tagIncest/TabooSomebody That I Used to Know Ch. 04

Somebody That I Used to Know Ch. 04


NOTE - A couple of pointers from comments left on the last chapter.

1: I didn't realise that Las Vegas was landlocked, I didn't do my homework and for that I am sorry, I'm not changing the story but I will accept my mistake.

2: I also never realised that the name of Adam's mum for chapters 1 and 3 was different for chapter 2, again this is my fault. For future reference, her name is Claire.

3: I know that chapter 3 didn't have any incest in it, I said that at the start, but this is still an incest story and the relationship between the cousins is the main driving force for the plot.

4: This is not a copy of someone else's story, I may borrow certain aspects from other stories but all my work is my own and I never copy

That being said, thank you for all the positive feedback, some comments even pointed out aspects of the characters I didn't even think about. As I said at the start of Ch. 3 I wanted to make that one longer but I didn't have time, the ending to this chapter was original for the last one so think of this as the second half. After this, Ch. 5 will be the last in this series.

Story first, sex second.



The colour literally drained from Ray's face, he looked into Lexi's eyes and that's when it hit him, Alex covered her mouth in shock. The words her mother said yelled in her ears.

"Who is my father?"

"An old work friend, Ray Henderson, he was promoted years ago and now works in Berlin, he doesn't know about you."

"Look at her eyes, mine are brown, so are yours, hers are green. She takes after her father."

And she did, looking into Ray's eyes she saw the same dark green eyes that she had. There was no denying it.

This man was her father.

Adam needed to keep things calm so he took Ray and Alex into an empty room and sat them down.

"What the hell is going on?" He asked both of them, looking for one of them to give them an answer.

Alexandra was in tears at the shock of it all, she couldn't say anything. Ray answered Adam in a soft voice.

"I think, I think your cousin is my daughter."

"What? That's impossible."

"I don't think so, I do come from Britain Adam."

"And, that's no proof."

"What about the name, Jane Buchannan? I had a one night stand with a woman called Jane Buchannan from my work, years ago."

"And she had one with a man from her work called Ray Henderson."

Lexi's voice was so quiet and timid it almost went unnoticed by the two men. She was still crying but she forced herself to look up at Ray.

"But I know he's my father because of his eyes. I have my father's eyes Adam you remember, you were there."

Adam did remember, Jane's words were in his ears as well. He looked at the two of them, he could see it, Lexi's dark green eyes, magnified by her tears, were a near perfect match for Ray's kind green ones.

Ray took a deep breath, he took Alexandra's hands in his and look into her eyes, into her soul.

"Your mother's name was Jane Buchannan, yes?"

She nodded.

"She had a sister called Claire."

She nodded again. "Adam's mum."

"I should've recognized the name, fuck. Jane was married to a man called Craig right?"

Alexandra nodded a third time.

"And Craig use to beat her."

She nodded one final time. Ray let go of Lexi's hands and sat back in his chair.

"Fuck. Anyone mind if I smoke?"

Lighting up a cigarette, Ray told his story, Alexandra listened with held breath and soaked eyes while Adam stood in the corner, listening almost as intensely as her.

"I knew your mother from work, I knew about Craig and what he was doing to her but I stayed quiet, not wanting to get involved because I liked your mother and I didn't want to offend her. Anyway one night we were working late, just the two of us and by the time we'd finished up it was after one in the morning. Jane didn't want to go home because she knew it would be locked since Craig was out drinking and would be drunk when he got home. I offered her back to my house for the day, we sat, talked, drunk some wine and before we knew it we were tearing our clothes off. It was a one-time thing and we never spoke of it, the only other person that knew about it was my sister, she was a friend of Jane's so we had to ask her to take her back home, have Jane says she spent the night at hers so Craig wouldn't kill her. I assume he bought it because she came in the next day with only a small black eye. A couple weeks later I was transferred to Berlin before your mother could tell me she was pregnant and I never saw her again."

Alex said nothing, she was still crying, mostly from the shock. It was Adam that spoke.

"Are you sure that you two are related I mean you don't know for certain."

"No, I'm sure. The timing is spot on for me working with Jane, there's too many variables to be a coincidence, we have the exact same eyes. And call it fatherly intuition or whatever but I just know that this is my daughter."

