tagGroup SexSneaking a Quickie Ch. 03

Sneaking a Quickie Ch. 03




"Christina!" Her father's voice was booming against the silence of the night.

My girlfriend's head popped off my cock, her eyes wide with panic. Amy went rigidly still above my face.


There was a flurry of activity as both girls hurried into their nightshirts. I looked around, trying to stay calm but totally freaked out about what I should do. In the end, Amy literally rolled me underneath the bed while Christina went to the door.

I was cold, naked, and trapped in this claustrophobic position with the bed frame only an inch from my nose. Fighting down my dread I went rigidly still and quiet when I heard the door open and Christina ask softly, "Yes, father?"

"I heard someone scream. And Amy isn't in her room."

"I'm here, father," Amy answered, the sound coming from the bed just above me. Her voice was high-pitched and whiny, as if playing the innocent young schoolgirl her parents must remember her as. "I had a nightmare and I came here to talk to Christina."

"Oh, well, that's okay then." The girls' father sounded relieved. He was just being a concerned parent, apparently harboring no suspicions about his daughters' activities. "I just wanted to make sure you were both safe. Goodnight, ladies."

"Goodnight, father," both girls said in unison.

The door closed and then Amy dragged me back up and onto the bed. That was way too close, and I was sweating while my heart did its best to thump out of my chest. The three of us looked back and forth between each other for a minute to collectively catch our breath. When I'd calmed down enough, I muttered, "I'd better get back out onto the couch."

Amy silenced me with a finger to my lips, her eyes aflame. "No way. I've only got one chance left and you are NOT leaving until you fuck my ass one more time."

Christina's tongue was on my limp dick again, and all I could do was groan as Amy lifted her nightshirt over her head and then shoved those perky tits into my face.

One day these girls were going to get me killed.


I slept in the passenger seat the whole drive home. It was early in the afternoon, so there were no night vision issues. But I was plain exhausted.

Christina and her little sister Amy had both fucked my brains out every opportunity they had. Discrete groping and short blowjobs throughout the weekend had escalated into unabashed fucking, and we'd come THIS close to getting caught. I was almost relieved when Christina and I finally left to return back to campus. And the aerobic shagging of the previous 70-odd hours had drained every ounce of energy I had left.

After I dropped Christina off at her apartment, I took a quick shower and then crawled into my own bed at 4pm. I was out like a light soon after, drifting away to sleep while imagining what kind of conversation Christina and May might be having when the roommate asked Christina about her Thanksgiving weekend.

The academic week then flew by, and Christina and I returned to our normal relationship. I didn't see her for a couple of days midweek, but we still caught up on the phone. Not much was said about the previous weekend and its outrageous activities. So I chalked it up to a once-in-a-lifetime experience and decided to move on.

It wasn't until Friday night that the simmering passion re-ignited into a full boil of lust. One of our mutual friends had set up May for a first date and Christina made clear that she wanted to me to spend the evening at her apartment since we had the place to ourselves for a few hours.

We puttered around and made dinner. And to her credit, Christina gave me enough time to finish my food and settle onto the couch for a full twenty minutes before she finally attacked me.

The next thing I knew, Christina was straddling my legs, her knees on either side of me while she slammed my body against the backrest and started stripping off my shirt while jamming her tongue into the back of my throat.

She giggled and ground her hips when she felt my penis hardening beneath her body. Then she backed up just enough to lift her blouse over her head.

With practiced ease, I leaned forward to kiss her chest and nibble between the valley of her cleavage. Meanwhile, my hands snaked around her back until I slipped the catch of her bra, and then pulled the cups off to toss the offending article onto the floor.

I loved Christina's tits and mauled them with my mouth while clutching her shoulder blades and holding her warm body tight against me. She moaned and held my head in her hands while I nursed her swollen nipples, and then she was dismounting me to get at her own jeans.

My eyes were on Christina's familiar body, slender waist and pleasant hips, while she dropped her jeans and panties to her ankles. I was stripping my own pants and boxers and then we were both naked and looking at each other.

