tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSmackDown Lust: Dawn's Offer

SmackDown Lust: Dawn's Offer


The vixen-like diva Dawn Marie, walks down the hallway. For some time now she felt that she wasn't being used to the best of her capabilities, the last storyline she was in involved Torrie Wilson's father, Al. Dawn decided it was time to go back to what made her famous, managing. Dawn was wearing a black short skirt and a white buttoned top. Dawn thought about who to approach first after getting turned down by Rene Dupree, Dawn set her sights on a newly rising Tag Team on Smackdown, Billy Kidman and Paul London. Once Dawn approached the door knocked, and folds her arms waiting for someone to answer. London opens the door, wearing a "Smackdown T-Shirt" and his wrestling tights. Dawn can see Kidman in the room, dressed similarly. London, looks at Dawn and greets her.

"Hey Dawn, how's life treating you." asks Paul London.

Dawn slides her slender hand through hair and with an angelic smirk on her face replies "Oh..I've been better..." The sultry Diva sighs "How about you? You're looking very nice, I might add".

London replies with a shy "Thanks." In the room, Kidman only hears the first part of her response, Billy Kidman walks over to Dawn and London. "What's wrong Dawn?" asks Kidman.

Dawn smiles at Kidman, knowing how easily concerned he get gets. "Can I talk to you two in private?"

The two cruiserweights, look at each other and shrug. "Sure, whatever you need, Dawn," replies Kidman.

London steps a side and lets Dawn into the locker room. Once she's in he closes the door. Dawn smirks a little, she was a professional when it came to seducing me and using them to her advantage. Dawn seductively glances at Paul London and then at Billy Kidman, Dawn was so good seducing it didn't seem like she was doing anything.

"Before, I start, how are you boys doing?" Dawn asked the two young Cruiserweights.

Kidman and London sit on the bench. "We've been better, we've been jobbing out to the Dudleys alot recently," said London.

"On top of that, the cruiserweight division is in shambles, first Jacqueline gets the belt, then Chavo Sr, I mean come on, I held that title over six times, and Paul here was the best on the indy circuit before signing on with WWE" added Kidman, who seemed extremely frustrated.

Dawn sits down on the bench on the other side, in front of Kidman and London. Dawn places a hand each on one of London and Kidman's knees "You guys are so right...you two have outstanding potiential. Mr McMahon may not see that..but I do."

"You do?" asks London, slightly off centered with Dawn's hand on his knee. Kidman thinks about what Dawn just said for a moment before replying. "Hey Paul, remember she managed Lance Storm during his best days in ECW she knows what's she's talking about."

Kidman turns looks at Dawn, "So how much potiential do we have?"

Dawn smirked looking into Kidman's eyes "Billy, I think you have loads, of potiential..." Dawn says she slowly slides her hand up to Kidman's thigh "Boys, I know for sure, I could take you two to your's highest peek of your career."

With her hand on his thigh, Kidman's dick starts to rise a bit in his tights. London remembering what Kidman just said about Dawn's managering success is intrigued.

"How far can do you think we can Dawn," asked Kidman before London can say anything.

London chimes in, "Anything is better than being stuck on Velocity I'll tell you that."

Dawn starts to move her other hand up to London's thigh as well "Billy, Paul...I could make you rise to Superstardom..." Dawn then smirks and adds in "And not just Superstardom..."

Kidman gets the message and smiles a bit. London thinks for a bit, and finally realizes what she means, as he starts to have a hard-on. "This could be a great opportunity," says Kidman, who is actually letting Dawn make the first move.

London is speechless, as if he can't belive Dawn Marie's hand is on his thigh. Dawn looks over at London as she slowly slides her hand further up on Kidman's thigh "I'm sure the three of us could have loads of fun together..." Kidman smirks "Both in front of the crowd and in the back..."

"H-Hey now, hold on a second, Billy you're married," London says, trying to keep up with the situation.

"So, Torrie had her fun with Dawn a while ago, why can't we?" commented Kidman.

Dawn smiles, licking her lips as the two Cruiserweights sit in front of her "So boys....why don't get close and get to know each other a bit better?"

Kidman starts rubbing Dawn's thigh softly, "Dawn let me ask you something, Torrie said you had a great tounge, is that true?"

London follows Kidman's lead, and starts rubbing her other thigh. Dawn returns the favor to both men moving higher up till she reaches the buldges in their tights. Dawn nods in approval feeling London's and Kidman's large buldges "Why don't you two lose these wrestling tights?"

Kidman stands up, and motions for London to do the same. They both drop their lightning blue tights revealing impressive sized cocks for their size. Kidman's is longer, but London's is thicker. "How bout you show us what you got Dawn," said Kidman, although her button top was already revealing a nice view of her breasts.