As soon as the words had left Ray's mouth Alex got up and ran away, Adam went to go after her but let her leave, considering it was for the best. He returned to his wife, catching Alex crying into his mother's shoulder. The look on his face was evident to everyone.

"Hey what's wrong?" Kanani asked.

Adam sat down next to his wife, grabbing a half empty bottle of beer, not his but he didn't care. "We had a family reunion of sorts. Turns out Ray and my cousin Alex. Father and daughter."

Kanani's jaw dropped. "No way, oh God I thought she didn't know her father."

"She didn't, but when she and Ray got to talking she figured it out. It's not definite but they're both convinced they're related."

"My god. How are they taking it?"

"Ray's pretty numb about the whole thing, I don't think he ever expected a kid in his life and Alex, well Alex is pretty upset about it all, she's never had a father figure in her life before."

"I hope they're Ok."

"Me too."

The husband and wife hugged and returned to their guests. A couple hours passed, Adam alternating between the two houses before he found Alex standing alone outside with a cigarette.

"Hey, how you doing?" He asked her with genuine concern.

"I've been better."

"I'm so sorry Lexi I had no idea."

"I didn't either and neither did Ray or your parents. They were almost as surprised as I was."

"Sorry you had to find out this way."

"Don't give me any sympathy. I fuckin hate sympathy, always so fake and condescending."

Alex's voice had venom in it but she couldn't hide the sadness that she really felt.

"You still upset about it?"

Alex dropped her cigarette. "You know I was, I kept thinking there was no-way this man was my father but the more I thought about it the more I realised he was and then it finally came to me. I have a father, for the first time in my life I have a father, a dad and I swear to God I started shaking with excitement. I have a dad Adam, I know I shouldn't be this excited but I am, a dad. Oh my God."

With a surprising smile Alex darted back inside the house, searching everywhere until she found Ray alone, sitting on one of the armchairs. She stood in front of him, very nervous in her actions.

"My name is Alexandra Buchannan, I grew up being molested by my father, I was turned into a bastard at 15, I lost my virginity one drunken night to five guys I never met and never saw again, I've slept with my cousin twice, no three times actually, I was a daughter then I lost my mother and I was almost a mother then I lost my daughter, I've been addicted to heroin, I might be addicted to sex, and I am 29 years old and I've been nothing but a lying, cheating slut for the past 13 years."

The pain in Ray's face was evident, he was convinced Alex was his daughter so to hear her say these things was obviously hurting him.

"Why are you telling me this?"

Alexandra gave a shy, half smile. "Can a dumb slutty girl dance with her father at a wedding?"

The colour that had drained from Ray's face came back and he smiled at her as he stood up. "Only if a dumb slutty guy can dance with his daughter."

The two of them, both with huge smiles on their faces, took to the floor just as Eric Clapton's 'Wonderful Tonight' started playing. They held each other close as they slow-danced, Alex's head resting on Ray's shoulder. Adam saw that Alex had tears in her eyes again but he knew they were tears of joy.

She finally had a father.

Adam saw his own father stand beside him as he watched the dad and daughter dance together.

"It's nice that Alex finally has a father in her life." Kieran spoke after a short silence.

"She had Damian."

"A real father Adam, Damien was only a step-father and he kicked her out after he found out about you and her."

"You kicked her out as well if I remember what Liam told me."

"She's not my daughter."

"But she is your niece."

"Look it wasn't my proudest moment Adam, your mother wouldn't talk to me for days, she agreed with me but still hated the fact that I did it. But I couldn't move past the fact that not only had she slept with you again after all the pain it caused her the first time around but her audacity in thinking we would help her, after what she done to you."

"She didn't do anything to me dad, I started this whole thing, I was the one who approached her."

"That's not what she told us. She told us she was the one who kissed you first."

"But dad I was the one who wanted her, I'd been in love with Lexi for so long that I wanted nothing more than to have her. We didn't work out and we've fallen out of love, why can't you accept that."

"Because as a father and an uncle I have to deal with the knowledge that two people that I love most in the world committed an act against the laws and man and god, not once but three times. Adam she was pregnant with another man's child and you still slept with her."

"Yeah and God saw that she was punished. Look dad I don't regret anything I did with Lexi, I just want you and everyone else to stop making a big deal out of it. We've put it behind us."