This wasn't a time for foreplay as we both panted and shot flames of lust from our eyeballs. So Christina climbed right back into my lap. I held my pole upright for her and she aimed then sank me deep into her velvet channel in one go.

"Aww, fuck, yeah." It was the first words either of us had spoken since we'd gotten started.

"Fuck my pussy, honey," Christina cooed into my ear. "Pound that hard stick of meat into my body!"

So I did just that. I gripped Christina's hips in my hands and pulled her down on me in rhythm with her legs carrying her back up a few inches before I yanked her down once again. The springiness of the couch cushions helped immensely.

Christina rubbed her lips against my ear before whispering, "Imagine my parents are asleep on the other side of the house."

Immediately, I quieted my grunts and thrust ever harder into my girlfriend.

"Oh, we're being so naughty. I'm fucking you in my parents' house."

I groaned, in a low pitch, and began to circle Christina's body around my pole building up a side friction as a change of pace from the frantic up and down.

"Now imagine it's Amy's tight pussy wrapped around you! You're fucking my little sister. You're splitting her tight teenaged hole with your dick and loving every fucking second of it!"

I gasped, a little too loudly for the scenario but I wasn't going to hold back any longer.

"Amy's crying 'Yes! Yes! YES!'" And then she quieted down, her voice dying out while her hips began to shake on top of me. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

In my mind's eye, it was Amy's voice I heard, and then as I felt the vibrations against my shaft I let myself go and poured out my sperm into the tight cunt squeezing me so pleasantly. I could literally feel the fluids rocket up my inner tube and I rejoiced in the relaxing pleasure of that built up tensions flying out of my body while blast after blast of cum splashed against this beautiful girl's insides.

We thrashed together on the couch, our TV program long forgotten. And finally Christina collapsed against my chest, panting heavily and resting her head on my shoulder. We lay together, hugging and cuddling tenderly. I was absolutely thrilled with the mental fantasy of cumming inside of Amy again. And I really did love my girlfriend for giving that fantasy to me.

Eventually, Christina got up and went naked into the bathroom to clean herself up. I just sat there, happily glowing for a moment until Christina returned and started picking up our discarded clothing.

"May will be back soon. We should probably go somewhere a little more private," she warned me while I stared at her still erect nipples.

I agreed. But as I watched Christina's splendid nude form move about her apartment, I could feel a new stirring of lust in my body. So I gathered up my things and went into her bedroom and closed the door. We got inside and then Christina made as if she was going to start putting her clothes back on. Instead, I reached out and grabbed her, flinging us both onto the soft mattress.

Christina squealed in half-fright but then she was giggling again while I kissed her. We rolled around for a good few minutes just kissing and re-energizing our tired bodies.

I was still sparring with her tongue when Christina snaked her hand down between my legs and she found that I was not yet as hard as she would like. So suddenly her lips left mine and I was half-kissing the empty air while Christina slid down and took my cock into her mouth.

"Oh, suck me baby," I groaned as Christina's talented tongue swirled around my sensitive nerves. She bathed the head with her saliva before coating the rest of me, ducking her head to the sides and then back to get me fully lubricated and fully aroused. And when she had finished this she took a deep breath and then slowly inched her way down my entire length, gradually working every bit of my cock into her mouth until she'd accomplished her deep throat once again.

I was in heaven, urging her on, "That's so good, baby."

She backed off, caught her breath, and then smiled at me. And with one hand still jerking my shaft, her lips danced around the crown and titillated my skin until I was rock hard and ready to penetrate steel with my dick if need be.

She lifted off my cock with an audible popping noise and invited me seductively, "Come and get it."

My girlfriend put herself on all fours atop the bed, bending her arms until her cheek rested against the mattress while she looked back at me with a twinkle in her eye.

"Don't make me wait, honey. I've been dreaming about you violating my ass all week!"

She was already trying to stretch it open for me. I pondered for a moment exactly what good things I had done in my life for fate to provide me such a gorgeously hot, kinky girlfriend for my fucking pleasure. Now if only I could convince her to do an actual threesome with another girl.

