tagLoving WivesSomething Special for Valentine's

Something Special for Valentine's


"Hello" I asked into the phone, although I was pretty sure that I thoughts I knew who it was.

"You are so sweet, I can't believe you did that for me" My wife, Suzanne, said. Earlier I had placed a dozen red roses, and a teddybear on the dining room table for when my wife woke up. "You are going to come home to a very special Valentine's day gift tonight. I am very sure you will get hours of enjoyment from it. I'll let you get back to work, but just remember to be home on time tonight."

"OK, I will, I love you."

"I love you too, bye honey." My day then went on for what seemed to be many, many hours before I even made it to lunch, and afterwards, it seemed like the slowest day of my life. I looked at my watch, it had only been 5 minutes since I had last looked at it, but I was hoping that it had been longer. I was so anxious to leave work so that I could see what my wife had plSuzanneed. Suzanne and I had been married 3 years, and we still acted like newlyweds. We still go to great extremes to impress each other. We were high school sweethearts, and stayed together throughout college and got engaged, and subsequently married, after I had finally finished my education. We then settled down in a house nearby to where we grew up, and have a very happy, loving marriage. We take lots of pride in the gifts we give each other, as we continually try to top each other, or just do something we've done before for nostalgic purposes. As I watched the hands of time move slowly and slowly to 5:00, and left the office hurriedly, before speeding home, as I could not wait to receive the gift that my wife had waiting for me. I arrived home, and walked in through the laundry room. I walked into the living room where I was greeted by a maid, which totally shocked me, since my wife and I don't have a maid.

"Who are you?" I asked, frantically trying to match the face with a name, although I didn't have a clue, although she seemed familiar, I knew it wasn't my wife, but that was it.

"Monsieur, follow me, and all your questions will be answered." She said, and smiled, she began walking toward the stairs. I of course, followed her, as I knew this somehow was part of my wife's plan. I followed her up the stairs, and noticed that the skirt was very short, as I could the tops of her stockings. The entire outfit was very sexual, it was low-cut, which displayed this maid's voluptuous breasts, and the hat she wore looked perfect, along with her face, and for that matter, the rest of her. She was about 5'6", which is short compared to my 6'2" frame, but she was very attractive. She also was wearing 4" heels, something that I don't know how women can walk in comfortably, but it made her legs look taught, and she walked with somewhat limited movement, but it looked sexy as hell. She led me to the bedroom, where we both walked in.

"Please sit down on the bed monsieur."


"I'll get your wife, I'm sure you will find this very enjoyable." She said, raising her eyebrows to emphasize the enjoyable portion of her sentence. She opened the door to the master bathroom, and walked in, closing the doors behind her. Watching her walk in, her ass swaying side to side made his cock come to life, he had a vicious hard-on that he could not get rid of. He sat on the bed, with a strange mix of anxiousness, excitement, and for some odd reason, worry. However, worry became the last thing on my mind as the doors opened and out walked the French Maid (which I inferred from her "accent") and my wife, who had on a full latex bodysuit, which left nothing to the imagination, but still had zippers for the important places on the female body. She is 5'10" with large, but proportional breasts, a trim figure, and medium length brown hair, with bright brown eyes which were incredibly sexy. I made a move to get closer to her, but they both put their hands on my shoulders, keeping me from being able to move from my position.

"Honey, I had been saving this outfit especially for this occasion" as the Maid straddled my lap, and began grinding slowly against my crotch. "After your impressive gift this morning, I decided I would also include Monique in your gift." I looked up at Monique, who smiled, and then began kissing my neck, and feeling my chest.

My wife then came behind Monique, who stopped and went straight, while my wife reached down and undid the top of her uniform, letting her large breasts fall out. Monique then climbed up higher on my lap, and put my head right into her massive cleavage. As I was sucking and kissing her nipples. My wife said "You like her breasts don't you baby, I bet you were staring at them the entire time she was talking to you" she was somewhat right, but I also couldn't respond very easy with my mouth alternating between two massive tits. I was then pushed back onto the bed, and was sliding up to the top. Both Monique and my wife began undressing me, taking off my shirt and slacks, and sliding my boxers down my legs. As the Maid was repositioning her breasts to match up with my mouth again, my wife moved up the bed, and handcuffed me to the bed post, of course I didn't realize this at the time, I also didn't realize that my legs were cuffed to the board at the bottom of the bed. Despite Monique's soft moans i could hear her cuff Monique's wrists behind her back, making her chest stick out even farther, and making it somewhat hard for me to breathe. This however, would be one of the more pleasant ways to die, with a woman's DD breasts shoved into my face.

