tagGroup SexSnow Day Ch. 02

Snow Day Ch. 02


Jack and Kim got up off the floor and refused Shaun's offer of Viagra. They headed off to the bedroom, Jack with a nice full hand of Kim's ass. I was still processing the events that had just transpired as Shaun opened the bottle and held out a little blue pill. With a big smile he said,

"Come on man! I can tell you are ready for more partying."

He was standing over me and I was looking right up at his magnificent cock and muscular black body....how could I refuse? I took the pill and washed it down with a swig from a bottle of water. Shaun sat down on the floor next to me. We were in front of the fireplace and the heat of the crackling embers warmed us and provided soft warm light. Shaun was sitting next to me and he placed his hand on my thigh as we went over the events of the evening.

Shaun told me of how it was actually his girlfriend Keisha that had "turned him on" to bi-sex. In fact it happened when he went home with her for the holidays. Her best friend was over one night with her boyfriend. They were watching a movie together and Keisha was all over Shaun, kissing him, rubbing herself against him and even grabbing his cock through his jeans as they watched the movie in the darkened room.

Keisha's girlfriend said, "Keisha its not polite to play with the goodies unless you are planning to share?"

Shaun said that at that Keisha stood in front of them and started to perform a sexy strip-tease. She then pulled her girlfriend up to her feet and started to kiss her, feeling her breasts and grabbing her ass. Shaun continued, "one thing lead to another and before you know it we were all naked and going at it." At one point Shaun said he felt a warm mouth on his cock and chin-stubble on his balls and to quote Shaun, "the rest is history."

Shaun's story, the warm fire, and the Viagra were all working. I asked Shaun if he wanted a massage. He said, "sure." He said his lower back and legs were stiff from the snowboarding.

I replied, "That wasn't the only thing that's stiff!"

I told him to lie face down. I straddled his waist and began to work his back and shoulders. He let out an appreciative moan as I worked a knot out of his back and worked my way lower. I could tell that Shaun was seriously enjoying the massage, and I was seriously enjoying the opportunity to give him a thorough "feeling-up." I skipped over his nice round muscular ass, saving the best for last. I massaged his thighs and calves, my cock now fully erect. I moved up to his buttock and placed a hand on either cheek and kneaded them like two firm mounds of bread dough.

I could see the smile on Shaun's face as I spread his legs apart. I positioned myself between his legs and continued to work his glutes, spreading his cheeks to reveal his asshole. Spitting on his hole I rubbed him with my right hand back and forth between his balls and asshole concentrating on the perineum. After several minutes of this massage I replaced my hand with my hard cock. Sliding my dick back and forth. Shaun started to respond by lifting his ass off the floor to meet my motion.

The atmosphere of our fireside massage was interrupted by the sound of music and Kim's moans from the bedroom. Both Shaun and I laughed and he rolled over so that now our hard cocks were touching. Shaun took his hand and grabbing me from behind my head and he pulled me down on top of him. Our mouths locked in a wet tongue kiss. I could feel his face stubble, his kiss was forceful and curiously erotic. His hands were on my ass and we ground our cocks together as we kissed. I loved the way our hard boners rolled back and forth over one another as we made out on the floor.

"Well what do we have here!" Came a familiar voice from behind us.

Shocked I rolled off of Shaun my erect cock bobbing in the air. Across the room with a grin on her face was Keisha, and standing next to her was my girlfriend, Sara. Without saying a word Sara slowly and deliberately strode toward me. Leaning over me she took my cock in her hand and stared directly at me.

I said, "Sara... its not what you... I mean it just kinda... Shaun had this Viagra and..."

Sara said, "Shut up, I know what's going on." She startede to stroke my cock "You're a cock sucker... a horny fucking cock sucker... and it gets me hot... and wet, very wet. Especially when it's a big beautiful black cock like Shaun's."

