tagIncest/TabooSlutty Aunt Netti

Slutty Aunt Netti

byLia Monde©

Bobby Lee stood up from hoeing the garden to stretch his back and wipe his forehead. It was too hot a day for this type of hand labor, he thought.

Aunt Netti was watering the flowers next to the weathered wooden platform that served as a deck and entry way to the double-wide. She wore faded denim cut-off overalls over a white t-shirt. Some classic Alabama country music blared through an open window.

Not for the first time, Bobby Lee thought that his Aunt had great melons. Even in the loose gardening clothes, she looked shapely. He shook his head to dislodge the sinful reverie.

He didn't mind helping out with the chores at his Aunt's, but weeding was one of his least favorite activities. Thankfully, he was close to finished. The plot of land was back in the woods off the dirt road. The trailer was nestled at the edge of the field, tight against the trees which gave some shade and cool in the back. There were attempts at maintenance and keeping it attractive, but it was showing signs of wear.

Aunt Netti was his father's youngest and favorite sister. The family had lived in this corner of the county for generations. While a few had moved away, most settled nearby when they finished high school. Those that actually finished high school.

Like a number of the male members of the clan, Bobby Lee's father left to join the military. Most returned after a few years. However, his father had made it a career. Therefore, while they had a home nearby where Bobby Lee lived, his father was often away.

Now that Bobby Lee had finished high school, he was thinking about joining up himself. But his Daddy had insisted he take some time to think about it. So he was enrolled in a metal working course at the local Technical College and worked part time at the garage.

When Daddy left for his latest tour overseas, he'd directed Bobby Lee to take his place helping out and looking after Aunt Netti.

Netti was like most of the woman in the family: friendly, bleached blonde, funny, flirty and attractive. She had an easy laugh and a playful personality. Growing up, she'd been his favorite relative. She was always willing to let the cousins get away with hell, and often as not, was the agitator.

She'd been a cheerleader in high school. In the years since, she had put on a few pounds. They'd only added to her voluptuous appearance.

By all accounts, Netti had been wild as a teenager and had only mellowed a little since. She'd been married once, but the romance hadn't lasted. Her beau had departed for parts unknown after the divorce. It hadn't made Netti bitter. In fact, she had gotten a pick-up truck and part ownership of one of the better local BBQs as part of the settlement. Therefore, she counted the experience as a net plus. While she hadn't remarried, there was never a shortage of willing companions. On more than one occasion, she'd declared that a ring would just limit her options.

Netti left the hose running and set it down to irrigate the far end of the vegetable garden. Turning toward Bobby Lee, she shouted, "If you're almost done, Junior, I'll mix up some sweet iced tea."

"That'd be nice, Aunt Netti."

While she entered the trailer, Bobby finished up the last of the gardening. He gathered up the tools and stored them in the rusty aluminum shed leaning against the doublewide. Then, he ambled over and sat on the bench in the shade of the tall live oak.

The music stopped for a minute before a Garth Brooks CD started drifting from the kitchen window. Netti emerged with a tray covered with towel and carrying a pitcher and a plate of biscuits. Setting them down, she poured Bobby Lee a tall glass and he grabbed two of the warm buns. He quickly drained two-thirds of the drink. Netti refilled it before pouring her own and settling into the wide padded Wal-Mart chaise lounge.

She had changed from her gardening clothes and now sported something more typical: lime green terry cloth short-shorts with pink trim. "Hot Chick" was embroidered across her behind in pink script. The mini-shorts made her legs seem long and accented the curve of her buttocks. A tight yellow Margaritaville tank top highlighted her other assets.

"Sorry to have you working like a slave in this heat, Bobby Lee," Netti apologized. "But that garden really needed it. And, I'm truly grateful," she said blowing him a kiss.

They munched in silence for a few minutes listening to the down home sound and enjoying the slight breeze that began to stir the afternoon air.

Netti's legs splayed languidly across the chair.

Glancing sideways at his Aunt, Bobby understood why she attracted men like honey attracted flies. She was easy on the eyes and her body language was a well practiced, and by now almost unconscious, 'come hither' beacon. He felt a yearning begin to rise and thought, 'I got to git to the roadhouse tonite and stir me up some action'.

Netti noticed his long appraisal. Knowing men, she knew his eyes and his mind were focused between her thighs. Netti teased, "Are you looking up my pants, Junior?"

