tagNonHumanSometimes, Sex Bites

Sometimes, Sex Bites


The sound of someone knocking brought Dave out of his thoughts. With trepidation he slowly walked over to answer it. He was afraid it might be her coming back. He knew he couldn't handle it if she did. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Sarah through the peephole.

"I'm so glad to see you," he said as he opened the door.

"Why Dave, that's the nicest greeting you've ever given me. I'm flattered you feel that way," she said as she smiled and patted him on the shoulder. "Oh my God, Dave! What happened to your neck? It looks like a bite. Have you been bitten?"

"Yes I have. That's why I'm glad it's you. I was afraid she might be coming back."

"She? You were bitten by a woman?" Peering closely at the bite, she continued, "You've been bitten by a vampire, haven't you?"

"I didn't know she was a vampire when we met."

"How long ago did she bite you?"

"About twelve hours ago, I guess."

"Come with me, we still have time."

"Where are we going?"

"To see my mentor Robert."

After locking the front door, Dave watched as Sarah drew a strange pattern on the door with her finger, speaking softly. She then led him to her car, and they drove away. After a couple of minutes of silence, Dave spoke.

"Sarah, I'm so sorry."

"For what? This isn't your fault Dave."

"I'm sorry for not believing you. You've been trying to tell me for a long time about you and your friends. It's the 21st century and I just had a hard time believing in witches. After last night, I'll believe in anything."

"Don't be sorry about that," she said kindly, patting him on the leg. "It's a very hard story to believe. I could have given you proof, but I didn't want to scare you off."

"Was that a spell of some kind? What you did to my door?"

"Yes, it's a detection spell. I want to know when the vampire comes back."

"So, how long have you been a witch?"

"I started my training when I was seven. Robert's been my teacher from the start. He's a great man, I admire him a lot."

"Will I turn into a vampire now?"

"You shouldn't. We've found out early enough and there are things we can do. Robert will tell you more."

"Is he far?"

"No, just a few more minutes. Don't worry Dave, Robert knows more about vampire bites than anyone."

"Thanks," he said, taking her hand in his.

Soon they pulled up in front of a non-descript warehouse. As they walked up to the side entrance, Dave could see several stars painted on it. Sarah touched them in an odd order and the door opened. She pulled him inside, closed the door, and started towards the back, her heels clicking on the cement.

"His office is back here." She said.

As she walked, she scanned the semidarkness for movement. About ten feet from the office door, it opened and a man stepped out.

"Sarah, what are you doing here? I thought you were going to see Dave. Is this him?"

"Yes, this is Dave. He's been bitten by a vampire, Robert."

"Bring him in here."

They entered the office and Dave took the seat indicated. Robert took a magnifying glass out of the desk and examined Dave's neck.

"It looks recent. Last night I guess," he said.

"Yes," said Dave, "about 1:00 AM I think."

"They'll probably be coming back soon, they usually do," said Robert.

"I've put a detection spell on his door so we can find out who it is," said Sarah.

"She said her name was Arianna," replied Dave.

"Interesting. Sarah, I need you to start making the chiroptoxin potion. Amy's back in the lab, she can help you find the ingredients."

"Okay, Robert," Sarah said sadly.

It was obvious she didn't want to leave. She hesitated for a moment before leaving by a back door. After she was gone, Robert turned back to Dave.

"I had her leave for both your sakes. I need to know what happened last night and if it was Arianna, I know there are parts you don't want her to hear. Am I right?"

"Yes, but I'm not sure I can remember all the details."

"Not to worry. With your permission, I'm going to put a spell on you. It's similar to hypnosis, but more powerful. With this I could compel you to do things if I wanted. You'll also remember every detail of last night and tell it all to me, whether you want to or not."

Glancing at the back door, Dave replied, "I guess so."

"Don't worry she won't be back until long after we're done. That potion takes a while to make. Let me get set."

Robert turned off the overhead light, just leaving on the one next to Dave. He walked over to the desk and took out a small pouch from the middle drawer, putting it in his jacket pocket. Taking the chair from the desk, he sat down in front of Dave.

"Okay Dave, I'm going to be making a pattern in the air with my finger. I want you to watch my finger as it moves. Don't try to listen to me, you wouldn't understand it anyways. Just watch the finger."

