.

"Yes!" moaned Ridley, signaling the boy to come to him "That is right young man, come closer, CLOSER, CLOSER!"

Sakurai obeys and comes to Ridley. Then, the dragon tore off Sakurai‘s space suit and his clothing, leaving him only in his jock strap. “Good human! You will make a good pet! HEH HEH HEH!” Sakurai, in only his underpants, started to sweat out beads as Ridley grabbed him and dragged him near a chair and a foot rest.

"Begin, I think that your small hands can give at my talons a lot of tenderness. My talons, in fact, touch stiff rocky ground every day, and now you can massage and restore my soles ... and I can claw you if you dare displease me!" snarled Ridley.

"HELL NO!" cried Sakurai in terror"I don't want to be clawed!!!".

"Obey, slave, OBEY!!! Now you are my personal slave and your life is mine!".

After this words the Norfair Dragon put his huge talons in front of Sakurai’s head and a large, fuchsia sole with three claws, come down to Sakurai's face. Sakurai close his eyes for the fear, but stopped at few centimeters from Sakurai. Ridley then impatiently stomps his leg and says "Slave, rub talon!"

In this position, with the Norfair on him, with huge talons ready to claw him, the good thing to do is obey. So Sakurai put some Aloe-like plants on his hands and rubbed the bottom of Ridley's talon and begin to massage the entire surface of Dragon's sole. Then, Sakurai felt Ridley’s tail reach down into the young man’s panties and caress his private area.

He always did the best he could do, So Sakurai put his finger up and down on soles and between his claws and even started to lick his foot after he was done cleaning it . During this work, Sakurai can see that Ridley closed his eyes and begin to moan and feel rather turned on.

After a lot of time, Ridley opened his Amber eyes and Sakurai stopped the massage.

"Ok, very well young man! You have done a good job! But you only scratched the surface! By the way, what is your name?"

“Sakurai, Sakurai Omori.”

“Very well Sakurai, you are coming with me!”

Ridley took Sakurai away from his talons and started to throw the young human man over his massive shoulders, getting ready to fly away.

“Eh, where....are we....going?” Sakurai stuttered nervously.

“ You are going to see captured humans and humanoid beings down at Tourian, the lair of the MOTHER BRAIN.” Ridley laughed out loud, echoing through the cavernous planet. “She will be pleased now!”

“You mean ‘the’ Mother Brain?” Sakurai nervously asked. “She captured other beings as well?” Ridley nodded his head and smiled.

“Indeed she did. That is where she stores slaves for each lackey that serves her. You are with Ridley’s slaves! MWA HA HA HA HA”

“Ehhhh......okay.” Sakurai responded, sounding less nervous. Ridley flew away from Norfair, into the Jungles of Brinstar, short cutting into Crateria, the old den of Mother Brain and finally through the head quarters of Tourian. The lair was eerily mechanical and was full of much more terrifying beings. As Ridley finally brought Sakurai to the area, Sakurai notice holes with bars in front and a bunch of partially nude humanoids crammed in them. There were four cells, Number one is green and labeled “Brinstar”, the ones that served the giant monster Kraid. Most of Kraid‘s slaves get either crushed or eaten when displeased (which Kraid is known to have a short fuse), so the Zebesians had to find more attractive humanoids for sacrifice. Number two is blue and labeled “Maridia”, people whom are enslaved by Draygon, the queen of the Aqua beings . Number three was black and labeled “Wrecked Ship”, the slaves that served the spirits of the wrecked ship as well as the great Phantoon. Number four is red and labeled “Norfair”, where Ridley’s slaves resided. Before Ridley could put the young man in his cell, he had to have Mother Brain approve.

“OH MOTHER BRAIN!” Ridley shouted out. “I HAVE FOUND NEW FLESH HERE!” As Ridley quieted down, a huge, creepy bio-mechanical monster came out of the den. It’s head was a brain like mass, large teeth coming out of the large mouth, and one eye that stared down at Sakurai, it’s mechanical limbs reaching out to him. As the creature put the semi-naked young man in the palm of it’s hands, the creature started to nod her head and laugh.

“What do you think of him Mother Brain?” Ridley asked. Mother Brain looked rather satisfied with Sakurai.

“You did well Ridley. He looks nice and healthy!” Mother Brain responded. “Put him in the cell with the other slaves to serve you!”

“Very well then Mother Brain.”

“You won’t be going anywhere human!” Mother Brain cackled as she threw Sakurai into the Norfair cell with other slaves, both male and female, just like all the other cells. The people in the cells looked to be ages from 18-38, all looking like the ideal humanoid body images. Everyone only wore undergarments or loincloth around their waistline, bare feet and most had long hair, but strangely, none of the men had facial hair. Of course, most of the people are mere humanoids, so there could be an explanation for that. All were being feed pheromones in their food rations the monsters delivered to the people. But out of the crowd, Sakurai saw quite a familiar face in the crowd.

