Solo Shower


I went upstairs like I always do and shucked my clothes off on the way into my bedroom...starting with my socks since I hate anything on my feet, y'know... skimming out of my sleep and work rumpled t-shirt and bra and wriggling out of my sweats and thong. Padding into the bathroom, I turned on the shower, letting it steam while I buzzed down my pubic hair to a short stubble and nearly skin on the sides, since I'm gonna shave while I'm in there. After what seems like eternity, the bathroom gets so steamy I can't see, I step into the shower and begin my ministrations.

Letting the hot water stream over me, I feel my muscles start to relax as the thoughts from our conversations whirl through my head, keeping lower more intimate parts of me keyed up. Shaking my head to partially clear my foggy thoughts, I start lathering up with kiwi scented wash, letting the sudsy water flow down my body as my hands rub more scented soap into my skin and finally lathering my hair. I grab my razor and suds up my legs, shaving rather quickly but making sure both legs are silky smooth before going onward and upward. This time, I grab the shaving cream from the counter and suds up my mound shaving in a landing strip and making sure I have smooth skin from back to front. I do this to please you -- and myself -- but I like knowing I'm smooth, ready, and soft for you.

Finishing up my washings, I run my hands over my body feeling the muscles that have started firming up from my daily workouts, my abs starting to flex as I run my hands from hips to breasts, picturing your face in my mind's eye, feeling my nipples perk against my palms as I cup my breasts, lifting them to you in silent offering then rinsing them off as I caress each still-firm mound. Pinching each nipple softly, harder, then harder still, I groan as I feel a jolt from each nipple straight to my clit. Nipple play has always made me horny -- whether it's by myself or with someone else. I finish rinsing off and letting my fingers trail over my pussy lips as I feel a very unexpected tingle from the cream. Grabbing the bottle I read "menthol" on the that explains that tingling feeling that is creeping down through me. What the hell, I thought as the sensations start to overwhelm me.

My fingers lightly playing over my pussy lips I rake my nails lightly over my clit as I groan and add another glob of cream to keep that tingle going. My hips start to rock as I press harder on my clit with two fingers of one had while the other hand dips into my cunt feeling my own wetness through the wetness of the shower. Fingers sliding in and out of my cunt, I run my thumb nail over my clit as I groan feeling my cunt filled with my fingers dripping wet for me...for you.

Fingers still moving, I press the heel of my hand against my clit and rock into my hand...fucking myself imagining you watching me...noticing that the silkiness of my juices feels interestingly sticky when mixed with the water from the shower. Remembering my promise to you, I slip my other hand around to starting to play with my arse teasing the bud and pressing in as I shiver and slide down the wall to a squatting position for better access. I relax as my finger keeps pressing into my arse while I rock my clit against my hand, trying to hold my orgasm off until I fulfill my promise. I finally feel my muscles relax and the first two knuckles of my finger pass the tight muscle of my arse. I shudder at the light zap of pain but it's over powered by pleasure as my finger slides in and out and body reacts to the sensations.

I find myself gasping for breath as I try to not slide down the wall to the floor, shifting to my knees I spread them wide as I keep both hands moving as I work myself toward release. I moan as my fingers move faster and faster, slipping the hand out of my cunt to concentrate directly onto my clit, rolling it between my fingers as I shudder as I slip another finger into my arse. I'm teetering on the edge, my breath is coming in gasps and my eyes are unfocused as this time I pinch my clit while shoving my fingers deep into my arse, imagining it's your that thought, my hips popping wildly I start cumming harder than I ever have before while I bite my lip till it bleeds to keep from screaming my release...

After I come back to reality I slide my fingers from my arse and pussy, and try to stand up on shaky legs while I give myself another hasty let the hot water run out. Oh well, it was very much worth it, I just have to remember to write it down to give to you...stepping out, I dry off and keep smiling.

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