Dawn smirks slowly getting up from the bench. Dawn unbuttons her top and slides it off of her arms, tossing her shirt onto the floor. Dawn then slide her short skirt down from her waist and to her ankels, she then stepped out of her skirt. Dawn then kicks off her black high-heels from her feet. Dawn now stands in front of London and Kidman in just a black bra and g-string.

Kidman and London look at each other and back at Dawn and smile. It is easy to see London is getting more and more comfortable with the situation. "Hey Dawn, you didn't answer Billy's question," said London.

Dawn is a bit surprised by how quickly he's gotten into it, but smiles that seducing smile. "And what question was that, Paul?" Dawn asked, London then replies "Do you have a great tounge?"

"Let's find out," Kidman says, and kisses Dawn on the lips.

Dawn then shockingly and roughly shoves Kidman off of her. With a somewhat demanding tone Dawn replies "Whoa...let's get one thing straight. Billy, Paul when you play with Dawn, you play by Dawn's rules, understand" Dawn places her hands on her slender, sexy hips.

"Ok, Ok..." London replies. "Let's not blow this Billy, this could be our big chance."

Kidman nods in agreement and turns to Dawn. "Ok, we'll play by your rules, what are they?"

Dawn smirks placing her index finger into mouth gently biting down on her own finger "Well...for starters, you're going to do what I want, understand?" Dawn says to Kidman and London with another demanding tone.

"And I thought the Bashams had it rough with Shaniqua," quirps London.

Kidman elbows him in the chest, and nods to her. "We understand."

"What else?" asked London, who is unsure how him coment was taken, and despretete to stay in Dawn's good graces.

Dawn walks up getting close, almost face to face, with London and Kidman "Remove your shirts and sit down. Now!" Dawn says ordering the two Cruiserweights around "In the past I used to be everyone else's bitch. But now, boys, you're my bitches!"

London and Kidman look at each other and they quickly remove their shirts and sit down, with their cocks practically sitting up in their laps. They watch Dawn pace slowly in front of them, eyeing them up, as she thinks about how she's going to use them. Dawn gives an angelic smirks to both London and Kidman, after thinking about what to do with them, she gets down on her knees in front of them as they sit on the bench. Dawn looks down at London's cock and then at Kidman's cock nodding "Not..bad..." Dawn then looks up at Kidman and London saying in a much softer tone then before "Do you boys want a blowjob?"

"Yes," they both reply in unison, but the look that next appears on London's face is one that realizes it's not going to bet that easy. Kidman has a smile on his face yet again, as he remember's the story Torrie told him about Dawn's tounge.

Dawn smirks placing both her hands on London's knees "You both want head. How bad do you want?" Dawn asks.

"I want it so bad, I'd go to Jazz for it," London replies, both Dawn and Kidman give him a look of surprise.

"Woah, man, how long has it been since you've been blown?" asked Kidman.

"Since the last overseas tour."

Both Dawn and Kidman reply with a "Damn."

Dawn shrugs "Well, Paul, I guess deserve these lucious lips around your cock first?" Dawn says toying with London a bit, just to make him even hornier then he already is.

London, looks a Dawn with almost begging eyes, "Please Dawn..."

Kidman, meanwhile is getting honier just by watching Dawn toy with Paul, and insiticivly starts rubbing his cock. Dawn looks over at Kidman seeing rub his own. Dawn then with a hard slap, smacks his hand "Hey! Did I say you could do that!?" Dawn says in an angry tone of voice.

Kidman moves his hand quickly away. "Sorry."

London looks at him angerily "Dude, don't do anything unless she says so."

Kidman nods, and puts his hands behind his back. London does the same, but both spread their legs, to ease the pressure on their dicks. Dawn then moves closer to London, sitting now right in between his legs. Dawn takes his thick, hard cock in one her hands and slowly guides London's cock in her mouth. Dawn tightly wraps her moist lips around his thick member. Dawn starts to bob her head up and down slowly on his cock, moving London's cock against her soft, precious lips. Dawn then, commandingly, motions for Kidman to come closer to her and London.

Kidman slides over to them, watching as Dawn's head bobs on London's dick, and he's using every ounce of will power not to jerkoff. London is in pure bliss, he head leaning back as the seductive diva glides her sweet lips along his shaft. Dawn looks up at London's face, and she sees that he's trying hard not to spend his load each time she takes more of him into her mouth. Dawn, continues to gaze up at London as she continues to suck on his thick, meaty cock. Dawn guides London's cock against her lips faster, bobing her head quickly, gradually picking up speed, sucking and slurping London's cock at a good, fast recent.

