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Someone Special


Only after the euphoria had run its course did I notice that Priscila was not in a good mood. She was angry, withdrawn, quiet. I had just masturbated while eating her out. I didn't normally do that. I would come too early and be less eager to please her. She didn't like that. I tried eagerly to stimulate her again, but she was looking down at me in contempt.

She pushed me off with her hands. "I want an open relationship," she said.

I was shocked and didn't know how to respond. She held her silence, as if the one who spoke last would be the one to get her way. I looked at her in confusion and bewilderment. I didn't know what she wanted to do with that freedom. I didn't want to lose her to someone else, but I didn't want to lose her altogether either. She sensed my hesitance and smiled.

"I don't understand why you want that..."

I hadn't said no outright; she had won. Her smile widened and her beautiful eyes brightened.

"That doesn't matter. This is what I want. Take it or leave it."

I felt panic. My chest tightened, my hands shivered. What was happening? Why was this happening to me? Priscila was the best thing that happened to me in my life. We'd only dated for a few months, but the happiness I had with her was far beyond anything else in my life. Until I met her, my life was just work and money and using that money to get the few friends I could. She had shown me that I could be truly happy with her. Having the envy of men as she walked beside me provided me the few moments of positive self-image I had. I had asked her to move in with me. I would pay for everything she needed just to be with her more often.

I could argue out of this, I thought. I could get her to back down and accept what little I had to offer. "Let's talk about this. An open—"

"No," she cut me off. "No talking about this. It's my way or the highway."

"Priscila, please. I don't understand what's happen—"

"You don't need to understand."

I looked at her in silence. What was going on? Where did this come from? Her eyes were unmoving, staring me straight down. I searched them for the love I had for her. I blinked in terror at not finding it. She sensed the change and softened her eyes. "It's okay." Her voice purred. "You'll be okay. We'll have more fun together this way. Knowing you love me enough to see me happy with other men – that's going to make my feelings for you even stronger."

I wasn't sure. This was all a lot to take in, but at least I knew she loved me just as much as I loved her.

"Don't you love me?" her voice was so sweet and soft, it was almost inaudible, even as she snuggled closer, rubbing her breasts against my soft left bicep.

"You know I do."

She smiled a sweet, short smile and looked me deep in my eyes. "Wouldn't you do anything for me?"

I didn't need to think about that one either. "Of course, baby..."

Her smile broadened with happiness. She reached her hand up to my face and gently caressed my cheek. "Then please say, 'Yes'."

Seeing her smile with such joy made me really happy. She really cared about me. I loved her so much. "Okay..., yes, let's try it and—"

"Good!" She interjected before reaching for her phone on the nightstand. I didn't mind. I was filled with love for her. I moved closer and tried to wrap my arm around her. "Wait, I need to text someone..."

"Oh... Okay... Someone I know?"

"No, but it's someone really special."


She looked away from her phone for a second to give me a look of derision. I was annoying her. "Someone living here or...?"

She didn't respond. I looked at her phone to see what was going on. She switched from her messaging app to her contacts. It was too quick for me to see the name or the message, but it was a short message and the first in the entire conversation. "Hey! Rude! You need to respect my privacy!" She yelled at me.

"Okay, I'm sorry." I felt sheepish and didn't know what to do with myself.

"No! That is not cool! Go take a break! I'm gonna sleep alone tonight. There are some other people I need to see in the morning. So scram!" She moved slightly away and kicked my leg. "Maybe you'll learn to respect a woman's rights by sleeping alone for a few nights."

Priscila had quit her job when she moved in. She said she needed more time to decide on her path in life, and I had told her I would take on extra shifts if that's what she needed. I had a double shift at 6AM and it was already 10:25PM. I quickly jumped out of bed, my limp, shriveled dick contracting slightly in response to the cold. She looked at it and laughed before returning to her phone and scrolling through, presumably, her contacts list. I grabbed some spare sheets and laid them on the ground. I could have gone to the sofa, but I wanted to be near her in case she needed something in the night.

Sleeping on the hardwood floor with just a pair of blankets was miserable. Several times I awoke through the night, and it was hard going back to sleep. I looked at the clock each time and tried to close my eyes, hoping—pleading—for sleep to return to me.

