tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSlutWife's Seduction Recorded Ch. 02

SlutWife's Seduction Recorded Ch. 02


Read Part I of this story before proceeding to Part II.

This is a work of fiction in the Non-Consent category. If fictional descriptions of non-consensual sex offend you, this is not a story for you. If you enjoy non-consensual sex stories, proceed forward and enjoy.


"Check this out, Big M (Myron)," as Carl swung the camera around to the bed and the title of the film came into view, "Horny Housewife Sluts!" All Melvin saw was a well-muscled brother's back as it was clear that he was fucking some female slut hard, throwing some serious weight between her thick thighs. Every time he thrust downwards, the shapely light-brown legs of the woman beneath him flexed back and forth and there was no question that the female getting pile-driven beneath the stud was his wife!

"Turn around, Nigga, signify!" said Carl and, as the guy turned towards the camera and smiled, Melvin realized it was Mike.

"Let me tell you about our newest piece of sweet wife ass for tonight!, said Carl.

"Damn, P!," said one of the studs, who was getting his rod swallowed, "Is this for real?"

"This is a real as it gets!" laughed Myron. "Hot hot hot!" One of the guys shouted. "This is more like it!"

His cock got even harder as Melvin watched the erotic scene in front of him, racking his brain as Marie licked his balls, driving him crazy. It must have happened the week that they were there and he was out of town.

"My boy and I had a rain check from this wife getting fucked, let's call her 'Darla', and her man to take us out to dinner recently. We had met them months ago at party and me and my boy could tell immediately that this phat-assed bitch would be one of the hottest sluts for our "Horny Housewives Sluts" series. Unfortunately, for her old man, he told us when he was leaving town again on business and we intentionally came to town when he was gone. Me and my boy, Mike, stopped by the house unannounced and "Darla" came to the door in her workout leotard and sweatpants." Carl swung the camera around and showed Rhonda's big tits bouncing back and forth, her pleas falling on deaf ears as Mike fucked her hard.

'Darla' complained that she wasn't dressed, but we told her that, since we had on our warm-up suits, too, we were all casual and eventually talked her into coming out to a restaurant for a late lunch. We all ordered drinks and, while Mike had her attention, I put a little chemical additive in 'Darla's' drink, then enjoyed watching my boy's wife as she became more inebriated, unaware that her big tits were showing us more cleavage than her man probably wanted shown. Soon the hot MILF started to giggle, letting us know that the drinks had really gotten to her. So my boy and I brought her back to her home and we're fucking her in her husband's bed!"

Melvin watched as Carl swung the camera back just in time to show his bedroom and bed where he and Rhonda had made love many times. Now he watched as Mike grabbed 'Darla'/Rhonda's ankles and, raising his arms above his head, spread her beautiful legs wide as he started to pile drive his huge log into her steaming hot cunt, her grunts of pain mixed with pleading groans.

"Ohhhh . . . nooooooo . . . stopppp . . . . Mike . . . .Urrrggghhhh!" groaned the beautiful woman underneath the lusty stud as Mike fucked her hot pussy!.

Thinking back, Melvin remembered that Rhonda had told Melvin that she had tried to be hospitable to Mike and Carl and had gone out for lunch with them. Unfortunately, she had more drinks than she had planned, egged on by the guys. And clearly now, the studs got more than lunch.

As Marie massaged Melvin's rock-hard bone with her talented, cock-sucking mouth, he watched while Carl panned back and got a wide angle shot of his wife being fucked by the hard-muscled stud.

"We wanted 'Darla' not just because she was a hot MILF. We wanted her because we like to turn devoted wives into hot video sluts. This formerly unwilling little wifey is a loyal woman. Just the type we like to turn out! And now her fine phat-assed body is getting boned by my Boy!"

Carl placed the camera beside the bed and angled it so the viewers could see everything. Then he stepped up to her gasping, wide-open mouth

"Damn!" said Morris, one of the guys said, "What a hot little wifeslut!" Melvin looked at the erotic sight, watching Mike fucking his wife, his crotch slamming into his new whore's phat ass doggy-style!

Unbuckling his pants and dropping them to the ground, Carl's boxers were tented up, his huge boner straining against its restraints. The stud released his meaty 8" monster and the huge head stood up almost angrily as if it were looking to abuse all of Rhonda's holes -- ass, cunt, mouth.

"Have Some, Slut!" snarled the stud as he grasped 'Darla'/Rhonda's soft, small hand and forced it around his cock, the thick sausage quickly swelling to 10" in length. As Melvin watched the perverse sight, Carl grasped Rhonda's head firmly and aimed his tumescent pole at the wife's wide, gasping mouth, his eyes closed in lust-filled desire.

