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Living in a relatively small town, you don’t get to meet a lot of new people. More often than not, the same people end up in the same places, and nothing ever changes. Things were always that way for me, until recently.

There was this bar in town, not a bad place, but not the kind of place to attract a lot of different people. A neighborhood watering hole kind of place. I used to stop in once or twice a week for a couple of beers, and got friendly with a few of the others, including the waitresses. Some friendlier than others, but that’s another story.

One night I went in, and there was a couple of new people in the place. One was a younger girl in her mid-twenties, not all that easy on the eyes, but a nice body. The other, well…

I had discovered long ago that the plus-sized women were much nicer to take to bed. Something about the extra skin to caress, the larger butts, bigger tits…anyway, I loved big women. This other girl, she was incredible. Tall, almost six feet, with dark curly hair, a large round body with lots and lots of curves. She had bright intelligent eyes, and a face that demanded attention be kept there, not on her large, plump breasts, which were showing modestly from under her dress.

I went to the bar and ordered a beer, and found a table nearby. The younger girl immediately introduced herself as Debra, and her friend as Gwen. They had moved into town just a couple of weeks earlier, and lived right around the corner from the bar. They invited me to share their table with them, and I agreed. Debra got up to let me in, and I slipped in between the two ladies.

Over the course of the evening, we discussed the area, what brought them there, and all kinds of other things. I quickly discovered that they had moved from a much smaller town, after the two of them had been caught together in bed. Not that they were gay, but curious, Gwen quickly mentioned. The social discomfort was severe enough to force them to move away, and they ended up here.

The night ended, way too quickly for my tastes, and we made plans to get together another time. Over the course of the next several weeks, the three of us quickly became close friends, and the sexual tension slowly but surely built between us. Debra was quick with the innuendoes, and Gwen was right there with the sultry looks and teasing touches.

They invited me one evening to join them for dinner at their apartment, and I quickly agreed. On the short walk over from the bar, they each took one of my hands, and the three of us made our way there. Once there, Debra went to start dinner, and Gwen and I went out to their patio. They had a great view of the area from their backyard, and a pool with an attached Jacuzzi. We sat out there and chatted, until Debra came out with the food.

She had changed her clothes since we had been outside, from her usual jeans and shirt to a bikini that showed every inch of her body, to full effect. She was very nicely put together, with firm bouncy breasts, and a nice, round ass.

Just a little bit of pudge, but that didn’t bother me at all. Debra chased Gwen in to change as well, and she sat next to me.

“I hope us being in our suits doesn’t bother you. It’s just that we usually don’t wear anything when we are alone, but we don’t want to make you uncomfortable, so we decided to wear these.”

I smiled, and took Debra’s hand.

“Actually, I frequently go nude as well, but I agree that perhaps clothes might be a good thing.”

She sat back for a minute, obviously thinking of my comments, then smiled.

“I’ll be right back.”

She got up and ran inside. I leaned back in my chair and took a sip of my drink. I was just setting my drink down when hands covered my eyes.

“Guess who?”

I reached up and felt the hands and arms. I knew it was Gwen, but I played along. Pretending not to know, I made a few guesses, all the while leaning back into the contact. She pressed her breasts into my head, and I realized she was topless. I finally ended the guessing game, and she pulled her hands away. I turned, and she was totally naked. Her tits, for being so big, had little sag to them, and she had a wonderful belly, leading down to a lovely mound, shaved into a little line of pubic hair. My eyes must have given away my lust, because she suddenly got slightly red in the face.

“Wow…you really are beautiful, Gwen.”

“And what about me?”

I turned, and Debra was nude as well. Her tits stood proudly at attention, with nipples that had to be a half-inch long pointing straight out. She was totally shaven, and her labia was gleaming in the evening light.

“I think you need to join us. After all, we can’t be the only ones naked, you know.”

I quickly stood up and stripped down, leaving my pants for last. As my cock came into view, both ladies found themselves admiring me. At full attention, my cock is a good eight inches, and while not too thick, very well shaped. At least, I’ve never had any complaints.

“Very nice…I think I’m going to like being your friend.”

We all laughed, as some of the tension released. Over the course of dinner, we all talked openly about sex, and things we did and did not enjoy. Gwen was a big fan of oral sex, and Debra loved to be done doggie style. Me, I was a pussy eater, and was very proud of it.

Eventually, someone suggested a swim. We all dove in, and I quickly felt hands on my cock. Debra swam up next to me and pulled my face to hers, giving me a long, deep kiss, while Gwen pulled herself up to the side of the pool and spread her legs. She pulled her lips apart, and gently slid a finger into her sweet pussy. Pulling it out, she offered it to us, and we licked her juices off.

Debra gently pushed my face towards her friend’s pussy, and I let my tongue slide out and make contact. Gwen moaned softly, and grabbed my head. She ground her cunt against my mouth as I ate her out, and she rewarded my efforts with a mouthful of her juices as her first orgasm hit. She pushed me away, and told me to pleasure Debra, who was busily fingering herself to orgasm. Remembering she was into doggie, I put her on her knees and slid my now rock-hard cock into her. Gwen moved over to us and caressed her tits as I pounded Debra’s pussy.

My own load was building, and I let them know. Debra pulled away, and the two of them worked my cock with their mouths. I quickly exploded, covering their faces with cum, which they proceeded to lick off of each other.

We rested for a few minutes, and then moved to party to the house, where I fucked Debra’s ass, Gwen’s big tits and tight pussy, and got my ass rimmed by Debra. By the end of the night, I had agreed to move in with the girls ,so as to always have access to these two beautiful sluts.

Small town life can actually be fun, after all.

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