tagSci-Fi & FantasySleeping Cutie

Sleeping Cutie

byMy Erotic Tail©

She lay there with her legs spread wide while Sir Earl lapped at her puss. The long sensual glides of his tongue drove her crazy. She was on the edge of her bed and gripping the sheets with clinched fist. He was on his knees at the beds edge engrossed in her wet slit. His tongue circled her clit several times before he put his lips around it and sucked at it playfully.

She raised her head a moment to see if she could witness the sight of his tongues dance. His head buried in her, all she saw was the top of his head. She reached and grabbed a handful of his curly locks and pulled his head into her even deeper. Her fingers grasping his hair and tugged at him encouraging him to lick more.

"Oh Sir Earl, don't stop sire. Oh heaven be still and allow me to cherish this moment for affinity." She moaned out in ecstasy. Pulling his hair harder as she bucked her hips up and down to his lapping tongue. Gripping her upper thighs tightly with both hands, Sir Earl pulled her tightly to him as his tongue dashed in and out of her wet slit. His moist tongue slid with ease over her swollen clit.

Trish was pulling her nightgown up over her breasts, exposing them fully. She took them in her hands and squeezed at them tightly. Her fingers fondled her own nipples as she began pulling at them harder. She was squirming more and more as Sir Earl ravished her pussy wildly.

"Oh Sire don't stop, please Sir. I beg of you don't stop." Trish said loudly. Sir Earl dove into her more, latching hold of her clit with his lips and shaking his head. Then licking her from hole to hole, then driving his tongue in her as deep as he could. She went back to pulling his hair with such force that she felt some strands in her hand as she released. Her other hand still tugged on her nipple that had hardened immensely.

Sir Earl stood and fixed his hard cock at her puss and pushed in as he leaned into her. Putting his hands on the bed, he began thrusting at her. She gripped his ass cheeks with both hands and pulled at him to enter her deeper. He pumped his cock into her vigorously as he reached down grabbing her legs and pulling them apart. She was open wide to him now as he humped her with steady strides.

"Oh yes, more, MORE." Trish yelled. She pulled his ass cheeks with strained and bent fingers. Humping back at him wildly, as she became very wet and heard the sound of crashing bodies sloshing. She put her hands to his bare chest to slow his pace but he didn't heed her jest. He pumped her madly till his body tightened and became stiff as a board. His quivers were ecstasy surging. The warmness inside her made her smile, as he stood there motionless with his swollen cock deep inside her.

The doors flew open behind him and four soldiers stormed in and grabbed Sir Earl as he franticly reached for his pants to pull them up. The soldiers seized his arms and pulled him to the center of the room and Trish screamed at the intrusion curling up into her sheets and straightening her gown.

"What is the meaning of this?" Trish blurted out.

Just as she spoke the Queen walked in with her confident way. First she strutted up to Sir Earl and looked down at his cock half-hard still. Licking her lips and widening her eyes. A smile grew across her face as she put a finger to Sir Earl’s lips in a toying way.

"But my Queen she was..." Sir Earl blurted but the Queen pressed her fingers to his lips harder to silence him.

"Silence. Thou have frequented my bed last night and tonight my stepdaughters. Take him to the dungeon and shackle him to the wall. I wish to play with thee one last time before I cut off thou's muscle of love. Or should I acclaim it lust." The Queen seductively ordered her personnal guards with a wink, then turned and headed towards the bed where Trish was.

"Oh and Guards, take her as well." The Queen barked in a hateful tone. One of the guards went to Trish and pulling her kicking legs, dragged her from the bed. Then pinned her arms behind her and took her out of the room behind the others that forcefully drug Sir Earl.

"No, you can't do this. Wait till my father, the King finds out about this and he will have thy head." Trish yelled. The Queen just laughed at her threat.

The soldiers drug the two down the spiral stairs of brick and stone till they reached the bottom level. They pressed Sir Earl to the wall and shackled his hands above him and his feet securely. They laid Trish out on the table and bound her tight with rope as the Queen slowly descended the stairs and entered the dark dungeon. The flickering fires that hung on the walls barely lit the large room.

The Queen walked over and whispered to a guard and he took off in a hurry back up the stairs and was gone. She strolled over to Sir Earl and leaned into him pressing her breast into him. Licked his cheek with a long gliding tongue. Her hands run down his chest and to his cock. She wrapped her fingers around his dick and pulled sensually to bring it to hardening again. Pressing into him more she kissed him lightly.

