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I was having a very naughty dream last night about being eaten alive by two delicious young girls in bikinis. And I woke up with a steel hard erection throbbing under the sheets. I had to push off the sheets and just feel how hard it was - amazing!! I opened my eyes to find that it was rapidly getting light and I could see my big cock sticking up like a flagpole. I was unable to resist the feelings and I started to masturbate slowly and gently. The pleasure was delicious and I knew that I could let it cum really quickly. And then beside me I heard my wife snoring softly. She was as usual looking beautiful, lying on her side with her back towards me, her loose shorts almost pulled up over her gorgeous tight butt. I curled towards her and pushed my hard erection against her butt, but she didn't move. My need was becoming frantic now - I wanted relief. I decided to get up and go to the bathroom and finish myself. But as I walked towards the door I noticed that her mouth was actually open.

One of my lifelong fantasies has been to play with a woman while she is asleep. Perhaps now was my chance. I moved closer to her and I could smell her delicious aroma. My cock was still steel hard and it was throbbing now at the wicked thoughts going through my head. I knelt beside the bed and found that the head of my cock was very close to her open mouth. I sort of guessed that if I pushed it quickly inside, she might wake up with a start, so I very gently began to caress her open lips with the tip, making them wet with my pre-cum. It was so difficult not just letting my orgasm explode, but I wanted more. I teased her mouth with the large head of my rock-hard cock, slowly opening her jaw wider and wider. With my cock throbbing so much, I was sure that she was about to wake up, but no. I could start to slowly slide my cock a little way in and out of her mouth. Somehow, her teeth had moved aside and it was her warm soft lips that were caressing me. She'd changed her breathing so that she could cope with her mouth being completely blocked by my huge rod, but she was still fast asleep.

I began to push a little deeper into her mouth, feeling the wetness of her tongue sliding along the underside. My cock was now pulsating with lust and was ready to burst at any moment. I wanted to explore how much further I could enjoy my lovely lady in this state, so I slowly withdrew my shaft and was pleased to find that her breathing settled down into that soft snoring again very quickly. I rubbed my cock gently but it almost erupted. I looked at how my wife was lying and I wondered whether I could turn her just a little so that I could play with her clit and maybe get inside her pussy to unload my over-full balls. I very gently picked up one of her legs and lifted it so that she had to lie on her back. Much to my surprise this seemed to take place almost naturally and she remained asleep. I could see up the leg of her loose shorts right to her clean shaven and very beautiful pussy.

I slipped one hand slowly under the material of her shorts and soon found the already moist area around her pussy. She is usually pretty wet all the time around me and this time was no exception, even though she was asleep. I gently played with her pussy lips, teasing them open and sliding my finger just a little way inside. With just a few moments of this playing, she suddenly became very wet indeed and a soft moan escaped her lips. She'd had an orgasm in her sleep, albeit a very little one. This caused my cock to jerk almost uncontrollably, but I managed to hold back. I really wanted to see whether it was possible to slide my hard shaft inside her pussy without her coming awake. I very gently removed my hand and slowly tried to ease the waistband of her shorts down over her butt. It proved to be too difficult to do this without the real chance of waking her, which was against my plan at that moment.

What I did manage to do was the push up the left leg of her shorts so that I had completely uncovered her gorgeous pussy. My lust wanted me to lick her through another orgasm but my cock was now totally desperate. I had to cum, and I had to cum very very quickly. I managed to get up on the bed between her now widely spread legs and I leaned in towards her, pushing my hard cock down to touch her naked pussy. As I'd opened her pussy lips, I was greeted with the silky sensation that I always enjoyed when we were making 'awake' love. I pushed very gently and the head of my cock slipped just a little way inside her pussy.

She still slept on, but I did anything but that! The silky feel of her pussy sent me over the edge and I began to erupt, spurting inside her sleeping pussy like a geyser. I heard a gasp at the door beside me and turned to see what it was. My cock pulled out of my wife's pussy and continued to spurt all over her pjs shorts. I looked straight into the eyes of our very young au pair girl. She was standing in the doorway with a look of total shock on her face, but her eyes were focused on my rapidly ejaculating cock.

When I'd completely finished my orgasm, I smiled at her, not wanting to frighten her away. I carefully got off the bed from between my wife's legs and went to the door, pulling her outside and closing the door quietly.

"I'm sorry, Josie," I stammered, "You weren't supposed to see that!"

She giggled, "I know, Mr. Jones, but I enjoyed it!"

She giggled like an innocent pre-teen. She was in fact just 18 but being very slim and short, she could pass easily for 14 or even less. My wife had called her 'jail-bait' until we learnt that she was actually old enough! I'd lusted after her ever since she'd started with us a month ago, but I'd never been brave enough to try anything. Now she'd caught me doing wicked things, even though it was with my own wife.

"Was there a problem, Josie," I asked, unable to hide the fact that I was standing before her almost naked and with a cock that was rapidly erecting to its former rock-hard state.