Turning to grin at the camera, Carl forced 'Darla'/Rhonda's head down onto the base of his throbbing, tumescent manhood while Mike, his lust inflamed because of the sexually perverse sight in front of him, continued thrusting hard into the wifey's swollen cunt, her juicy sex hole making sucking noises as she was forced to ride this huge black stallion. The two studs started jack-hammering their newest sex slut, while her husband watched Rhonda being raped, her mouth and cunt filled with strange, swollen cock.

"Yeah, my little cock-sucking bitch!" snarled Carl, "Suck your new Dick!" as 'Darla'/Rhonda's champagne-blond haired head was forced to bounce up and down on his cock. As Melvin's tube steak was now being animalistically devoured by Marie's full lips, he watched another man raping Rhonda's oral cavity. Melvin couldn't believe how much the sight was turning him on as he saw Carl struggling to keep from ejaculating in his wife's mouth.

"Yo, Dog - Time to switch!" groaned Carl. "You need to get some of this - My boy's Bitch sucks cock like a porn star! Get in her fucking mouth, Mike!" As they exchanged high fives, Mike and Carl withdrew their cocks from the slutwife's oral and vaginal holes with a sucking "pop," Melvin watched the studs' cocks glistening with his wife's saliva and sex juices and realized that his Rhonda was now the hottest video slut he had ever seen.

"Damn!" said one of the guys across the room watching as Mike's hard cock entered the corner of Rhonda's mouth, stretching her full lips wide while Carl mounted the mature hips of their newest sex prize. His throbbing member at the entrance to the gaping wet sex hole between 'Darla'/Rhonda's big thighs, the Stud thrust into the MILF's hot pussy and groaned with lust-filled pleasure as his cock was swallowed whole. "That's a hot fucking Wifey who missed her real calling as a hot Black Porn Ho!"

As the slut on her knees in front of him continued to suck, Melvin continued to stare at his Wifeslut on the screen on front of him and all the other men in the room, some of whom were now making lewd, lusty comments about how much they wished that they were in the video with Carl and Mike, and taking turns banging 'Darla'/Rhonda hard.

"Damn, P!" Carl said to Mike as he was thrusting into the moaning woman's mouth. "I know you stretched this bitch, but her pussy is still tight. Damn, this Shit is good . . . so fucking tight..." The stud spread Rhonda's legs as wide as possible and began fucking the wifeslut slowly and methodically, sinking 10" of meat in and out of her.

"Damn, 'Darla'", grunted Carl, "You're such a hot, seasoned fuck and whores like you love to suck and fuck!. "Say, 'Fuck me, Baby!' the Stud commanded. "You know you love it, don't you, 'Darla'. You know you love my big cock! Say it, you hot little MILF Slut!"

Melvin's cock was as hard as Japanese arithmetic as he watched the erotic scene on the screen - his Rhonda on her hands and knees in their bedroom, two strange huge cocks pistoning in and out of her sexy, mature light-brown body. The legs of his now-moaning wife were spread wide for the camera, her thick reddish-brown bush was soaking wet and Melvin could hear in her voice how her hot aroused body was now betraying her. He knew that sound in his wife voice -- the lust-filled sound of Rhonda becoming aroused! Melvin knew that, whether she did it willingly or unwillingly, Rhonda's mouth was now willingly sucking the hard cock between her full Black lips as her wet pink cunt was now sucking the cock between her thighs hard. Further, nothing could not hide the growing undulation of Rhonda's 50+-YO well-rounded hips as she was starting to rotate and thrust uncontrollably onto Carl's hard, distended dick.

"Noooo . . . ," moaned 'Darla'/Rhonda in a throaty voice that let Melvin know that her climax was starting to build, that soon she'd be cumming on another man's slong.

Angling 'Darla'/Rhonda's horny, contorted face towards the camera, his cock still in her full lipped mouth, Mike laughed and said to the camera, "Another bitch turned out on "Hot, Horny Housewives!"

Melvin saw her face and knew that look -- she may be fighting it, but her body was betraying her as Rhonda's face was slowly becoming a lust-filled mixture of pain and pleasure! Her look caused his cock to stiffen even harder and he grasped the back of Marie's head and forced it down onto his cock. To her credit, the whore deep throated his cock like a pro without gagging, her tongue wrapped around it while her lips massaged its length, bringing groans from Melvin. As both studs on the screen began to jack-hammer his baby from the front and back, Melvin watched as 'Darla'/Rhonda began to moan! The proof was right there -- the studs had turned his Rhonda from a loyal, faithful wife into a Hot, Horny House Slut-wife

"Damn," said the brother next to me, Aaron, unable to take his eyes off Rhonda even as he grasped the ponytail of the bitch on her knees in front of him, Sandi, and pulled her head down and towards his crotch, burying his cock in her throat as he started to ejaculate, spouting gobs of white hot come from his bulbous cockhead. While the whore gagged, but continued to suck, Aaron grunted, Wish. . . I could . . . be a . . . stand-in . . . on . . . 'Darla'!"

