Smaller than Average


She took just one can and held it to my dick, "Huh, it really seems like a big difference when you look at it like this" she said.

Then taking the other can and placing them end to end against my ever shrinking dick, "wow, I can't believe I used to fuck something this big." She laughed, and set the cans back down on the table. Then without any provocation at all, I came right there in front of her, I just shot my load and my dick bounced in the air.

"WOW, how'd you do that!?" she squealed. I just grabbed some tissue and cleaned up.

"By my count that was three, right?" Amy asked.

"Three what?" I asked.

"You've cum three times now, once when we first got up -- I jerked you off, then in the bed when you pounded me, and now this time -- the mystery cum" she said making air quotes.

"Yeah, your right." I said.

"Okay, just three more to go to tie for your record and four to beat it" she said with that determined tone in her voice again.

I looked at the clock; it was only 1:30 pm. I can't believe this has all happened in just one morning I thought to myself. We got dressed and headed to the café for some lunch.

After lunch:

We had walked to the café this time, and on the way back past a little no name video store that the college kept in business. Amy, grabbed my hand and led me inside,

"Let's get a movie" she said with an oddly giddy flair. We walked right through the store, to the curtained area in the back.

"Oh, now I get it" I said aloud.

"Go wait out for me in the main store, I am going to pick a movie, and then you come and pick one out. And we have to watch both of them before there due back tomorrow, no matter what" as if giving instructions to a new game she invented.

We both choose our movies and went back to the dorm. The room smelled of sex, sweet and lotion. Amy, lit a few of the candles and cracked the window open just a bit.

"Put it in" she said.

"What?" I quipped

"The movie put your movie in; I want to see what you chose."

I put the movie in and we sat down on her bed to watch.

"Oops, I think I put your movie in" I confessed. We decided to just watch her movie first.

"Okay" she said, "I hope you like it." The movie was just a bunch of unconnected scenes of sex, no dialogue and no plot, just sex.

"I tried to find something with average or small dicks, so you can see that you really are okay" she said. The first scene opened with a girl sucking a guy's dick, and as she slowly pulled away from it, we both could tell it was about my size.

"Look, he's about your size and see how much she's enjoying him" Amy said pausing the movie so we could get a good look at him.

"Take your pants off" she ordered.

"Let's have some dirty fun. Whatever they do in the movie we'll do to each other; deal?"

I passively agreed, just hoping this would end well for us. We got undressed and got into position; she started the movie again and began mimicking what she saw. She sucked my dick, just like on TV, matching her stroke and pace. And just as it seemed he would blow, she squeezed his cock to keep him from cumming -- Amy did the same, it hurt, but I was on the edge of cumming so it slowed me down a lot. Then the girl on the movie got up and tied her man to the bed. Amy followed suit. I was bound to her bed, with scarves and stockings. She unpaused the movie again, there was a knock at the door, and the girl answered. It was a large black guy; he entered the room and quickly took charge. Amy just looked at me not knowing how to mimic this part, so she just gently played with my dick while we watched. The black guy pulled out his cock -- it was massive.

"Is that fake?!" I said.

"No, that's real" Amy said. And with that seemed to have an epiphany, she got off the bed and grabbed the massager she had bought, then opened the package and put batteries in.

"Let's pretend this is his" she smiled. With that she began sucking the end of the massager. Finally the guy picked the girl up and threw her on the bed, her face landing in the lap of the small guy tied to the bed. Amy threw herself on me the same way. Simultaneously as if she knew the movie, she sucked me into her mouth -- and shoved the massager to her cunt. She couldn't even see the movie anymore, but was keeping in pace with it. She reached over and grabbed the remote, turning the volume up.

"Take it bitch!" the black cock said. "You know his little thing could never fill you like what I got. Say it!" he demanded, Amy looked me in face,

"You can never fill me like Marlin" she said, and with that all five of us came. Only the massager was left out of the joy of cumming. The black guy then pushed the girl aside, and shoved his thick black cock in the mouth of the little dick. Amy, pressed the massager into my mouth and they ordered together,

"Suck it!" He did and I did.

Amy stopped the movie, "I think that's enough for now, and that's four if you're keeping count, two more to go" she said as she slowly untied me from the bed.