Startled by his Aunt's question, Bobby Lee looked into the woods. "Of course not, Aunt Netti. I'd never do that." A lie.

"Goooood." She drawled, her voice a practiced mixture of innocence and sex. "Cuz that would be wrong."

He looked at her face to see if he was being reprimanded or enticed. When she stroked her hand from her knee to her inner thigh, he thought he caught a hint of a come on.

Enjoying the play, she pressed the game further. "Ain't I pretty enough to attract a young man's eyes?"

"You certainly are Aunt Netti. Like Daddy always says: You're the prettiest flower in the county."

"Damn right." she smiled and flicked her hair behind her shoulder. "You should listen to your Daddy. He knows what he's talking about when it comes to women." Even though he was her nephew, Netti couldn't control her natural affinity to flirt. Sipping her tea, she shifted her body and carefully positioned her legs wider to make her pink panties clearly visible.

Bobby Lee caught a nice long glimpse of the lace then struggled to avert his eyes, "I know ma'am. Daddy taught me well." Damn, he thought, I'm going to need the roadhouse sooner than I thought to get me some relief.

"Then you agree I'm pretty, Junior?" she persisted.

"I'd never disagree with Daddy. But, I respect you too much to ever look at you in that light, Aunt Netti."

"Respect!" Netti snorted. "I hear a lot of BS from men, but I rarely hear that." She raised a hand to her breasts and pulled on the front of her shirt to fan it in and out. Then she blew gently across the top of her glistening breasts. "My, it is hot one."

The blatant posing was too much for Bobby Lee. He stood up and stretched to cover the need to adjust the pressure in his groin. "You are purely right, Aunt Netti. This tea is cooling my insides, but I'm still sweatin' like a racing hog." Bobby drawled. He slowly peeled off his damp work shirt and waved it to cool his sweat. Turning his back to his Aunt, the move allowed him to reach down and reposition his swollen dick.

Netti smiled that her charms still worked on men of all ages. She admired her nephew's broad and muscled back. Licking her lips, her thoughts turned from playful flirting to something more carnal. As he walked toward his motorcycle, Netti allowed herself the pleasure of giving her left breast a satisfying rub and squeeze.

Netti was religious in her own way. For one thing, she believed god wouldn't put ideas in our heads, if he didn't want us to act on them. Therefore, one of the commandments Netti lived by was 'Follow the lust.' It had always served her well and led to some of her most divine experiences. She recalled that now as she began to have thoughts about her nephew that would make most church going women blush.

Stretching his shirt across the handle bars of his sport bike, Bobby Lee took a deep breath to regain his composure and tame his erection. Sexual banter with his sexy Aunt was one thing, but letting her see she'd given him a hard-on would be crossing the line. He could do without that embarrassment. Speaking over his shoulder, he said, "I'd best be going. I'm going to need a shower to get this sweat off me."

Netti didn't want him to leave just as things were getting interesting. Moving silently from the chair, she said, "Let me help you with that." She stooped to pick up the hose and moved quickly toward him. Putting her thumb over the end of the hose, she sprayed his naked back with a full blast.

Startled by the chilly water, his body clenched and he yelled, "Shit!" He involuntarily jumped to the side to escape the stream.

Throwing her head back with a gleeful and bubbly laugh, Netti fanned the water back and forth across his body. "This will take care of your stinky old sweat."

Turning around, Bobby Lee's expression changed from shock to engaged pleasure. Putting up his hands in defense, he said, "Now stop that Aunt Netti. That water's cold as the crik in winter."

Continuing to spray, "Don't be a pussy. You said you needed a little cooling down. I'm just helping," she giggled. She aimed the hose over his hands and caught him square in the face with the stream.

Bobby Lee jumped back to get out of range and shook his head. His hair flung droplets in a shimmering arc. Trying to sound stern, "Stop it now. I'm warning you."

"Or what?" Netti demanded defiantly. Then hit him with another blast.

This time Bobby Lee charged forward into the stream and grabbed at the hose. Netti tried to dodge, but he caught her by the wrist. With his other hand, he covered her hand that held the hose and twisted the end away from him.

Netti squirmed and tried to escape. The water played through the air creating a crystal shower and momentary rainbows.

His strength quickly prevailed and Bobby Lee took the hose from her hand. In control, his face flashed a broad grin. He turned the water on his tormentor. She ducked and tried to run, but he held her fast.

"Noooo!!!" it was her turn to yell. "Stop it, stop it, stop it!! It's so cold!"