"Alright, I'm ready."

Robert lifted his finger and began to move it about. At first Dave thought it was a figure eight; then it looked like the outline of a shamrock. Robert went through several other patterns, some he recognized, most he did not. Every once in a while, he heard Robert speaking softly and as he was told, he didn't understand the words. He was concentrating so hard on the finger, he didn't see Robert take the pouch out of his pocket, or reach into it and remove a bit of yellow powder.

Without warning, Robert lifted his other hand and blew the powder into Dave's face. Dave slumped back a little and closed his eyes.

"Okay Dave, I want you to think about last night and tell me everything. Start with were you were when you first met Arianna."

Dave began talking.


As usual for a Friday, I was at the club. I had just been turned down by a fourth woman for a dance, and I was sulking in the corner, drinking my scotch. I suddenly felt eyes on me and I glanced around but I couldn't see anyone looking at me. However, I just knew someone was. Then I saw her.

Standing in the shadows was the most striking woman I have ever seen. I'm not sure which was blacker; her waist length hair or her skin tight dress. Both were so black, they shone. She wore what looked like 5 inch heels that made her legs, encased in shimmering black nylons, look perfect. When I looked at her face, all I saw were the eyes; gleaming red eyes. I was sure it was a trick of the lights. Nobody has red eyes.

When she saw me looking, she started my way. It may sound funny, but watching her come towards me, her movements made me think of a predator. She didn't walk towards me, she stalked. Nobody else seemed to notice this, but I couldn't take my eyes off of her. The people on the dance floor appeared to part for her. Nobody blocked her movement. When she got next to me, she was giving me a look that can only be called wicked.

Silently she took my hand and led me over to the darkest part of the dance floor. As the next song started, an appropriately slow one, she took me in her arms and molded herself to me. I have never felt so much body to body contact before. It was then that I noticed her perfume. I don't know what it was; I've never smelled anything like it before. All I know is that it was the most arousing scent I've ever encountered. It made me think of one thing, and one thing only. SEX!

I felt myself begin to harden. I couldn't stop it, but I really didn't want to. I know she felt it because she rubbed herself against me harder. At the same time she was pressing her breasts against my chest, moving them in small circles. She had her face against the side of my head and was nibbling my ear. My moan was drowned out by the music. We danced, if you can call it that, for I don't know how long. Slowly my perception of my surroundings dimmed until all I was aware of was her. I no longer knew where I was except in the arms of this goddess. How far wrong that idea of her was, I had yet to find out.

I don't remember leaving the club. I don't remember driving. The next thing I knew, we were walking up the path to my house. As soon as we were inside, she pushed me up against the wall and kissed me hard. In all my years of living, I have never had a kiss like that. The passion in that kiss was almost indescribable. It felt like her tongue found every inch of my mouth. At one point I could have sworn it touched my throat. She was increasing my desire to a point far beyond anything I have ever felt. When we finally broke the kiss, she again stared at me with those red eyes.

We made our way back to the bedroom. She undressed me and sat me on the edge of the bed. She stepped out of her heels and pushed me back on the bed. I scooted up, lying in the middle of the bed, and she followed on her knees.

Sitting back on my thighs, she reached up and pulled on the zipper. Slowly a pair of magnificent breasts came into view. At first the dress was prevented from opening too far by catching on her nipples. Soon though, the pressure become too much and it popped open wide. For the first time I noticed her pendant. It was a silver pentagram. The breasts were creamy white flesh topped with bright red nipples. Reaching out I took one in each hand. They were as smooth as satin. I ran my hands all over them in slowly decreasing circles. After covering every inch, I made my way to her very stiff nipples. I gently squeezed each one between a thumb and forefinger.

She bent over and I took the right one in my mouth and sucked. The nub felt good against my tongue, which was now eagerly flitting back and forth across the tip while I sucked. This brought out sighs of contentment from her. She gently stroked the back of my head in encouragement. After tasting this one for a few minutes, I switched over to the other. Kissing, licking, and sucking only made her push her tit harder into my mouth. As I sucked, I bit down softly on her nipple. Her reaction to this was a loud moan and a breathy 'harder' escaping from her mouth. Encouraged by this, I bit quite hard. Back and forth between the two, I bit them in ever increasing strength. Soon I was amazed I wasn't biting them clean off, but all that I managed to do was leave a few teeth marks on the areola.

