Sneaking a Quickie Ch. 01


Very quickly, I felt the sperm in my balls begin to simmer as her tight ass muscles clenched and unclenched rhythmically. My hips began their acceleration to inevitability, and Christina lifted her torso to get fully on her hands and knees as she flung herself back at me as fast as I could pound her.

All at once, I felt the sperm in my balls reach boiling point, and then I gasped as I distinctly felt the cum race up my shaft. I grunted a quiet, "Oh, FUCK!" and then I was blowing my wad into this beautiful ass before me.

She let out a low hissing "yesss..." as she felt the first jet splatter against her insides, and her ass muscles were clenching and unclenching around my vibrating shaft while I continued to pump out my load into her bowels.

I kept thrusting back and forth as my cum shot out to fill up her anal cavity, and finally the last drops had been coaxed out of me to dribble into her chute.

Christina collapsed down onto the bed, and my semi-hard cock pulled out with a wet sploosh. Almost immediately, she was panting with her face back against the pillow. I leaned down and kissed her on the cheek quickly, but she waved me away.

I realized we'd spent too much time and made too much noise already, so I gathered my clothes and got dressed quickly. Christina was already curled up to go back to sleep, so I quietly exited her bedroom and shut the door behind me.

I went into the bathroom to clean up and flush away any evidence. Then, exhausted, I returned to my spot on the couch and fell asleep almost immediately.


I didn't get nearly enough sleep by the time I awoke in the morning to the sound of breakfast being made. Mrs. Wang was doing her best to be quiet, but I still woke up. So groggily I worked to put on my polite and respectfully attentive face.

I went to the hallway bathroom to take a shower and brush my teeth, and then returned to the living room. I went to the kitchen to see if I could help out, but Mrs. Wang shooed me away and told me to watch the football game.

A pretty, young girl was the first one to emerge and join us. She saw me and immediately bounced up to greet me. "Good morning! I'm Amy."

I introduced myself, and engaged her in a casual conversation. Amy must have come home after we all went to bed, and she gave me the lite version of her parents' interrogation. After all, she wanted to know what kind of guy was dating her big sister.

I was amazed at the resemblance. Amy looked and sounded just like her sister, with the same friendly personality and killer body. There were only a few slight differences in her face and eyes to tell the difference and indicate that she was a little bit younger, along with her somewhat more naive attitude.

We chatted for a bit about college life. Amy was a senior in High School still, and right in the middle of college application season. It was scaring her to death, and she said more than once, "Thanks for your help. Your experience makes me feel much more comfortable about the whole situation."

Christina came out then, smiling upon seeing her sister for the first time in months. They greeted each other warmly; the pair of similar giggles sounding like a stereo in my ears.

They promised to catch up with each other later, but Amy had to go help out their mother in the kitchen.

Once we were alone, Christina turned so that only I could see her face, and she gave me rather irritated look. "What the hell happened last night?" she hissed.

Did I do something wrong? She'd seemed to enjoy our sex romp. My blank face did nothing to mollify her.

"You were supposed to wake me up at midnight and you never came. Did you set your alarm? Because that was your big opportunity and I'm not sure we'll get another one."

Never came to wake her up? Missed opportunity? What the? And in the corner of my eye, just past Christina's shoulder, I saw Amy standing in the kitchen looking at us with a gleam in her eye. Amy caught my gaze, and in a horrifying moment, she smiled and winked at me.




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