I then felt a hand on my cock, seeing as my wife was the only one who wasn't cuffed, I assumed it was hers, it had a generous amount of lube spread onto it. I couldn't see what was going on, but her hands were skillfully moving up and down my shaft, making it grow exponentially. She then stopped, which brought some disappointment as my cock was aching to be pleased. I then heard zippers being undone, and snaps being done, which surprised me since usually all comes off, or all stays on, and usually a mix does not occur very often. I then felt something tight go on top of my cock, I soon realized that it was my wife's asshole, which we had tried only sparingly, so her hole was still very tight, and it felt like the first time you have sex with someone.

"Monique, lift your hips." She said, very coldly, and with the connotation of order to it. Monique quickly obliged, and soon I heard louder moans emerge from her lips. I felt motion on my cock, more back and forth than up and down, and quickly realized that although I was having anal sex with my wife, she had on a strap-on and was doing Monique from behind. This of course was an incredible turn on, not seeing the woman I was currently having sex with, and not being able to move to change the situation. Monique's loud moans intensified, and grunts soon followed, as my wife was ramming a dildo into her pussy, and roughly slapping her ass. My cock throbbed inside of my wife's ass, and I grunted, although I'm sure that no one heard it because my mouth was securely fastened to Monique's tits, and shot my entire load into my wife's asshole. I could feel it slowly seep down the outside of her anus, and drip down my cock, lubing her asshole with my cum. Monique's breathing became very heavy, and she finally came hard and fast on my wife's strap-on. I heard the unclicking of cuffs, as my wife undid Monique's cuffs.

"Monique, clean off my cock like a good little slut." Monique obediently leaned down and began sucking and cleaning her strap-on, as my wife put her hand on the back of her head, making her deep throat her. "That's a good girl, make sure it's nice and clean." As Monique was bobbing up and down, however my wife said "Monique, stop" She then got up slowly, rising up so my cock was no longer in her asshole. "Now Monique, clean off this one." She then moved over, and began cleaning off my cock the same way she cleaned off the strap-on. She took most of it into her mouth, and fervently licked off all the cum from my used cock, and it awoke again, mainly by her incredibly tongue work. As my cock was growing, my wife then took off the strap-on, then she climbed up on top of me, kissed me, and said "Happy Valentine's Day."

"This is the best present you could ever give me." I said, looking lovingly into her eyes.

"You like her, that's Marie."

"Marie, she looks nothing like Marie."

"I know, isn't it a great costume, and that wig looks perfect on her."

"Thank you so much."

"Don't think this is the end, we are just beginning," With that she kissed me, and then put her pussy right over my face. she then began slowly thrusting onto my awaiting mouth. I stuck my tongue out, attempting to lick as much of her pussy as possible. She was very wet, and had not orgasmed yet. Monique was still sucking on my cock, she was amazing, I didn't know that someone's tongue could have that much dexterity. "Monique," My wife said, between moans, looking back "Put that cock between those great tits of yours, I want to see cum all over them." My wife then moved down so that i could see Monique re-position herself, rubbing her breasts up and down and pushing them together onto my rock hard cock. I was moaning as my cock was ready to spurt for a second time. My wife was playing with my nipples, sucking on them. Then kissing upwards and kissing my neck. I held out for as long as I could, but that still wasn't long, as I quickly came all over Monique's tits and uniform. She milked out the rest of my cum, which slowly oozed out of my cock. As Monique was finishing, Suzanne got up, looking at me, moved Monique to where she was at a profile position to me. My wife then began licking up all of my cum from her tits, slowly lapping and sucking on her tits. She then kissed Monique, not having swallowed the cum, and pushed it all into Monique's waiting mouth. My wife then looked at me and winked, this had to be the greatest Valentine's Day I ever had, but not I have to think of what to do for next year.

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