Number 5:

It was 4:00 and Amy was determined to make me cum at least six times today. That meant at least two more in the next eight hours. Amy reached over and grabbed one of the energy drinks on the desk, popped it open and handed it to me.

"Here, I think we're going to need this" she said reaching over taking the other one for herself.

She turned the movie back on,

"Have you seen this before?" I asked, she just smiled the wicked smile of hers.

"I want you to this one scene, just this one more and then we can put your movie in if you like" she pleaded her case well, and so she skipped through the movie.

"Here it is" she said. It was another little dick guy, but he still looked bigger than me. This scene was so different than last one, it was soft and gentle, and the couple looked like they were really in love with each other,

"This scene was directed by a woman" Amy said, "You can always tell when it's a woman director."

The mood was gentle, the lighting soft and flattering; the set was simple, white pillows and blankets, in a clean simple room that looked inviting and intimate. The couple massaged each other with caring hands, not a word was spoken. She lay on her stomach while he used oil to rub her feet, calves and thighs -- finally working up to her soft ass. In fact she and Amy looked a fair bit alike. He slowly kissed her ass, and then spread her cheeks to gain access to her back door. He kissed her hole and plunged his tongue deep inside, she and Amy both quivered with delight. Then rubbing the oil on his dick he pressed the head against her, and pushed his way through her tight opening. She moaned with pleasure, as she slid her hand to her clit and worked it while he leisurely fucked her ass. They came together with little more than a groan and a small squeal. Amy looked me in the eye,

"Do it!" She demanded

Amy rolled over and slid her panties off, I grabbed some baby oil she had beside her bed and patiently followed the video. Rubbing her feet, and working up to her ass.

"I've never done this before" she confessed. "I've never wanted to do it before, but I want to with you. I need to feel your dick in my ass." She huffed.

I pressed my dick against her, and entered threw her virgin hole. It was tight, very tight at times as she learned to release and let me in.

Amy gasped -- "God it feels so good to have your little dick in me" breathing heavily

"I never understood how good this could feel"

"You're touching places I've never felt before; no one has ever felt before." And then it happened, for the first time I made Amy cum just by using my dick. She exploded in orgasm,

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked.

"No!" she cried, I kept my pace, working my dick in and out of her ass. She came a second time,

"Keep going, I want to feel you cum inside me."

I kept at it, but I had already cum four times today. Finally she reached back grabbed my balls and demanded

"Do it, cum for me."

I did, sort of, I orgasmed and it was a mixture of incredible pleasure followed by a swift sharp pain in my balls, they were empty and dry heaving as I shuttered deep in Amy's ass.

"Five" I breathed, and fell down beside her. Ironically the clock turned to 5:00 just as I looked over at it.

Amy excused herself to the bathroom, and came back in, hands on her hips --

"Did you cum?" she asked sharply.

" I am not sure I had anything left, but yes I climaxed" I assured her.

"Doesn't count" she quickly replied.

"If you didn't cum, it doesn't count, you said you've jerked that little thing six times, did you cum all six times?" she challenged.

"Umm, yes I did... but that was years ago, maybe it's just not possible for me to do it today" I begged.

"No, we still have seven hours, and you will cum two more times. I am not going to lose to your hand." She quipped.

Five take two:

"Rest here for bit, I am going to get a few things to help and some food -- you need to eat to build your strength. While I am gone" she opened the fridge and pulled out an ice pack, "ice your balls down that will promote new semen." And with that she was gone.

I lay down on the bed again, the ice pack resting on my balls actually felt pretty good, and a cool washcloth over my face I closed my eyes, and fell asleep again. The next thing I knew, I heard someone moving around, "Amy's back" I figured. I just lay there pretending to sleep while listening to her try to be quite. I was still on my back, washcloth over my face, my balls where numb and couldn't tell if the ice pack was still on them or not. So I moved my hand to my crotch, I felt some really cold balls but no ice pack, it must have slipped off. That's when I heard it schnick, the unmistakable sound of an IPhone camera, followed by a familiar giggle. I took the wash cloth off, to find Amy's suite mates.

"What the hell!" I cried,

"You better be nice to us big guy" somehow the way they said it seemed much more cruel than when Amy says it. "We have a bunch of pictures, we've been holding up random stuff to you cock and taking pictures so we can get a good comparison" they said,

"What?" I asked.

