tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSnow White, or Sleeping Beauty?

Snow White, or Sleeping Beauty?


I was furious that my parents had gone away on a second honeymoon, and that they hadn't trusted me enough to leave me home alone; after all, I was almost nineteen. They were worried that I would throw a party while they were gone, and had hired a neighbor's daughter, who was only twenty-one, to 'baby-sit' me. To make matters worse, she had gone off to a Halloween party with her friends, and had left me here alone anyways.

All my friends had plans and I couldn't leave the house, because I had no idea when she might return. I could go to any parties, or get dressed up and scare little kids. So I sat down on my bed and popped in a porno, trying to relieve my frustration with a good old whack. I was about halfway through the DVD, and about to cum, when I heard a crash from downstairs. I quickly covered up and headed downstairs.

When I got there, I found that Lindsay, that's the baby-sitter, had knocked over a metal container my mom used for umbrellas. She was trying, unsuccessfully, to stand it upright and place the umbrellas in it at the same time; she was obviously drunk. I walked over and did it for her, while she leaned heavily against the door.

When I was done, I turned to her and finally saw that she had dressed up like Snow White; she had gotten dressed at a friend's house, so I hadn't seen her costume before. The only differences between her and the cartoon Snow White were that her hair was much longer, it fell to her chest, and her chest was much fuller than Snow Whites.

"Hey there, you." She said before giggling.

"Hey." I replied. "How was the party?"

"Great." She said as she leaned in closer to me. "They had an open bar." She whispered before leaning back against the door and giggling again.

"Wow, that's great for you." I turned and started heading back to my room, wanting to finish jerking off.

She grabbed my arm and said. "Wait."

I stopped and faced her, the anger that I had forgotten about was starting to rise again, and this time it was stronger. "What?" I said in a controlled voice.

She slumped down to the ground, looked up and me and asked. "Can you help me to my room, please?"

Realizing that, despite my anger, I would feel bad if I left her to try and crawl upstairs to her room, I reached down and helped her stand up. She started swaying and leaned heavily into me. I placed my right arm under her left and pulled her to my side, so that I could guide her better.

When we made it to the stairs, she turned to me and said. "Thank you; you're a real good guy." Then her eyes rolled back she went limp. I just managed to prevent her from slamming to the floor. I shook her to try to wake her, but she had passed out cold. I looked at the stairs and sighed.

"Just great," I muttered. "Now I've got to carry you up there." I reached down and scooped her up in my arms, with my right arm supporting her back, and my left arm hooked under her knees. Now, I'm not a big muscular guy, I'm pretty average sized; the only reason I was able to do this was because she was petite.

I gingerly started up the stairs, and tried not to jostle her around too much; I only half succeeded. With every step, her skirt slid further and further up her thighs; I only noticed this when I was near the top, because it had slid up past the top of the white leggings she was wearing, so I saw her skin. I couldn't help but watch with each new step I took, hoping that the skirt would ride up completely; it was not to be, as the skirt bunched up at her waist, and stopped before I could see what color panties she might be wearing.

When I reached the landing, I turned left and headed down the hall to her room, which was right across from my own. I nudged the door open with my foot, and carefully, entered. I managed to flip the light switch with my shoulder, and made my way over to her bed. Because of the layout of the room, I couldn't just lay her down, on the bed. I had to lead with her feet, and rotate until I had her parallel to the bed, before laying her down. As I pulled my arms out from under her, she rolled away from me onto her right side; at this time I realized that by laying her down like I had, the back of her skirt had gotten caught under her. I looked down and saw that she was, in fact, not wearing any panties.

I stared at her tight little ass, and started to imagine all kinds of different reasons why she wasn't wearing panties. Without noticing, I reached down with my left hand and started rubbing her left butt check. When I saw what I was doing I pulled my hand away and looked to see if she had noticed me. She was still out like a light, and hadn't even moved from the position I had laid her in.

I reached down and started shaking her hard. "Lindsay! Can you hear me? Wake up!" I yelled over and over. When I noticed no reaction, I knew what I was going to do.