“Pai, sis, is that you?” Sakurai asked a woman that appeared to be 21 years of age. Like Sakurai, she was a Japanese human of Planet Earth, her deep dark brown hair was rather wild looking as if a hurricane were to hit, but it was unlikely, since the only hurricane here seemed to be the breath of the monsters of Zebes. She was topless, showing her well rounded breasts through her treasured jewelry and wore a leather loincloth around her waist.

“Sa....Sakurai?” Pai mumbled, looking rather drowned in lust and mindlessness. “Little brother? What are you to do here?”

“Eh, well, my spaceship crashed here and I have been captured by the strange creatures of this planet! Honestly, I did not mean to toy around with one of my Uncle‘s experimental space ships. It was just fate!”

“Oh little brother, you have not changed.” Pai said, gleefully pinching her brother’s cheek. “You are still an imp! Hee Hee Hee!”

“Sister, what is it like to serve these beasts?” Sakurai whispered in Pai’s ear, making sure no creature heard him.

“Well.....” Pai shrugged. “ It was scary at first, since I have not seen these kind of creatures before in my life. But after a while, I have taken a liking to it. At least it was not Kraid, he seems to have a hot head.”

“No kidding.” Sakurai responded. “Say, how did you get here?”

“Well, since you were up to your antics in space there, a UFO, or Zebesian space ship came to our home in Sapporo, capturing both me and our uncle Haruo. We had to come, or else our lab would have been blown to pieces. At first I was frightened, but after a while, I got to quite like Zebes’ atmosphere. No noise, no over crowding, no traffic accidents, all seems to be tranquil, despite what scientists on Earth said about Zebes. But I bet our relatives miss us back in Japan.”

“I’ll bet.” sighed Sakurai. “Oh well, it won’t help to look back at things, so we might as well make the best of our life serving the beings of Zebes.”

“True.” Pai responded. “You do have a point. I’ll take word for it!” As Pai and Sakurai stopped talking, Ridley came to the cage and opened up the bars.

“Okay, will these following slaves, come to me....!” Ridley announced. “A hem.............” Both of the siblings looked rather anticipated as the great Dragon cleared his throat. “ Mari, Jin, Kain, Lostram and Duyi and Taro of planet Haemosu in the Andronmeda strain! And from Earth, or else known as Gaia..........PAI and SAKURAI!” Both siblings jumped and rushed out of the cage to Ridley, bowing to the great being.

“Y....yes master?” the human siblings asked as they were observing the Andronmedans of Haemosu. They were like humans in a lot of ways, only difference is that they were pale in complexion, silver skin and light glacier blue to spring green hair, odd eye colors, including violet, orange, gold and even pure black to match their pupils. All of their skimpy garments seemed shiny and metallic.

“Hey, earthlings!” Ridley snapped his fingers to get Pai and Sakurai’s attention. “Come here.” The siblings came to the Norfair Dragon and Ridley split the two up.

“One called PAI, come to me, warm my lap up.” Pai, looking quite anticipated, ran up to his lap, seeing a flesh reaching to it’s greatest length and started to get hard as it tried to enter Pai‘s clit. In Sakurai’s amazement on the size of Ridley’s penis, it was like something he never observed before. Could it possible fit inside his sister?

“OH OH OH, YES, THAT’S GOOOOOOD!” Pai shouted as Ridley’s Penis entered inside her, feeling it rub the sides of her uterus. Ridley also started to lay his feet out and commanded the people from Haemosu to lick his feet and massage his back. The great dragon and his slaves started to feel great pleasure throbbing through their bodies, due the the pheromones and aphrodisiacs that conquered every cell in their body, so they could please the great beings of Norfair.

“Ah yes, good human! Good Andronmedans......Oooohhh.....” Ridley moaned in great pleasure as he felt the Andronmedans massaging and Pai humping his lap. Then, Pai put her well rounded bust in Ridley’s face, so Ridley could fondle and toy with her breasts for as long as he wants. Her bust was so warm and soft, that Ridley did not seem to tire of this. The Norfair dragon then started to lick the droplets of sweat coming down from the young woman’s body, as she started to breathe heavy and thrust herself on Ridley harder and harder while Ridley plunged his manhood further into the woman‘s body.

“Ah, Aaaaaah, it’s coming!!!” Ridley shouted out loud. “Foot slaves, back off! You too, great massagers!” Ridley felt something throbbing within his body, same for Pai.

“Ohhh, what do you mean.....” Pai muttered to the Norfair Dragon seductivly. “.....Ah, ah, I feel it!” Ridley then took Pai off of his lap and started to play with his well erect penis, feeling every stroke of his upcoming orgasm, while Pai, on the other hand, grabbed Ridley’s tail and put it between her oozing vaginal lips.

