"Uh stop staring at my ass." I felt my cheeks flush red as I looked up to see the ticket taker motioning for me to pay for the two tickets into the special exhibit. I had been staring at Alex's ass the entire time she had been standing in front of me in line.

"And if you were a liberated woman you would pay for your own ticket... Now what do you have to say about that?" Alex's smile dug into my brain as I reached out for the ticket.

"Well maybe you can stare at my ass some more then." I laughed as she walked down the corridor into the exhibit. I watched her look over her shoulder back at me. The muscles in her ass seemed to flex with each step as the heels clicked across the floor. The few hours a day she was doing of kick boxing was sure working wonders for a body that already needed little improvement. She smiled as she put her hands over the seat of her jeans.

"Ok that's about 15 bucks worth." I laughed as she backed away with her ass pressed against the wall. I stood there and waited for her to go in.

"No no you paid to see my ass and your paid up. Now go ahead." I shook my head and walked into the exhibit.

"And how much do I get for you looking at my ass?" I heard a small laugh as she walked toward the back of the exhibit. I watched her stop in front of a large dark orb. She seemed absorbed into the artwork. I had brought her into the city less to see art and more to see her walking around the city in a pair of tight jeans and heels. The day continued to fly by as we walked through the exhibit. We were only there for a matter of about 15 minutes but it felt a lot quicker. I had settled into a friendship with her. I had hoped for something more when we had met ,but she had quickly put a stop to it. In her words "I don't want to be treated like a pet." I had sighed ,but she was smart and interesting. Plus its nice to have a beautiful women on your arm sometimes.

"Well where do you want to eat?" I heard her stomach growl as I said those words.

"Ok pizza, and a full breakfast and you are still that hungry." I watched her grab my arm and pinch my ribs. I poked her in her ribs and watched her giggle as she backed away.

"I could eat anywhere just as long as they can keep up with my stomach." She patted the small flat spot above her waist. A saw a small flash of her abs as the yankees jersey she was wearing slipped up in the sunlight. Her dark skin contrasted with the white of the jersey. Her hands drifted lazily across her stomach as I looked down at her waist. I let my eye linger over the deep dark brown skin of her stomach as her hand dropped suddenly to her thigh.

"Well perv are you gonna take me to dinner or are you just going to stare?" I turned a bit red as she had caught me eye wandering just a bit too much at her that day.

"I should just take you to a greasy all you can eat buffet or something. " She rolled her eyes and let out a small sigh.

"Well there is only place I know of on this side of town ,but even you can't finish that big of meal." I walked carefully as I laid this snare onto the ground. I really hope she went for it. She probably would just end up seeing me lay this trap and just hop right over it.

"Uh huh? Like I can't? You know I can." I smiled as she stepped right into the snare.

"Nope, Jim told me even he couldn't eat the entire thing." I watched her brow clinch together in frustration as a look of careful thought appeared on her face.

"Hope about this if you win... I will pay for the meal and buy you those shoes you liked at Barney's." She had drooled for almost a hour over a pair of red heels. Her eyes searched back and forth and then smiled as she looked back toward my car at the parking lot.

"I want your car and the meal." She flashed her eyelashes at me.

"I am not giving you my car even if you ate your way through eight feet of concrete." She smiled and hugged me. Uh oh. I felt her slipping out of the trap.

"Ok how about whoever loses has to buy dinner tonight and on say Thursday." I smiled as the trap had sprung. I could work with that. I smiled as we walked into the small cafe and saw a waitress carrying out a huge plate of nachos that was almost the size of a small turkey.

"I want homemade when you bring it over and your bringing the movie too." She groaned as she saw the plate of nachos herself. She patted her stomach and smiled.


I heard the doorbell ring as I hurried out of my recliner. I looked through the peep hole of my door. She was standing nervously on my porch knocking on my door. She was wearing a simple white blouse, a pair of near skin tight jeans, and her heels. I watched how the light framed her as she walked through the doorway carrying a few small dishes. I reached over and grabbed one of the bags and hauled them into the kitchen. I watched her smile as she carried the last bag in and began to push the bags into the fridge and flip on the oven. She shooed me out of the kitchen. I started to relax as the night passed and we settled into to watch the movie after dinner.

"Ok pass me the remote this is horrid." I looked at the remote as she grabbed it off the counter and slipped it down her shirt.

