9:12 am

Kristen pulled into the dealership mentally planning her day. Things had been so busy lately that she just hadn't had the time to drop the car off but she couldn't put it off any longer. She planned to leave her car for service, be driven home by the dealership courtesy service, and then use her husband's old car to run errands before the kids got out of school.

She parked in the Service Entrance and collected all of her things before walking to the service desk. Kristen chastised herself for bringing so much with her when she just had to go home again anyway.

The gentleman at the desk looked up at her arrival and said, "Hello, what can I do for you?"

"I have an appointment to bring my Acadia in to have the transmission looked at," she responded politely as she put her book into her bag and reached for her keys that she threw in her purse out of habit not 30 seconds before. "It won't shift properly when I need power to pass so I can't trust it."

The man said, "All-righty Ma'am, let me take the keys to go get some information from the vehicle and I'll be right back." He took the offered keys and disappeared back out the service door.

Kristen stood waiting, still mentally organizing her day and consolidating all the loose crap she grabbed from the car into her bag.

10:27 am

Brandon shut the door to his boss's office as he left their meeting and shook his head. Dang, I wish that guy would just let us do our jobs and stop micromanaging us at every turn. We'd get so much more done. He passed his co-worker's office on the way back to his own.

Adam poked his head out, "What did he want this time?"

Brandon smiled and turned back toward Adam's office. "Same old, same old. Just wrapping the Red Tape a little tighter, adding a couple more levels of bureaucracy, and ensuring that our projects take twice as long as they need to." This kind of management had been going on for so long that all the guys in the department laughed it off. Laugh or cry, right? "Want to catch lunch together later?"

"Wish I could, Man. I've got back to back meetings all day beginning in about 15 minutes," said Adam.

"Tomorrow then. Good luck today." And with a nod he left his friend leaning in the doorway and headed for his desk.

Brandon pulled a granola bar from his desk drawer and decided to work through lunch. It would be good to get some of this stuff caught up. He pulled up to his computer, shook the mouse to wake it up and saw the alert just a moment before the automated system rang his cell phone and his desk phone simultaneously. "Shit," he muttered. So much for catching up he thought and began logging in to find the problem.

10:52 am

Kristen checked her phone again for the time. She had read all her email, nothing important. She'd written out a list of Things to Do for today. She'd filed her nails, read two chapters in a book she doesn't like, and called her Mom. She reorganized her purse, again, and was ultimately glad that she'd brought all that stuff now. But she still had finally run out of things to do and had resorted to reading the new car brochures sitting on the table.

"Ma'am? Jim should be here in just a few more minutes. He's returning from taking another customer home," the guy at the service desk said. "Sorry for the wait," he added, probably because she was beginning to look impatient.

Kristen sighed, "Thanks," and, knowing it wasn't this guys fault the driver was taking so freaking long, gave him a small smile.

1:35 pm

Kristen brought in the last of the groceries and set them on the counter. "Okay," she said to the cat, "I can get these put away and get the meat marinating for dinner before I get the kids. Right?"

2:15 pm

Brandon sat back in his chair with a sigh. He's managed to get everything back up and running again with minimal impact to the customers but he'd spent the better part of his day doing it. He looked at his watch. He thought, No time to work on the project with the looming deadline but just enough time to prep for my presentation to the Directors at three.

6:09 pm

Kristen had gotten the salad made and potatoes in the oven. The meat was marinating in the fridge waiting for Brandon to come home. She sat at the table helping her son with his homework while listening to her daughter practice piano. She loved moments like these. She wouldn't trade them for anything. But she was tired. Her day had not gone as smoothly as she had hoped. She put her elbow on the table and rested her head in her palm while her son worked out the last few problems of his long division homework.

When Brandon walked in she startled. She hadn't heard his car pull in. He saw he had surprised her. "Sorry! Garage door was open. I guess you didn't hear me," he smiled warmly at her while he emptied his pockets into the tray on the counter.

"Hi Dad!" their daughter shouted and ran in from the other room plowing in to Brandon and wrapping her arms around his waist.

"Hey! How was your day? Was that you on the piano? That sounded good! Would you play some more for me?" With that, she ran off to finish her practice with a smile on her face. He greeted his son also but he was less enthusiastic than his sister.

"What's wrong, Buddy?" he asked, coming around to see what homework was spread on the table tonight.

"Math. It's hard. Long division and our teacher gave us so many problems!" he complained.

Brandon took a look at what was left to do and said, "Aw, but look how much you've done! You only have two more. Why don't you finish them up while I get the meat on the grill?"

Finally Brandon turned to his wife. They both looked at each other thinking the same thing. You've had a rough day, I see. He held up a finger to hold off any comments Kristen was about to make and he turned to get the tri tip from the refrigerator. When he returned again from the grill in the back yard he took her hand and without speaking lead her to the back of the house where their bedroom was. The kids, having finished their assignments, had moved to the couch and started a movie. Good kids, thought Brandon.

Kristen went with him willingly although not entirely sure she had the energy to do anything but nap. She followed him through their bedroom door and to their bed.