"Was I not enough for thee, fairest man in the kingdom?" The Queen asked.

"My Queen, the King was becoming wise to our ventures." Sir Earl pleaded. "Please forgive me My Queen but Trish is a women of such beauty. How could I say no to such a Princess? Argg..." He yelled as the Queen pulled his cock with such force and tugged it hatefully. It was hard and pointing as she turned her back to him. Hiked her long dress up with a hand full of material and fixed her self on his cock. Leaning back into him and forcing his cock to enter her pussy slowly.

The Queen rocked back and forth pressing into Sir Earl with great thrust. His cock went in deeper with each surge. The Queens eyes were fixed on Trish as she fucked Sir Earl before her.

"Guards, strip her of her garments." The Queen ordered.

"You wait Gertrude, my father shall have thee in chains for this, in a tower far away hither, once he hears how thou has done his daughter." Trish shouted. The Queen just smiled while pressing and grinding her cunt into Sir Earl.

"Guards, gag the wench too. I wish to hear her not." The Queen said while moaning in pleasure. "Oh yes Sir Earl, I will truly miss thy shaft." She said with a giggle and throwing her ass into him harder.

A man came into the dungeon from the stairs, his dark robe and hood made it impossible for Trish to see who it was. The man went straight to the Queen. Queen Gertrude whispered some words into his hooded face, and then he left. The guards had gagged Trish and bound her tighter in a toying way. Pinching her nipples and poking a finger in her puss in a playful manner.

The Queen bent over and grinding her self into Sir Earl let out her moans of ecstasy as she came. The juices rolled down Sir Earl’s legs as she leaned forward and fixed her dress and walked over to Trish.

"Now as for thou harlot, I have a plan to rid myself of thee for eternity." The Queen said with a smile. The hooded man comes back into the dungeon and walked to the Queens side. "Teresa of Binderman, thee shall taunt me no more. For thy illness I bestow, will have thou father thinking thus are the sleeping dead." The Queen said.

The hooded man handed the Queen a small vile and she took and opened it up. Putting it to Trish's mouth and poured its substance down her throat as a guard held her head. Trish fought her binds but to no avail. She gagged on the stench and aroma of the foul liquid that seeped into her body.

Trish blurted some words but no one understood her from her gag. She struggled with her tied hands and feet as the fluid was quickly taking affect.

"Sleep thy little princess, FOREVER." The Queen said laughing as she started to leave the dungeon. "Oh and guards...cut Sir Earls man hood from him." She laughed even harder as she ascended up the spiral stone stairs with the hooded man right behind her.

Trish looked over at Sir Earl with sorrow felt eyes as she fought to stay awake. The potion was acting fast and she fell into a deep sleep.

"I love thee dearest Trish." Sir Earl spat before his own torture began.

The sound of jackhammers rang out loud and clear. The pounding of sledgehammers and falling brick rang out in the castle bowels. The dust filled the corridors as the rock fell to the floor.

"Is it miller time yet?" One of the men blurted out.

"Just about, I could drink a six pack in one breath." Another blurted out over the noise. "What about you Dawson? You up for a little high life?" The man yelled out laughing.

"You know Dawson don't drink man. He'd probably take warm milk or something ain’t that right Dawson?" The men teased.

"You guys working or are you slacking?" Dawson asked. His medium frame and curly hair was considerably smaller than his rough-cut co-workers. The wall they were pounding at gave a little more and Jimmy the biggest of the three peeped into the opening.

"Dark as whores hole in there." He said laughing.

"Let me see." Spats Don, the other worker. "Yep, can't see a damn thing." He raised up from the tiny opening and pulled up his sagging pants to his rounded belly. "What do you reckons in there?" He asked.

"Gold my man, Gold." Jimmy blurted and all three men looked at each other rather seriously. Then they all feverishly started pounding at the wall again. The Bricked up wall collapsed and the dust was thick. The two men covered their faces with bandanas and Dawson put on his respirator. They all pushed and more bricks fell as they began to toss the bricks behind them.

"You know what ever we find is going to be claimed by the superintendent." Jimmy said. "I say we make a pact and keep some for ourselves."

"Nothing in there but cob webs and spiders. Maybe a rats nest." Dawson said with logic in mind.

