tagErotic HorrorSnowed In

Snowed In


This story is quite long, but if you're a true fan of horror, you have to give it a full read. Mild incest is included.


"Are you sure you guys don't want me to come with you?" I asked.

My mother shook her head as she hurriedly pulled on her long black jacket and wrapped her scarf around her neck.

"Chris, I know you must be worried about your grandma, but we need you to stay here at the house," she told me. "The weather is getting really bad out there and Paul said that Jamie is on her way here. I don't want her here by herself tonight."

I nodded and glanced out the frosted window by the front door. I could barely see anything at all, except of course for the whirling flakes of snow and the thick white blanket that covered the front yard. The wind all but howled on the other side of the window, and though I was warm inside of my parent's house, I shivered and crossed my arms.

"Do they have her at the hospital yet?" I asked.

My mother glanced up at me as she bent to pull on her winter boots. "Uh... your Aunt Carol said that they had her in the ambulance when she called. She should be there when we arrive, I hope."

"Jamie's almost here."

I turned to see my stepfather Paul walking toward us quickly, slipping his cell phone in his pocket and adjusting his glasses. He reached for his coat on the coat hanger and turned to look at me.

"You're gonna be here, right Chris?"

"Yeah, I'm staying back."

"Is she okay, Paul?" My mom asked him.

He nodded and buttoned his coat. "She's driving about ten miles an hour but she's already off the highway, so it shouldn't be long."

Mom sighed and shook her head. "Gosh, I hope she makes it here okay. We don't need her hurt, too."

"She's a good driver, hon," Paul assured her with a small grin. "She's my daughter remember?"

My mother gathered up her purse, tossing her phone inside and frantically pulling the strap up and over her shoulder. She looked at me with worried eyes.

"Listen," she started, "call me if you need anything at all. Your sister will be here in a few, so be sure to let her in."

"I know, Mom," I said.

"I mean it, Chris, listen for the door," she said. "Oh, and there's plenty to eat, so you guys help yourselves."

"Okay, Mom."

"And... and call us if you need us... and..."

"They'll be fine, honey they're big kids now," Paul interrupted as he ushered her to the door. "We need to get going before it gets any worse out there."

The door opened and instantly a chilling gust of snowy wind rushed into the house.

"We'll call you when we can, Chris," my mother said. "I love you."

"Love you, too," I told her. "You guys drive careful."

She headed outside into the snow as Paul glanced at me once more.

"You got my number, right bud?"

"I got it," I replied.

With a nod, my stepfather pulled the door closed behind him. I watched he and my mother hurry to his truck and climb inside. As they backed out of the driveway and headed slowly down the street, I marveled at the intensity of the storm outside. I was no stranger to snow, but I had never seen it come down so hard. The road was starting to disappear, and I knew that the ride to the hospital would have my mother on edge. She had always been that way, especially when something bad happened. I knew she was probably a nervous wreck tonight. The storm would only make it worse. I was a bit worried myself, watching the furious flurries as they whizzed past outside. Paul had four wheel drive though, and I knew he was a pretty good driver.

I turned from the window and made my way into the living room, where I flopped down on the couch and grabbed the remote for the TV. The lights in the house flickered once briefly. I hoped the power stayed on. I couldn't handle being bored and freezing. I surfed the channels for a while, realizing that there was nothing worth watching. I glanced around my parent's house. I hadn't been here since I was in high school, and a brief sense of nostalgia swept over me. Mom had put up her giant Christmas tree again. The mantle above the fireplace was still adorned with our family's stockings, including the one I had made when I was eight years old. I shook my head and smiled. Some things never changed. My eyes traced the decorative garland that ran from the bottom of the railing at the stairs to the second floor.

Craning my neck upward, I was aware again of how huge this house was. My mother and I had moved into this house with Paul and his daughter when I was a sophomore in high school. I'd always liked Paul because he was nice to my mom and was a pretty cool dude. Of course, it helped that he was pretty loaded. Moving into this place had seemed like moving into a mansion to me. It was pretty old, but Paul had spent quite a bit of money on renovations before we all moved in together.

