tagErotic HorrorSomething Wicked This Way Came

Something Wicked This Way Came


Author's Note: This stand-alone story of erotic horror is an entry in the 2012 Halloween story contest. Please vote! As always I welcome all comments/feedback, thank you!


It was positively surreal, Gina thought, watching the costumed crowd. She had always loved Halloween, the costumes were freeing, the eerie atmosphere got the adrenaline pumping, and all the treats pleased her sweet tooth greatly. It also held a bit of dread for her, the secrecy of masks and the feeling in the air brought to mind the origins of the day, when the dead walked among the living.

But this Halloween was special. She knew everyone there, hidden by their masks, but it had been ten years since they had met face to face. The only one who she knew by sight was Diane, the host. She was dressed as a lady pirate, her domino small, and had greeted Gina at the door with the rules. No names. No personal questions. No guilt.

Their college had been too small for a homecoming, so Diane, still in town and now a professor, had put it together. All the invite had said was it was for singles from their year, a fun ten year reunion. Costume required, must have mask.

Gina might not have gone if it weren't for the fact that she was bored, broke, and close by. Life in ten years hadn't gone exciting places and while she'd been working to keep the ranch afloat it seemed life had passed her by. A real reunion would have been depressing, surely by now Bobby Williams was a big attorney and Mary Farnsworth she knew had had a nose job and a name change, and was on Hollywood's B-list working her way up to first string.

But a Halloween party was irresistible. This year it was on a Wednesday, and the actual night her ranch had several events for guests to spice up the slow season, but this was the Friday before, and she'd come expecting at least an interesting time.

There were forty people there, one quarter their graduating class. That meant depressingly that one hundred and twenty were happily married and off to bigger and better things.

She took up her station by the food and glanced around. Diane's place was a big Victorian off the town square, absolutely perfect. If the Adams Family were real, they would live there. All around her she saw impressive costumes, people had obviously been planning for this for a long time. The invite had come two months ago and in that time she had put together a simple costume for Little Red Riding Hood.

She saw a few pirates with what appeared to be real swords and swooping hats, more than a few vampires, sexy and gothic, and even a few almost child-like costumes of cowboys and Indians, though done up expensively and made adult. In the case of a female Indian Princess, downright sexy.

She grabbed punch and a brownie made to look like a grave with a grey-frosted cookie tombstone. She tried to figure out who everyone was, but ten years had changed them all and the costumes were all quite good and concealing.

She looked down and resisted the urge to fidget. Working a ranch, even a dude ranch as hers was, kept her in shape. Still she was more at home in jeans and a loose t-shirt atop a horse than gussied up. Her best friend and business partner Millie had done her makeup and hair, loosely braiding the sun-lightened blonde tresses into two loose pigtails. The costume she'd made was a tight red dress, it wrapped and was stretchy, forming a low V at her cleavage and the skirt showed a lot of her long, tanned legs. The cloak flowed down, tying at her throat and she wore the hood loose and back. Her domino was a cheap sparkly red one bought at the local Farm & Fleet's costume section.

"Well, well, well, off to grandmother's?"

She jumped at the deep voice and turned, gasping. The man behind her was tan, his hair long and dark. Probably a wig, she didn't know any man of their class with hair both dark and long. His mask was face paint, that of a wolf, his chest bare and muscled. He wore armbands and had vermillion paint on his large biceps. All he wore were buckskin pants and boots, and a cape that was a wolf, the head resting on his, the fangs dipping over his brow.

"What are you?"

He smiled, the lines of his face strong. "A skinwalker who becomes the Big Bad Wolf." She gulped. Suddenly music started The Monster Mash. He turned his head in a canine-like gesture. "Care to dance, Red?"

"It- it's not my kind of music," she said stupidly.

On the ranch men sometimes flirted with her, but as the owner and foreman she was always tough, in control, and had no problem turning them down. Here she felt exposed, vulnerable, and it bothered her that she could not place the man or his voice.

His smile was feral, and though it was appealing a deep tremor of fear took her. "Fair enough. So how have the years treated you?"


He drew closer and she noticed how tall he was. Cripes, there had been no one this good looking from school. Maybe he was a guest of Diane's from her adult life. Whatever he was, whoever he was, he scared something inside her.

