tagIncest/TabooSodomizing My Sister

Sodomizing My Sister

byJames Bulger©

Readers Note: This is the 3rd in a series of tales about my sexual relationship with my sister. You may want to read the first 2 installments before starting this one.

It was my turn.

On the last Thursday before Labor Day 1980 our parents went out to dinner with friends. Donna, my sister who I had fucked twice while she was "sleeping" was in the kitchen making a sandwich when I entered the room.

"I'm going to take a nap" I said.

"I'm very, very, very tired."

Donna looked at me, mouth agape, knowing full well what I was telling her.

The most simple translation of what I had just told her would be "Donna, I'm going to lay on the couch and pretend to be asleep. Could you please come in the living room and give me a blow job?"

She said "OK, I'll try not to wake you. If you're really tired why don't you go to you bedroom?"

"Good idea." I replied, pulling off my t-shirt, starring at her body in an unbrotherly manner.

I climbed the stairs and got naked swiftly, laying on my bed with the door open and lights on.

I put my hands behind my head and waited for my sister to come to me.

I could hear her downstairs in the kitchen, putting icecubes into a glass and pouring herself a soda. I could hear the sound of the ice cubes rattling as she walked about, putting dirty dishes and silverware into the sink. Soon, the noise of her shoes on the hallway leading to the staircase could be heard, with the soft padding of her walking up the carpeted stairway following.

She stopped at the top of the stairs, where my bedroom doorway was.

The house was so silent I could hear her breathing get heavier as she gazed down upon my nude body, my cock in a semi-hard state.

This lasted for longer than I had anticipated and I was beginning to wonder what she was doing. But I maintained the mutually agreed upon fiction of feigning "sleep".

Then the sound of her stepping out of her shoes - clogs, they were very fashionable back in 1980. Then the zipper of her blue jeans, the unsnapping of her bra, the sound of clothing being heaped in a pile.

Donna was probably naked at this point, but I didn't open my eyes to look.

She moved to the edge of my bed and reached down to gently caress my cum-filled ball sack with one hand. Then she grabbed my cock and began to slowly pull on it, making it grow in length and hardness as she was doing so.

I opened my right eye just a crack to see my now-naked sister starring down at my hard cock. She opened her mouth and lowered her face to my shaft, beginning the act of sucking deeply the flesh of her older brother's stiff erection.

She kept one hand around the base of my cock, squeezing hard. With the other, she reached up and began playing with one of her nipples, roughly.

As she sucked, she began moving her head in an up-and-down motion, effectively fucking my cock with her face.

At this point I let out an audible moan, which cause her to pause for a moment, before continuing in performing a beautiful blow job.

Donna climbed up onto my bed, straddling my body with her own. She positioned herself so that her wonderful round ass was directly in front of my face, while she continued the act of fellatio.

I reached up and rubbed my hands all across my sister's hot asscheeks, which caused her to squirm a bit.

As she wiggled her behind, I began to kiss her ass and then suck on her flesh. I used my hands to explore for her pussy and clit, and quickly found them eagerly awaiting my touch. With index finger and thumb I began mauling her clit and penetrating her pussy, while she increased the tempo of her oral massage upon my cock.

My other hand began to play with her asshole, which had the effect of forcing my sister to pull her head off of my cock and gasp for air.

"Oh god yes!" she wailed, stroking my hardon with her hand as she panted and moaned.

I continued to use my hands to pleasure my sister and could tell that it would be she, and not I, whom would cum first.

Her pussy was so wet that her juices flowed on my fingers, to my knuckles, and then down onto my hands.

My sister let out a long, deep moan followed by "Yes, yes, yes!" when I increased the number of fingers fucking her pussy to two and inserting a thumb from my other hand into her asshole.

It was not long after this, a half a minute perhaps, when my sister orgasmed violently, shaking uncontrollably, lowering her crotch onto my hand, squeezing her legs together, crying out "Oh-my-god-I'm-cumming!"

Then her body collapsed on top of my own, moving up and down like she'd just run a 100 yard dash, her lungs seeking oxygen.

I managed to pull my self out from beneath her and got off of the bed.

Without saying a word I retreated to the bathroom and returned with a tube of KY jelly. I unscrewed the top and dipped a couple of fingers inside. I spread my sister's asscheeks and began fingering her asshole with the KY.

Donna figured out what I was doing fairly quickly and raised herself up onto all fours, spreading her legs apart widely in a lewd manner. She reached under herself and began playing with her pussy again as I continued to ready her asshole. Some more KY was liberally applied to my own steel-hard erection, in preparation for sodomizing my sister.

My cock could wait no longer for its satisfaction, so I got back onto my bed and positioned myself behind my sister. I grabbed my cock and placed its engorged head at the entrance to my sister's now well-greased asshole.

Even with all the lubrication, entry into my sister's anus was difficult. But I continued in my efforts, as my sister provided assistance by pushing back her ass to welcome my cock meat inside her.

Once the head of my cock was inside Donna's asshole, things seemed easier. I was enthralled at the sensation of extreme tightness on my cock that my sister's asshole provided. Deeper and deeper, bit by bit, my prick penetrated inside her bottom. My balls were positively on fire at this point. My cock felt as large as a telephone pole!

This was simply too good to be true.

I heard the sound of an animal grunting and then realized that it was myself.

I muttered things like "fucking your ass" as my strokes continued, now faster and deeper than before.

Donna thrashed about underneath my assault, crying in a combination of pain and pleasure, saying "Harder!" and "So good!"

It was not long before my tortured cock sought relief and I could feel a flood of hot cum erupting from my balls and racing to exit.

I pulled my cock from my sister's asshole and unleashed a savage amount of hot cum upon her asscheeks and lower back. It splashed against her skin and collected in pearly white pools. I moaned unintelligible noises as the jets of thick, white cum shot out of the tip of my reddish-purplish cock head like lightning bolts.

With my hands, I spread the cum across my sister's ass, her back, the back of her legs. It was truly an astonishing volume of semen that I had emitted onto her body, and I wished she could have seen it.

My fingers were soaked with a combination of my sister's pussy juices, KY jelly and my own spunk as I fell onto my back, too exhausted to go clean up right away.

My sister rolled over and lay beside me, falling to sleep with her head on my chest and her right hand cupping my balls, purring contently in the afterglow of our forbidden incestuous acts.

I, too, fell asleep, waking perhaps an hour later to find Donna gone from my bed. I showered, dressed and went downstairs to find Donna watching TV, herself looking all cleaned up and wearing fresh clothes.

"Hi Brian." she said nonchalantly, not lifting her eyes from the TV. "Mom and Dad just called. They just left the restaurant and will be home in a few minutes."

"How was your nap?" she grinned.

"Donna, it was the best." I replied with a devilish smile.

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