I checked the clock on my phone. It was a little after eight, and judging by the howling I heard, the storm was still raging outside. Looking up, my eyes were drawn to the stocking next to mine on the mantle. Jamie's name was drawn across the top in glittery pink gel. I started to wonder about her. Her flight had been delayed earlier, and she still had quite a long drive to our parents' house. I was lucky that Mom had convinced me to fly home a few days earlier, or I would be stuck driving in this mess just like Jamie. I hadn't seen my stepsister in a while, probably since last Christmas. We had never been extremely close. It had been a little weird for us when our parents had married. We were both in high school at the time, and she was a full year younger than I was. She was always busy with soccer or hanging out with her friends. The two of us simply never had time to connect back then, though we were still polite with each other.

I saw the flash of headlights shine through the window. I rose from the couch and headed to the front door. Peering through the snow, I could make out the shape of Jamie's car pulling up in the driveway. I suddenly grew nervous and excited at the same time. From the moment I laid eyes on my stepsister I had a crush on her. Never had I mentioned this to anyone for fear that my parents would find out. I felt wrong for feeling the way I did about Jamie, but I just couldn't help myself. After all, we had only been siblings for a few years.

Jamie climbed from her car, fetched her luggage from the trunk, and headed up the concrete sidewalk that led to the porch. She looked like an Eskimo, bundled from head to toe in warming layers. I smiled to myself. Before she made it to the porch, I pulled open the door and went out into the cold to meet her.

"Hey!" I called to her. "Lemme get your stuff!"

Her hooded head nodded, and I fetched both of her bags from her hands and carried them into the house. As the door shut behind us, I set Jamie's bags down and turned to face her. She was already pulling off her coat and hanging it on the hook by the door. Her blond hair fell across her shoulders as she rubbed her arms and shivered.

"Holy crap, dude," Jamie said. "What is wrong with the weather?"

"I know," I said. "This is like the worst storm I've ever seen."

"Dad and Pam already leave?"

I nodded. "Like, basically just before you got here."

"Is your grandma okay?" She asked as she slipped off her furry boots.

"I dunno yet. Aunt Carol thinks she's just bruised up, but Mom said she'd call and let us know."

Jamie bent down to set her boots by the door. My eyes were drawn to her round ass, and I caught a glimpse of her red thong as her sweater slipped up her back. I averted my eyes when she stood. She gave me a look over and smiled. Her arms spread and she wrapped me in a gentle hug.

"It's good to see you again, big bro," she said.

I could feel her breasts pressing into me lightly through her thick red sweater. Her cold blond hair smelled sweet and rich.

"You too," I said. "It's been awhile."

We released each other and I helped her carry her luggage up the stairs to her room. Ascending the stairs behind her, I had a really nice view of her twisting ass in her skin tight blue jean pants. As she shoved open the door, she laughed.

"Wow, they just can't move on yet, huh?"

"My room's exactly the way I left it, too," I laughed. "Minus the video games and soda cans."

Jamie gave me a grin. "Maybe they think we're gonna fail after college and come running back home."

"Nuh-uh," I said. "I'm failing first and turning your room into a man cave when I come back."

She chuckled and tossed her bags onto her bed. I stood awkwardly at the threshold to her room. I stared at the completely tidy space for a few minutes. I hadn't been in this room for a long time. Not since last Christmas when Jamie had left out to head back to school and I spent a night snooping through her panty drawers and closets. The thought made me nervous now that she was here.

"Hey, I think I'm gonna take a shower and change clothes," Jamie said. "I gotta wash all the travel off of me."

"Cool," I replied with a dry mouth. "Uh, I'm just gonna be downstairs. Mom said there's plenty to eat if you get hungry."

"Alright," she nodded.

Before I turned and walked away, I gave her body another look. She was average height for a girl, very curvy, and had an amazing ass. I couldn't count the times I had seen her in just gym shorts and a T-shirt. Her ass looked so perfect and amazing that it almost hurt to look at. I shook my head and walked on before she could turn around and catch me staring at her.