"You have no clue who I am, do you?"

She shook her head and he smiled, reaching out to brush a lock of hair back. When their skin touched, she gasped, trembling. He smelled of expensive cologne, a wild contrast to the heathen image of his costume. His touch was electric, and she felt her body melting.


He laughed and chucked her chin, turning to meld with the press of bodies. She watched him go and when he reached the doorway to the dining room he turned, giving her a knowing look. She blushed as red as her dress.

Diane came over, laughing. "So the game has begun."

Gina jumped. "Wha?"

The brunette pirate laughed. "Don't tell me you didn't know, I thought everyone knew."

"Knew what?"

"I have these parties every year for my single friends. Halloween is a time to slip on someone else's skin and do what you normally can't." She winked at that.

Blushing, Gina scooped up more punch and drank it deep, wincing at the turn of phrase. "What are you talking about?"

Diane leaned in close, her voice a deep, husky whisper. "You don't have to do anything you like but tonight if you see anyone interesting, I highly encourage you to seduce him. We're all strangers tonight, no past, no tomorrow, no guilt. Just have fun!"

The doorbell rang, cutting off any further speech and Diane left with a wink. Gina stood there feeling lost, yet her eyes looked for a wolf head above the crowd. If she understood Diane, this was like a swinger's party.

Her heart began to pound. What would Millie say? Or old Mr. Barrowman, the cattleman she'd inherited from her parents who'd been with the ranch since Custer had ridden west with bravado. Her oldest friends who were always telling her to get out, be young, have fun. Would they approve?

She caught sight of the wolf and he was dancing with the Indian Princess. His movements were suggestive, it was a slow song she didn't recognize, the beat low and steady. He moved his body sensually, and the Princess clung to him, but his dark piercing eyes were on Gina.

She turned away and found herself meeting his eyes in a mirror. Who was he? She thought of the tall men with dark hair she'd known in school, and none of them fit. She lined him up with every brunette at graduation in her memory but he didn't match a single one. Why was she wondering? Wasn't Diane right, that if there was no past, no tomorrow, just the present, it made the night more exciting?

With that in mind she felt bold and found another wallflower, a short man dressed as the Dread Pirate Roberts looking nervous on the couch. "Would you like to dance?"

He looked shocked but nodded, blushing slightly. The song was Don't Fear the Reaper and they danced slow and loose, swinging their arms without much grace. Soon they were laughing and talking about the party, the food, the music, all safe subjects.

The song ended and Little Red Riding Hood came on, slowing the tempo. She gulped and he looked uncomfortable. Gina waited for him to invite her into the circle of his arms, and then she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"May I have this dance?"

It was the wolf. She gulped and turned. Behind her the pirate accepted the request and scrambled off. Before she could say anything he hauled her up against him and smiled down. "I thought you didn't dance."

"Not to pop music."

He laughed, and it was a sensual song tinged with velvety darkness. "The Monster Mash hasn't been pop music in half a century.

"Do I make you nervous?"

Her eyes widened at the forward question. With a sigh she tried to steady herself even as she followed his steps. "Yes."


He said nothing more as they danced and she became quite aware of his erection pressed to her. Despite her scandalous shock she felt her body heat and soften, something low and deep inside turned over. She closed her eyes and felt their bodies swaying together, in perfect rhythm.

Why not let go of Gina Collins, rancher, for just one night? Why not become Little Red Riding Hood and let the Big Bad Wolf take her? It was Halloween, a time for magic, a time when the walls that defined life fell. A night to put on another face and act naughty, to demand treats under the threat of a trick. Why not grab this treat?

"Come with me to the woods," he whispered in her ear as the song ended, pure temptation in beautiful form.

She made no sound but nodded, opening her eyes to see a gleam of victory wash over his painted face. He took her by the hand and led her to the dining room, stopping to dip his hand into a plastic pumpkin on the table by the door. He lead her to the kitchen and out the back door, swimming through bodies.

They parted the smokers on the patio and hit the jogging path that ran behind the houses. They walked for what felt like hours but was surely just minutes, into the thick woods. All the while her heart pounded and her vision blurred. Gina refused to ask herself if she was really committed and threw herself into the moment, floating above the terror and reaching for exhilaration.