Sitting back up, she scooted back until she was between my legs. Bending over, she took my cock in her hands. Stroking it gently, she examined it thoroughly, bringing forth that wicked grin again. She leaned down and kissed the head. She then proceeded to lick it all over; head, shaft, and down to the balls. Only after she had covered every part of it with her saliva did she take it into her mouth.

The descent into her mouth was agonizingly slow. I wanted so much to just thrust my hips upward and bury myself fully, but I couldn't move. It was like all voluntary movement was gone. As she moved down, her tongue was caressing me on all sides. After what seemed like ages, I finally bumped into her throat. When I touched, there was still a bit of me outside of her mouth.

She never stopped for an instant. Continuing down, I could feel her throat open up as I pushed in. When she finally got me all the way inside, the head of my cock was lodged inside her throat. She paused for a moment and then swallowed. The movement sent pleasure waves radiating from the head, up through my cock, and expanding throughout my body. A huge groan escaped my mouth.

When she withdrew me from her, it was at a quicker rate. Soon I was out and she was licking all around the head. Stiffening her tongue, she flicked it across the top, teasing the peephole. Another groan burst forth.

Taking me back in her mouth, she began to stimulate me in ways I have never felt. First slow, then fast. Sucking hard and then kissing gently. My whole cock deep inside or just the head. Each new sensation was building rapidly on the last. She brought me close again and again, only to back off. The tension was getting to me.

After about fifteen minutes of this, she stopped and had me get up. Lying back on the bed, she encouraged me to crawl between her widely spread legs. Drawn in by her tantalizing aroma, I kissed my way up her right leg until I was at her down covered pussy. I inhaled long, enjoying her musky scent. Looking down I saw her pussy lips glistening with her dew.

With a loud groan, I plunged in and tried to devour her entirely. I licked and sucked, slurping up her womanly juices. I couldn't get enough. I now knew how an addict feels when he was out of his drug. Flicking her clit with my tongue, I shoved two fingers into her tight pussy. She clamped down on my digits, making it hard to thrust them in and out. After only a few minutes of this treatment, she was writhing on the bed. Keeping my tongue on her clit, I soon had her over the edge. She squeezed hard on my fingers and began to flood my face. The screech that left her throat should have been heard state wide.

When she had relaxed, I kissed my way up her body. I stopped briefly at her cute little navel. She giggled when I put my tongue in it. Continuing up, I started licking all around her breasts. She only let me do this for a moment before pulling me up for a kiss. When our lips met, electricity flowed between us. Our tongues dueled with themselves for entry into the other's mouth. Hers won and was soon exploring my oral cavity.

While still in the kiss, I was probing for her entrance with my cock. When I found it, I pushed hard. It was slow going as she was so tight, but I steadily sank further inside. When I was fully imbedded, she wrapped her legs around me and held on tight. I was amazed at the scorching heat she generated. With her juicing so much, I felt like I was being boiled.

I started moving in and out; slow, long strokes. Her vice like grip felt incredible. The friction made waves of pleasure shoot up my cock and fill me completely. In and out, in and out, a steady rhythm designed to heighten the excitement gradually. I looked down at her and she gazed back, piercing me to the core with those ruby red eyes.

She reached up and caressed my cheek, her eyes never leaving mine. The longer she gazed, the more I felt like I was losing control. I began to thrust faster; somehow I knew she wanted me to. I could see the pleasure in her eyes at my response to her unspoken command. She broke out in that wicked grin I remembered seeing before. It didn't stop at a grin, but grew into a wide smile. That's when I first saw her fangs.

Gleaming in the light, the points looked razor sharp. I suddenly realized I had been seduced by a vampire. I wanted to stop what we were doing and run as fast as I could, but I no longer had control of myself. Somehow she was directing all my efforts.

Thrusting at a furious pace now, I could feel myself getting quite close to coming. She must have known too as she reached up and pulled me down to her, turning my head to open up the neck. She licked my neck once, twice, then a third time. This triggered my eruption and holding myself against her, I spurted deep inside. As soon as I started to come, she bit my neck.