"You know if anything that is gonna encourage me." I looked at Alex's hands as the stroked her chest. Her nipples hardened as she rubbed them. I let my eyes linger too long as she sat there caressing her chest.

"You do and I will knee you in the balls right now Mister." I smiled as she tried to back away.

"Well I want that remote and I want it now." I tried to grab at her but just ended up watching her slip through my fingers as she slid off the couch and into the floor. She quickly leapt to her feet and ran down the hallway. I heard her run around the corner and realized that she had ran into the alcove at the end of the hall. I walked into the alcove and saw her standing there eyeing me sheepishly.

"Here you can have the remote back I don't want it anymore." I smiled as she stood there shifting from foot to foot.

"That doesn't look like the right remote to me are you sure you don't have another one in there?" A shocked look crossed her face as she tossed the remote at me. I grabbed her and pinned her between me and the wall. She tried to toss an arm at me before I grabbed it and spun her around on her feet. I slipped my hand between her arm and grabbed the other one. I pressed her up against the wall and reached down and rubbed her ass with my free hand.

"Now where is it?" I felt my hands run down her chest and along her stomach. I felt her try to press off the wall ,but I just pressed her back into the wall with my hips. The tight fleshy globes of her ass felt so smooth in the tight jeans she was wearing. I reached down and rubbed the small of her back and tugged at her underwear.

"I thought you only wore a thong when it was necessary or if your pants were too tight." I heard a sharp intake of breath as I let my hand slide over the fabric covering her crotch.

"What the hell do you think these are?" I looked down at the blue fabric with the gold embroidery all over her ass. I let a finger trace over her ass and down over her ass. I rubbed my fingers across the seem running between her ass cheeks

"You naughty little girl." I reached down and smacked her ass hard. It was the first time she probably had ever been spanked for doing anything since she was 12. I caressed her ass softly as I stood behind her. I heard the echoes of my footsteps in the hall. I ran my hands over the sides of her thighs and back into the back pockets of her jeans. I heard her groan and an audible gasp escape her lips.

"Damn it let me go.. you said a nice evening you didn't say anything about molesting me." I laughed at her tone because it sounded like she wanted me to just bend her over right there and fuck her brains out. I reached up and grabbed her pony tail and pulled it tight and felt her head jerk up. I smiled as her body shuddered when I reached down and began to unbutton her pants. I felt the strength in her arm slacken as I rubbed the silken fabric of her panties. Her hips moved back and forth as I stood behind her.

"You know what I want..." I laughed as the words came out. Her body tensed for a second ,and then relaxed again. I reached forward and pressed my lips against her neck and bit lightly.

"Yes.... I know what you want.." The words came out of her with a croak. I waited for a second as I listened for her to finish the sentence and then spanked her.

"Yes. I know what you want .. What?" I heard her laugh again.

"I'm not calling you that." I spanked her ass harder and began inching her pants down. She tried to reach down and pull them back up. I smacked her hands and pushed her over a nearby table. She struggled for a second before I saw her head turn around and then back. I looked down over her ass and rubbed the fabric of her panties. Her ass felt taught as I slid my hands down and over her ass. I spanked her ass hard and pinched her ass.

"Yes you are." I smacked her ass hard and watched her feet kick.

"No I'm not.. ow damn it that hurts." I spanked her again and heard her groan. I kicked her feet apart and reached for the hem of her panties. I slid them down her legs and rubbed her ass. She looked at me with a quizzical look on her face before she bent back over the table. I watched her blouse ride up above her waist. I slipped my hand in and around her waist and felt between her legs. I heard a sharp intake of breath and a small whisper escape her lips.

"What did you say little girl?" I smacked her ass hard and watched her head perk up as I continued to rub between her legs.

"I said I will do what you want Sir." I felt myself choke down a hard bit of breath. I pulled her up to me and kissed around her neck and shoulder. She stood up and put her arms around my neck.

"Well you have me now so what are you gonna do with me now sir." I reached up and rubbed her ass. She moved in closer to me.


"Get in and turn on the hot." Her hands went to her mouth.

"Oh no you don't. I am not getting into the shower with you." I pushed her a bit and watched her stumble into the shower as I flipped on the hot.

