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Something Old...


(My thanks to Slavey for her editing help.)


As Julia walked into the room, my wife and I watched as her chest seemed to bounce in front of our eyes. It cost me a ton of money to not only reserve the penthouse of the swanky hotel we were staying at for our anniversary, but to fly Julia in from my wife's hometown as well. Luckily, I started saving up for this excursion about a year ago ever since my wife of ten years revealed to me that she had a brief lesbian fling with Julia before she ever started dating me. It took much stealth to start talking to Julia behind my wife's back and to engineer it so she could make a surprise visit during our anniversary weekend in Seattle.

My wife had been nothing less than angelic in backing me up during the last ten years together through all the job changes, cross country moves and general nonsense I put her through. Now that we were living a better lifestyle, it was my desire to reward my wife for her faithfulness. We had never been that adventurous during our marriage and never had I thought of straying on her through it all. When our tenth anniversary was coming up, I thought about maybe pushing the envelope a little as a treat. That's where Julia falls in.

Julia has been a closet bisexual ever since she and my wife graduated from high school. We talked to her through emails and Instant Messenger as she began the divorce proceedings from her cheating husband a year ago. The thought of flying her up to Seattle from Madison, Wisconsin seemed like a great present to help her unwind from the stresses of rebuilding her life. She also liked the idea of hooking up with my wife again after all this time as well. Julia sent me a few pictures to show how much she had grown since high school. Her breasts were natural and large. They looked like the kind a man could wrap around his dick and enjoy. Her ass was also nice and firm, perfect baby making hips. Her hair may have been dyed a different color than in high school, but it was apparent it was our Julia.

As she turned towards us, she held out her arms and my shy wife ran to her like a long lost love. My wife's lips met Julia's and what started as a small peck at first became a deep romantic style kiss as if on cue. I was lost for a moment. My mind quickly started thinking about what ifs. What if Julia and my wife decided a man is too much of a hassle? What if Julia just took her away back to Wisconsin to leave me by myself? What if this whole idea of mine backfired? Although my face must have shown the doubt, another part of my anatomy was enjoying the scene before me as the two hot looking ladies made out. Julia's hands began to reach behind my wife's dress and unzip it like it was second nature while my wife's hands lifted the blouse out of Julia's skirt.

Before I collapsed from the view, I turned around and bolted the door. The bolt itself sounded a little rusty as it clicked loudly startling the ladies. My wife turned towards me topless except for her sheer black bra. Julia's blouse was opened revealing her light blue bra that was sheer enough to show off her fantastically large areolas. As the sight before me was set in my mind for possible masturbation fodder later, my wife cleared her throat. "Darling, if you want to see more, I suggest you sit in the chair over there."

As I started to walk over there, Julia chimed in. "Johnny, I appreciate you bringing me here to enjoy my darling Alesha, but could you give us a few moments to get reacquainted? I'll make it worth your patience, I assure you." I started to sit down gently before I walked over to the wine bucket. I poured out three wine glasses and set two of them on the end table before going back to my assigned seat for the show. By this time, Julia's blouse joined Alesha's dress on the floor as they were sitting on the bed kissing each other. I watched as Julia's hands went straight for the hooks behind Alesha's back. Effortlessly, they seemed to melt in Julia's hands as the material parted and Alesha's breasts came into view. They were already stiffened from arousal before Julia's face fell and her lips parted to suckle them. My wife's eyes flashed towards me as she smiled before a moan erupted from her throat. As her eyes fell towards me again, she whispered for me to disrobe quietly while Julia's head began to slide lower towards her abdomen.

My wife lay back on the bed with her legs splayed open while Julia began to kiss the outside of her panties. Julia was methodical in her movements almost to the point where she knew the landmarks on my wife. Julia's tongue slowly traced up my wife's inner thigh before the fabric was merely pushed aside and Julia's tongue found its mark. Alesha moaned louder now as I sat back down, my rod already at full mast watching the scene before it. Alesha panted as she begged me to come to the bed.

I walked over before Alesha whispered for me to stroke my cock for her. My hand slowly began to run up and down my length while I watched Julia's tongue dance along Alesha's delicate folds. Julia looked up and smiled at me when she saw what my cock was doing within my grasp as Alesha guided me towards her face. I started stroking faster before Alesha took my member into her mouth extremely slowly. I felt her take half of my length inside her before she moaned again from Julia's ministrations.

"Wanna taste?" Julia asked as Alesha moved me so I could feed her my cock while sampling her as well. As my tongue danced on the tip of her clit, Julia took a moment to remove my wife's panties before undoing her own bra. I looked at her and caught sight of her wonderful breasts before Julia leaned in and kissed me, our tongues exchanging our tastes of Alesha. I started moving so I could watch Alesha again sucking my cock while watching Julia tease Alesha by rubbing one of her erect nipples along her clit. I could feel how this was exciting Alesha as her moan caused my cock to vibrate within her mouth.

It wasn't long before I watched Julia slide a finger deep inside my wife's pussy. Alesha began moaning more while my cock was inside her velvety mouth. I then felt something different as Alesha wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me into her. I was watching my shy wife transform into the nymphet that Julia seduced years before. My waist began pumping into her mouth before she took my cock out and commanded me to cum on her tits and her face. It was soon after that my cock exploded all over her.

As she started moaning louder from Julia's tongue and finger, I watched as her back arched off the bed until she seemed to collapse. Julia began crawling up onto my wife as her tongue licked the results of my watching her. It was when she looked at me with my cum on her tongue while my wife looked at me that I realized I had nothing to worry about...except how the hell I was going to survive the weekend.

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