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Soccer Mom Maria


Maria loved watching her two daughters play high school soccer. They took after her and many complemented her by saying she could pass as their sister. Maria was five feet one inch tall with long raven hair that rolled down to the middle of her bottom. She weighed 105 pounds on a wet day. Her golden skin gave Maria a natural tan year round. Even though Maria had a slender body, she was very voluptuous. Her firm 28c looked huge on her tiny frame and her Latina bubble booty could be seen a mile away. Moreover, Maria liked to show off her body. She would wear tiny miniskirts or short shorts with little halter tops or tank tops. Of course as school functions, Maria had a hard time finding some that were "appropriate." Today, Maria had on a black little mini skirt with a white tube top and wore sandals. She always dressed down when she would see Lupita and Rosita play for their school. After the match, the Coach informed Maria that the team was having a car wash fundraiser this coming Saturday and he would like the parents to help out. Maria volunteered.

Saturday came too fast. That morning they over slept and made it to the car wash a little late. When they arrived, Maria noticed that she was the only female parent to show up. The other three parents were men and they all sat together reading the newspaper and drinking their coffee. She went over with the coach and helped him watch the girls try to drum up business. The morning was very slow and the girls were bored. One playful splash led to another which ended in an all out water war. Within minutes every volunteer was soaking wet. Both the Coach and Maria were laughing and started to make their way toward the towels to dry up. Maria saw the Coaches eyes were transfixed on her chest. When she looked down she saw that her white t shirt had become see-through to the point where it looked like she nothing on. Her firm long dark nipples gave Coach and instant hard on. Besides the shirt both Maria's shorts and thong were transparent. Coach could see that Maria was shaved bald. Her tiny smooth little pussy looked so sweet. The men could see Maria's ass through her see through shorts. Her tiny little thong could barely been seen as it accentuated Maria's round full ass.

Every cock was hard looking at her which made Maria blush with excitement. Maria loved attention and she was torn between covering up and putting on a show. She grabbed her towel and innocently made her way back to the men drying only her face and hair. With her hands wrapping the towel round her head, she gave everybody a perfect view of her tiny yet voluptuous body.

Smiling, Maria said, "Take a picture, it will last longer."

Then she giggled like a giddy school girl. One of the fathers took out his cell phone and snapped a picture. Everybody was surprised even Maria.

"Take one like this," Maria instructed as she put her hands on her knees bend over blowing the man a kiss. Soon everyone had their cell phones out photographing this sexy soccer mom. Maria posed in every sexy position her imagination could contrive that morning. She bent over showing off her luscious ass, she spread her legs and arched her back revealing her perfect tits and bald pussy, and Maria got in several positions she liked to be fucked in. The photography session ended with Maria on her knees in front of the Coach like she was about to start sucking his cock. Maria would have if not for the interruption from the girls. They were calling for help because a gang of bikers had just driven up to get the bikes cleaned. The girls harassed the parents until they agreed.

"Go on boys," Maria told them.

"It's your turn to work," she smiled.

The men went to help the girls with car wash while Maria looked on. There looked to be tension between the bikers and the fathers. Maria could tell that the bikers were looking at the girls with the same intentions the men had been looking at her earlier. Again the girls were soaking wet from playing and washing cars and even though their clothes weren't as transparent as Maria's they bikers could still make out the details they were happy to watch. Most of the attention was placed on Rosita whose natural Ds where apparent through her tiny wet shirt.

"Poor Rosita," Maria thought. Rosita had been held back earlier in school and now 18 she was going to school with her younger sister. Both were seniors and both loved soccer. Rosita took after her mom. She loved the attention and played up to the bikers. After they were finished, Rosita along with her Coach collected the money from the bikers. Giving her a big tip, they rode off. Relief that nothing happened, everyone decided it was time to go home.

On Monday, the Coach called Maria and told her that Friday he was having a meeting for the parents of the team and he wanted her to come over. She agreed. After her girls came home, Maria told them of the meeting. Friday was finally upon them and Maria got ready for the meeting. Putting on a tiny pair of short shorts and her "World Greatest Soccer Mom" T-Shirt, Maria drove to the parent meeting. When she entered the house she recognized the men from the car wash plus a few more of the dads. They were enjoying snacks and drinks watching old soccer matches as Maria walked in. All cheered in unison when they saw her. This made Maria blush. Coach made his way over with a Margarita and escorted her to a seat that had been saved for her. With the all the merry making that was going on Maria forgot about the meeting. When the music came on, Maria was cheered onto the dance floor. Every man took turns dancing with her before they sat down and started to chant "take it off, take it off." Already feeling the effects of the alcohol, Maria's inhibitions were down.

The screen caught her eye. She turned to see a slide show of the pictures the men had taken at the car wash being played. Between the booze, the chanting, and the slide show Maria became daring. She was always a great dancer and she started to put on a show. Her body moved to the music with very erotic and sultry movements. Again she took turns with every man, giving them unique and individual attention before she took off her short shorts. Maria had on a pair of red sheer thong panties. After another sexy dance off came Maria's little halter top. The men knew already that she would not be wearing a bra as her magnificent tits came into view. All that was left was her thong and high heels. Maria started her dancing again, this time she was going to give lap dances to the men. She straddled the man closed to her in reverse cow girl. Grinding her ass on his cock she made sure she could feel all his hardness. Looking back over her shoulder she knew he was enjoying every moment. When Maria turned to face everyone else, a big thick hard cock met her gaze. It was inches from her face. She could smell the musk coming off the long shaft and see some precum already oozing free. Before Maria could decide what to do, the cock was shoved down her throat. Wild cheers went up from the on lookers. It had been a long time since Maria had dick and here she was amongst her daughters' friends' fathers and their coach with a cock in her mouth. The man held her head and he pushed his cock further into Maria's mouth down her throat. Maria scanned the group; everybody had lust in their eyes and wanted their turn with Maria. This made her extremely hot. She slowly started to suck the shaft on her own. She began to grind on the man who was sitting on the couch. Maria left her panties being pulled down and her body being raised. The stranger guided her into his cock, sliding Maria down the man's shaft. One man was fucking her mouth and the other her tiny little pussy as the rest looked on and cheered.