I slid my hands down to her exposed ass, and started fondling it. I kneeled down beside the bed to get a better view, as I pulled her butt checks apart, exposing her tiny asshole to me. It looked so tight that I knew I wouldn't even last thirty seconds if I ever managed to stuff my cock in there. Instead, I shifted my focus, and could just make out the bottom of her pussy, being squeezed between her thighs.

I placed my right hand on her left shoulder, my left hand between her thighs, and pulled her onto her back. I succeeded, and even managed to get her to spread her legs at the same time. I lifted the front of her skirt up, and got my first good look at her pussy. I was shocked to see that she shaved completely; I'd been with a few girls before, but they had all preferred the natural look.

I reached down with my left hand slowly, and held it about a half inch over her pussy; I could feel the heat radiating from it. I placed my hand directly on it, and started rubbing the whole thing with the palm of my hand; within seconds, I started to feel a wetness building.

I looked up at her face, and saw her breasts bobbing up and down with each breath she took; there they were, covered up and waiting to come out and play. I stopped rubbing her pussy just long enough to reach up and pull down the front of her top, exposing her breasts. My left hand made its way back down to her pussy, while my right hand started massaging her breasts; she had large areolas, and perky nipples. I leaned over and sucked on her right nipple, while continuing to massage her left breast with my right hand.

I had begun to run my middle finger, up and down her slit; pressing the tip of it against her hole, before running it all the up to and over her clitoris. The smell was now overpowering, and I couldn't resist any longer. I stopped all attention to her breasts, and sat at the foot of the bed; I bent over and brought my face into her pussy, and started eating away. I love to eat pussy; the smell and taste drives me wild. Even though the other girls I had been with had all been 'natural', I still loved it; if you've never eaten a 'natural' girl then you wouldn't know about the occasional hair that falls off into your mouth.

I ran my tongue up and down her pussy, flicking it over her clitoris, and trying to push it inside her as deep as I could. After a while, I started focusing on her clitoris, while fingering her with the two middle fingers of my left hand. I licked and sucked her clitoris, until I could feel her pussy walls contract around my fingers.

I sat back and looked down at her swollen pussy; it almost seemed to invite me. I reached into my jogging pants with my left hand, and started stroking my cock; rubbing her juices from my fingers onto it. I glanced up at her face, seeing her still old cold, and decided to go for it.

I quickly stood up, and dropped my pants; when I had had to cover up quickly before, I hadn't put on any underwear. I was about to climb back between her legs, when I had a thought. I stood next to her head and tipped it to the side, facing me. I pushed my cock against her mouth, and pried it open. I slid my cock in, and felt her lips close on my shaft. I could tell that she must give a lot of head, because even unconscious, she instinctively sucked my cock, running her tongue along my shaft. I had originally thought only to lubricate my cock in her mouth, before I fucked her pussy; but I was enjoying the sucking, and decided to let it happen for a little while. I reached over, with my left hand, and fondled her breasts; pinching, and twisting her nipples.

After a couple of minutes, I licked my fingers, and reached down to rub her pussy again; I could feel the wetness still there. I pulled out of her mouth and climbed between her legs. I lifted her legs up above mine, and positioned myself right up against her. I grabbed my cock with my left hand, and pressed the head against her hole; with one quick push, I shoved my cock all the way into her pussy. It was still contracting from my previous stimulation, and felt so good.

I hooked my arms under her knees, and held on to her thighs, as I started fucking her. I switched between watching my cock plunging into her, and her breasts bouncing with every thrust. I used my left hand to rub her clitoris, while I continued fucking her. Eventually, I let her legs drop to either side of me, so that I could lean over her, and start sucking her nipples.

My thrusts became more rapid, and harder as I could feel myself building towards climax. Thinking quickly, I pulled out right before I could cum, and squeezed my cock with my left hand. I stood up and moved next to her head. I placed my cock against her lips, and was rewarded with her, once again, opening up for it. I slid it in, released it with my left hand, and came in her mouth, just as she closed her lips around my shaft and started sucking; I held it there, letting her suck me dry.

I finally pulled out, and got dressed. I was about to cover her up, when another thought struck me. I ran out of the room and came back seconds later, with my digital camera.

An hour later, after covering her back up, I found myself back in my room, downloading the forty-six pictures I had just taken of her. I realized that I was no longer angry with my parents; in fact, I hoped they might do the same thing in the future.


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