"Hey the walls in this place are super thin big guy; we've been listening to you guys since last week, when the condom didn't fit."

"We've been trying all day to get a good look and picture of that little thing" one of them said. I looked down and I was small, the smallest I've ever seen, the sex and ice pack have really shrunk my junk.

"And by the way, your new number all shriveled and cold -- 1 inch BIG GUY" as they burst into laughter again;

"What I don't understand though, is how you made Amy squeal so loud this last time"

"Yeah" the other one said, "what did you do to her?"

"I am not saying anything to you, get out!" I yelled.

"Or what, huh, we will send these pictures to everyone we know if you don't tell us."

"Okay" I said, "This last time... I fucked her ass."

"Ouch" one said rubbing her own ass, "I've tried that before and couldn't take but a few strokes, the cocks I've been with are just too big."

"Yeah, but he doesn't have that problem" the other one laughed.

"Hey" the first one said, "I want to see it hard now, we've seen you all limp and small, now make it big for us."

"I am Beth, and that's Jenny and we really want to see you hard." Beth said softly.

"We can um... help if you like" Jenny added, as she slipped off her shirt exposing a perfect set of small firm breasts with dark red nipples.

"Yeah" Beth joined in taking her shirt off, Beth's breast were a bit uneven; the right looked at least a full cup size bigger than the left. I looked her up and down,

"The ass, show me your ass and I'll get hard" Beth pulled her sweat pants off, turned and pulled her panties up into her crack. And I responded as promised. I began to rise to the occasion. Jenny walked over and started squeezing Beth's ass, massaging it, while her own tit's swayed back and forth. I reached down and rubbed my penis to full strength.

"There" I said,"That's as big as it gets."

Jenny took the ruler and measured, while Beth snapped a close up of her measuring me.

"What is it?" I asked.

"That's not how this works from what we can hear."

Beth reached over and started rubbing my cock, she was very petite, maybe 5 feet tall and her hand looked like a child's and actually made my dick look much bigger. Jenny got down and started licking my balls as Beth pumped her fist.

"I am cumming!" I yelped, and just as I came they both stated loudly

"4 and ¼"

I opened my eyes to see both of them beaming with delight, and then behind them was Amy.

"I told you I'd get something to help" she laughed.

"Now that's five" Jenny said.

The buildup:

I sat down on the bean bag chair in the corner, random clothes piled on top Jenny's shirt, Beth's pants, and my g-string from earlier.

Amy came and knelt beside me rubbing my head she said "I hope you don't mind, I thought you might like to have them join in, after all they have heard us since last week, and saw you naked earlier."

"No, it's fine" I breathed. "But the pictures" I said.

"Oh those are just for us, we all promise" Amy said looking at Jenny and Beth. "Right" they agreed.

Amy handed me a sack from a fast food place on campus.

"Eat up, we have one more to go" She said.

I was starving and dove into the burger and fries, only to look over to see that now all three of them were naked, and gently rubbing all over each other. Someone must have gotten the baby oil, because they were slick and glowing. They each had their own remarkable features, and each was exploring them intensely. Beth was on her stomach, while Jenny and Amy rubbed their oily fingers all around her tight big ass. Amy reached over and started gently rolling Jenny's dark puffy nipples between her thumb and forefinger. They leaned into each other, and stated kissing and touching all over, Beth rolled over to see this incredible show happening right on top of her.

Beth took her oiled hands and began rubbing Jenny and Amy's clits. I was mesmerized by the sight. Amy pushed Jenny back and placed herself squarely between Beth's legs; Beth continued to rub Jenny, as Amy started rubbing her clit against Beth's. That's when I noticed, Beth has a huge clit. It was standing out from her lips and I swear it was an inch long. Amy was grinding their clits together and Jenny moved over to Beth's face slowly lowering her mound into the waiting kiss of Beth. Jenny arched her back, flung her head up and came all over Beth's masterful tongue. Just seconds more and Amy let out her cry, grasping Beth in a passionate embrace. Beth tapped Amy's back and she rolled off, Jenny and Amy held each other as they came down from their orgasms. Beth turned over and raising her ass in the air looked back at me,

"Fuck it!" she demanded.

I took position right behind her, taking some oil in had prepared her for a proper ass fuck with a little dick. I shoved myself hard inside her, not showing her quite the care I had with Amy. She clawed the pillow in front of her.

