tagMatureSo Naive...

So Naive...


Life is good about 'throwing us a bone' every now and then. My stepdaughter had a sleepover at our house recently and invited some high school girls to come over. She's seventeen, but most of her friends have recently turned eighteen. None of her friends are exceptionally beautiful, but that doesn't stop me from having my fantasies about them.

The sleepover went well and the girls stayed up all night doing who knows what. Late the next morning they all got up except for Victoria, who was still asleep. The girls asked my wife if she'd take them to a water park about an hour away to have some Saturday fun (and probably check out the boys as well).

My wife asked her daughter, "Why not wake up Vicky right now then?"

She went to her room and returned downstairs alone.

"She says she doesn't feel very well and is going to have her mom pick her up."

My wife said, "Ok." and proceeded to get ready to leave. She asked if I would make sure Vicky got up when her mom arrived. I told her I would.

When it was time to leave my wife and the girls loaded into her truck and headed out for the water park. I sat down on the couch and turned on the tv. About thirty minutes later Vicky walked into the livingroom and sat down on the couch, just a few feet away from me. She had on sweat pants and an old wrinkled t-shirt. Her waist length auburn hair was wet and it left little trails of water on her shoulders. She recently turned eighteen and poked fun at the seventeen year olds for being 'children'.

"I hear you're not feeling well."

"No. I just took a shower to make me feel better, but I guess only time will make me feel good again."

"Time?" I asked inquisitively.

The look on her face was of surprise. She looked absolutely guilty.

"I sort of drank some of your wine last night." she answered sheepishly.

"Ohh..." I responded, "Well then what you need is some Gatorade. It'll help more than a shower."

I walked to the fridge, got out an orange Gatorade, and handed it to her as I sat back down. She drank it down fast.

"You'll start feeling better soon."

"I hope so. I didn't call my mom yet because I was afraid she'd smell it on my breath. Y-you wouldn't tell her would you?"

"Nah," I said, "It'll be our secret."

We both sat there a while watching tv. I kept smelling body odor, almost like armpit or something. Inconspicuously I turned my head in her direction and took a deep breath through my nose. It really seemed to be coming from her.

"Can I say something to you and not be mean?" I asked.

"Uh, ok." she replied hesitantly.

"Even though you've taken a shower, I can still smell you. It's not real terrible or anything, I'm just thinking that the boys might not find that ok."

"I think I washed everything good enough." She said with a smirk on her face. It came out almost as a question though, as if she doubted her shower skills. "Where do you smell it from?"

Since I was sitting to the right of her, I leaned closer to her and guided my nose around her left armpit. Taking a deep whiff I replied, "I think it might be your armpits, but I'm not really sure because your t-shirt is covering them." I motioned toward her sleeve and asked, "Would you mind?"

She shook her head as she raised her arm a little in the air. I grabbed the inside of her sleeve and pulled it out and away from her body as far as I could and stuck my nose right in there. The reason I pulled her shirt sleeve out so far was so I also get a look around her breast area as well, hoping she was bra-less.

Again I drew a deep breath. No, it wasn't her armpit. It was the t-shirt. It smelled like days old armpit. Peeking around I could see she was wearing a light pink bra. I could even make out the bumps where her nipples were, though they weren't hard.

"I'm having some trouble locating it." I said with a tiny bit of frustration, "I'm not sure if it's your armpit or your shirt. Can I smell your shirt?"

"Ok." She replied with a bit of reservation.

Starting just above her groin I pressed my nose gently to her shirt, making sure she could feel it on her skin through the fabric. Reaching her breasts, I kept the pressure applied with my nose as I circled each one. As I explored, I made sure to have a barely perceptible contact with each nipple.

"Might be your t-shirt."

"It could be," she explained, "I like this shirt and sleep in it every night."

"Oh." I said.

"Oh, and I'm also wearing the same bra as yesterday too."

Now why did she go and say that? That was practically begging for me to explore further...

"Maybe I should smell your bra and see if that's also the problem."

Again she had a bit of reservation.

"I won't be able to see anything, it's just like a bikini right?"

I could see her eyes thinking about it for a few seconds. She then shrugged and lifted her t-shirt up and over her head to expose that beautiful pink titty holder. I started a few inches below the bra and did the same thing as before, ensuring the slightest nose-to-nipple contact. This time, however, her nipples were larger and more pronounced. Someone was getting stimulated...

"It's your bra too." I casually replied, "You might have undone all that shower work by putting it back on. Your t-shirt is off, now if you take your bra off I can smell you again to see if you need another shower..."

"You're not going to tell my mom about this, right?"

"No, this is only between us."

With an uncomfortable smile on her face she reached around and unfastened her bra. She isn't fat, but she is a little bit on the heavy side, so I wasn't surprised to see just how gifted she was in the breast department. What did surprise me were her huge areolas. They were as big as my fists and dark brown -- almost black. I tried my best to maintain a role as a concerned and mature adult.

"Ok, I'll try again." I said.

This time I took a lot longer to do the sniff test. And again, my nosed brushed gently all over her skin. She had little goosebumps all over her boobs. When I reached each nipple I pressed my nose in firmer and made little circles directly on them. Her breathing was getting slower and deeper. Her boobs were definitely hot.