Keisha was already half undressed. Her body was like a sculpture, trim and muscular. She had close-cropped hair like a man, narrow hips and a shaved pussy. Her breasts were large and hung like two large grapefruit on her slender form. She was close to 6' tall and her skin was very black. Shaun called her his "Nubian Hottie." She directed her comments to all of us saying.

"We've just spent the entire day sitting in a car waiting to turn around because the stupid-ass highway was closed. And after that I need some hot fuckin."

Sara kissed me and started to peel off her clothing. She had a big grin on her redheaded freckled face. She told me she was glad that I had discovered the pleasure of the "same-sex" and that she wanted to see me make love to Shaun. As she spoke my mouth salivated at the sight of her fair-skinned chest and her perfect breasts with little pink pointy nipples. She giggled and turned her back to me. She has a nice full ass, she thinks it's big, but I think it's yummy. She peeled her panties down as I anticipated the time when that ass would be firmly planted on my face.

She walked over to Keisha and giving both Shaun and I a wink she embraced Keisha and they began to tongue-kiss. Their feminine bodies rubbed up against each other as their hands explored back, breasts and ass. At one point they broke their kiss and Sara held her breast and rubbed her nipples against Keisha's. They were both staring into each other's eyes and I knew this wasn't the first time for either of them.

Shaun stood up and moved behind Keisha. He spread her ass cheeks and began to rim her anus with his tongue. Following his lead I proceeded to do the same to Sara. The girls moaned in approval.

Keisha said, "MMMmmmm yes baby that's what I need, a good rimming and an ass fucking. Doesn't that sound good Sara?"

Sara nodded in agreement and I attacked her rosebud with added vigor. Her ample butt engulfed my face and I loved its soft fleshy warmth and her taste.

At one point Sara changed her position, getting down on he knees so she could work on Keisha's pussy. As she licked Keisha's shaved kitty, I slid on my back between her legs so I too could lick some pussy. Shaun, not missing a beat, stood behind Keisha and kissed her neck and squeezed her breasts from behind. Shaun's monster cock was now between Keisha's legs and Sara was alternating between Keisha's pussy and Shaun's cock head.

Sara's juices coated my face and this four-way was getting us all worked up. Keisha was the first to give in moving away from us and taking a seductive pose on the rug in front of the fire. She was on all fours and her ass was in the air, no explanation was needed.

Shaun moved behind Keisha. His cock was rock hard and he slowly dipped it into her soaking wet pussy from behind. She made a satisfied groan as he pumped her snatch with is fat tool. Sara and I sat up to watch the erotic sight of these two beautiful bodies engaged in such a hot fuck.

Sara stroked my tool as we watched. Then after several minutes she said, "Do you mind in I lick Shaun's balls as he fucks her?"

I said, "Only if I can join in the fun."

With that Sara slid under Shaun and started to work on his smooth scrotum. I moved in front of Keisha and offered her my cock. She sucked it into her mouth and began to give me a wonderful wet blow job. The image of Keisha being fucked from behind as she sucked me was terrific. Sara was enjoying her oral administrations while she fingered her pretty pussy in full view of both Shaun and I.

Keisha then said to Shaun, "Put it in my ass baby, fuck me good in my little brown hole."

As Shaun pulled out of Keisha, he fed his wet bone to Sara who was still on the floor between Keisha's legs. Sara greedily took Shaun's tool in her mouth and licked off all of Keisha's wetness. As if to reward Sara, Keisha lowered her pussy to Sara's mouth. Holding on to Keisha's thighs, Sara gave her pussy a deep tongue probing.

Keisha reluctantly pulled away from Sara's skilled mouth and offered her ass to Shaun. With a helping hand from Sara—Shaun slowly pushed his wet cock into Keisha's asshole. Keisha winced and then her mouth opened and she began to moan as Shaun worked his magnificent tool into her ass an inch at a time.

