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Small Town Bliss


My name is Paul and I am a Bull who takes care of couples that have chosen the cuckold lifesyle. I wanted you to see this lifestyle from my point of view. You know, all men are not really into having their wives fuck other men. Even though the guys sometimes go out catting around behind her back. So to put it bluntly, I am giving a service that some women don't usually get.

I was traveling around the beautiful southern part of our country recently. I stopped at a quaint little cafe' in the small town of Haynes, Arkansas. I sat down at a table covered with the familiar red-checkered tablecloth.

My waitress introduced herself with a brilliant smile on her face, "Well good afternoon, sir; my name is Kat; what can I get ya?"

She is a beautiful raven-haired woman with a body that won't stop. Her thirty-six inch breasts seemed to always in the stiff nipple stage and, when she's away from home, she's always smiling.

Her husband, Brad is the owner of a construction company and has been having an affair with his secretary for the past seven years.

Kat and Brad had to marry ten years ago because he got her pregnant and they didn't want to embarrass either family. Their son is a real charming kid. At least that's what she tells me.

But Brad is a real prick and his dick is nothing; I mean really nothing. I believe she told me it was something like six inches hard. Made me laugh. But let me tell you how I ended up getting all this useless information.

Kat smiled sweetly when she approached my table, but I could see the sadness in her eyes. Her smile was forced and the bruise on her right arm meant that she had been hit.

"Good evening, sir; what could I bring you?"

I answered her question with an invitation to join me for dinner. "And if they won't pay your wage while you sit with me, I'll pay it, okay?"

"Well, yes sir, that would be very nice of you; but I don't think I'll get into much trouble for sitting with a customer. After all, I'm not doin' nothin' wrong. And the cafe' is kinda slow tonight," she smiled as she slipped her lithe body into the chair across from me.

I could tell she was a little nervous. I smiled and said, "I don't want to make you nervous, so if you would rather not sit with me, I understand."

"No sir, I am glad to sit and talk with you while you eat. Where are you from?" she asked.

"I'm from Michigan, a town called Rainbow Bend. It's a beautiful little place," I smiled at her and her eyes grew big and a larger smile crossed her lips.

She decided to tell me her story after I had told her of my life and my travels. She seemed to be very happy sitting there talking to me.

Kat asked if I was married and not being a man of many secrets, I told her the truth. No, sweetheart, I'm not married. But I do like to make women happy. Especially women with bastard husbands."

That's when she told me about her husband, Brad.

In return, I told her how I went around pleasing women who wanted to be superior to men who miss treated them or that didn't have the tools to please the woman.

This interested her and she wanted to know more. She told me about Brad and how he was bored with her and he cheated on her.

I told her that I'd be glad to help her out.

"Oh, would you? But I c'aint bring you home with me and tell him that I'm gonna do you tonight instead of him. He'd beat me up!"

So we devised a solution that we believed would work. She told me that he usually got home around seven o'clock and after dinner sat in his easy chair and watched TV until he fell asleep.

"I usually clean up the mess and go to be and read. He seldom crawls into bed before midnight."

"I know!" she suddenly brightened up and said, "You could wait until he comes to be and break into the house. There's a broken pain in the back door and you could slip your hand in, open the door and then tie him up and make him watch as you take me and make me scream with pleasure. What do you think?" she smiled.

"Well, as long as he doesn't have a gun, I can go for that. But I don't have any rope to tie him up."

"He always throws his ties on the side of the sofa when he comes home. I'll bet there's two or three lay on there right now."

"Once you tie him up, you can drag me out of bed and throw me on the sofa like I'm fightin' with ya and rip my gown off me and fuck me right there in front of him." Her smile broadened and her nipples poked at her blouse.

"What about your son, do you think it will wake him? I don't want to upset any kids."

"No, he's at his granny's this week. She needed some work done and Brad offered her him instead of doing it himself.

She walked me out to my Harley and kissed me on the mouth. When she pulled away, she licked he lips. "That's the best kiss I've had in years"

She gave me directions to her home.

