tagIncest/TabooSometimes the Good Guy Wins Ch. 02

Sometimes the Good Guy Wins Ch. 02


Chapter one is in Erotic Couplings. All roads truckers travel seem to have twists and turns. This one is just like that.

I did the laundry, scrubbed the inside of my sleeper and finally erased the smell of Linda and Donna. Mom made my favorite of her dinners, Meatloaf with hard boiled eggs baked inside it. The veggies were from her garden and none of them were green beans. We talked about farming, about the people I knew from when I lived there and then Dad asked about Donna.

"Son, tell me about a woman you know named Donna."

"Donna? What makes you think I know a woman named Donna?"

"She called here about two hours before you arrived. Your Momma answered the phone." He stopped. He wasn't going to say more until I told him what he wanted to know.

Mom said, "She asked if you were here yet. I asked who she was and she told me her story. I want to hear your story."

I told them a short and "G" rated version. They listened without interruption. I finished with, "I left the two of them at the truck stop and came here."

Donna said to tell you that you are welcome in their house anytime. In fact she made it quite clear it was a strong invitation."

"I'd be happy to stop with them for a day or so when I'm back that way again."

"You're dense sometimes." Dad said. "They want you back as more than a house guest!"

"From the smells coming out of your rig today I think they tasted the hospitality of your truck." Mom added.

"That was more than a taste!" Dad said with a smile.

"I suppose you want to go with him when he goes to Grand Island?"

"Nope. I want to die and be buried here in Wyoming. Something tells me meeting those two women would get me the heart attack doc Fredricks has been promising me."

"If it didn't, I'd kill you myself when you got back." Mom said. Dad slowly got up and made his way to Mom's chair, helped her stand and kissed her saying, "I've been pretty happy for forty-eight years kissing only you. Why change?"

"We've been married fifty-one years."

"I didn't say I'd been happy all the years we've been married. Forty-eight's pretty good tho." She slapped his shoulder and he flinched like she'd hurt him, grinning the whole time.

I did the dishes and slept in the second house. There is an energy around home that I've never felt anywhere else. Sure, there are snakes and spiders and other dangers in Wyoming, but on Dad's farm I've always felt safe. He and Mom have lived in their house for well over forty years and no snake has ever entered the house. I slept feeling totally at peace and safe.

Just after noon my sister drove in and parked her truck at the hitching rail in front of the second house. She walked in, looked around and said, "Maybe there should be a class for men to learn about arranging furniture." I was in the kitchen and heard her.

"If there was such a class only dumb men would take it. The rest of us know that wherever we put furniture, you'll want it moved."

She met me in the doorway between the living room and the kitchen. We hugged and she thanked me for helping. By then Mom opened the door and came in.

"He helped himself, too. Your brother has two new women in his life."

She was still standing with her arms around me. Her head turned and she looked in my eyes. "One as good as ..." I shook my head and said, "Different. That's Ok. I'm different too."

Mom said she had lunch ready. The four of us ate together and stayed in the kitchen for hours. We got the story of the end of LeeAnn's marriage, her trip to visit her daughter in Atlanta, my trip home and Dad's last visit to the doctor. When it was time Mom started cooking dinner. LeeAnn helped. Dad and I went for a walk. Out the back door, around the barn twice and back inside. He asked when I needed to be back on the road. I told him I needed to be gone the next day.

"Tell Momma at dinner. She needs to prepare herself."

"Dad, should I come by more often?"

"Your Momma would appreciate it." He didn't look at me when he said it. I knew him well enough to know he was really saying he would like it too. I promised myself to get home more often.

Back in the house LeeAnn was discussing if Momma should keep doing all the cooking or if LeeAnn should do a night or two a week. Dad and I went back outside and sat on the porch.

Half an hour passed and LeeAnn came out to get us. "Come eat." She said.

I expected her to remind us to wash up, but we went straight to the sink and did it without the reminder. Dinner was pretty quiet. I asked Dad if he knew the weather report for the next day. Momma put her fork down and asked, "Does that mean you'll be leaving tomorrow?"

I quoted Dad, "If the weather's good and the creek don't rise, I'll be on the road tomorrow."

I watched her eyes fill without spilling. She said, "I'm making biscuits and gravy in the morning with hen fresh eggs. You can stay long enough to eat a good breakfast can't you?"

I nodded. My head said leave by dawn. My heart answered Momma. I'd be lucky to be starting the truck by eleven.

We stayed with Mom and Dad until eight. Mom made a dismissal wave of her hand in the direction of the second house and LeeAnn caught it. Dad didn't see it. We excused ourselves and walked to the second house.

As we walked LeeAnn hooked my arm and said, "I've missed you."

"I've missed you, Momma, Dad, my wife and sleeping somewhere besides in my truck."