Maria fucked and sucked like a wanting whore. She could not resist both cocks. Her hands looked for two more and found them waiting. One cock was gagging Maria, one was fucking her pussy like a jack hammer, and two were in her tiny hands being jerked off. Hands were groping her tiny body. The men were feeling her perfect 28c and pulling on her hard long dark brown nipples. She moaned, sucked, fucked, and jerked off these men. Several hands now pushed her head on the cock she was sucking making her gag. She was licking and sucking the men in front of her. Taking turns on each of the three men's cock. Her head bobbed up n down as she rode the fat cock in her tiny pussy. Men she couldn't see pinched and pulled on her nipples. Maria's lustful fever was mounting and she wanted more. Faster, harder, longer her mouth sucked. She felt cocks begin rubbed all over her face and her full pouty lips. Every now and again one man would start to tity fuck her and she loved that fat cock between her firm full tits.

"Yes fuck me harder. Gag me. Oh yes shove it in me," Maria moaned. "Oh yes papi. I love that. Harder, please make me swallow your cock," she continued. Maria was a loud fuck and her voice could be heard over everyone else's voice. "Shove your fat cock in my little pussy. That's it. Si mas, fuck me like a whore," she told everyone.

"Yea you little slut, we're gonna fuck you deep and hard. You love cock don't you Mexican whore. You love this old hard white meat in you don't you? Suck our cocks you dirty girl. That's it you cum slut, take it all," they taunted Maria. This made her hotter. She loved being called dirty names when she was fucking. The nastier they got the harder she worked.

"Oh fuck I'm gonna cum. Oh fuck. Oh fuck." said one of the men she was sucking.

"Ay papi. Yes, cum on my face and tits. Get me all messy papi. Make me swallow your cum," She told him.

Seconds later Maria was gobbling some warm sticky man cream. She swallowed like a pro. The man pulled out of her man and shot his last load all over Maria's pretty angelic face. That sent the man who was fucking her over the edge and he started to shoot his load in her pussy. Both men were pulled off her as she was position on top of another one who was lying on the floor. The group lowered Maria on his cock. Another man shoved his cock in her mouth while two other men guided her hand to their cocks. Before she could get her rhythm going, Maria felt another cock being pushed into her ass. "Fuck she has a tight ass," said the man who was having trouble pushing her cock up her butt. Maria had never had another one penetrate her anus and the man was having problems getting his fat cock past her virgin hole. Maria tried to protest, but with four cocks in her, it looked like she wanted it badly. The man's strong hands pulled Maria's ass apart and with a strong hard push he shoved his cock into Maria's tiny hole. Maria was the only person in this orgy who was still. The men fucked her mouth, pussy, ass and hands none stop. Hands were exploring, groping and abusing her soft firm body. Her face, tits and ass were dick slapped at every possible time. Maria had precum and cum smeared through her body. She was hot sticky and sweaty but she did not stop. Every man that got close to her was pleasured as good as the first one she made cum. None of them had ever felt a tongue as good as Maria's long Mexican tongue. She could wrap it around any man's cock and she proved it throughout the night.

She was their fuck toy and they did not let up for one second. Every time one man unloaded his cum in or on Maria another took his place. They were greedy horny old white men who wanted to fuck this tiny Latina. They used her like a two dollar whore. Each man used her two or three times throughout the night, fucking her with nothing but lust in their eyes.

The next morning Maria woke up naked between two men. She was sore and tired. How was she going to explain this to her daughters? "Sorry girls for not calling, I was too busy getting fucked by all your friends' dads." Or how about, "Sorry, I didn't call because I had a cock in my mouth all night." As Maria looked for her clothes amongst the men, she heard noise coming from the living room. Maria walked in on Coach and two of the dads watching television. The three stared at Maria who was in her thong and shirt. When Maria's eyes went to the screen she saw that they were watching last night's orgy. Somewhere there was a camera that Maria never saw. They recorded everything. Maria was shocked. But instead of getting mad, it made Maria tingle. That was so nasty was she did and now other people can know. The possibilities excited her like no other.

"Good Morning," they all said and smiled.

"Did you have a good time?" asked Coach with a wicked smile.

"Couldn't you tell?" replied Maria. "So Coach, when do I get my copy?" she asked.

"At the next meeting," he replied.

"Fuck Maria. If we knew you were this wild we could have been doing this a long time ago," said one of men. Maria smiled. She was thinking the same thing.

"SSSSSShhhh," she relied. "I have a reputation to uphold," Maria giggled.

They all laughed. "You sure do," stated Coach. "You're the greatest soccer mom ever."

"AAAwww thanks Coach," replied Maria who had finally found all her clothes. "Well I have to go. My girls are going to be worried. Just call me for the next meeting. Ok?" said Maria as she walked out.

Maria could still taste cum in her mouth. She could feel every hand, every mouth, and every cock that was on her and in her last night. "It's going to be hard waiting for the next meeting," she thought. But it was good to be the "Greatest Soccer Mom ever." Maria smiled as she drove home.

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