"Uh, um... well," she stuttered, her eyes just following my cock as it rose to full erection again. "I was going to just wake you both as I knew your wife had to get up early today."

"Actually, Josie," I explained, "We decided that Karol is going to take a sick day today, as she doesn't really want to go to that meeting anyway."

I took her hand as she seemed unable to decide what to do now. I said gently,

"Shall we go to your room?" She nodded a little hesitantly, but allowed herself to be led across to the other side of the house. As we walked I noticed that she had on an almost completely sheer blue nightdress. I could clearly see her small firm breasts and their hardened nipples underneath. My cock took another lurch upwards and she didn't miss that movement. I heard a soft giggle again. We went into her room and I shut the door firmly. I sat on her bed, my erect cock sticking obscenely up in front of me.

"As I can't hide this from you, Josie," I murmured, "would you like to enjoy it?"

"I...I..." she spluttered.

"It's alright, you know. Mrs. Jones and I have already agreed that if it ever came to this, she wouldn't be annoyed."

Josie smiled and sat beside me. "I've not held one before," she explained, "but I'm not a virgin. It's just that the two guys I've been with just did it and left!"

She reached out her very small hand and carefully touched my shaft, which was now visibly throbbing. "It feels so warm and alive," she murmured, as she stretched her hand around it. "And it's soooooo big," she cooed, being unable to encircle my large cock with the fingers of one hand.

She obviously wanted to do this and she now knelt on the floor between my legs. She put out her other hand and between them she could now gently stroke up and down my pulsing shaft.

"Ooooooo, Mr. Jones!" After my incredibly excited orgasm with my wife a few minutes ago, I felt fully in control to start with, but her gentle and insistent touch soon had me feeling great again. She looked so small knelt before me, but I wanted to look at her young body.

"Take off your nightdress please, Josie," I urged, "I would love to see you naked. I've had my fantasies about you since you joined our family."

"Oh Mr. Jones, me too," she replied, "I've masturbated to thoughts of you every night without fail."

I gasped. "Really," I managed to exclaim.

"Oh yes, you are soooo sexy," she said this as she bent her mouth down towards the engorged purple head of my big erection. I guessed that she'd also never done this before, but soon her soft lips were opening wider and wider in an attempt to get it inside her mouth. She backed off. "It won't fit," she said, disappointed.

"Just try again," I urged, "It's amazing what you can do if you really want to."

Josie grinned, "I really want to" and pushed her mouth onto my shaft again.

This time, although she had to stretch her mouth so very wide open, she managed to get the large head in between her lips. Being so full, she could only breathe through her nose, but this she managed without murmuring. She was moaning with enjoyment as she could slowly push her head further and further along my big shaft. I groaned with lust for this delicious girl and started to pull up her little nightdress. She let my cock pop out of her mouth suddenly.

"Oh, sorry, Mr. Jones, I forgot as this is so yummy." I chuckled at her innocence but then she raised her arms so that I could lift the nightdress completely free from her delightful young body.

She knelt back a little so that I could admire her fabulous tight breasts and hugely erect nipples.

"You see how excited you get me," she giggled.

"D'you feel how excited you get me?" I grinned as her hands fastened once more on my erection.

She just managed a gurgle as she was so busy pushing my shaft back inside her warm mouth. I wanted this to go on forever as she was soon sucking me expertly. How short a time it took for her to learn! But now I wanted to taste further fruits of this exquisite young girl. I put my hands on her head and lifted her from my shaft. As it popped again out of her mouth, she looked at me questioningly and with more than a trace of disappointment.

"It's OK, Josie," I said hurriedly. "You're doing fine. But I'd like to taste you too now!"

She didn't seem to understand but took my hands willingly as I pulled her to her feet.

"Just lie on your bed," I urged, drinking in the fabulous sight of this naked young girl.

She wriggled up the bed until her head was on the pillow.

"What are you going to do, Mr. Jones?" she asked innocently, "are you going to put it inside me?"

I was astounded to hear her say that, but I smiled and said, "Maybe, if you like, but later. First I'm going to give you some pleasure."

"Ummmmmmmmm," she gurgled, as I pushed her long slim legs apart.

The view of her deliciously wet pussy was so stimulating that I almost orgasmed. I had not realised how wet she'd become.

She saw my look and said, "I told you that you excited me!" and grinned.

I moved my face closer to her pussy, which was completely hairless, and just very well shaved. She wasn't that young, I thought to myself, to be still unable to grow her pubic hair! I didn't have time to dwell on her beauty for too long because she grabbed hold of my hair and pulled me down towards her pussy.

"I can't wait any longer," she cried, "please lick me down there. I've wanted someone to do that since I started to play with myself!"