I went and checked in at a Motel about fifteen miles from Haynes and watched the Playboy channel and masturbated until ten o'clock. Then I showered, dressed and headed for Kat's place.

I was really horny and read to fill her tight little pussy with the best dick she had ever had and forcing Brad into watching her beautiful face in rapture, listening to the screams of pleasure that he had never given her.

Afterwards, I would force him to clean her pretty cunt with his tongue and I might even fuck him in the ass to show him what an asshole he really was.

I fantasized about sticking my ten inches into that nearly virgin pond and the tightness I would feel; her pussy pulling me in and wanting to hold me there until her years of lost pleasures were filled to overflowing.

Then I would take her in the ass and have him suck my prick and clean me. Once I was cleaned I would press his face into her sweet cunt and make him tongue fuck her and drink her sweet juices.

I paid close attention to the time. I didn't want to disappoint this beautiful woman as that jackass had. I would be there for her and make her cum more that she had ever dreamed.

While jackass Brad watched, unable to turn away and immobile to do anything but watch and wish he had treated his wife better than he had.

When I arrived I quietly opened the back door. I had on soft sole shoes and quietly made my way into the living room. I saw him, sprawled out on the recliner. Sitting in his underwear.

He hadn't heard me slip into the house or the living room. He was too into the boob tube. I quietly crawled behind him and reached for two ties that were hanging over the back of the sofa.

Brad didn't see them slip away.

I slipped behind the recliner and slipped one tie around his neck and tied him to the recliner. Then I took the other and secured his feet.

He began to scream and holler for Kat. She ran out of the bedroom in a very sensual Teddy that showed of those full tits of hers and the crotch barely covered her smooth shaven crotch.

My dick went hard for the first time since I met her. I had not seen this beauty in the restaurant. I wondered if she had always dressed like this at night or if she had done it for me. Just looking at her made me hard.

I placed a third tie around the top of Brad's head to hold his eyes on me as I fucked Kat on the sofa.

I pulled her to me once she had entered the room and ripped off those sexy clothes and suckled one of her breasts into my mouth. I was so full and hard.

Then I licked and suckled my way down to that sweet cunt of hers and licked at her erect clit.

She moaned with pleasure as my tongue jutted in and out of her tight pussy and licked at her venus garden.

Her hands pressed against the back of my head trying to keep my tongue in her pussy.

I sat her up and offered her my ten inches and she eagerly sucked in as much as she could take without choking.

Her red lips sliding up and down on my staff.

Then I lay her on the floor and spread those beautiful, long legs. Her pussy was shaven and I had a good shot at that hole of pleasure.

Slowly, I aimed for the prizes that awaited me. And once I hit the target, she cried out, "Oh yeah!; Oh baby!; That's it, fuck me good! Give me what I need!"

I looked back at Bard. He was struggling to free himself but couldn't take his eyes off of me fucking Kat.

I watched him closely and his own little prick was pushing at the crouch of his jeans.

The more he struggled to get free, the tighter the knots on the ties became.

I fucked Kat four times and she sucked my cock deep into her mouth repeatedly.

When she finally had that all-explosive orgasm that she had been waiting all of her life for, Brad blew his wad all over his legs.

I pulled him out of the chair and placed him between her legs and forced him to clean my seed out of her cunt.

Like a dog, he lapped at the juices there and buried his face in her sex. Then he managed to crawl up to her sweet tits and suckled them deep into his mouth.

While he was bent over her body, I spread his cheeks and filled his ass with me seed. He was so into Kat that he didn't even feel my cock.

I left them on the floor of the living room. He was sucking her like he had never had anyone that tasted so good.

I slipped into the bathroom and took a shower.

As I was leaving, I winked at Kat and threw her a kiss; she smiled back at me. Brad didn't even hear me leaving. He was buried in the deep hair of her sweet pussy. Enjoying the treats she had to offer.

It's been two years since I was in Haynes. I had given Kat my address when we had shared dinner. I got a letter from her the other day. She's going to have another baby. Doctor says it's going to be a girl.

I'm glad I was able to save her marriage.

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