"Hey," he said softly to her. Brandon wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close. Kristen hugged him back with her hands behind his neck. She turned her face to his neck and breathed in deeply through her nose, taking in his scent. It was such a comfort to her. When he was gone on business she would sleep on his side of the bed so she could smell him on the pillows. It helped her to sleep when he was away.

He squeezed tighter and lifted her enough to set her on the bed. Kristen sat back, pulled her legs up and laid back. Brandon sidled in next to her and pulled her close so that she lay on his chest with one leg draped over his thighs. Gently he rubbed her back. She listened to his heartbeat and his breathing in his chest.

When Brandon spoke, she heard him loud and muffled through his chest even though he spoke quietly. "How did your day go?" he asked.

She sighed before she answered, betraying her fatigue, "Oh, it was fine. Just long. My car will be in the shop for a week but the work is covered under the warranty. So that's good." As they talked about their day she began to draw little circles on his chest, occasionally dragging her thumb across his nipple. It hardened at her touch.

He moaned softly and kissed the top of her head. Kristen turned her face to him then and he lowered again to kiss her lips. She was so warm and soft. He kissed her again.

This time she moaned softly and she grabbed his bottom lip between her teeth. She ran her tongue across it before releasing it. Pushing herself up onto her elbow she kissed him again, harder, her tongue parting his lips and grazing the satin soft of the inside of his lips. And again, her mouth harder on his now, her tongue pushing, searching for his.

She rolled toward him and began to trail those kisses, warm now with arousal, down his neck and his collarbone.

She sat up on her knees tugging at the hem of his shirt to pull it up over his head. Brandon more than happily assisted and she continued to lick and kiss and nip her way down his chest. She detoured left to catch his nipple in her teeth. Then, hearing his sharp intake of breath, she flattened her tongue and licked to sooth it.

Brandon's breathing became shallower as Kristen kissed her way down his belly, licking his belly button as she unfastened his pants. He rocked side to side to help her work the pants off his hips and watched, lips parted, as she continued her decent.

She stopped at his erection, the heat of her breath warming his shaft while she studied him a moment. He flexed and his cock pushed up to her lips. It was hard and thick but the skin velvet soft against her lips. She closed her eyes and slowly grazed her mouth and nose along his length. At the tip a drip of clear fluid formed and she gently licked it off.

She ran her right hand down his ribs and stomach to his cock where she wrapped her fingers snug around the base and, looking up at him, she closed her lips around the head and slowly pulled her mouth off again. She did it again; looked into his face and closed her warm wet mouth over his dick. Kristen flattened her tongue against the underside of the head and licked in small circles. Just at the tip. She watched, gauging Brandon's reaction.

Satisfied at seeing the tension of the day melt away due to her efforts she looked away and turned her attention to the task at hand, so to speak. Kristen opened her mouth and took him whole; all the way to the base, and closed her lips over him before pulling slowly back to the tip.

A low groan escaped Brandon's throat and he pushed his hips up to her. Kristen found those sounds he made empowering and arousing. She felt heat bloom low in her belly, a feeling that left her wet and wanting. She dropped down on him again. This time faster and when she closed her lips on his shaft this time she added a little suction, holding him snug in her mouth as she pulled up his length.

She felt him firm up, getting slightly larger and harder as she sucked and teased him with her tongue and mouth. She kept at him with short quick strokes and added long, hard, slow strokes intermittently. Kristen's right hand cupped his balls and she could feel them as they pulled up close to his body. She stroked her finger along the soft skin behind his scrotum and when she did Brandon's hands flew to her head. His fingers wound into her hair holding her firmly to him as she continued her relentless sucking.

Kristen sensed her husband was close to climax and gently squeezed his balls as she moved on him a bit faster. Brandon, however, had other plans and pulled his dick from her mouth and sat up to draw her to him.

His kisses were urgent and hot. His tongue invaded and subdued her mouth. Brandon pulled his wife across his lap and entered her. She was so wet and ready for him he pushed into her easily and held himself a moment deep inside her. Her body pulsed once at the unexpected invasion and then relaxed around him. She felt tight and hot surrounding him, her muscles almost drawing him in.

They looked at each other. Her face was slightly higher than his as she straddled him and she sat, mouth open with him buried inside her.

Then he started to move. In small movements he began to push and pull and the heat that had bloomed in her belly became a fire. Kristen pushed her hips against him and tried to find better purchase to grind against him, to push him deeper still.

And then she was moving. Driven by the building of her own climax she slammed herself onto him, pushing him to the end of her. She tilted her hips and pulled up feeling his cock drag at her inner walls. Then down again, hard, over, and over.

Brandon reached behind his wife and spread her cheeks to get just a little deeper and when he did he felt her shudder. Her body gave in to her orgasm and as her body clenched around him he came hard. His fingers griped her shoulder blades and pulled her tight to him as he exploded into her. His mouth found hers. Both spent.

7:14 pm

The four of them ate together at the table as they usually did and shared about their day and what they were going to be doing the next day. Kristen loved this part of the day. All the To Do's were done, or could wait until tomorrow at least, and they got to talk and laugh and enjoy a good meal together.

Kristen ate with her hand resting in Brandon's listening to their son talk about running a race at school and thought, Blessed. Truly.

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