11:21PM – There was no motion from the bed; Priscila must have been sound asleep. I felt cautious about what had happened a mere few hours ago. My mind was racing. I knew I had a problem with depression and anxiety. It was important for me to keep myself calm and think through this, but that was making it only more difficult for me to sleep. I closed my eyes and tried to clear my mind, to try to escape all the things I needed to do to keep myself sane. I didn't respond well to change. I knew that. I just needed to stay calm and think about this. NO! I needed to sleep. I would come back to this in the morning. I closed my eyes and tried to clear my head.

12:08AM – It wasn't working. I had drifted off briefly before a brief panic set in and I jolted awake. I needed to figure this out, but I wasn't sure that I could. I didn't have the strength to face these changes. I needed help. I needed guidance. But there was no time for that. No time to stop and think. I needed to be at work in 6 hours, and I still hadn't slept all that well. I closed my eyes again.

1:52AM – I jolted awake in panic. My breathing was shallow. My heart raced. What was I going to do? This was all too much. I didn't know what was going to happen next, and that filled me with deep panic and dread. Would she be going out on dates in the next few months? Would she flirt with the girls she met while going out on the town? Would she tell me when she was going out to pick up women? Would she kiss them? It would be months before she found someone, I bet. It was difficult out there for everyone, for both sexes. I wouldn't have to deal with it for months. But when it did happen—when, in a few months she found a girl she liked—I didn't know if I could handle knowing she was splitting her love with someone else. I needed her for strength. I wanted to wake her up and ask for advice, something to help me cope with the changes she thought were best for us. But I didn't want to ruin her sleep just because I was too frail to handle it. I needed strength I knew I didn't have, strength I knew she could provide me. She knew so much about life and was so much more experienced than I was. Until I had met her, I was still a virgin, at age 25; she had already been with 23 people, including 4 women, at that point – and she was just a few months older than 22. I was her 3rd boyfriend and 5th partner; she was my first. She could guide me through a big relationship change like this. But no, it was better for me to keep calm. I didn't want to be a burden. I would lose her and all she had to offer.

3:13AM – Maybe porn could help. Maybe I could masturbate and get myself to sleep. I got up and went downstairs to the living room. I plugged my computer into the TV, turned the volume off, and searched several sites for anal porn. The kinkiness of someone letting a man into their ass always turned me on. I had never tried anal and didn't dare ask Priscila if she would be willing to do it with me. I had told her I watched anal porn a lot, hoping she would offer to have anal sex. But she didn't even want to have vaginal sex yet. She wanted to keep our relationship pure and said she had a hard time keeping her emotions separate from lust once she started having sex with someone, especially with men. A lot of them had taken advantage of her in the past, and she was wary. She needed to know she really loved me before we went there. I understood, and I agreed it was for the best. I just hoped we would have anal sex once we started getting more intimate.

She had a perfectly round, phat ass with a slim waste and large tits. I knew she didn't want me thinking of her this way, but it turned me on when I thought of fucking her beautiful ass; I wasn't paying attention to the silent porn on the screen anymore and was instead thinking of the pride a man must feel when having my beautiful Priscila bent over in front of him, while he held her beautiful hips and gently sawed his dick in and out of that gorgeous ass. I came hard. My muscles relaxed. My anxiety seemed to subside as I lost myself to the bliss of orgasm.

Priscila had done anal before, with just one man. She wouldn't tell me who it was and teased me about my perverted interest in her sexual adventures. I had pleaded with her to tell me how it was. I had hung on to her every word, burning her experience into my mind in an attempt to live it vicariously. She said:

"The first time"—I remember the excitement in learning that she had done it multiple times, meaning she would definitely do it with me when the time came!—"I was putting on a show for him. We were at my parents' house my last year of college." That was just a year ago. "He wanted to see me play with my ass. He was sitting in a chair while I was on the bed, bent over in front of him. He liked to see my tits pressed into the bed, under my wet pussy, through my wide open legs. I played with a vibe in my pussy, switching the modes, stimulating my g-spot while I tried to work a glass dildo into my ass. Once I'd swallowed the dildo almost completely into my ass, he told me to work it around the edges to loosen the hole up. I worked it around for several minutes. Then he told me to stick some fingers in along with the dildo to loosen the hole some more. I got worked up with all the stimulation in my pussy and ass. My sheets were covered in pussy juice. I had my eyes closed, focusing on the stimulation and all the incessant coming from being watched and doing all the things he told me to do. It was very kinky. I was lost in bliss and let go of everything, including the dildo and the vibe. I just lay there on my stomach, with the ass and pussy holding the dildo and vibe high into the air. The vibe was stimulating my clit and my g-spot. There was no escape from it with my pussy tightening so much around it. The dildo was vibrating from contact with the vibe. It was all too much. The coming wouldn't end. I was losing my mind. Then suddenly the vibe stopped. The dildo slowly moved out of me, inch by inch. I was coming to my senses—slowly—but still in heaven. Then he asked me if he could fuck me. There was no reason to ask. I tried nodding my head and saying, 'Mmmhmm. Please.' I don't know if I got those two sounds out of my mouth. The excitement from hearing and feeling him get on the bed and mount me got me excited and aroused. I was more aware, my senses more alert. Then, slowly, he took the dildo all the way out and turned the vibe back up to the lowest setting. I thought he was teasing me, wanting me to beg for his cock in my pussy, like I had countless times before. I was desperate. I started begging, 'Please, sir, please! Gimme your cock, sir!' Then I felt the dildo back at my ass, but it was bigger—much bigger—and more warm and soft. I thought he was going to tease me even more with the dildo. I thought he wanted to hear me beg more desperately. To please him, I continued begging with more urgency, 'Pleeeeeaaase!' I turned my head to look him in the eye as the dildo moved into me. Its entry was more difficult this time, for some reason. I thought looking him in the eye as I begged would please him and he would finally give me the hard pounding my pussy needed. He was still mounting me. I didn't understand. I was confused about how he was pushing the dildo into me if he had one hand on my hip and the other holding a phone above him, pointing down, filming the dildo in my ass. He looked at me and smiled a wicked smile as he pulled my hips toward him. The stretching in my ass was getting pretty bad. I didn't know what the hell had happened to that glass dildo in just the last few minutes to make it so much more uncomfortable and painful. I had just had it in my ass without a problem. It was a dildo I'd owned for several months. I had bought it specially for him, to put on shows for him. Then he pulled me more toward him and the pain eased. The dildo in my ass felt uncomfortably large and unusually shaped like a bulb. It also seemed to be throbbing now, which just made me even more confused. I was still confused and trying to understand what the deal was with the glass dildo in my ass, until I looked at the pleasure easing itself onto his face. 'Shit!' I realized. 'That's not the dildo. He's got his gorgeous cock in my ass!' The thought turned me on. I was wide awake from my coming now. I yelled 'Fuck!' and he smiled and responded, 'That's right, Fuck!' and started laughing and ploughing my ass with his massive dick. I lost all control then. I could feel my pussy gushing with liquid, spraying it onto my legs and knees, and probably onto him. I screamed in pleasure and pain the rest of the night... He just kept fucking me... I would come and come and scream and scream... And he wouldn't let up. He was really determined... I wonder if my parents heard... By morning, I couldn't speak anymore..." She had drifted off then, biting her lower lip, lost in the memory. "Fuck, that was something special!" She said, while walking quickly to the bathroom. I remember immediately whipping out my dick and jerking at it briefly before coming. She was in the bathroom for a long time after that.

I thought about her story and my reaction to it. It would have been amazing to be that guy, to take Priscila's anal cherry, to go where no man had gone before. That would have been something really, really special...

I looked at the clock. It was 4:58AM now. Shit! I was running late to work.

I left from work at 10PM, exhausted. I was looking forward to more time with Priscila. Maybe she would be in the mood to let me eat her out again. That would be a treat. I loved the taste of her sweet pussy. I drove home in my dad's old Accord, a piece of shit he had given me almost a decade ago. It ran well, but not as good as my CLS. That car was a beauty. I had saved for a year to put the down payment on it. I think it was seeing me in that car that really got Priscila interested in me. She had never noticed me before until I bought that car. I had transferred the ownership over to her when she moved in with me while I continued to make the payments. She didn't have her own car, and I didn't want her stuck with the Accord. I was afraid it would break down on her somewhere. I didn't want her stranded somewhere.