"God YES!!" she screamed. I thrust into her again and again taking no mercy on that unreal ass of hers.

Then she looked up at Amy, "He might be small, but damn you've trained him well." With that she came so hard I thought she was going to break my dick in half. She clamped down and I couldn't move. Every time I tried it was like a Chinese finger cuff, the more I pulled the tighter it got. I just held still hoping she would release. Amy could tell something was wrong from the pain in my face.

"Are you okay?"

"She's pinching my dick off in her ass" I grunted. Beth just looked back,

"I am not letting go till you cum." She relaxed her grip, and started rocking back on my dick. Then something amazing happened, Amy slid her fingers up Beth's pussy, and I could feel her pressing into my dick as I fucked Beth's ass. I looked Amy straight in the eye, and came for the sixth time.

"We did it" I cheered.

Amy just looked at me, "no sweaty, we just matched the old record I want to set a new one." I looked at the clock 10:50pm.

The final blow:

Jenny asked me to come take a shower with her; she looked to Amy for the answer,

"Go, you need to get cleaned up" she said matter of factly. Jenny ran the shower, and came back for me.

"It's ready" she said. As we stepped in the shower,

"I want to feel that little dick in me" Jenny whispered in my ear.

"You don't have to cum, I just need it hard" she added. With that she gently ran her hands all over my body, using the soap and water to create a slick warm treat for my spent little dick. I just couldn't get it hard if I had to. Jenny looked up at me, and sat at the edge of the tub. Rubbing more soap across my ass she said,

"Relax" and pushed a finger up my asshole, followed quickly by another, she began massaging my prostate gland, a trick I was sure she had mastered. And before I knew it, I was hard; in fact I was more than hard --

"hmm, you like me fucking your ass don't you?" She said. Jenny was a bit taller than me, very muscular and had long legs. I am not sure that I had noticed before just how powerful she looked. She stood up, sliding up my soapy body, and turned around, sticking her ass out. I didn't need any further instructions. Once again I pierced the opening of an anal virgin. The soapy mixture made just the right consistency, as I slipped inside her tight ass.

"Just hold still" she said. I stood there with my dick buried in her holding her amazing nipples in my hands. She reached down and began rubbing her clit. I began slowly fucking her...

"Stop" she quipped, "Just. Stay. Still" She repeated slowly; her hand now moving swiftly over her clit. I felt that familiar clinch, as she came.

"Thanks" is all she said, and slid herself off my dick. Jenny washed me off and told me to leave.

As I stepped out of the shower I could hear Amy and Beth talking, but their voices were low. I peeked into the room, to see Beth standing naked in front of Amy, ruler in hand. She made a mark,

"What is it?" Beth asked.

"It doesn't work that way" she replied. And sat Beth down on the bed, Amy dragged her hair down Beth's body and landed her mouth on Beth's clit. This time it looked even bigger than before, Amy took it in her mouth and began sucking it like a... well like a small dick. Amy sat up and gripping it between her thumb and three fingers, she started jerking it like a cock. Beth arched back,

"I am cumming!"

"Two inches" Amy laughed, as Beth creamed in delight.

By this time Jenny was standing beside me, both of us glued to what we just saw.

"Holy SHIT!" Jenny said, "Your clit is closer in size to this dick" reaching down and grabbing my still hard dick, "than he is to Marlin's cock!"

Beth was visibly embarrassed as she tried to cover her big clit. Amy thought it was very funny and laughed uncontrollably, snorting even.

"Sorry big guy, but she's right!"

"If only you could fuck with it", Amy said looking at Beth.

"Come here" Amy said looking at me, "we need to measure again." I was hard from watching Amy and Beth, and so she place the ruler up under my dick, and made her mark.

"You know what has to happen for you to find out." She said.

"I don't think I can, I only have 20 minutes left, and I think I am done." Amy looking around at the other girls took command of the situation like an army general.

"Beth, roll over and show him that great ass of yours. Jen, hold those pretty titties up." Amy dropped to her knees and began sucking for all she was worth. Five minutes to go, and I wasn't near ready to cum.

"I just can't Amy!" And with that, Jen grabbed the oil lubed up her hand and fucked my ass again, Beth rolled over and began pumping her dick-clit,

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