I reached my fingers into her dripping wet honeypot, bringing out gobs of fluid and using it to coat Christina's puckered anus. I spread the mingled cum lubrication around liberally, coating an inch radius around the brown star in the middle before plunging a soaked finger into that gaping hole. Christina gasped and then cooed a happy "ohhhhh" as I slid back and forth for a moment before introducing a second finger up her bunghole. But this joy only lasted a few short moments before she growled, "Stop fucking around."

I grinned to myself and coated my own rod, giving myself a few short tugs to make sure I was as hard as possible. So settling in just behind Christina's ass, I paused to look down on one of the best views of my life.

Perfectly defined asscheeks, heart-shaped and round. Tender spine along her naked back and the gentle swells of her round tits slightly visible beyond her sides while they hung down and swayed gently with her every movement. And then Christina's body went half-limp as she relaxed her muscles the moment my crown touched her body, and she exhaled loudly while the fat head pushed its way through.

For the first few moments, we were both relatively quiet while she got used to the sensation. It was our first chance since the weekend to assfuck without the pressure of sneaking around her parents' house. So we took our time, slowly thrusting and luxuriating in the warmth and tightness and fullness of our union.

But as with most of our sexual activities, the slow pace gradually began to pick up. The quiet squishing sounds gave way to louder slaps of flesh impacting flesh. The constricting tightness that restrained our momentum gradually relaxed until I was able to drive my rod deep into her body with a metronomic rhythm.

"Oh honey, fuck me! Fuck my ass!"

"I'm fucking you baby!"

"Oh, damn. This is what my little sister must have felt the first time you took her! So full! So damn, fucking full! I can barely stand it!"

I leaned over Christina's back, letting my chest touch her and putting me in range of her ear. "You like that thought don't you? You loved watching me violate your little sister." I drove a little harder into her backside for emphasis.

"Yes! Yes!"

"You wanna watch me do it again?"


"The next time we see Amy, you want me to just fold her over a couch and shove my hard meat all the way into her tiny, little asshole?"


"And you want to watch the whole thing happen just inches from your face?"

"Yes! Oh, FUCK me!"

By now I was flinging my body into Christina's, and our hips were slamming together violently with each impact. I wrapped my hand around her and gripped her firm tits into my hands, squeezing them with each effort of thrust to match my grunting. Christina was wailing like a banshee while I pistoned in and out, faster and faster.

My groaning was joining Christina's moans in a chorus of sex that filled our room and announced to anyone and everyone that we were in the throes of passionate, aggressive, animal sex. It was such a relief to let loose our vocalizations without fear of parental retribution, and the two of us fully let ourselves go. Her body began shaking all over and I moved my body upright while gripping her hips to ram Christina's ass with short, staccato thrusts.

"Can you see it?" I called to her. "Can you see me about to blast my cum into her asshole?"


And then her piercing shriek shattered the air, an otherworldly cry of simultaneous delight and pain and ecstasy that blew out of Christina's mouth, so loud and so frenzied her throat must have instantly gone raw. I could literally feel her juice squeeze out from her pussy and splatter against my legs as well as hers as she came.

And with her ass muscles rippling I lost all semblance of control and then I was spewing my own liquid offering deep into the darkest corners of Christina's body; pouring white hot spunk down into her inner caves where the Sun would never shine.

The absolute agony of all that built up pressure had weighed heavily on my mind in those last few moments before release, so intense that I didn't even realize it. But now that the agony was gone, all I had left was the bliss and the joy. And then the peace of blacking out from too much pleasure.


I awoke alone in bed. For a time I was content to remain as I was, half awake and very comfortable in my current position underneath the warm bedcovers. But as consciousness gradually filtered into my mind, and my eyelids took their first hesitant blinks into the world outside, I realized where I was.

This wasn't my place, it was Christina's. And if I was in Christina's bed, then that meant that last night actually happened. And the heavenly memories of last night's activities came right back to me. Between an awesome fuck and a perfect nine hours of sleep, I felt absolutely incredible.

I sat up, realizing I was now clad in my boxers. I peeked underneath to find that Christina must have had the presence of mind to clean me up and slip my underwear on as well before she too went to sleep.

I also heard quiet talking going on in the living room outside, so I silently got up and moved to the door.

"He did what?"