“Damn human!” Ridley moaned as he noticed Pai using his tail to maturbate with. “You sure do enjoy this, don’t you?!” Then it suddenly happened! Ridley started to feel all of his semen bursting out from his body, covering up Pai and covering up his own body as well. “YES! OH FUCK YES THIS IS GREAT!”

Just as Ridley’s event started to happen, Pai started to feel hers coming as well. She let go of Ridley’s tail and found white fluids rushing from her vaginal opening. She has taken her own cum and started to wallow her own body in it. Then, Pai started to caress Ridley’s wings, putting his fluids on herself and wiping her fluids on him as well. “This is greeeeat!”

“Okay Pai, you may go back to cell.” Ridley commanded, after his masive TWENTY SECOND ORGASM. Pai did as she was told and headed back to the Norfair cell with the Andronmedans and her uncle Haruo.

“Whoa Pai, had enough already?” Haruo giggled as he noticed his niece covered in cum.

“For now.” Pai chuckled back playfully. “That was so great though! Never felt this way of my ex-boyfriends back on Earth.”

“I’ll say.” Haruo responded, knowing that his niece had bad luck with male relationships, until she was one of the many comfort slaves for the beings of Planet Zebes. He too, also forgot about Earth and the fact that he was a widower. Now, Haruo and Pai saw Sakurai come forth to Ridley, hearing of more of the plans.

“Okay human called ’Sakurai’, clean my body up! I’m starting to feel slightly sticky!”

“Yes master Ridley!” Sakurai responded as he started to take off his jock strap to wipe up Ridley’s semen mess. As he started to wipe up the great Dragon’s cum, some of it touched Sakurai’s lips and went into his mouth. The taste was rather salty, yet smooth and creamy at the same time. It was strangely like tasting a warmed up margarita. As the human started to clean up Ridley, whether it was cleaning it with his under garments or licking it up, Ridley noticed the boy getting a boner forming and suddenly started to feel turned on all over again.

“Ah yes, you did a good job with consumption and wiping, now, come closer to me here!” Sakurai knew that he had to, whether he like it or not. Liked it? He simply loved it! As he gotten closer to Ridley. the Norfair Dragon started to put his mouth up to Sakurai’s penis, placing it between his teeth in his beak. The tongue of Ridley started to caress around Sakurai’s manhood and even delved into the penis’ opening, licking up the salty insides. Sakurai started to jerk around and breathe heavy in ecstasy, as Ridley’s tongue started to tickle the head of the penis and the inside. The salty, creamy human pre-cum started to come into Ridley’s mouth, gulping it up in satisfacation. Great adrenaline build ups started to surge through the dragon’s body, as well as the human’s body.

“Ah, AH.....suck harder!” Sakurai shouted. Ridley’s tongue started to wrap around the young man’s penis harder, the jacking off felt much stronger this time. Zebes echoed with the heavy, loud breathing of the two male creatures, the cries of lust reverberated back upon them, increasing their hunger for sex. Sakurai also started to feel an approaching orgasm.

“GET READY!” Sakurai shouted in ecstasy. Ridley awaited the time the orgasm approached the young man, so he puts his arms around Sakurai’s waist, expecting a big burst of bodily fluid to greet his mouth. Sakurai felt it enter his penis has it inch its way up to the top. All of sudden, a great burst of creamy white splashed into Ridley’s mouth. The human sperm slid down and splashed into Ridley’s throat, satisfying him with a nice smooth and salty taste.

“God yes, this is so wonderful!” moaned Sakurai as the orgasm continued for at least ten more seconds. Ridley was also satisfyed with the taste of human fluids going down his throat. He kept on sucking and licking his penis until he was dry of semen.

“I bet you want me to head back to cell , I suppose?” Sakurai asked, wandering away from Ridley.

“Eh eh, you are coming with me for now!” Ridley responded, wrapping his arms around the naked young man. "After this good service I think now that out of all my slaves.....!" says Ridley and quietly continues "....but my favorite slave would be you so far, alongside Pai, Haruo and the people of planet Haemosu. Geez those tribes are so pathetic, that even as we are speaking, my Zebesian Pirates conquered the world!" Ridley and Sakurai started to fly back to the den of Mother Brain.

“Oh Mother Brain.......!” Ridley happily crooned. Mother Brain’s eye flashed open and seemed to be rather pleased with her henchman.

“Very good Ridley! Your slaves are indeed being rather obedient and well taken care of. Even though Phantoon and Draygon have been doing good with their slaves and Kraid, though he is improving his temper, still needs to work on a few things. So, it seems like you are doing magnificent! Good job!”

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