"Well you wanted this now get in and turn on the hot. Am I clear?" I watched her reach for the door as the water washed over her. I reached out and handed her the bar of soap.

"Now get started and work your way down." I watched her flip the soap over and over in her hand as she just stared back at me. A look of indecision was running through her mind. I let my hand slide down from her back and rest on her ass and pat it lightly. She let out a small breath and began to wash the skin of my chest. I closed my eyes and relaxed into her touch. The water continued to pour over me as I stood there. Her warm slippery hands drifted across my body and along my chest.

"A little bit softer slave." A small frown drifted across her face at the term. I heard a sigh as she stopped to lather her hands. The small fingernails raked lightly across my chest as she worked the soap along my throat. Her hands rubbed over my shoulders and down along each arm. Both hands circled around my arm and washed it up and down. I waited for a few seconds as she continued to wash the same spot on my stomach over and over. I looked at her and saw a bob of hair bouncing up and down.

"Are we missing anything else babe?" I heard a soft sigh as she looked up. She shook her head and looked back at me. I looked down at her as she shifted from side to side. Her hand pressed against the wall of the shower as she slipped onto her knees.

"I am sort of feeling uncomfortable ..... about the sex thing .. uh Sir." I felt my cock harden as it bobbed in front of her face. She backed her head back as she stayed on her knees. Her hands reached out slowly as she began to wash my thighs. Her elbow brushed against my cock and she instantly jerked her arm back.

"Your acting like you have never seen one." I looked down at her and chuckled a bit as she turned red. She spent a few seconds washing the skin below my waist before she let out a small breath as she looked back at me.

"Ok... " Her hands grabbed at my cock as she began to lather it up. I felt myself grow harder as she worked her hands up and down. I closed my eyes as I felt her hands work down each side. I heard a small giggle as her hands began to move faster and then slow down some. I let out a small breath and felt her hands move faster and then slower.

"Does that feel good .. Sir?" I didn't say anything as her hands moved faster. I heard another giggle as I felt her hands slide up and down slower and then stop. I felt her begin to rinse off my cock. That's when I opened my eyes and saw it. Her head lean forward and kiss the tip of my cock.

"See good as new." I began to laugh as she looked at my cock and then realize what she had done.

"Ok you started it.. now finish it. " I reached down and grabbed her pony tail and wrapped my hand up in it. Her eyes took on a look of terror as I pushed my cock towards her lips.

"I didn't mean to it was just a mistake. I didn't mean it. I don't want to do it. I didn't start anything you were already hard. I didn't start anything. I promise I .." I smiled as she continued to beg in front of me. Her mouth only inches away from my cock. The sound of the shower's continual stream of water echoed in the stall. I looked down at her as she begged at me with her eyes. I saw her nipples standing hard as the water dripped over them.

"So your just cold then?" She looked down and blushed. Her arms quickly wrapped around her chest as she looked down at the tiles of the shower floor. I looked as her pink tongue slipped out and stroked her bottom lip and then licked her lips. Her breathing began to increase as she looked at my cock. A shaky hand again reached out for my cock.

"Do you want me to use the soap like last time Sir?"

"Yes now get started." Her hand returned to my cock and began to quickly jerk it up and down. Her other hand joined it as she rubbed the underside of my cock. I felt her rinse off my cock as she rubbed my cock quicker. The first few tentative strokes grew into a quicker and more confident series of movements. Her other hand slipped off of my cock and began to move up my torso.

"Stand up." I watched a look of momentary confusion as she began to stand up. I rubbed her nipples as she stood in front of me. I let my hand dance down and over her stomach as her hand reached up to my shoulder and then down along my collarbone. I began to bite her neck; increasing my pressure as I rubbed the skin along her ribs. I flipped off the shower and grabbed the towel and tossed it to her.

"Dry me off." I smiled as she began to dry off my shoulders and back. Her hands drifted up my stomach as I turned around and snatched the towel away from her and began to dry her chest and stomach. She smiled as her nipples hardened more.

"I really am cold now. Can I have the towel to cover up with? Please?" I smacked her now wet ass.

"Well we can't have you sniffling all the time I'm going to be spanking you now can we?" I pushed her against a nearby wall and began to rub her nipples with my hands. The first few seconds she put up a fierce resistance ,but it gradually dropped off as she felt the warmth of the towel ripple over her body. She stood there holding her hands over her breasts as she shifted from foot to foot.

