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Sleeping Beauty


AN: All characters involved are 18 or older. Enjoy!

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There’s a time between 6:15 and 7:00 that I love the most. Monday through Friday, sometime after the first angry slap of the snooze button and our last kiss goodbye, I feel completely at ease.

45 minutes, that’s all.

45 minutes.

10 of which I lie beneath you, unmoving, counting the grey hairs in your bangs. Yesterday two, today maybe three.

Small, slim fingers twisting around soft locks – dancing across skin that looks remarkably pale against the pads of my fingertips. My soft, full lips find your neck, that sweet spot just under your ear, and brush.

I study you then, and see the bright red mark I left behind the night before. Biting, sucking, licking, the raised flesh is a lovely reminder of how wild you’ve driven me. I remember how well we fit together – no matter where you beg entrance.


I let my eyes flutter close when you stir, your arm gently unraveling from my body. For a moment, I lose your warmth as you lean over to check the clock, but in an instant you’re back, cuddling me to your chest.

Do you feel it?

My heartbeat – so soft and nervous, and when you lean in, I’m trying my hardest to keep it from racing. I never get used to the closeness – the absolute proximity of intimacy. I sigh out loud, but try to mask it as involuntary. Your hand remains over my breast and squeezes ever so slightly.

“You awake?” you mumble against the shell of my ear, but I pretend not to hear you – pretend not to feel the way your fingertip trails lazily around my dark nipple. I can imagine you watching it pucker and smiling at the way my skin gets goose pimples at your touch.

“No?” you ask me again and slide your open mouth over my breast. Before your tongue can flick out, I turn over with a little moan.

They’re much more sensitive than those of anyone you’ve ever been with, and when you suck them, I whimper and moan in pleasure.

“Okay, sleeping beauty…” you stroke me beneath the sheets. “Keep pretending.”

“What will it take to wake you up?”

You give my sides a tickle and I hide my smile in the pillow. Then, you use both hands to roll me back over. I always forget how small I am beneath you.

“A kiss?” you murmur the words on my lips, and it takes everything in me not to giggle.

You remember what that sounds like, don’t you? Light and airy and so fucking sweet.

You pull the sheets away from me completely and my breath quickens. Although I can’t see you, I can feel you over me, gaze like fire on my bare skin. Your warm palm caresses my breast again and I can feel moistness gathering between my thighs.
You know what I need. You know what will awaken the naughty little girl in your bed. Make me cum and I’m yours. Yes, it’s true the real sleeping beauty awoke with just a kiss from her prince, but I’m not nearly that easy.

After meeting your needs all the time, I need an incentive.

“Sleeping beauty, sleeping beauty…” you taunt me – your lips run up the side of my tummy and skim the underside of my breasts.

You know how self-conscious I am about them. Not big enough to fill out sexy dresses, but not small enough to go bra-less. You say you like the way they fill your hands, but I think you’d be satisfied touching anything at all.

I moan softly as in sleep while you work your way down my body. I know what’s coming, and part my thighs without thinking.

I feel your mouth there, planting gentle kisses on the smooth lips of my pussy. My breath catches a little and I feel myself getting even stickier.

Just a little further, prince.

You murmur something about how wet I am, but I can’t hear you. When you spread me open with your warm tongue, I’m lost.

My heart thuds in my chest and you slide a thick finger into my tight, wet heat. Each time with you always feels like the first time, and I clench around you in reflex.

Your tongue plays with my clit, flicks and teases the stiff little button and I silently curse myself for being so sensitive. I can already feel my nipples tightening, my pussy and body aching for release.

I bite my lips together to stifle a “please,” but its obvious what I need, isn’t it? My skin is sheened with sweat and my breath coming in quick pants.

It’s just like when I’m underneath you, begging, and your cock is hammering in and out of my little cunt. I squeeze my eyes shut and think about how you look must look – bent between my thighs and feasting on my sweetness.

I imagine my hot juices filling your mouth, your tongue darting in and out of me, and that finger stroking my core.

For a moment, I see stars. Your sleeping beauty arches her back and fists the sheets in her trembling hands. When I cum, I’m not quiet about it. I twist against you and thrust my pulsing heat in your mouth, squealing as you suckle.
When I open my eyes, you’re leaning over me, smirking as always.

“Morning,” you whisper. Your lips are glistening with my cum, and I’m dying to taste it.

“Prince…” I reach up and wrap my arms around your neck.

When I sling a leg up around your hips, I notice a rather large something that wasn’t there before.
Pushing at your briefs is your cock, hard and ready for me. I push down your briefs and try to line my hips with yours, but instead, you pull me down and point the wet tip at my lips.


We don’t have time to really fuck – at least not at the hot, slow pace I desire. My hand molds around you first, like a tight sleeve, and my tongue flicks out against the dripping head. Precum is dribbling onto my chin, but I don’t want to miss a bit. I know you like it when I’m a bit messy, but I want to take my time.

Slowly, sensually, I rub my thumb up against the ridge on the underside of your cock, while I run my tongue over the wet, pink head.

You stretch out on the bed and I take my place, bent between your thighs. I can feel the muscles in your abs tightening up when I suck, and your eyes meet mine. The sight of my big brown eyes peering up at you makes you moan, and I love it.

You bite your lips and your cheeks take on this red hue I find adorable. While I tease you, you make sure I know what a good girl I am, murmuring it over and over. When I lean in further to suck your balls, your hands instantly make a grab for my hair.

“Feels good, doesn’t it daddy?” I whisper, but you only grunt.

I lick you, twirl my tongue around you, coat you in saliva, making you my messy treat. You feel the warmth of my mouth and the tight little squeezes I give to your shaft and it’s almost like you’re inside me again. Over and over, my sweet mouth glides over your wet skin until I feel you’re on the brink.

“You gonna cum?” I murmur, sending a shiver up your spine. My little hands run up your thighs, and to smooth stomach – massaging you.

“Will daddy cum for his little princess?” I begin to jerk you quickly and I feel your hips lift up from the sheets.

My heart is pounding when you flip me over, kissing me hungrily. I don’t even have a chance to squeal. Fumbling slightly in the heat of the moment, you grab your shaft and thrust into me without warning. There’s no romance in it- and I don’t mind at all. All I want is that fucking incredible feeling, you banging me and my tight, slick walls squeezing your dick.

You take complete control, pinning my arms above my head. You want me to tell you how much I like it, but I can’t speak. Just know that your princess, your little beauty loves daddy’s cock in her cunt. She can’t get enough of your hard, hungry pace.

All sleep is gone from my eyes while I’m thinking: “fuck me harder, harder…”

When you cum I can feel it – it almost hurts. You bite my neck and groan and I claw you, my pussy spasming wildly. You don't pull out of me immediately, but when you do, I feel the hot cum dripping from my warm cunt.

How does it feel? I wonder. How does it feel to know that I’m your own little slut and that your cock and cum are the only I’ve ever taken?

You start to move, but I lock my arms around your shoulders. I want you. I want you so bad I don’t care that it’s already 7:00 and I’m gonna be late for my first class.

I whisper, “let’s go to sleep,” but you just chuckle.

We give it a few minutes more together, but I know it’s only a moment of time before we’re back to that same routine, before I slip a backpack over my shoulders and you pick up a briefcase by the door.

Oh well…

I snuggle into your shoulder.

Until tomorrow, I guess…

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Cute story, lovely voice

Your voice is so cute, and it mixes well with the sexiness of the story. Well written and well told.

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