"Well I agree with Jimmy, we should keep some for ourselves, hell we do all the work." Don replied.

The wall finally fell completely and the darkness was open to them. Dawson reached for the flashlight while Jimmy and Don peered into the opening. Turning the light on and shining it into the vast open darkness. Dawson went into the opening of shattered and fallen stone.

The light was small in comparison to the size of the room. The flashlight scoured the great open darkness till a glimmer came from a far corner.

"You see that? Go back, over there." Jimmy shout excited.

Dawson waved the flashlight back and forth in search of the reflection again. Then in the farthest corner it glimmered again.

"There, see that." The men all walked slowly towards the shining glimmer that caught their eyes. The sound of rubble beneath their work boots as they made their way deeper into the darkness.

"What is it?" Asked Don.

"Heck if I know." Blurted Jimmy. Both men just behind the steps of Dawson. The light was fixed on the reflective object as they inched closer to their hopeful treasure.

"Glass, that’s all it is, glass." Jimmy said with much disappointment. "Dirty dusty glass at that." The men stopped and gazed at the reflective domed shaped object for a moment, then Dawson scanned the room again searching the darkness.

"Ain’t no damn gold in here, maybe the next room." Don said with frustration.

"So who gets to go tell the boss man?" Jimmy blurted. "Here Dawson, shine that thing over here."

Dawson turned towards Jimmies words and Jimmy had his wrist out. His watch shined in the light. "Oh man its miller time boys, let’s go." Jimmy turned and walked away, Don right behind him. "Dawson you coming?"

"In a minute I want to look around a bit." Dawson answered while still stepping cautiously towards the large glass dome.

"Ok suit yourself, but if you find any thing at all, its share and share alike, right amigo?" Jimmy yelled as he made his way back out of the dark room.

"Yeah sure guys, I'll be there in a minute." Dawson replied.

The two workers were well gone by the time Dawson reached the glass case before him. He looked at its long length and brushed the dust off of it in a wipe of his hand. The thick dust clung to his sweaty palm so he wiped it on his pants. Then taking his bandana he wiped again. He shined the flashlight into the cleaned area and peered through the glass.

Pulling his head back and then looked again, seeing what appeared to be clothes. He pulled the respirator off and let it fall to the floor. He inspected the glass, then shined the light again. Dawson went to an end of the long glass case with peaked curiosity. He turned to see if his co-workers were still around before he spoke.

"Dumb ass's, more worried about beer than what’s in this thing." Dawson said to himself. He propped the flashlight so he could see while he raised the glass off the slat of marble. Finding a few holes in the glass he used them to put his fingers in as he raised it. Breaking the seal of wax and dust he went to its center and raised it completely. Turned and set it down behind him. The glass was longer than he was in a half oval shape. He carefully set it down and reached for his flashlight.

Turning with the light he saw a women lying there. His first thought was he had found a mummy, but she wasn't wrapped like a mummy. He went to the end where her head was and brushed back her hair with jittery fingers. Thinking she was a corpse he was hesitant to touch her, but she was beautiful. Dawson looked at her with bewilderment. "She looks so real." He thought. "This has to be a mannequin." He muttered.

He looked down her body with the flashlight and couldn't believe his eyes. He braved himself enough to touch her arm, with caution for fear that she would crumble. The touch of his finger revealed a true fleshy form. He smiled at his find, and reached up and squeezed her breast lightly. He was beginning to become more relaxed with his beauty Queen find. He braved a peek at her breasts by lifting the fabric around her mounds, jerking his head back at how real she looked. He squeezed her breast several more times when he felt her breathe, or inhale. He took the light instantly and shined it at her breasts, only to she her still.

This puzzle was beginning to become more and more a mystery. Who was she? Why was she here? Was she dead, or was she alive?

He went to her face and awaited a movement. Then looking around the room settled for it being his over active imagination. "No one could live here for very long like this, you dingle berry." Dawson said to himself. He looked at the raving beauty lying before him and marveled at how pretty she was. Her clothes appeared to be very old time. Her hair was very very long with waves all along its length.

He leaned down on the marble beside her with his weight on his elbows and his chin in his hand. Breathed heavy as his mind raced to come up with a logical explanation. He looked at her for a long time. She was gorgeous, he thought as he leaned in even closer. His eye's shot towards the opening from which he came. Seeing no one he quickly leaned down and kissed the beautiful girl before him.