"Come on if you want to keep warm." I slipped my hands around her hips and walked her into the bedroom adjoining the bathroom. She sat down on the bed as the feeling hit her spine like an electric charge. She instantly jumped up and tried to walk past me. I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her back into my lap. I ran my hands up her spine. I looked into her eyes and saw a mixture of uneasiness and arousal. I began to kiss along her chest and bite along her ribs. Her hands rested on my shoulders as she began to massage my shoulders. I withdrew my hands and rested them behind me.

"Are you ready little girl?" I reached under the bed and pulled out the nylon rope and pushed her face down onto the bed. I felt her struggle slightly. I quickly trussed her arms together and pushed her to the head of the bed. I looped the ropes through head board and tightened the ropes. I rubbed my hands down her body as I began to kiss her stomach. I pulled her legs apart and tied her ankles to each of the posts on the bed.

"There we go." I rubbed my hands over her thighs.

"I never understood why this?" She looked at me with apprehension in her eyes.

"Because I like it. When I like something you do it. So just do it and enjoy it." I watched a bit of fear drift back into her eyes as she laid there. Her head flopped back down onto the pillow with a dull thud. I started to kiss and lick the insides of her thighs as the flesh underneath my lips began to quiver slightly. Her breath came in starts and stops as I rubbed my lips up her thighs and along her waist. A dull gentle moan escaped her lips. I stopped and rubbed a finger across the flats of her ribs.

"Why did you stop?" I saw her head rise off the pillow and look down at me. I continued to rub her stomach as I reached into the night stand near my bed. I pulled out a blindfold and slid it around her eyes.

"Stop.. stop. Don't" I smiled as the tone of her voice once proud was now reduced to a small whimper with barely enough force to escape her lips.

"I don't think you want me to stop." I grabbed her thighs and pinched the skin hard eliciting a sharp cry.

"God stop it.. that hurts. Stop it please." My hands rubbed closer to her waist. I licked the insides of her thighs and began to gently stroke her clit. I watched her shake slightly. I licked slowly and deliberately. I smiled and rubbed a finger over her stomach. I eased myself off the bed and grabbed for the shorts near the bed and slipped them on.

"What.. where are you going?" I reached into the night stand and grabbed for the ball gag and forced it into her mouth. Her teeth bit down on the rubber ball as I tightened down on the straps. I reached up and tightened the ropes keeping her secured to the bed so she couldn't work her way free. I rubbed my hand up her stomach as her struggles became more violent as she tried to work her way free. I whistled as I walked back into the kitchen and looked back at the table.


I pushed the small bowl out of the way and grabbed a warm piece of bread. I sat down and ate the remains of the dinner she had made that still remained on the table. She wasn't a bad cook. The fork scratched at the plate as I heard a loud crash. I stood up and walked back into the bedroom.

"We have been busy the past few minutes haven't we." A muffled scream escaped the gag as her foot began to stomp at the other post holding her ankle in a attempt to free them both. She instantly stopped as she felt me lie on the bed next to her. Her foot tried to kick at me but I caught it and re-secured it. I reached for the gag and pulled it free.

"God I thought you had left.. now can you let me up?" I smiled as I rubbed her toes and pushed the gag back into place.

"I don't think you are ready yet." I began to lick and kiss my way back up her legs as I heard a muffled groan escape the gag.

"I want to see how long it will take to make you more... compliant." I could feel her body vibrate as she shivered.

"You seem to like that thought don't you?" Her head shook back and forth as I my hands squeezed the outside of her hips.

"You are going to be good for me the rest of the time aren't you if I let you up now?" I smiled knowing she couldn't see the expression on my face. I watched her frantically nod up and down trying to convince me.

"Well that's too bad you respond so much better this way." A muffled scream escaped her lips as I began to flick her clit with my tongue. I kissed back along the insides of each of her thighs biting each softly. My hands drifted up and down her legs as they massaged her muscles. I felt her breath quicken as I kissed her stomach and then finally up to each nipple. I pulled her nipple into mouth and ran my tongue along the edge as I gently sucked. Her body surged to meet my lips as I bit down on her nipple and ran my tongue along the skin. I sat down beside her on the bed and began to bite along her neck as my hands rubbed her breasts.

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