We sat on the porch and talked a long time. She told me parts of the story about her marriage she didn't tell Mom and Dad. I figured next time I was in the area I'd pay him a visit. Or, maybe I'd pay someone to pay him a visit. No one should abuse their wife the way he hurt LeeAnn. She had been hospitalized three times because he hit her. She had a bridge so her three missing teeth didn't show. He had broken four ribs when he was drunk. And, she stayed. Then, when the secretary showed up pregnant, she had had enough.

It was late and I said I'd sleep in the truck. There was only one bed in the second house. Even though it was forty degrees I'd already run power to the truck so I didn't need to run the engine to stay warm. LeeAnn gave me a hug and I went to the truck. She went inside her new home.

It didn't take long and I was in bed, snug and warm.

In the middle of the night I heard and felt the door open and someone climb into the truck. I didn't move. I knew the keys to the truck were well hidden if whoever it was wanted to steal the truck. I also knew my 9mm was easy to reach.

The curtain opened a little and LeeAnn stood in front of me. She had a long flannel nightgown on. She closed the curtain and slid into bed with me. She draped my arm over her body and I thought of how Donna had done the same thing. She didn't tuck my hand between her breasts, but she did hold my hand.

A minute later she whispered, "Thank you, Nick."

I responded by going to sleep. At seven my alarm woke us. I shut it off and said, "Please tell me why you came to bed with me last night."

"I was laying in bed thinking and knew if I snuggled safe in your arms I could sleep. I was safer last night than I've slept in twenty years. Thank you."

"Think Momma will understand?"

"I ought to get in the house and dressed before she's up?"

"I'd like to see that happen. Momma knows what time it was when you opened the door to the truck. She probably knows what you're wearing, too."

"Maybe she's not as sharp as she used to be?" LeeAnn got up and as quietly as she could stood up. The sound of a hand slapping on the side of the sleeper stopped her. Momma's voice said, "Up and attum! Breakfast will be on the table in ten minutes, you two!"

Through a crack between the curtains we watched Momma walk back to the house. I dressed quickly and shaved and brushed my teeth. LeeAnn climbed down and went into the second house to dress. I waited for her. I was not going to walk into Momma's kitchen alone.

LeeAnn came out in jeans, boots a flannel shirt and a jacket. We walked to the house and up the stairs into the kitchen. Dad was sitting at the table already. Momma stood at the stove.

"Sit already!" She said without turning.

She served us plates of food that would feed three normal people. Then she sat next to Dad and said, "Let me guess. Sleeping in the second house with the strange noises and it being the first real night of being alone, unmarried and a little scared was too hard. You slept with Nick because there's no safer place for anyone than right there."

LeeAnn cried. I didn't, but I heard the compliment and was touched by it.

"Momma, " LeeAnn said, "You understand completely."

"Your breakfast is getting cold."

Dad shared what had learned from the weather channel. I had three days to get to Los Angeles, then a storm would hit from the Oregon border to Mexico. The phone rang. Momma looked at her phone and said, "It's from Winston-Salem." Then before any of us moved or said anything she picked it up.


"Yes, she was here."

"Yes, she told me about your accident."

"The accident where you got caught making someone you aren't married to pregnant."

"She didn't say where she was going next and she didn't say when she was coming back. Maybe her lawyer can tell you what you need to know."

"Yes, I think it was a truck of some kind I saw her driving."

"I need to finish my breakfast now. I don't want it to get cold." She hung up. All three of us wished we'd heard his side of the conversation. Momma sat down and took a bite. She chewed slowly and when she swallowed she said, "Don't tell me where you're going. If he calls back I don't want to lie when I say I don't know where either of you is."

I looked at LeeAnn and she looked at me.

LeeAnn asked, "Are you telling me to go with Nick? Live in the truck with him?"

Momma put down her fork and said, "Ever since we buried Nick's wife you've wanted to get in the truck, leave your husband and be safe again. We'll keep your stuff. All I ask is that you visit more than once a year."

LeeAnn turned to me. Her eyes sparkled and she said, "Momma knows everything. She even knows I love you."

"I'm your big brother. You're supposed to love me." I said, sidestepping her real message.

"Can I go with you?"

"I want you to go out to the sleeper. Check out the room for your stuff. That's all the room there is. Nothing goes in the trailer, that's where we make money. If you can live with just that much space, you can come."

She didn't even take her plate to the sink. Dad said, "I'll do the dishes. Go get ready!"

I followed LeeAnn to the truck. I showed her three places she didn't know about to stash things. It was eight-thirty in the morning. At five minutes until ten we hugged Dad and Momma and I put the truck in gear. They waved until we made the turn back towards Cheyenne.

An hour passed and I focused on driving. LeeAnn was quiet. Finally I was in an area where the roads were better and the day clear. I asked, "What are you thinking?"

"Momma knows that we're gonna sleep together."