Rhonda gasped for air through flared nostrils as Mike continuously thrust his cock in and hot of her hot, wet oral cavity, his perverse pleasure growing. "That's right baby! That's our good little slut! Your phat ass loves all this cock! Show your two new cocks how much you love us. Cum for your cocks, baby! Cum!" ordered Carl as 'Darla'/Rhonda moaned even louder. Suddenly she screamed and Melvin knew that Rhonda was cumming and cumming hard! And starting to love it!

Fighting his own lust-filled ejaculation fueled by the XXX homemade video of his newly made MILF slutwife, Melvin watched in rapt fascination as 'Darla"/Rhonda began willingly fucking two turgid penises with her warm wet mouth and hot juicy cunt to the delight of both the studs in the video and the men viewing it in the room. His dedicated, committed spouse of more than 25 years had quickly devolved into a horny sexual animal addicted to sexual pleasure that could only be provided by multiple big cocks. The horny Black MILF Ho, now groaning and moaning in lust uncontrollably was the epitome of every man's sex fantasy -- a horny nymphomaniac who can't get enough cock and who begs for more!

"She's Ours Now!" said Mike as 'Darla'/Rhonda continued to fuck both studs, began to thrust both cocks deep and hard both into her mouth and cunt, moaning like the slut she now was. The MILF rotated her phat, brown-skinned buttocks onto Carl's thrusts, her hungry cunt swallowing the thick long thick veined rope of black meat, her orgasms continuing to cause her body to tremble with hunger and continuing, lusty passion.

"Damn, my boy's bitch is hot hot! You like sucking my cock, baby?" snarled Mike as he cruelly grasped the back of 'Darla'/Rhonda's head and thrust it down, gagging her with the thick slab of beef embedded in her throat, then pulled it out of her mouth with a sucking 'pop' .

"Like sucking my cock, Bitch?"

"Ohhhh . . . ", moaned the helpless, lust-filled wife

Mike leered, "Say yes, 'Darla'."

"Ohhhh . . . please . . . .," pleaded Rhonda

"Slut!" snarled Mike, "Do you like sucking my damn cock, Darla!?!"

"Yes . .ss . . .sss," said 'Darla'/Rhonda, gasping and still recovering from her massive orgasm while Carl continued to penetrate her succulent cunt.

Mike grinned, as he offered his thickening shaft for Rhonda's attention. She opened her mouth submissively as Mike' bratwurst was slipped into her hot wet oral cavity. Melvin watched as Rhonda's mouth continued to massage the stud's cock while her wet twat slid up and down on Carl's tumescent cock.

Carl looked at Mike and gave him the high sign. "Yo, P," grinned Carl, "My man's wife got a rhythm going on, grinding her fucking hips like a video slut. Let's put that fucking rhythm to the test!"

"Ohhhhh!" groaned 'Darla'/Rhonda as Mike pulled out of her mouth and Carl out of her cunt at the same time. Mike grabbed Rhonda's forearms, her 36DDs bobbing back and forth and hanging heavy while Carl fell onto the bed on his back. Mike pushed Melvin's wife towards Carl who grasped her arms and pulled her on top of him, spreading her beautiful thighs wide, her wet cunt gaped open. With an evil grin, the muscled stud pulled Rhonda onto his raging hard on, bringing a gasp from her as he started fucking the hot wife again.

"Play with my nipples, Slut!" as he placed 'Darla'/Rhonda's French-manicured fingertips onto his nipples and she began to play with his small hard teats. The stud expertly rotated his pistoning hips and I could tell that Carl's sexual prowess was starting to manipulate Rhonda. Her moans were becoming more guttural and Melvin recognized his wife's groans as ones of growing pleasure. Rhonda's eyes were now glazed over with pleasure as she started moving with the stud. Carl could tell that another orgasm was evident and proceeded to fuck 'Darla'/Rhonda to bring her to orgasm quickly, hitting her g-spot from all angles.

Mike zoomed in the camera on Rhonda and showed her incredible tits rotating and bouncing up and down in rhythm to his boy's thrusts. The expression on her face made it clear that, whether she wanted to or not, she was having the time of her life with orgasm after orgasm being provided by Rhonda's new cocks.

Melvin had to pull away from Marie's expert cock-sucking quickly or he would have spilled his load right there and he didn't want to do that.

"What's wrong, Baby?" cooed the beautiful whore seductively.