Meanwhile Dawn takes her other hand and places it on Kidman's ballsack, she starts slowly massage Kidman's balls as she sucks on London's cock. London's eyes are squeezed shut and he's breathing deeply, as he desprate not to cum at this time.

Dawn gently picks her head up from London's cock as she stops sucking. She then moves over towards Kidman, she looks up at him as she positions herself in front of him "You ready for some head?"

Kidman is enjoyng the feeling of Dawn's hand on his balls, as she squeezs, cups and rolls them in her hand. "Yes... but Paul looks like he's going to faint. You really do got a great mouth."

As he says that, Dawn looks at Paul, who's sweating more from her giving him head that from wrestling. Dawn then moves her hand up Kidman's shaft about to guide his cock into her mouth, but then suddenly stops and looks over at London "You better be ready for more, once I'm done with Billy's cock" Dawn commanded.

"Yes Ma'am," London replies, giving a salute then adds under his breath, "I hope I survive that when it happens."

Kidman looks down at Dawn as she strokes his dick, and says nothing. Dawn looks up at Kidman. "Out of curiousty, how good at giving head is Torrie?"

"Very good" replies Kidman.

"Is that so...well ask Paul, you're in for a real treat." Dawn smirks and then opens her mouth taking Kidman's long, hard cock into her mouth. Unlike with London's cock, Dawn doesn't start off slow. Instead starts off bobbing her head up and down quickly on Kidman's cock, sucking at a fast rate. Twirling his cock around in her mouth and lapping her tongue around it. Dawn takes as much as she can of his cock into mouth.

"Oh Damn Dawn!" Exclaims Kidman as Dawn assaults it's dick.

"Billy Boy, there's your answer," quirps London, as Dawn works on Kidman's slender but lenghty shaft.

Dawn takes what more cock into her mouth each time, and in true fashion is able to deep throat Kidman. Dawn deep throats Kidman's lengthy cock with a single gag or cough. Dawn bobs her head quicker on Kidman's cock sucking with intense speed as London watches his friend and Tag Team partner get the pleasure of a lifetime.

"Damn Paul, she's doing this for us, and we're not doing anything for her..." said Kidman in between moans.

"You're right Billy, but she said for us not to do anything unless she tells us too," replied Paul, who's recovered nicely from Dawn's oral assualt.

Dawn then gently pulls Kidman's cock out of her mouth for a few moments and stands up she then looks at London, ordering him once again "Lay on the floor!"

London jumps almost 2 feet in the as he stands up and quickly lies on the floor. Billy, like Paul earlier, is sweating heavily, but is in much better shape. "What about me Dawn?"

Dawn then looks at Kidman and commands him "Don't talk!" She then looks at London disappointed, shaking her head "You're laying in the wrong place! Lay by the bench, Billy is at" Dawn said to London in a snotty tone.

London lies down, his near kidman's feet, facing up, his cock pointing up at ceiling. Dawn slides her g-string down her legs to ankels, and then steps out of her g-string. Dawn then gently straddles London's face, sitting facing Kidman. Dawn sticks her tongue out of moan and places it on the shaft of Kidman's cock, she starts then tensely lick his shaft up and down. London lifts his head off the ground, and uses his arms to steady Dawn as he starts lick he pussy. Licking softly, London circles around Dawn's hole, teasing her. Practically circleing his tounge around it several times, before sticking his tounge deep into Dawn's pussy. Topside, Dawn continues to work on Kidman's cock, and with London working on her below, starts moaning around Kidman's prick, which sends chills down his spine. As Dawn moans softly she moves her tongue further down Kidman's lengthy cock. Dawn finally reaches what she was going for, Kidman's ball sack. Dawn slowly runs her tongue against Kidman's ball sack causing him to tense up.

Dawn's moans start getting a little louder as London starts to work his tongue deeper in Dawn's wet, delicious pussy. London's work on Dawn's pussy is resulting in a lovely rewards as Dawn's juices are covering his face.

London is so lost in the paradise that is Dawn's pussy, that he pulls her down to get his tounge deeper into her. Because of the shift caused by London pulling Dawn down, Dawn loses her forcus on Kidman's cock, and is caught up in the moment as London's talented tounge works her pussy over. Dawn bites her lower lips trying not to moan loud, Dawn closes her eyes. After a little while Dawn gets tired with London's work, even though she enjoyed it she needs a change of pace.

Dawn then roughly orders London "Stop! Now!"