His lips pressed against hers, as she glided his tongue along her warm lips. He raised back in thought. "Warm? She’s still warm?"

He blurted out. "What the hell?" The lady on the table stirred.

Dawson fell backwards stumbling and landing on his ass. He was scared stiff. He finally got to his feet and fumbled for the flashlight that was growing dimmer. He come up to the marble again and shined the light at his beauty Queen franticly. Her eyes were open and she was licking her lips, as she turned to Dawson and said with strain and dried throat. "Where-fore art I?"

"Oh shit." Dawson ran as fast as he could to the opening from which he came. Turning in to the corridor where they had been working all-day and darted up the stairs. About half way up he stopped.

"Wait a minute, you guys think your pretty smart huh?" Dawson said. He had become a bit angered thinking they had just pulled a prank of massive proportions. He turned and went back down the steps slowly and with confidence that he had figured this whole thing out.

"Alright guys you got me, ha ha very funny." Dawson said loudly as he reached the opening in the wall again. He turned into the darkness with no hesitation, anticipating their leaps of "Surprise, we gotcha." When he shined the flashlight again towards where she was, he saw her sitting on the edge of the marble. He looked around for Jimmy and Don, but didn't see them anywhere.

"Thy will help me kind Sir?" She spoke with a raspy voice.

"Huh yeah." Dawson said with confusion, yet still expected his co-workers to jump up and claim their victory for this prank. He walked over to her and extended an arm around her petite frame and helped her to her feet. She leaned on him fully and had great difficulty walking. Dawson more or less carried her weight while she stepped.

"Hey Dawson, see you tomorrow man." Came a distant yell from the top of the stairs. He smiled thinking, "Ok, their gonna wait till I get up the stairs then spring it on me." He reached down and swung his arm under his beauty queen and picked her up. She wrapped her arms around his neck and laid her head into his shoulder. Dawson made his way up the steps awaiting the laughter from the guys for falling for this prank.

She had more or less fallen back to sleep when He got to the top of the stairs and he was shocked to find that his crewmembers had all left. Their cars were gone. He was really puzzled now. He sat her down under a tree and fixed her to look presentable the best he could. Looking around the construction site he didn’t see any body at all.

"Hey, wake up. Miss, wake up please." Dawson pleaded.

She stirred a bit and opened her eyes. "My thirst is mighty kind sir, will thou please quinch it for me?" She was groggy and falling back to sleep again.

"Miss, miss what is your name? Where do you live?" Dawson asked.

"I am Teresa of Binderman." Trish said opening her eyes slightly and shielding them from the daylight she hadn't seen in ages. "Please sir my thirst is great."

"OK, OK." Dawson got her to her feet, then carried her to his truck. Opened the door and put her in the passenger seat. Then making his way to his side and climbing in. He looked at Trish who had fallen asleep again. So he started his truck and drove to the nearest store.

At the convenient store he bought several bottles of water and a six pack of beer for himself. He was sure he could use something for his nerves when he got home. He looked at his pretty passenger and contemplated where to take her. "The police department perhaps? No I don't want to get anybody in trouble." He started his truck and headed home. "When I get home I'll call Jimmy and cuss his ass out for sticking me like this." Dawson said as he made his way home.

Once he got Trish inside his humble dwellings and plopped her in his recliner, Trish came to again. "Please kind sir I..."

"Yeah yeah, here. You got a mighty powerful thirst I know." Dawson said with sarcasm and handed Trish the bottle of water. Trish took the bottle and stared at it. Turning it upside down and side ways and shook it. "What, you don't like that kind?" He asked.

"What kind is it? How do I partake of it?" Trish asked sincere.

"Here, like this." He took the bottle and opened the top and handed it back to her. Trish turned it just and split it slightly as she figured out where the liquid escaped from it. Dawson sat on the footstool and watched his lovely guest. Not sure what to do with her.

He picked up the phone and dialed Jimmy’s number but it rang and rang. "Oh great, their probably at the Ice house till later tonight."

Trish finished the bottle and shook it above her mouth to catch every last drop. "Here." Dawson said as he handed her another bottle and she opened it as Dawson had and began to suck it down just as quickly. Dawson sniffed his apartment as an odor was eminent and he figured it has to be the mystery women. "You want a bath?" Dawson asked but was already headed to the bathroom.

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