"Nothing, Baby," he replied. "The shit was too good and I want to last. Why don't you kiss and lick my bone for a minute, then get back on my shit?"

Her seductive brown eyes mischievously looked at Melvin and smiled, "O.K., Baby." As Marie obediently began to lick and suck on his dong, Melvin watched as Mike and Carl made his wife an obedient sex slave to their big cocks and perverse lusts. Melvin felt guilty for being aroused by what was on the screen in front of him. At the same time, he had always wondered if his wife could become the type of slut that caused mens' cocks to get rock hard with lust and desire. As Melvin looked around the room tonight, it was clear that, while all the men there had a beautiful whore or two servicing them, they were all envying the two studs on the screen as they fucked his/their beautiful wife whore!

Mike adjusted the camera again on the tripod, ensuring he was getting good money shots of 'Darla'/Rhonda as she fucked Carl. The woman's wide pistoning hips and ass were rotating and thrusting with lust, her moans filling the air with sexual pleasure as she fucked her "New" man. Melvin could tell she was out of control because she began to lower her head to Carl's chest and started to suck on his nipples as she fucked him.

"Damn," said Carl groaning with pleasure. "Once this bitch got turned out, she started showing all types of skills!" said Mike as he zoomed in on Rhonda's ministrations on Carl's nipples while her fat ass rotated on top of the Stud's crotch, driving her cunt onto his swollen shaft. Suddenly 'Darla'/Rhonda screamed as she climaxed again, groaning and moaning with pleasure.

"Is it good, Baby," said Carl. "Tell me it's good, 'Darla'."

The room cheered when, her voice full of lust, Rhonda groaned, "It's good . . . Carl . . . Damn . . . so fucking good!"

Melvin's cock almost came again right there hearing his wife, the video slut, praise another man's cock for sating her sexual lust! He watched as Carl grasped the back of his wife's champagne-blond-haired head and pulled her down for a kiss. Her lips responded with animal passion and Melvin knew that Rhonda's inner slut was fully released!

Suddenly, Melvin's wife realized that Mike was behind her, his large hands grasping her hips, his swaying bone glistening with K-Y lube.

"Nooooo. . . ," moaned 'Darla'/Rhonda, but Carl grasped her head and held it down, kissing her and effectively immobilizing her, her well-rounded buttocks presented to Mike for his pleasure.

Melvin grabbed Marie's head and pulled it towards his lips for a kiss as he watched Mike as the stud's hard cock began to probe 'Darla'/Rhonda's virgin anus.

I heard Rhonda's voice as she pulled her mouth from Carl's and said, "No, Mike, No . . ." before Carl pulled her lips back onto his, his tongue deep in her mouth, her muffled protests still heard as Mike began to penetrate her tight asshole.

"Damn," said Mike in lustful awe, "a fucking virgin! I'm gonna have fun popping this hot cherry!"

" Let Mike handle his business," whispered Carl. "Trust me, Baby, you gonna like this shit," as Melvin watched with lust-filled fascination as Mike started to gently work his rock hard cock into 'Darla'/Rhonda's hershey highway.

"Noooo . . . Noooo . . . too big . . . Hurts . . .Hurts!" said Rhonda in her muffled voice

"Damn, if it was me," grunted Aaron, "I'd had jammed my cock into 'Darla's' ass in one thrust. Let her husband know a real nigga's been in his bitch!"

"That's just the point, playa," said Myron who had overhead Aaron's remark. "The trick is not to let the husband know that his wife's been turned out by a strange cock or, in this case, cocks. You can't be too rough with his bitch 'cuz you want to leave her sore and stretched, but not bruised or marked up. If your ass is that stupid, then he confronts her, she dimes you out to save her own ass and none of us want to be co-defendants in a divorce case or, worse, brought up on rape charges. If you do it the right way, the wife won't tell and, after a while, she'll start to spend her nights fantasizing about being turned out. And every woman wants to be completely uninhibited at least once in her life and know what's it like to be a Bad Girl and a complete slut -- to be completely uninhibited erotically, to be dominated by a man's sex, and to know complete sexual submission and pleasure!"

With one final grind, Mike had gently worked his way all the way into 'Darla'/Rhonda's ass. Slowly he started to rotate gently in Rhonda's Hershey highway while Carl rotated gently in her pussy. Melvin watched as his woman slowly got used to two cocks inside her and relaxed, then began to gently match the studs' rhythm. Her lust started to grow again and the studs felt the changes in her thick, sensual body.

Melvin watched, his cock now thrusting in and out of Marie's cock-sucking mouth, as Rhonda's arousal became complete, displaying the sexual whore in her as she started fucking Carl while Mike started fucking her ass. Carl grasped one of her 36DDs and began sucking Rhonda's rock hard nipple.

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