I decided that I would change into more comfortable clothes as well. I headed into my old room and unzipped my bag. I dropped my jeans to the floor and selected a pair of insulated jogging pants, which was my usual lounging attire in the colder months. I ducked my head under my arms and checked for odor. I decided to leave my tight fitting T-shirt on, for I wanted my slender and toned upper body on display for Jamie. I smiled at how rediculous I was being. She probably wouldn't ever look at me that way. I heard running water as Jamie turned on the shower. The thought of her naked in the other room made my dick throb in my pants. I took a breath and headed for the door. As I walked from my room, I glanced briefly at the extra bedroom at the end of the hall before turning toward the stairs.

I froze.

Quickly, I did a double take, staring back at the darkness of the spare room. Though there was little light to see into the room from where I was, I thought I had seen someone standing there at first glance. As I peered into the dark, I now saw nothing. I could hear the shower still running in the bathroom. Surely, Jamie was in there by now. I swallowed and slowly made my way toward the vacant room. When I reached the doorway, I reached in and flipped on the light switch. Looking around the now illuminated room, I saw no one. The spare bed was neatly made, and the furnishings had started to collect dust. I glanced toward the closet door to find that it was pulled shut. I shook my head and flipped off the lights. I remembered how this house had spooked me when we had first moved here. After all, it was an older house with a lot of growing pains. I used to always hear odd sounds and feel a cold draft here and there.

Heading for the stairs, I passed the bathroom and noticed that Jamie had not closed the door entirely. I stopped and a jolt of excitement shot into my chest. I stood there for what seemed like minutes, wondering if I had the guts to peek inside the door. In my head, I imagined the sight I might see. Maybe Jamie wasn't even in the shower yet. Maybe she was standing naked in the bathroom going about some random task of self grooming. My mouth became dry as my jaw hung open. I licked my lips and stared at the door knob intently. My hand inched forward and I stopped breathing.

I let out a sigh and pulled my hand back. I had to stop thinking like this. If Jamie caught me trying to peek in at her she would surely freak. I could only imagine how awkward it would be afterward being the only two in the house. I steeled myself and headed downstairs. I had to find a way to pull my mind out of the gutter.


I pulled open the door to the bathroom and stepped out into the hall with a towel wrapped tightly around my body. I shivered as I left the misty warmth of the bathroom. The door to Chris's room stood open, and I quietly eased over to peek inside. The room was dark and I didn't see Chris inside. My heart sank a tiny bit. It would have driven him nuts to see me wearing only a towel. I glanced over at the far end of the hall in the direction of the stairs. I could hear the TV downstairs, and I knew that's where he probably would be. Just to make sure, I snuck over to the railing that overlooked the living room below. Peering over, I spotted Chris lounging on our parents' huge sectional couch and drinking a soda. I had a sudden wild urge to take off my towel and toss it down on his head, so that he would look up and see me naked at the top of the stairs. I imagined what his face would look like if I did. Chuckling at the crazy idea, I turned and headed for my bedroom.

As I entered, I closed the door behind me, but only so much. I left it cracked open about three or four inches. I remembered how that used to drive Chris absolutely bat shit when we lived here, and nowadays it had become somewhat of a habit. I dropped the towel to the floor, not bothering to dry my still slick skin any further. I loved the feeling of the cool air on my naked flesh. Unzipping my luggage, I stood for a moment wondering what I should wear. It had to be close to nine o'clock by now, so I knew I'd have to pick something to sleep in. Back at the dorm, I would probably just wear a small pair of shorts and nothing else, but I obviously couldn't do that now if I was going downstairs.

I dug through my luggage for a few minutes. I smiled when I found a pair of long sweat pants that I liked. I knew someone else would like them, too. I slipped into them and quickly sorted through a few t-shirts and selected one that was plain and white. I put it on and pulled it down over my breasts, knowing that they would be a teasing display for my brother. The clothes practically clung to my damp skin tightly. Reaching down, I snatched up the towel and dried my hair as best I could. My blond hair hung in wet strings around my shoulders. Tossing the towel aside, I grabbed my cell phone and headed for the door.

I stepped out into the hallway and glanced over at Chris's open door. A thousand evil thoughts ran through my head. I wondered what he would do if I left a pair of panties on his pillow, or left them hanging on his doorknob. I snickered quietly to myself, wondering what kind of cruel bitch I was. I had enjoyed toying with my brother ever since our parents had moved us in together. He had always been a quiet and shy kind of guy. He was cute enough for any girl, though I knew his insides turned to jelly when he spoke to one, especially if she was me. I used to enjoy teasing him when we were in school. I would wear the skimpiest little things around the house, because I loved the feel of his hungry eyes on me. The attention made me feel so wanted and attractive. Messing with Chris's head had become something of a hobby for me, and it still was apparently.