"Oh. Now it's cold." He said with sarcasm and no sympathy. Releasing her, Netti fell to the turf. He stood over her and flicked more water in her direction. She tried to cover her head with her arms but to no avail. She swung at his legs. He quickly skipped aside. Tossing the hose away, he walked to the spigot and turned off the flow to prevent further retaliation.

Netti was still sitting on the ground. He walked over and with a smile offered his hand to help her up. "Truce?"

"I hate you." She said laughing and refusing his hand.

Joining the laughter, he said, "You started this."

Rolling to her knees and standing, Netti said with mock irritation, "A gentleman wouldn't have sprayed a lady."

"And a lady wouldn't have called me a pussy."

Both were wet, but refreshingly cooler. Netti's thin cotton shirt went translucent and revealed her skimpy red bra and large nipples. The cool water had its usual effect -- the shirt shrunk and her nipples protruded through the tight material.

Stepping over to the table, Netti bent at the waist to retrieve the towel that had fallen to the ground. The move simultaneously revealed the top of her pink flowered panties and the pale bottom of her buttock. Standing at the perfect angle to the side, Bobby Lee could also see her breasts hang down and struggle to remain in the lacy embrace of her bra. 'Ah, tits', he thought, 'Gotta love 'em, whoever they're hanging off of'. With no pretense of avoiding it this time, Bobby Lee stared eagerly at the show and felt a thrill in his groin.

Leaning forward, Netti used the towel to squeeze the water from her hair. She noticed the lustful stare. She liked it. Deliberately throwing her head back and raising her arms, she made a point of thrusting her breasts forward. They further stretched the thin wet fabric. The move had the desired effect. Bobby Lee continued to stare and involuntarily licked his lips.

Before the mood could pass, Netti said, "Junior, help me get out of this wet shirt."

Eager to accept the offer, Bobby Lee said, "Yes, ma'am. I'll surely keep my eyes closed."

"Hell, you're already seeing it all. This is probably why you soaked me anyway", she said ignoring the fact that she started the water fight. With a flirty look, she added, "This is no different than what you and your horndog friends pay for at wet t-shirt night down at the roadhouse."

With a sheepish grin, Bobby Lee couldn't deny it.

Stepping in backwards toward her tall nephew, she started to pull off the tight and clingy T-shirt. "Now, be a good ol' boy and give me a hand or two."

Bobby Lee reached around his Aunt and grabbed the bottom of the yellow tee. He pulled and the tight shirt rolled along her damp flesh. As it peeled upward, it yanked at her breasts and gave them a firm lift. Finally popping free, the shirt flew off over her head. It also made her fleshy tits bounce and uncovered the hot red lace of her sheer bra.

The pressure had displaced the bra and the left cup was almost off her nipple. Looking down, Bobby Lee ogled the nearly naked breast.

Netti feigned shock but made no move to cover up.

He stood transfixed and watched as Netti's breasts swelled and fell with her heavy breathing. After an extended gaze, he lowered his hands and hoarsely said, "Lemme...help you with that."

Mesmerized, he brushed his palm semi-intentionally across her half-exposed boob on the way to pulling the bra back into place.

Netti enjoyed the contact and rolled her neck back against his chest. She said, "Why you nasty boy."

Shaken from his hormone flushed stupor and confused by the mixed signals, Bobby Lee started to draw back. "I'm...I'm sorry."

Netti turned around and stopped his withdrawal. "Don't be sorry. And definitely don't stop." She whispered in a sugary drawl. "I said 'nasty'. But, I didn't say I didn't like it. Nasty turns me on."

Bobby Lee's head was spinning, but his body was racing from the physical closeness of the sexy woman. With every breath, he inhaled her strong perfume and sexy musk.

Feeling her nephew's sexual excitement, Netti's naturally aggressive libido kicked up higher. Holding his hips, she pushed her breasts forward into his chest.

Bobby Lee involuntarily dropped his hands to Netti's back in response to her advance. He loved the feel of her warm and soft female skin. But his conscience was holding back his eager body. Looking to the sky for guidance, with his last ounce of restraint, Bobby Lee said, "You sure about this, Aunt Netti?"

In Netti's mind, there was no doubt whatsoever. "Never been more sure about anything in my life, sugar." She murmured rubbing his muscular arms. "Ain't nuthin wrong with plowing the family fields now and agin. Besides, what's that throbbing piece of meat between your legs telling you? I think you ought to listen to him." Her hips pushed forward in encouragement.