I was squeezing Keisha's breasts and encouraging Shaun to "fuck her ass good," when I noticed Sara slip away into the bathroom. I continued to massage Keisha and alternated between stroking her body and trading wet sloppy kisses with Shaun.

To my surprise Sara strode into the room wearing a strap-on dildo. The straps of the harness were pulled tight and made her ass look even fuller and rounder. She pumped her new cock as if she was jacking off and she said,

"Somebody is going to get fucked and fucked good."

She was staring right at me and I could hear Shaun chuckle. In my highly aroused state I was intrigued by Sara's "proposal" and I said,

"Sounds fair to me baby."

Sara directed me on my back. She rubbed her "cock" over my lips and told me to "get it wet." I obeyed her command and I could feel her rubbing some lube on my asshole. Pushing back my thighs she began to rub her "cock" against my own and with a possessed look in her eyes she began to speak to me as she rubbed her strap-on all over my asshole, cock and balls.

Sara said, "Baby I'm going to fuck you so good. You are going to be my little fuckin bitch, begging me for my big black cock, just like Shaun. I'm going to fuck your ass hard and you are going to love it baby. I'm going to fuck you until you cum and you are going to cum hard."

She started to push her cock into me. It was about 8" long and she worked the jet black cock as if it was part of her. At first it was painful but as my ass relaxed the sensation was unbelievable. Sara was clearly enjoying the pressure of the strap-on on her clit and she pushed my thighs back toward my chest to give her a better angle for her thrusts. My cock was rock-hard and bounced off my stomach as she thrust into me.

"You like that don't you baby?" Sara said in a breathy voice as she fucked me.

At this point all I could do was nod. Sweat was running down Sara's hot body between her breasts and she continued her taunting chatter as she fucked my ass. She was clearly enjoying her position of dominance.

Keisha was now moaning so loudly that I'm sure the neighbors could hear. Shaun was slamming into her from behind as he reached around her waist and was rubbing her clit. Keisha's body stiffened and then bucked as she came on Shaun's fingers. She collapsed onto her stomach on the rug, Shaun still buried in her ass.

Sara asked Shaun, "Shaun come over here and feed my bitch your big cock."

Shaun slid up next to my face and fed me his cock. His cock tasted of lube and Keisha's ass and I sucked on it in thorough lust. This scene obviously lit Sara's wick as she began to thrust harder and faster. Keisha was now behind Shaun and she was squeezing and pulling on his nipples as he pumped his cock into my mouth.

Keisha and Sara were now both talking at me. "MMmmmmm suck that cock, as I fuck your ass, your boyfriend likes to have his hardon sucked, we want you bitches to cum, you are both such cock whores."

After several minutes of this I couldn't hold out any longer and with a few helping strokes from Sara I exploded. Sara pounded me hard and my ass gripped onto her big strap-on cock as my body spasmed in orgasm. My cock shot stream after stream of cum all over my stomach and chest. As I neared the end of my orgasm Sara grabbed my cock and squeezed it hard forcing a big glob of white semen to ooze out.

The sight of my orgasm was too much for Shaun. With Keisha jacking his big dick over my face he shot a thick rope of cum in my mouth. Shaun let out a deep low grunt and proceeded to cover my chest and neck with his jism. During his orgasm Keisha had snaked her finger into his asshole and was finger fucking him through his orgasm.

Keisha took Shaun's cock in her mouth and sucked him clean. Sara pulled out of my ass and began to clean my cum off my stomach. She was joined by Shaun and Keisha as all three licked me clean from my waist to my face. When no trace of cum was left Sara kissed me and pushed the cum into my mouth. I eagerly sucked it from her sticky tongue.

Keisha and Shaun were also locked in a passionate kiss and embrace.

After several minutes of kissing Sara, she said,

"Oh Babe that was so hot. I love it that you are secure enough to have fun like that. Its such a turn on for me to see you getting it on with Shaun."

I just smiled, as I realized I now have experienced the best of both worlds.

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