A flash of movement caught my eye. I glanced quickly down the hall to the spare bedroom. Caught by surprise, I was frozen in fear and shock. I stared into the dark room and held my breath, listening for any sound at all. I was sure that I had seen something just inside the doorway. My mind was racing as my imagination began to conjure up all sorts of terrors that could make bumps in the night.

A slow smile spread on my face. It had to be Chris. He had probably snuck up the stairs to spy on me. I made my way quietly to the guest bedroom, wondering how much of me he had seen. It thrilled me to know that he might have been watching me as I got dressed. Nearing the open door, I tried to think of how to mess with him if I caught him. I knew I could play it off like I always did and act like I had no idea. I loved to see my brother squirm under the pressure.

Acting quickly, I reached in and flicked on the light switch. I walked straight in to the room and looked around, expecting to find Chris hiding beside the bed or in a corner. The room, however, was vacant except for the bed and the large vanity mirror against the wall. My eyes went to the closet door, which was pulled shut. I smirked and made my way to the door. I shoved it open and looked inside, only to find the space empty except for a few coat hangers.

Perplexed, I shook my head and turned to leave the room. I flipped the lights off again and walked out into the hall, when suddenly an idea came to me. I glanced up at the ceiling and saw the attic door. Remembering something my dad had told me when he had first bought this old house, I giggled to myself. There was more than one way to have fun with Chris. I adjusted my breasts beneath my shirt and headed for the stairs.


I took a sip from the soda can and continued to flip through the channels on the TV. With a loud sigh I tossed the remote aside, settling with an old eighties movie I had seen a million times. I checked my phone to see if my mom had called, and saw that I had no messages or missed calls. I heard footsteps, and turned to see Jamie making her way downstairs. As she reached the bottom and headed toward the couch, it was all I could do to keep my jaw from dropping open.

Her blond hair was still a bit wet from her shower, and her body obviously was, too. She had chosen a white T-shirt that was only long enough to reach halfway down her flat stomach. Though it clung tightly to her skin in places, it hung loosely from her natural breasts, and I could almost plainly see her pink nipples through the thin fabric. The grey sweat pants she wore hugged her perfect ass and hips as though they had been painted onto her, even though they were baggy around her calves. I bit down hard on my tongue and turned my eyes quickly to the television, hoping that she didn't see me staring. Jamie appeared to be texting on her phone, however. She flopped down on the couch a few feet away from me, curling her legs beneath her. I was afforded a view of the shape of her incredible ass.

"Dammit," she said. "I can't even get a text message to send."

"Probably the storm," I suggested nervously.

Her eyes shot up to the TV as she tossed her phone aside.

"I take it there's nothing good on?" Jamie said.

I cleared my throat. "Yeah, with good timing, when there's nothing to do."

"Has your mom called?"

I shook my head.

"Well," she said, "I hope your grandma is okay. Who was driving?"

"My aunt Carol. She just slid into a ditch, but I guess they hit pretty hard."

Jamie chewed her lip quietly for a moment, staring at the flat screen on the wall. She then glanced at me and gave me a smile. I felt my skin growing hot.

"So how are you liking it at college?" She asked.

I swallowed the knot in my throat. "It's okay, I guess. Got my own apartment now."

"I know, I heard!" Jamie said excitedly. "I'm so jealous. I gotta sleep with two other girls right now."

My cock throbbed in my jogging pants at her last comment. I crossed my legs awkwardly and nodded.

"It's pretty cool," I said. "It's nice to have your own private space."

The wind howled loudly, rattling a few windows in the house. Jamie stared out one of the windows into the storm, a worried expression forming on her beautiful face.

"I hope our parents are okay," she muttered distantly. "It's freaking bad out there."

My eyes found the opportunity to catch a few glimpses at her naturally drooping breasts and her curvy ass. I licked my lips and took a sip of my soda. Jamie's head swiveled around and she reached for the can in my hand.

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