He found a clearing a bit smaller than others they had passed he stopped and pulled her to him. When his mouth crushed hers she squeaked and clutched at him, fingers grasping the bands around his arms. He tasted hot and sweet, his tongue parting her lips to sweep in. His hands moved quickly, cupping her ass and drawing her close. On shaking legs she pressed forward, kissing him back, breathlessly lost to the sensations.

He moaned low in his throat, rumbling against her, and Gina let her hands trail over what flesh she could reach. The wolf cloak she could feel was surely fake, it was light and slid off as she stroked his shoulders. She pulled back and saw his hair was long and black, flowing lightly in the wind. His face paint was slightly smeared and she reached up to touch her face, coming back with black and grey.

He grinned. "It suits you, like wearing the skin of another."

She shivered at the cryptic words and he kissed her again and backed her to a tree. Pressed between the hard bark and his warm body, she could only squeak. His body slipped between her legs, lightly grinding his hardness, and she gasped at the size.

Suckling her lower lip, his hands smoothed from her shoulder down to cup her breast. It was Gina's turn to moan as her nipple hardened. His mouth slid along her lips to her cheek, letting her gasp in the cool night air. His hand massaged, the other cupping her ass and grinding her against him now

"Relax," he said against her neck, lightly nipping. "When I bite I promise you'll like it."

She had been tense but Gina couldn't help it. She had never done anything like this, not even back in college when one night stands were the norm. It was such a departure from herself that she was riding pure adrenaline.

He chuckled. "Are you scared? It is Halloween. If the ghosts are about, I'll protect you. Nothing in the night could be scarier than me."

"Boy, you really enjoy this role," she replied breathily.

He lowered her shirt and pressed his mouth to the tip of a beast, sucking through the lace. She cried out and thrust her hips, her body knowing the steps to the ancient dance even as her mind reeled.

"Oh, God!" she cried when his clever teeth pushed the lace down to capture the bud.

"Mmm, what hard nipples you have."

"Th-that's- oh! That's my line."

He raised his hand to lower her dress and bra on the other side, thumbing that nipple softly, devastating her. "All right then, I'll just have to stick to my part." He raised his face to smile at her, his teeth starkly white against the smeared face paint. "I believe I'm supposed to eat you."

With a brief flick of his wrist he undid the tie of her dress and it popped open. The stranger sank to his knees before her and hooked a finger in her panties. Pushing them aside, his lips descended.

She looked down and her creamy white flesh was smeared with his paint. Feeling decadent she touched herself, working it in. His tongue slid her entire length, making her knees tremble. He gripped one, steadying her, massaging lightly as his tongue began to furiously lick, parting her folds.

Glancing up, his eyes met hers while his mouth worked and she gasped at the intimate connection. He hummed slightly, flicking her clit, nodding in approval as she stroked her breasts, pulling at her nipples.

With one tug her panties ripped and immediately he worked in a finger. Gina went off like a rocket, the pleasure swelling. He sucked on her clit as his finger curled forward and she shook, her head thrown back. She cried out her pleasure and the answering screech of birds eerily came as they took flight away from the noise.

Shaking, only the press of his body kept her standing up right. When her body stilled he removed his lips and licked them, his finger still buried inside, massaging, keeping her arousal burning steadily.

"So strong, I love your legs. You have a fantastic body, does this come from riding horses all day?"

"Wha- how did you know?"

He smiled and kissed her inner thigh, licking at the tremor there. "It's Arizona, Gina, everyone is either soft and from the city, or firm like you and rides horses."

He knew her name! Her eyes flared and she was unsure whether or not to be elated or terrified. "Who are you?"

He chuckled. "Tonight, I am your fantasy. Now, what will it be, Little Red? Trick, or treat?"

Her breaths came heavy and slow, and she couldn't look away. He didn't move and she realized he wanted an answer. "Treat. Please," she couldn't help but add.

He laughed outright but his mouth returned and another finger slid. It was so tight, but his clever mouth enticed more of her juices. When her legs grew weak he pulled his fingers free and scooped her up, bringing her legs over his shoulders. Gina grabbed at a low bough to hold herself up, feeling helpless in the clutches of the Big Bad Wolf.