The pain was overwhelming. As I felt her drinking my blood, each shot of cum into her was excruciating. My voice was caught in my throat and I couldn't scream. I lay there in agony while she drained me in two places. Not soon enough, I stopped coming and she stopped drinking. She licked across the wound and this seemed to staunch the flow of blood.

With little effort, she rolled me off her and I lay there trying to catch my breath. She leaned over and propped her head on my chest.

"You do taste wonderful, my sweet man," she said. "I'm really going to enjoy having you in my stable."

"Why me?"

"No reason. You just looked good and I could tell you were alone. I actually felt sorry for you when nobody wanted to dance, so I made my move."

"I don't suppose there is anything I can do to stop this is there?"

"You can try, but I'm sure we both know that it's all futile. What Arianna wants, Arianna gets."

I just closed my eyes and lay there, waiting for her to leave. After several minutes she got up off the bed. When she got to the door, she paused. I looked over and she was glancing back at me over her shoulder.

"Sleep well my pet," she said. "You'll need your strength."

She turned and walked out. A minute later I heard the front door open and close. I lay there trying to remember everything I'd heard about vampires. Up until now I thought it was all just myths. Sadly, now I know better. What happened to someone bitten by a vampire? After an hour of futile thinking, I fell into a restless sleep.

The night was filled with dreams. At first I dreamt Arianna was back, giving me a fabulous blowjob, only this time when I came, she bit my cock off. This morphed into one of me eating her pussy. She was above me and produced so much juice that I was literally drowning. I then dreamt we were fucking. It started with her on top, riding me cowgirl. After a while we rolled over to missionary. As we finished our roll, I looked down and realized it was no longer Arianna, I was now fucking Sarah.

I was really enjoying this new development. I have to admit that this is something I have often thought about, but never had the guts to admit to anyone. In my dream, I was having fun, but she had a worried expression on her face. Soon we rolled over again. Back on top, she turned back into Arianna.

I looked up and saw her, fangs bared, moving in for a snack. Just before she got to my neck, I woke with a start. I was lying in my bed, the sheet twisted around me, drenched in sweat. I got up to get some water and tried to calm my beating heart. I didn't want to go back to sleep, for fear of more dreams, so I fixed myself something to eat. As I ate, I tried to decide what to do.

I thought about leaving and going into hiding, but I didn't know where to go. I thought about staying and fighting, but I have no idea how to fight a vampire. Then I heard the knock at the door. Looking through the peephole, I saw Sarah.


Dave was startled to be looking up at Robert. He had been reliving the experience as if he were there, now he was back.

"Arianna always did like to have fun with her victims," Robert said with a chuckle. "It gives her pleasure to take something as wonderful as sex and turn it into a frightening experience."

"So what do I do now?"

"The potion Sarah is making will counteract the saliva that was left behind. It'll prevent it from converting you to a vampire. Normally it takes three or four bites to fully convert someone. You're actually lucky it's October. Around Halloween, the vampires feed a lot. Arianna was not as hungry as she normally is so she didn't take very much blood."

"She took too much as far as I'm concerned."

They sat there for a few moments in silence. Sarah soon returned.

"The potion is almost done," she stated. "It just needs to brew for another..."

Sarah was interrupted by a loud banging on the door to the warehouse, followed closely by a scream. Robert and Sarah both ran to see what was going on, followed by Dave. Outside, a woman lay on the ground near Sarah's car, with a large dog hovering over her. It growled as they approached, then ran away.

As Robert knelt down to look at the woman, they heard a car squeal to a stop. Glancing at the road, they saw a woman grab Dave and shove him in the car. Before they could react, it sped away.

Hearing her cry, Robert looked at Sarah and saw her anguish.

"Do not fret my dear," he said, laying a hand gently on her shoulder. "We'll find him. I know all of Arianna's hangouts. I'm sure the coven will help us. We'll bring him back for you. I'd never let anything happen to your man.

Sarah blushed at this comment. Her feelings for Dave were quite apparent to Robert. She hoped that Robert was right and that they would find him before Arianna did further damage. If they didn't, she promised herself that Arianna would regret the day she went after Dave.

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