However London wouldn't give it up and starts pressing his tongue and against her clit hard. Dawn finally gets enough will-power and gets off of London's face. London sits up wondering why she got off.

Dawn replies with slap across the face "I said stop!"

London looks up at Dawn "What the F--" London stops, and remembers his place. "I'm sorry, Dawn, you taste so wonderful, I coundn't stop..."

Dawn looks at Kidman with a smirk. "Torrie told you about me, but she also told me about you. You can eat pussy at all," She looks down at London, "You need to listen better." Dawn shakes her head disgusted in London not obeying her orders "Get off the floor! Billy you down on the floor."

Kidman lies down on the floor, pretty much pushing London aside. London sits on the bench, waiting for Dawn's next commands.

Dawn straddles Kidman's face and looks down at him before he starts to go to work "Torrie's told me wonders about you." Dawn then looks at London glaring at him.

"Really what did she say?" Kidman asks, as London locks eyes with Dawn, saying sorry without speaking. Kidman sticks his Gene Simmons like tounge out to taste Dawn's pussy, licking deep inside of her.

Dawn moans giving order out to Kidman "Ohhhh yeah, lick that pussy! Lick.. ohhh..Lick it deep!"

Pulling Dawn down on his tounge, Kidman licks her insides more than the out. He continues this until he decides to suck on Dawn's clit, wanting to test her reaction. London meanwhile watches as Dawn gyrates all over Kidman's face, her breasts heaving as she enjoys Kidman's long tonuge. Dawn is in so much in enjoyment with Kidman's tongue that she gives in and motions London to come over to her. London perks up and comes over to her, waiting for her orders. Dawn looks at London as she runs her hands down Kidman's chest as she remains ontop of his face.

"Ok listen to me this time! Once I'm done with Billy, I want you to fuck me, understand!?" Dawn then lets out a moan from the pressure of Kidman's tongue inside of her pussy "Ohhhhhh yeah Billy".

London then replies "Yes ma'am."

Hearning this, Kidman doubles his efforts, knowing that if London is going to fuck her, he's going to get a shot too. He continues his work on Dawn's pussy, taking in as much juice in his mouth as he can.

Kidman works his large tounge back deep inside Dawn's pussy, and is pretty much fucking her with it. The amount of juices that's running out of Dawn now is running down Kidman's face and other the floor. London wait's patiently with his hands behind his back so he's not tempted to jerk off by the scene. Dawn slides her slender fingers through Kidman's hair as he works his long tongue in Dawn's pussy, pressing hard against her clit. Dawn closes her eyes moaning in extacy as London gets more and more turned on watching the scene going on. Each moment more he's tempted to jerk off, but he doesn't want to ruin his chances at fucking Dawn Marie. Kidman starts to speed up with his tounge, and get's a little bold. Holding Dawn as still as he can with one hand,he moves his left hand up to squeeze one of Dawn's breasts softly. Dawn bites down on her bottom lip and then moans out as an order "Ohhh fuck, Billy stop!"

Unlike London, Kidman obeys and stops. Dawn stands up and tries to catch her breath. She then bends down and grabs Kidman's cock and squeezes it hard. "Didn't I tell you not to do anything more than what I tell you too?"

Kidman nods frantically yes in reply.

Dawn snaps back at Kidman "Good..that's your first and only warning. Understand!?" Dawn glares at Kidman, and then looks back at London with a smirk. "Have you learned yet, Paul, that I am the one in control?" asks Dawn as she glides her hand over her the curves of her body.

London nods, and watches as Dawn's hand caresses her breasts softly.

Dawn glares down at Kidman. "I'm surprised at you Billy, I thought you'd learn from what happen to Paul." Dawn licks her lips as she glance back at London "Paul..baby, are you ready for this delicious, sexy pussy of mine?" Dawn raises her eyebrow. "If you're ready, you'll have to do what I say... Got it!?" Dawn says somewhat arrogant.

"Yes, I am ready... and I will do what you say," replies London, as his cock is standing at attention practically pointing at Dawn.

Kidman finally sits up, and looks very interested to see how well London does.

Dawn nods her head "Good...alright this is what I want."

Dawn then get downs on her hands and knees on the floor, in a doggy style position. Dawn then motions for Kidman to lay down on the floor in front of her. Kidman again lies on the floor in front of Dawn, while London waits for his instructions. Dawn looks back at him and smiles slightly, seeing she's broke him into the way she wants him.

"Alright Paul, I want you to fuck my pussy, doggy style! Now!" Dawn commands as she takes Kidman's cock into her hands, Dawn then gently glides the head of Kidman's cock into her mouth, she starts to move her lips against the head of his cock sucking at a slow, gentle speed.

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