I pulled up to my house at 11:30PM, to see another car, an Escalade, parked crudely in both spots outside the garage. I wondered who it was, maybe a friend of Priscila's, while finding parking for the Accord on a street a couple of blocks away. I walked excitedly back to the house, hoping I could get Priscila's friend out the door quickly and get into some sweet muff diving fast.

The entry foyer was strewn with clothes. Black heels, panties, and the little black dress I had bought Priscila just a week ago. I had asked her to wear it for me, but she didn't seem interested. She usually just wanted me to lick and eat her pussy. I had a special talent for it, she had told me. I had a very talented tongue and a very talented mouth, she said, something I'm very proud of. But maybe she wore it now to turn herself on. I walked excitedly to the bedroom upstairs, forgetting all about the Escalade that dominated the driveway outside, taking the spot I thought was meant for me.

There were soft moans coming from the bedroom. Shit! She'd started without me. I opened the door and rushed in to start my task of pleasuring her, but to my shock, there was a man sitting on the edge of the bed, facing me. He was slim and fit, with a chiseled jaw and bright green eyes. I was struck with how handsome and well-dressed he was. The green tie and black suit matched the green of his eyes and the dark of his hair almost perfectly. He noticed my entrance immediately. He looked up at me briefly, his eyes turning from excitement to boredom as he saw me, before looking back down at Priscila, whose presence I'd completely overlooked as I was looking at the unknown, handsome stranger on my bed. But now I did notice. Priscila was on her knees between his pants-covered legs, moaning eagerly as she bobbed her head up and down in fast motion. She sounded like a woman slurping her first, long drink of water after several months being stranded in the Sahara.

"Your boyfriend is here." He said calmly. She turned her head up to look at him, without leaving her place. She was wearing a black garter and black stockings and nothing else. Their eyes met briefly. He smiled a coy smile before putting his left hand on her head. "I didn't say you could stop, bitch." She responded immediately by continuing her bobbing motion.

The man looked at me again, briefly. He was uninterested and unafraid to show me his disinterest. I just stood there, not knowing what to do with myself. The only sound in the vicinity was the sucking from Priscila's lips, the frequent small pops and gurgles from her mouth, and the eager moaning from her throat.

I wasn't sure what was going on. I wasn't sure how this had happened. I wasn't sure what Priscila was doing or planning. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do in that situation or what someone was supposed to do in that situation. I wasn't sure what Priscila would want me to do. The only thing that I was completely sure of, was the confidence radiating from this man. He was unfazed by the prospect of being caught with his dick in the throat of another man's girlfriend. He made it known why he was there, and he meant to fill his desires – no matter who walked in. I was sure that even if his mother or father had been in the room, he would not have stopped the eager, wanton pleasuring my girlfriend was providing his dick.

That struck me even harder. This man's confidence cut through all the unclarity in my head about the world. He was a certain thing, easy to understand, strong-willed and honest in his intentions – no matter what others thought of them.

"You look shocked, bro." He interrupted my thoughts. I snapped out of my daze and looked at him. He was smiling. The room quieted after his voice, and the sound of Priscila's pleasuring of his phallus again filled the room. "Take a seat if you want a lesson. I'm about to show you how depraved of a filthy whore your girlfriend really is."

I sat on the ground in shock, unable to move. I watched as he stood up, both hands holding my girlfriend's head in his lap. Priscila moved eagerly with him, unwilling to let go of her sweet drink, adjusting her position backward to make room for him. He let go of her head to start unbuckling his belt. Immediately, Priscila started bobbing her head eagerly on his dick. The man laughed. "Eager little cocksucker, arentcha?"

"Mmmmhmmm..." My girlfriend responded around the hard cock in her mouth. Her head continued its bobbing as she moved her hands up to caress and massage the man's thin but chiseled abs and bulky chest. He paid no mind to her as he removed his belt. "Take off my shoes, you cunt." he said slowly.

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