There was no way Bobby Lee could deny that compelling logic. A levee burst and his mindless passion rushed through and washed away the last remnants of his reluctance. He pulled his sexy Aunt closer and gave her a crushing kiss.

With that, they were off like drivers at Talladega. Netti was groping and squeezing his taut young body. Bobby Lee's hands roamed her inviting fleshy curves. They kissed feverishly in heated foreplay. While their tongues wrestled, their bodies mashed to generate heat and pleasure.

"Let me return the favor, Junior, of getting you out of them wet clothes." While Netti worked to loosen his belt, Bobby Lee kicked off his boots.

Working his zipper with gusto, she gave his jeans a hard yank to pull them to his thighs. With approving lust in her eyes, Netti admired the bulge straining at his boxers. She maneuvered him to the chaise and pushed him to a sitting position. He'd no sooner hit the chair then she was pulling both legs of his pants and disrobing him.

Junior's cock was pulsing with desire. He'd had his share of girls, but he usually had to work to get them to go along. His Aunt's obvious hunger for sex and pure physical joy was intoxicating.

Standing between his spread knees, Netti placed her hands high on his bare thighs, leaned forward and gave him a long wet kiss. Then pulling her head back, she looked down at his groin. "Well, well, well. Seems we got a crop in the garden that's ripe for picking."

Her position meant his Aunt's tits were hanging in their crimson enclosure right in front of his eyes. Looking up, she saw his gaze. Smiling, she said, "Why don't you inspect the melons, while I check out the meat department."

Their eyes met and Bobby Lee's face broke out in a goofy grin.

Netti straddled his knees and lowered her hands into his crotch. Bobby reached out and lifted her breasts. He closed his eyes and he slowly inhaled a lung filling breath. In blind bliss, he enjoyed the feel of the bra and the wonderful weight of the boobs in his palms. That sensation was soon enhanced by the touch of his Aunt's fingers working their way slowly along his boxers toward his throbbing junk.

Netti's reaction was similar. Her breasts responded to the gentle massage. She appreciated that her nephew wasn't just a rough grabber. He had a light fondling touch unusual for boys his age.

Netti liked screwing, but her pleasure in sex wasn't confined to it. From long experience, she knew that men had to be managed or they'd go off half-cocked, literally, and that would be the end of it. Fortunately, she got a rush from all kinds of interaction. To maximize the fun, she was a master at guiding the action. That investment of time paid dividends, for them and her. She had few complaints and many return engagements.

She applied those skills now. Sizing up her nephew, Netti knew in his fevered state, his mindless path would be to grope, insert, thrust and cum. That was often fun, especially in her younger days. But she wanted more and figured this buck was good for a two-fer.

Knowing he wouldn't last long before erupting, she planned accordingly to give them both maximum pleasure. Because most young studs could have a quick recovery and multiple hard-ons, she wasn't concerned that her pleasure would be short-changed.

Reaching his prick, her nails scrapped its hard underside through the material. He stiffened and gave her breasts a hard squeeze. Now it was Netti's turn for a quick inhale. "Ohhh, keep that up, boy. Aunt Netti's going to make you feel gooood."

Keeping her promise she encircled his rod with her right hand. Her first move was a series of rhythmic squeezes. Bobby's head began to rock from the exciting sensations shooting through his body. He stared into his Aunt's eyes with a look of desire and appreciation. He continued to manipulate her breast with his right hand. With his left he pulled her head to him so he could again kiss her moist lips.

Using her expertise, Netti added to her squeezing by beginning to stroke his dick. Moving her left hand, she cupped his balls and massaged them in concert with the stroking. Each move elicited a moan of pleasure. She delighted in ravishing her nephew as she brought him to the edge of climax.

Within seconds, Bobby Lee was bouncing on the chaise in time with his Aunt's rapidly increased strokes. His underwear covering the tip of his penis was soon wet with precum. Moving his mouth next to her ear, he started a guttural rasp.

Bucking on his bouncing knees, Netti squeezed her legs as if riding a galloping stallion and held on tight. All his movements and sounds indicated he was moments from orgasm. Netti did nothing to slow him down. Pumping hard, she said, "Come on, Junior, let 'er rip!"

On command, Bobby Lee took several gasps, stiffened and unnecessarily announced, "I'm cuuuummmmiiiinnnn!!!".

Aunt Netti continued her stroking as he shot several loads.

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