He feasted, twirling his tongue, sucking, teasing her until she begged. After an eternity he sucked her clit and flicked it with the barest tip of his tongue, and she came again, wailing, clawing at the tree. She rode the pleasure out, aware of his moving even as she felt shattered.

When she opened her eyes he was standing pulling something from his pocket. She saw a condom and breathed a sigh of relief.

"But don't you...want me...to...um..."

He grinned again. "Little Red doesn't eat the Big Bad Wolf."

He opened his breeches them and fished out his cock. In the pale moonlight it was long and hard, the tip wet. She wanted to taste him but he gave her a knowing look and a light growl.

Sheathed at last he grabbed her for a kiss and lifted her once more. Braced against the tree she wrapped her legs around him and he began to work it in. It felt like a tight fit, and it had been rather long for her. He kissed her again, moaning at every inch that sank in.

Just when she thought she could take no more their hips met and he held still, pulling his lips from hers. "What a good girl, so hot, wet, and tight. Waiting for me."

She moaned and he began to thrust. He thrust up and ground slightly, driving the soft deerskin of his pants into her clit. She clutched at him, sucking at his plush lower lips, her panting breaths matching his as they built. He felt so strong, surrounded her, and filled her so deep. Her eyes closed and the world narrowed to them, Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf in the woods.

The orgasm was a snarling beast that clamped its jaws over her. She wailed into his mouth, gasping and groaning, grunting with it. She tried to move but the position prevented it, and she was a helpless victim of the orgasm he forced on her.

It barely ebbed when he set her down, pulled out, and turned her roughly. She braced her hands on the tree and turned to look over her shoulder. His hair was wild, his breathing rapid, and his eyes were almost black. He looked like a demon, a dark pagan god. Kicking her legs apart he dipped his hips and slammed in, deeper than she thought possible.

Gina cried out and immediately he pulled out only to push back in. His hands moved, one holding her hip and the other sneaking around to brace two fingers against her clit. She closed her eyes, lost to the fantasy that indeed he was the wolf, claiming her. But, oh, god, the reality was so much better.

Deeply he thrust, filling her, taking her desire to a dark place. She rode the waves with him, thrusting back, begging for more with her body. His body listened, and he quickened his pace, thrusting hard and deep. In contrast, his fingers were a light kiss on her clit.

Her body, achy and sated yet hungry for more, galloped ahead and found the climax. She screamed with it, crying out wordlessly. She heard his breath hitch and his shout matched hers as he came, jerking impossibly deep inside her, pushing her orgasm onto the knife edge between pleasure and pain.

All too soon she sagged and he stepped forward, pressing her body between his and the tree. He kissed her check, nibbling at her ear until she turned her head. Capturing her in a kiss, he devoured her mouth, his hands gently stroking, his cock still hard inside her, softening only slightly.

"Who are you?" she asked weakly against his lips.

His last kiss was smacking. "A man who has desired you from afar for a very long time."

"Please, I must know."

"One day I will come to you, on your ranch, and let you see who I truly am. But tonight, just for tonight, we are but a fantasy. One I expect you to dream of every night until I return. Close your eyes."

She complied, sighing when he pulled back. She gripped the tree, listening to him move. "Why the games?" There was no response.

Turning, the clearing was empty. There was nothing, no sign of him, no wolf's cowl, no condom or ripped packet. Not even her ripped panties. She looked down but the paint was still there. She breathed a sigh of relief. It had been real, so real. Her body still burned from the pleasure and though she wanted to wait she tugged her bra up, tied her dress, and ran back towards the house.

It was pure dark, lit only by the sliver moon, and somewhere close an owl hooted. The trees grabbed at her cape, but she pressed on. She was quickly lost and stopped, forcing her breath to calm. Looking to the sky she saw the stars and oriented herself. Walking slowly eventually she found the path that led from the woods to town.

Soon the house was in sight, jack o' lanterns lining the path. The patio was empty and she went inside, searching each room. The same revelers, loud music, and food, but no wolf.

"Diane! Diane!" She called to the lady pirate.

Diane turned from a deep conversation with a man dressed as Raggedy Andy. "Yes?"

Gina stopped. "The man I was taking to, dressed as a skin walker, wolf cape-thing, who is he?"

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