"I know son, but I can't put this behind me, I just can't. I'll always love you because you're my son, but what you did with Alex, it's unforgivable."

Kieran left his son before he said anything else. Surprisingly Adam wasn't mad at his father, he knew that it took a lot of courage to say that and he appreciated his father's honesty. Still though, Adam needed to find Kay and dance with her, if only to hold her close.

The reception went on into the early hours of the morning, a lot of people left around about midnight and then for the next hour everyone else just started heading off. At about 1:15 am Alexandra headed down to the beach, she wanted a little quiet time. However when she walked out onto the soft sand she saw Kanani sitting alone on a reclining chair.

"Oh, sorry I'll leave you alone."

"No, stay, I could use the company, besides we've never really talked."

Alexandra sat down on the second chair next to Kanani, she took out another cigarette and lit it up.
"I think there's a good reason for that Kay. I don't think it'll be good for us to compare notes on how Adam is in the sack."

"Well you're a little more open than I thought. But I agree with you it would be a little awkward given our shared history."


A moment of silence passed between the two women. Kanani couldn't think of anything to say, she barely knew Alex but she was a big part of her husband life, she felt like she knew her already.

Alexandra on the other hand knew exactly what to say.

"Adam is pretty good in the sack though isn't he?"

Surprisingly Kanani started laughing, it was just rude enough to break the ice.

"Ha, it's strange I never thought I'd be comparing sex notes on my husband with his cousin. How did I end up here?"

"You married the cousin-fuckin junkie, you're stuck with him now."

"I guess I am, but you're the one that fucked your cousin."

"I did and I don't regret it. I regret people knowing but we had a good time while it lasted."

"Adam told me how you two broke up."

"Broke up? You make it sound like we were together. I guess we were. Don't tell Adam but he was right, I did cheat on him. I tried to ignore the fact that we were in a relationship but I thought about it in rehab, and he was right we were in a relationship."

"You sound regretful."

"Sorry Kay, I try not to regret anything but I need to get some things off my chest, things I can't tell a lot of people. I've gotten a lot of hate from people I love because of who I love."

"I know, Adam told me about you and your mom."

"Christ is there anything that cousinfucker didn't tell you? Yes I was referring to my problems with my mother, there were others but that hurt me the most."

"Seems a little strange, that she would just disown you like that. I mean yes you slept with your cousin but it's a bit extreme to ignore you."

"I committed incest, I don't know how that goes down here but back home it's frowned upon."

"But no-one was hurt, surely she could've forgiven you."

Alexandra sighed. "There's no getting round you is there. Yeah there was something else that tore us apart. You have to promise not to tell Adam. Please."

"I promise." Kanani was a little worried where this story would go.

Alexandra took a drag of her cigarette, she hadn't told this story to anyone but she felt like she'd said it a million times.

"I trust Adam told you about my pregnancy with Evan."

Kanani just nodded.

"Well it wasn't my first baby. Years ago, back when I was still with Adam, I got pregnant with his kid. He was gone and we didn't have mobiles back then so I couldn't tell him. Truth is I didn't want to, I only told my mum and even with her I never told her who the father was. We got an appointment and aborted the baby as soon as we could, I was far too young and stupid to care for a kid. I felt like shit for months afterwards, blamed Adam which is why I cheated on him. That bit me in the ass, when Adam told my mum about us she put two and two together and realised who the father of my first kid was, she was sickened, hated me, didn't want to talk to me again. And the only thing that brought her back to me was the cancer that killed her, she never told anyone about the pregnancy and until you neither did I."

Alexandra dropped her cigarette, it was only half done but she dropped it anyway and put her head in her hands. "I'm almost 29 years old Kay, I've lost two children and only one of them by choice. I want kids, I really do, but I don't think they're in my future. Please, please do not tell Adam any of what I told you. And don't tell dad either."

Kanani was stunned, she wasn't expecting to hear that. She simply nodded and quietly said 'Ok'.

Alexandra didn't look at Kay, she knew that their relationship, small and insignificant as it was, had turned a major corner. She could only pray that Adam never found out.

After what felt like eons of silence Kanani started chuckling.

"You've gotten use to the whole Dad thing pretty quickly haven't you?"

