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Slutty Sisters


I was in heaven. Pure blow job heaven. Standing at the end of my bed in my typical bachelor pad flat wearing not a stitch of clothing. On her knees and a little to my right was Lisa Duncan, she was similarly naked, showing her curvaceous body (a short five foot five, long blonde hair and the kind of impish cute face that no-one could ever be annoyed at atop her excellently proportioned bosom and a round, firm ass) while she worked over my heavy balls in her mouth. A delightful situation to be sure as her pliant, roving tongue treated my ball sack to the most magnificent mouth massage you can ever imagine. She sucked and licked and teased and even bit (only very gently) at them, slobbering them in her saliva to make them slippery as she popped them from her mouth only to greedily suck them back in and use her lips to gently press on the testicles inside, so that I could feel the cum boiling up inside me like never before. A magnificent proposition for certain, made all the better (and kinkier) by the fact that pressed up against her and directly in front of me, also beautifully naked was her sister Julie and she was treating my penis to her most divine oral skills.

Julie, believe it or not, was even more gorgeous than her sister. She was a couple of years younger at 25 and her long hair was the most marvellous chestnut colour (which I got a splendid view of as she bobbed her head back and forth below me) and while her breasts was slightly smaller than her older sisters it was still firm and enticing, and that mouth! She really was quite gifted with that mouth. She seemed to have perfected the art of tightening her cheeks and using them to push against the slippery surface of my foreskin so that the tip of my cock slid deep into her mouth and her tongue caressed it with a soft, velvety touch.

As I said at the start I was in heaven, allowing these two sisters to use their angelic mouths to bring me closer to what I knew must be the most amazing, mind-blowing orgasm. To be honest though, angelic is not exactly the word to describe these two cock hungry sisters, sluts would be a far more appropriate one. You should have seen them dancing in the night club in town, it was very nearly pornographic and certainly indecent! In their low cut tops and tiny skirts they were certainly showing plenty of flesh as they bumped and grinded against one another much to the rapture of pretty much every male in the club and the annoyance of every female. They came back to my place and here we were, and I knew I was in for a hell of a night!

Even though their heads and bodies were in such close proximity they did not bother, seeming to almost ignore each other as they concentrated their sexual attentions upon me. And I was reaching the point where I could no longer deny my orgasm, I grunted as such to the girls but they did not flinch one iota, indeed while Julie increased her sucking action trying to draw my cum out Lisa seemed to squeeze my balls harder with her mouth and I had no chance against that dual pressure. I arched my back and gave a low, guttural moan as I felt my cum boil up and race through my cock and explode into Julie's willing, waiting mouth. I shot again and again, six bursts in total and she made sure not to swallow a drop, pooling the load in her mouth and eventually peeling her lips from my cock and opening her mouth to show it to me. Lisa broke off from massaging my balls, making sure every last drop of sperm was out, to smile at her younger sister.

"Come on you greedy bitch, I want some of that!" she spoke in a joking manner that held only hedonistic fun in it.

Julie smiled towards Lisa and I collapsed onto my backside on the edge of the bed, drained as the two gorgeous young sisters lips met and they engaged in just the sloppiest, most erotic French kiss I had ever witnessed.

I believe the term for what I was watching was 'snowballing', watching these to cuties kissing so enthusiastically and pass my semen from Julie's mouth to Lisa's then back again, by the end I think both of them swallowed a fair proportion of my load and seemed to be mighty happy about it as they licked each others messy lips. I lay on my back on my bed and screwed my eyes open and closed to try and recover my composure somewhat, I certainly knew it would be a while before I was hard again. That did not matter to the slut sisters though, they had had their Sapphic tendencies raised with that sloppy cum kiss and I could see that they were totally rapt up in each other. Their faces were so alike, the sibling familiarities striking, only their colouring different and that was never more glaring than kneeling there as they began to caress and rub each other sinuously.

Perhaps understandably, given she was the elder, Lisa took the lead, cutting the action off before they got too carried away on the carpet and lifting Julie up and then laying her down on her back on the bed just inches away from my body. It took all my self control not to reach out and touch that slick, toned torso but I knew that I might break the magic of the moment. And what a moment! with Julie flat on her back, her perfect titties pointing upwards, Lisa clambered onto the bed between her spread legs and dipped her eager face into Julie's shaved, glistening slit. Already I could feel faint stirrings in my groin again despite the power of my orgasm. Lisa did not stay there for long though, giving only a few licks before kissing her way up her sisters stomach to take her breasts, one at a time, into her practised mouth.

The atmosphere was heavy with sexual energy and both sisters were completely caught up in it, Lisa pulled herself up so that she knelt on the bed straddling Julie's chest and after giving her sisters nipples a delicious tweak she manoeuvred herself around and gently lay herself down along the length of Julie's nubile body so that her own soaking pussy was right at Julie's face and that her head was hovering just over Julie's. It was surely the most divine sixty-nine imaginable and I grew stiffer with every second that passed.

There was a perfect symmetry to their coupling, they had done this before, knew to the nearest inch the others body how they fitted together. I was lying parallel to Julie with a great view but neither of my girls paid me any attention. What they did pay particular attention to was using their skilled and accomplished tongues to bring each other to the very verge of climaxing before changing their pattern to draw it out as long as possible. First they licked and probed hard, stabbing their tongues deep inside the other, then slow and gentle, barely touching the others clit before running their tongues the full length of their soaking wet slits while pushing their faces forward and creating as much motion as possible. It was truly a magnificent sight.