Lying to her, I said that her breasts definitely absorbed some of the smell of the t-shirt and bra, but I just couldn't tell how much.

"Sweat has a particular taste to it," I explained, "There's a way I can see just how bad this problem really is."

"You might as well give me a full checkup," she responded, "You've been pretty thorough so far."

That sentence made my cock instantly jump to attention. 'Full checkup'... She lay back fully on the couch and dropped her arms to her sides.

"I can't believe this shit!" I thought, "That actually worked?!?"

The next few minutes were absolute bliss. I licked every square inch of her breasts and sucked firmly on her nipples, flicking them with my tongue.

"Yeah," I advised her, " I think another shower might fix you up."

"Ok, you're probably right." She said. Her face froze for a quick second, and then added, "But I'm also wearing yesterday's panties too though..."

I was floored. Was she going to give me this opportunity too? I was determined to find out.

"Well go ahead and take off your sweatpants and let me see how everything is down there."

Lifting her butt off the couch, she obliged. I got up and spread her legs apart, pressing my face deep into her vee spot, inhaling all that muskiness. I could feel the tip of my cock sticking to my underwear from all the pre-cum. I plunged a finger under her panties and pressed it gently against her vagina. "We should give this a taste test too." She didn't say a word. She just cracked a little smile. I took that as a yes.

I pulled her waistband down a bit and sank my nose into her soft brown pubic hair. If she tasted only half as good as she smelled.... Next I pulled back her leg band to expose her crotch a little. I delivered a few slow, deliberate licks. Her breathing got even slower and deeper. Pressing my tongue just below her clit, I alternated firm pressures with gentler ones.

Her legs began to quiver as she arched her back a little. Thirty seconds later my efforts yielded a beautiful orgasm, replete with a little squirt that drenched the front of her panties.

"Oh no!" she gasped, "I'm so sorry!"

"It appears I've made a little mess." I said, "Here, let me clean this up for you..." I pulled her panties all the way to the side, licking and swallowing her sex juices. Mmmm.

I let her panties go and apologized, "I'm sorry Vicky. Here I am telling you about the cleanliness of your body, but I haven't shown you any examples of what's considered clean. Would you like to see an example of clean?"

There was a look of hunger in her eyes. She just couldn't hide it. I pulled down my shorts and underwear revealing an angry looking cock. Her gasp was flattering. "Are they really supposed to be that big? How would I fit that thing into my mouth?" The fact that she mentioned me in her mouth raised the temperature of the room twenty degrees. I was thinking, "Good girl... You know what to do with it."

I sat down on the couch with my manhood at attention. She got up and kneeled down between my legs. She seemed a bit shy and unsure of herself. Her hands felt warm and velvety on my shaft. She kissed all over it and used her finger to massage a drop of my pre-cum all over my head. I'll never forget how she looked up at me with those sweet big innocent eyes and took me in. She could only fit half of me into her mouth and, bless her heart, gagged a bit as she tried to deep throat me.

She would hold my cock still in her mouth and I could feel her tongue slowly licking me completely all over.

I whispered, "Vicky take off your panties and come up here."

I motioned for her to accompany me on the couch. I had her facing me, straddling me.

We finally kissed. I could tell she was new at this, but it didn't matter to me. I could tell she was trying her best. Here was a tight young lady with a beautiful body and we were about to be joined as one.

I lowered my head from her kiss and began to pay attention to those massive areolas; all the while guiding my cock toward her sweet spot. I had quite a bit of difficulty just getting my head into her, and her wincing told me it hurt a little. We remained in that position for a few moments while kissing. I then began stroking just the head in and out of her.

When she seemed comfortable again I went in a bit deeper, taking my time to not hurt her. All the while we were kissing and I ran my hands all over her back and thighs. It took a few minutes for her to loosen up and allow me all the way in, but the wait was sure worth it. She was incredibly tight. So tight, that I thought she might prevent my ejaculation. The thought of that brought me to a new height of excitement. I could probably fuck her all morning and never cum!

...And I know I would've cum too soon. Her hands were on the back of the couch with her big perky breasts swinging in my face.

I instructed her to bounce up and down on me to increase the pleasure, and boy was she a good learner. She got about five good minutes out of me before I succumbed to the cum shot. I still don't know how I managed that, as tight as she was.

Still inside of her, Vicky rested her full body weight down on me. We gave each other soft loving kisses for a long while. She felt good. I could smell her crotch. I didn't want us to separate.

Looking into my eyes, she spoke up, "I hope you don't think I'm stupid or gullible or anything."

"Why?" I asked, "Because of what just happened?"

"Well I have a confession. We girls have a few bets going on. One of them was to see who lost their virginity first." She giggled a bit and smiled. "...And I guess I just won that one."

I was stunned. Here I thought I was taking advantage of her, when she was really doing it to me!

She kissed me again and went on, "Another bet was to see who gets pregnant first. Your daughter told me about the vasectomy, and there's 99.999% chance that you are unable to get a woman pregnant. I'm figuring I won't get pregnant, but I won't be disappointed if I do. We would make a good looking baby."

Holy shit this girl is goal driven!

We got up, cleaned ourselves off, and got dressed.

"I'm gonna call my mom now to pick me up. Remember, not a word about the wine and not a word about this..."

She raised a finger up to her lips, smiled, and walked upstairs to gather her belongings...

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