Her aroma was delicious and her taste just so sweet and mmmm. I licked up and down the sides of her pussy, in the groove between her inner thighs and her engorged pussy lips. I licked across the top of her pussy, pausing briefly at her clit, still buried but obviously very sensitive. She gasped at my soft caresses and tried to push me harder into her pussy. I rejected her urging and teased her longer, slowly pushing her lovely tasting pussy lips apart with my tongue and then stroking up both sides of her opening. She gurgled with pleasure, especially when I left that region and moved upwards to her clitoris. As I began to push my tongue into the lovely folds of skin at the top of her pussy, her clit literally popped out of its hood.

As soon as I touched it with my hot tongue, she warned me, "Careful, when I'm this horny it's extremely sensitive."

I began to lick gently across her large clit and she groaned deliciously.

"That's sooooooooo good," she moaned.

A few minutes of gentle caressing and her clit was less sensitive, but had swollen even more.

"What are you doing to me down there?" she asked innocently. "I can see you've made my clit grow really big."

She giggled as I continued to lick her, now a little more roughly, with long slow strokes of my wet tongue. She still held my head and moaned in delight as I was bringing her closer and closer to a big orgasm. I decided I wanted to feel her cum, so I moved my hand from fondling her flat belly to between her legs. I gently played with her pussy lips, spreading them open again. She was now dribbling large quantities of juices all over the duvet as she approached her orgasm. I slowly pushed my finger between her silky pussy lips into her wetness. She groaned as she felt me penetrating her and even more so when I curled my finger upwards and began stroking her G-spot.

"Oh wow!!" she cried loudly, "That's incredible!" just as she exploded into a huge orgasm, thrashing around under me.

I could feel her strong pussy spasms as she came violently. I grinned up at her as she opened her eyes after she'd calmed down a bit.

"I think you now put it in me," she urged, or actually commanded.

I grinned down at her as I clambered up onto the bed between her legs. She spread them apart as far as she could, so that her pussy lips just stayed open. Such a delightful pink sight, oozing masses of delicious cum juices. My cock was ragingly hard after enjoying her lovely orgasm and I knew I was going to enjoy being inside her tight pussy.

"Take it slowly!" she cried as she felt the huge head of my throbbing shaft start to push against her little body.

Although it might have been very difficult, because of her totally aroused state, as soon as I started to push in earnest her body opened and my big fat cock just slipped slowly inside her. She groaned loudly when she felt me push right into her, but she grabbed me and tried to pull me even deeper into her. Her little body didn't look as though it was able to cope with such a monster, but she was obviously loving it. I now started to stroke my cock slowly in and out of her pussy, watching her face for signs of pain or displeasure, but there were none. Just a broad grin and occasionally a big 'O' as I pushed extra deep.

Suddenly I felt a cool breeze as the door of her room was opened. A soft hand caressed my back and my wife's voice said quietly,

"You naughty boy. First you cover me with cum then you seduce Josie."

I could only groan as she began to caress my cock as it slid out from the young girl's pussy.

"You're so hard!" she exclaimed. "Tight pussy is good, isn't it?"

I wondered what she meant but then she pushed past me and lie across Josie's breasts kissing her passionately. This brought a big surge in my already hard cock and I drove especially deep into Josie, who immediately exploded into a wild orgasm. Karol had trouble holding her down as she writhed crazily beneath us both. As the girl calmed down a little, I could not hold back my own orgasm any longer and I began to spurt almost uncontrollably inside the delicious girl's young pussy. I groaned and moaned, enjoying every moment of my big orgasm.

My wife was now kissing Josie passionately again and as they seemed to be really into each other, I slowly withdrew my still hard shaft and lie back to just watch them. Karol was caressing all over Josie's body as they kissed and the young girl was returning the caresses just as passionately. I thought that I'd been missing this as they'd obviously been doing it together without me for some time. The nicest thing about their caressing was that Karol was on top and her fabulous butt was pointing straight towards me. It was an invitation that my cock was not long in accepting.

Once again rock hard, it was very easy to just move up behind Karol and slowly push my cock between her very wet pussy lips. She groaned delightfully and Josie looked up at me with a big grin. She could watch my face as I began to thrust slowly into my delectable wife. It was obvious to us all that I was not going to cum in a short time so the girls just settled into a long kiss and cuddle while I pounded hard and deep into Karol from behind. I don't know how long I kept going, but I was beginning to feel just a little tired when something very exciting happened.

Josie sat up from beneath Karol and her hands slid between Karol's butt and my cock. She started to play with us by squeezing her fingers on either side of my hard shaft and at the same time, slowly pushing her thumb around and eventually inside Karol's asshole. This caused Karol's pussy to tighten up around my cock. Together with the tight squeeze that Josie's fingers were causing on my sliding shaft, this started to take me very quickly towards the end. I grunted and groaned in delight as I could thrust one last time hard and deep into my wife and unload for the XXXth time that morning. Karol burst into orgasm at the same time as I began to spurt into her and we cried out our pleasure together.

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