But they obviously did not want to cum at this point as after ten minutes of this glorious double face to pussy, sister on sister action they broke off, sweating and glowing with pleasure to look at me and check whether I was recovered sufficiently to be hard for them again, joyously my six inches were rock hard again and they again turned their ministrations back towards me. This time it was their hands on my cock, not their mouths and their soft touch was exquisite as they gently stroked me to further rigidity. Julie stayed upon her back, her legs akimbo and Lisa guided me to my knees and I easily slid between Julie's thighs to slip my length effortlessly inside her dripping wet pussy, as I started to fuck her Lisa clambered up the length of the bed to sit directly on top of her younger sisters' face. If that visage could not inspire me to give Julie the fucking of her life I could not imagine what could.

This time it was easier to hold off my ejaculation despite the unbelievable sensations of screwing this nubile young lovely while also getting an excellent vantage of her sister writhing atop her eager tongue. I was almost double their age but was more than fit enough to keep up with their exertions, my hard thrusts more than matching those of Julie, making sure that my cock was buried so deep within her soft folds and staining further inside her. After a few minutes of that Lisa spun around (I like to think that Julie's tongue was inside her as she did so) to face me and as she bounced and wriggled on her younger sisters face she played with her own big boobs as she faced me.

Hardly anything was spoken, no words were necessary. All three of us knew what we were doing and seemed to know exactly the spots to hit for maximum pleasure to the other. The only sounds were a light smattering of low moans and cries, all hinting at the ecstasy being enjoyed. Finally the thrusting was too erratic and my stiff penis popped right out of Julie's pussy and it took no time at all for Lisa to lean forward and scoop it straight from Julie's pussy into her mouth and to suck all her sisters juices from it. Julie too the opportunity to slip three fingers inside Lisa's pussy from her position below her and began to keenly finger fuck her. As my dick slipped from Lisa's mouth she gasped to me.

"I want it in my asshole."

How could I turn down such a demand? Forgetting Julie for a moment Lisa clambered off her and made herself comfortable on her hands and knees on the bed before me, presenting her perfect bubble butt to me, she cheekily reached behind her to pull her smooth ass cheeks apart and tease me with her tiny, puckered anus. It was so inviting it would have been a shame to have denied her. I shuffled sideways along behind her and lined myself up ideally to get as much of my cock inside on the first push. Lisa gave a little squeal of anticipation as she felt the tip of my penis press against her anus and I could see Julie leaning on her elbows intrigued, apparently anal sex not her particular speciality. I pulled my hips right back and pressed forwards, squeezing my thick cock inside and feeling her so nice and tight around me, she pushed back herself and gave a gasp of delight as I filled her almost all the way to the base of my cock.

As we fulfilled Lisa's anal requirements Julie hauled herself up to her knees and got in behind me and amused herself by reaching between my legs and alternating between groping my balls and prodding with her finger at my own anus, which was an amazing sensation in itself.

Between frenzied gasps and breaths, Lisa panted back to me.

"Cum inside me, I want you to cum in my ass!"

Which when accompanied by Julie simultaneously squeezing my balls hard with her left hand while thrusting her left index finger up and onto my prostrate was something that evidently I was to have no say over. I literally exploded inside her ass, I had never experienced a climax like it with the combined factors of my cum and Lisa's tightly constricting asshole combining and I felt her ass flood with my warm seed. Once again I was exhausted and slumped back from her but I was still to be royally entertained because as soon as the first dribble of my white cum began to leak from Lisa's ass Julie got her head down there and began to lick up my cum from her sisters asshole!

Julie's tongue seemed to be a perfect fit for her older sister's ass crack, licking the trail of semen that oozed and seeped from it with delight. Lisa was apparently enjoying it too and writhed as Julie passed right up to her asshole and probed deeper for more cum to exit. Lisa, for her part, was straining and squeezing to make sure as much of my load came out as possible. I could only smile as Julie finished cleaning up and turned to smack her lips, with messy trails of cum dribbling down her chin.

"Right girls, get on your backs, it's about time I paid you back for all this fun I've been having!"

Both sisters eagerly lay down on the bed side by side, they were tiring by now but the thought of what I was about to do to them spurred them on to a final burst of sexual energy. I pushed both sets of legs up so their feet were flat on the cover and wriggled my way on my front so that my face was kind of between them both. From that position I could easily raise both my hands upwards to touch their drenched pussies. it was quite awkward for me at first but I was ambidextrous so I quickly settled into a pretty good rhythm whereby I could vigorously rub both girls' clits simultaneously, and by the sounds and moves they were making they were enjoying it immensely and at the verge of climaxing. Which one would cum first was a difficult question but I guessed Lisa and was proved correct, the blonde was that bit louder in her squeals and cries and her body started to shake uncontrollably as I increased my pace.

I moved my head to the right so that it was neatly between Lisa's thighs and was just in time to catch the bulk of her fizzing ejaculation all over my face. it was a mighty explosion, a real squirter and though I caught a good deal in my waiting mouth much went over my face and soaked into the sheets. She let out a huge sigh and crumpled back onto the pillow to recover. I think Lisa cumming set her sister off and I was just in time to move my soaked face the other direction and catch it too.

If anything, Julie's ejaculation was bigger than her sisters, it was certainly more powerful as the juices not only splashed against my face and into my mouth but in my hair and even over my head. I'd wager it was as powerful a climax as she had ever experienced in her life and when it subsided she too lay back on the bed and looked for all the world passed out as she struggled to recover.

I gave them five minutes then started to get try and hurry them along to their own beds, after all it was some ungodly hour on a Saturday night / Sunday morning.

"Right girls, lets get your stuff together, some of us have to get up in the morning. Come on, get a move on, don't forget your G- string Julie. "

"Aw Dad, give us a break, you do this every time, one Saturday night can we not at least get a few minutes longer to recuperate!"

With that I playfully patter my oldest daughter on the behind and shooed them out of my bed.

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