Alexandra smiled, happy in the knowledge that a friendship between the two of them was still possible. "Yeah, I guess I have. I don't know much about my dad but at least I have one and he seems to be good friends with Adam so I think I'll like him."

"I think you will, Ray's a good guy, he's almost like an uncle to me. I don't know how well he'll react to this Ray's never been one to hold on to a relationship for long. Don't get me wrong he'll love you but he's never been a father before so don't get mad at him if he says or does the wrong thing."

"I won't, thanks for the advice."

"No problem, you're Ray's kid so we're practically family."

"You both are family now." A voice behind them startled the two of them. They turned round to see Adam smiling at them.

"How long have you been there?" Alexandra asked, a little worry in her voice that only Kanani caught.

"I just got here. Wondered where you two got to. Been getting along?"

"Just comparing notes on how you are in bed."

To everyone's surprise it was Kanani that said that instead of Alexandra. It raised a laugh out of everyone.

The three of them headed back the hill to the house, a few people were past out on sofas and floors, most of the people had left. Kieran and Claire were waiting by their car for Alexandra so they could go to their hotel.

"Right Adam I better go before your parents start shouting at me. It's been nice seeing you again, I'm happy you found someone."

Before Adam could respond Lexi hugged him tightly. "I've missed you." She whispered in his ear.

They stayed in a hug for just a little too long before Alexandra reluctantly let go and left, stopping only to hug her father goodbye, before leaving with Adam's parents.

Ray joined the married couple. "She's a good girl Adam, for all the shit we went through when you first got here I'm glad I was able to meet my daughter."

"I'm glad you two are getting along, I swear I never knew."

"It's Ok Adam, it's a happy accident."

"Where are we going to sleep?" Asked Kay. "Our house is pretty full at the moment."

Ray smiled. "Funny you should asked that. About an hour ago I cleared everyone out of my house and into yours. My place is empty right now."

Kanani kissed Ray on the cheek. "Thank you."

Adam and Kanani practically ran across to Ray's house, the lust in their hears at knowing they were going to spend their first night as man and wife together fuelled their excitement. Ray's bed was surprisingly bigger than they anticipated, more than enough to fit both of them.

Kay went on first, sitting at the bottom of the bed with her legs dangling off the side. She wished she was still wearing her wedding dress but she had made her choice.

"So husband. See anything you like?"

"I do, but it's hidden under those clothes."

Kay put on a naughty smile as she took the hem of her shirt by both hands and lifted it up and over her head. Adam followed suit and unbuttoned his own shirt, he reached down to unbuckle his trousers only to find that Kay had beaten him to it.

With his trousers loose Kay reached in and fished out her husband's dick, stroking him to full hardness like she had done so many times before. Adam let out a moan of pleasure, he loved the softness of his wife's hand.

"Jesus. Fuck I love you babe."

"I love you too. Let me give you a kiss."

Not getting off the bed, Kanani leaned forward and gave Adam's dick a soft kiss on his tip. Involuntary he shuddered, she kissed his tip again, another shudder. She kissed him another three times, each time the shudders got more and more intense. Adam thought the teasing was over but he underestimated his wife, she blew cool air onto his dick, the sudden cold was strange but amazing to Adam, Kay had done something similar a few times before but this, this was different, it was slow, methodical. She wanted to make him suffer.

She repeated this for several minutes, kissing Adam's cock to get it a little wet then blowing cool air. By about five minutes in Adam was getting weak at the knees, the only think stopping him from falling was Kay's hands on his ass. Despite the cold air Adam was sweating like a madman, he was preying he wouldn't give into his wife's teasing.

He looked down, Kanani's light brown eyes were hiding their mischievous ways, she wasn't giving up, not for a long time. She gave her husband a dirty smile and blew a little harder. Adam tried to hold back but after 15 minutes of teasing his resolve had dissolved.

"Please, I can't take anymore. Please, just, just..."

"Just what honey?" Her unknowing, 'who me?' voice was a dirty trick.
"Just, just... Just fuckin blow me."

No sooner had the pleading words left Adam's mouth that his dick entered his wife's. She didn't have to put much effort into it, Adam was so wired and so desperate that even the lightest of pressure was enough for him and he shot into Kanani's mouth. Kay's love of his jizz was a personal secret amongst the two of them, neither of them mentioned it but when it came down to their lovemaking he never denied her the taste.

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