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Slippery Melanie


Melanie came after Margaret (and of course Dana) and I screwed that one up badly too. I met her in college in France in 1972 when we were both in our mid twenties. Mel was tall, quiet, had a tiny waist that I could not take my eyes off, and pert breasts with delicate pointy nipples.

She was an avid sexual partner and was unashamed to ask for it. She too liked to take baths and my cock was always read to enter her slippery pussy. She shaved her pubes and I liked that as well. Since it was Southern France, we would go to the beach every chance we could and she never wore a top. I don't think she even owned one. (That's and exaggeration but for the most part it did not come out of her beach bag.)

We would go to little remote coves and lay on the sand reading our books and stealing gropes. She would go naked on these beaches but I usually kept my shorts on unless there was really no one around or we were going out in the water. I liked to sit on the rocks and read my physics text and watch her wade naked in the shallow water looking for tiny fish. When she bent over in her total uninhibited way and inspected the water closer, I would put my finger in my book and drink in the view.

The Med waters can get warm but a few feet down it cools off quite rapidly. You can swim naked on the surface but if you are going diving, the water temperature plunges as you descend. even at 10 feet it is too cold to not have some sort of wet suit.

One day we went to the beach and I took my little "shorty" wet suit and my 20 CU Ft tank. (a "20" is very small but good for 15 to 20 minutes in shallow water) I also had my free diving fins and my light weight mast. I did not bring the full 'kit' as the English say.

She and I first swam in the warm water virtually naked and then had our picnic lunch. Actually she was naked and she convinced me to at least wear a less bulky swimsuit. She had purchased it for me and I was surprised and amused that she was able to hide the whole thing in her clenched hand. I liked the color (dark blue) and also the way it cupped my balls and cock.

When the sun was high overhead, I decided to go SCUBA diving along a breakwater. The water was very clean and calm and the surface was almost like glass. I went into the water and she picked her way out on the rocks to look down at me and wave. I was about ten feet down swimming along and suddenly she down to meet me. She had put on her little high cut bikini bottoms but nothing else. (maybe there were people coming down the beach...)

Now you ask yourself -- how did this bozo fuck this up this time?

Simple, when she swam up to me and grinned I took her hand and started to swim along with her. I didn't realize that she was as cold as she was and when she tried to swim to the surface I hooked my hand in the back of her bikini bottom and held her back from ascending. She looked at me and then back at the surface and continued pulling with her arms to swim upward. Her breasts moved erotically underwater and she looked like a mermaid at least from the waist up.

To keep her under water with me I tried to offer her air from my regulator thinking she just needed air but she did not understand that. The cold water was the then that was freaking her out.

Also, I am sure she thought I was trying to pull her pants off and do something perverted like fuck her underwater. (Remember that I had the tight wetsuit on so my cock was safely bound and captive so that was not going to happen ... alas)

She kicked me hard and struggled to the surface with her panties now pulled down around her thighs. This gave her the feeling that she was bound and could drown! She was NOT happy. I let her go and put my had on her kicking bottom and pushed her the last few feet to the surface.

I swam up next to her and apologized profusely but now there were a few people on the jetty watching us. All they could see was a naked girl yelling at a guy in a yellow wet suit. Any court in the land would have crucified me!

We swam to the beach and I helped her get up and we went to sit on our towel in silence. After a bottle of wine and the afternoon sun warmed us up the tension started to ease. We sat and talked and eventually we both agreed that it was a funny misunderstanding. We even told our friends about it at several dinners but the guys seemed to laugh a little too hard and the women seemed to look pained and concerned in response. We quit telling the story.

Oh yes, she did turn out to be a vixen in the bathtub and I have a few stories about her as well.*

She did like to go underwater and she had absolutely no problem lying on her back as I fucked her underwater. Just as long as the water was warm. At least that did not turn into a disaster!

* OK, here is one: Mel and I were slightly drunk as we got back to her house and we went into the bath and filled her claw foot tub with very warm water. She took off most of her clothes leaving her damp bikini bottoms on and said, "ok Jacques Cousteau, get in here and get your 'eel" out and see if you can use it properly this time."

She took a deep breath and sank under the surface and I wasted no time in stripping out of my clothes and climbing in on top of her. She came up once to breathe and then we both went under again this time.

I managed to get my cock up the leg hole in her bottoms and into her tight pussy. I humped her as we both held our breaths in our weightless warm watery world. I was running out of air and I let myself lose control and ejaculate into her before she or I needed to surface to breathe again! We came up gasping and laughing. It was good!

Later in bed, we took more time and she got the orgasm she so richly deserved!

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