The female exclamation was loud enough and sharp enough to stop me in my tracks. So I paused right at the door and strained my ears to listen to what came next.

"Yeah, he fucked my little sister up her ass! And the incredible thing is, once I got over it I found that it was really quite a turn on! So he spent the entire weekend taking turns fucking our lights out."

"No fucking way!" May's voice was filled with her surprise. "And then last night? I got sooo horny listening to you two go at it. I mean, I've heard you guys screwing before. But last night you were so loud!"

"Well, we first had sex on the couch. Really though, it was just a warm-up for later on. I'm guessing you came home soon after we went into the bedroom. So the moment we got inside, he fucked me up my ass again."

"But you've done that before, right? So what made you so loud?"

"He was whispering in my ear the whole time. So we're both playing with my pussy, he's got his baseball bat of a cock shoved up my asshole, and he's whispering dirty thoughts about my little sister. I was braying like a freakin' donkey! God, I can't wait for another chance to see him bugger Amy. I totally got off on watching!"

"Oh, god," May moaned. "I'd be happy to let you watch if you let him fuck me."

The room was deathly silent for the longest two seconds of my life. "What?"

"Ohmigod!" May's tone had switched from aroused to panicked in half a second. "Christina! I mean, I'm sorry. I don't mean. Oh, fuck. I'm sorry. I'm not trying to steal him or-"

"No, no! Don't apologize." Christina's voice was soothing, but still had a little edge to it. "I WOULD like to see that."


"Uh-huh. And I know just what to do. He's still asleep in there. So..." Christina's voice naturally got quieter as she divulged her secret plan. And I figured I'd better sneak back into bed before I got caught eavesdropping. So I padded silently back to the bed and crawled into my previous position. My dick was rock hard from the conversation, but I figured I could pass it off as typical morning wood.

Two minutes later, the bedroom door opened and Christina made her way to the bed. I stirred as if I was already half awake but enjoying just lying amongst the pillows, so when Christina crawled onto the bedcover I just turned my head and gave her a sleepy smile.

"Morning, bedhead." My hair was always an insane mess when I woke up, and she ran her fingers over my scalp before leaning down and kissing me. I had a gorgeous girlfriend who not only let me fuck her little sister through the floor, but also might just let me get a piece of her hot roommate I'd been secretly lusting after for months.

Christina slipped the cover off me, baring my body to the cold air and I flinched at the sudden loss of warmth. But her hand immediately went through the flap of my boxers and seized my erection while she covered my naked torso with her own body and continued her tongue assault on my face. "Got some of this for me?"

"Always," I breathed.

She smiled, and then returned to kissing me. In fact, she was doing such a good job with her hand and tongue that I didn't even notice May had entered the room until a second set of hands wrapped around my shaft.

I jerked in honest surprise, and looked down to see May's smiling face at me. She was already totally naked, and my eyes literally bugged out as I tried to capture as much information about her bodacious body in the brief seconds I had to memorize her. She was a few inches taller than Christina but had the same chest-waist-hip measurements, which gave her a more graceful, model-like quality. Perky tits that barely jiggled whenever she moved, but just a large and round as my girlfriend's and promising to feel so wonderful in my palms. Her neatly trimmed fuzz was just above an already swollen vagina. And so my eyes were running up and down her body with more than a momentary hunger.

"Got some of this for May?" Christina asked.

I'd already been expecting this after the conversation I'd heard in the living room. But to actually hear those words were an absolute shock to my system and I couldn't verbally respond. But my dick had a mind of its own and it swelled and jerked in both girls' hands, enough that they both looked down at it.

"Well, I can see your body answers for itself," Christina stated.

And then without further ado, May leaned down and took me into her mouth for the very first time.

For a minute I just watched May expertly pleasure my cock. Her tongue technique was exquisite, not necessarily better than Christina's, just different. And then I glanced to the side to see my girlfriend sitting next to me, one hand inside her own shorts, and she panted breathily while keeping her eyes fixed on the erotic sight of May's mouth stretched wide around my shaft. I just couldn't believe that this gorgeous girl I'd always desired physically was giving me a blowjob.

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