"We slept together last night."

"Last night I was in flannel."

"Didn't you bring flannel?" I asked.

"No. Flannel is for when there's no one to keep you warm. I wanted to take it off last night."


"There are only three people who know were brother and sister. Momma, Dad and my soon-to-be-ex-husband. For everyone else we easily pass and husband and wife, if I go back to my maiden name."

At the truck stop in Cheyenne I bought her a cap and a bandana. We bought stuff so we could make a few meals on the road and we got on the interstate headed west. She followed our progress on the maps. I used the GPS and taught her about the truck, the laws and about living with me.

"LeeAnn, don't weird out if I spent five or six hours quiet. I'm a pretty focused driver. If there are a fair number of vehicles around I don't really want to talk. Between here and Salt Lake City, we can talk. Most of the traffic is trucks. But, we also have to be aware of the weather."

"Can I get a book about weather so I can learn what different weather looks like?"

"Yes. Maybe a truck stop will have a book like that."

"What else?"

"I don't like green beans. Every restaurant in America serves green beans as the vegetable side with their meals. When you cook, please don't make green beans."

"Ok. No green beans."

If I have a one day or two day lay-over that's when I'll do laundry, unless I run out of clothes to wear. If you want to do laundry while I'm doing business, I'd appreciate it."

She went in the back and came back with a notebook. The rest of the day I talked, she made notes and asked questions. At a truck stop near Rawlins Wyoming I was at my limit. I pulled into a truck stop and parked after I fueled up. We wandered around the stop and LeeAnn said, "This is the world you live in."

I nodded. We ate in their restaurant and one of the waitresses remembered me. She came by our table and introduced herself. "Hi, I'm Cathy, a friend of Nick's."

LeeAnn smiled back and said, "I'm LeeAnn. I'm Nick's new driving partner."

"I wondered when he was gonna find you. It's nice to meet you." She walked off, smiling.

"She wondered when you were gonna find me? What's that all about?"

"She knew... When she died she saw me hurt for a long time. I think she's happy to see me happy again."

"It still hurts so much you can't say her name most of the time. I'm sorry."

"Yeah. Well, maybe I should call your soon-to-be-ex-husband and thank him for giving you back to me."

"Did I do Ok with Cathy?"

"Yeah, fine. Let's keep it at driving partner for a few trips and then you can use the name and wear a ring."

She looked at her finger and saw the pale stripe where the ring had been a week ago. "I still have the rings."

I shook my head. "When the time comes, I'll buy you the rings I want you to wear."

We finished dinner, shopped for things in the store and went back to the truck. She climbed in first. I watched her jean covered butt climb in. The guy in the truck beside me rolled down his window and asked, "You pickin up hitchers now?"

"Nope. You can get into all kinds of trouble doing that. This is my new partner."

"Damn! You did well. Can she do paperwork?"

"I sure hope so!" We laughed and I climbed in, closing the door behind me. I drew the curtains and LeeAnn said, "Truckers are a bit raw aren't they?" I nodded. She had already stashed our purchases. We sat on the edge of the bed looking at the curtain.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"Your sister! What kind of question is that?"

I got a t-shirt for her and handed it to her. Five seconds passed. She said, "Ask me again."

"Who are you?"

"Your new driving partner." I smiled and said, "Are you undressing me or am I undressing you?"

"Can we do each other?"

"Yes. You need to tell me often you're my partner. I couldn't do this with a sister."

"Momma said it was what she wanted."

"It ain't Momma that's here. It's you. How do you feel about this?"

She stood and unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, lowering them to the floor. She took my hand and pressed it against her mound. Her panties were moist. "I got moist when we started walking back to the truck."

"Oh." I said. I stood and helped her take off her shirt. When it was off I saw the laciest bra I'd ever seen, barely hiding the breasts I'd last seen when she was thirteen changing into her bathing suit. They'd grown some since then.

"I'm shaking inside." She said.

"Me too." My hands helped her unhook the bra and then slid the straps off her shoulders. The bra fell to the floor. "They were better twenty years ago." She offered.

"Weren't we all." I leaned in and kissed my new partner's mouth. My arms went around her body. In between kisses my shirt came off, then my jeans. We stayed on top of the covers and explored each of our bodies. She found and remembered the scar on my left thigh where Billy Whitacker whacked me with a weed cutter in the summer after eighth grade. I found the scar where she cut herself shaving her legs when she was thirteen and Momma had to take her to the doctor for stitches. I found out how sensitive her breasts were to gentle hands and lips. She found out how quickly I respond to hands, lips, tongue and intentions.

She sucked me until I was ready to pop and then asked if I wanted her lips or her hips.

""Ladies choice, this time." I said.

My cock popped back into her mouth and she sucked me like it was the best thing she had ever done. She looked up at my face as my load shot into her mouth and I saw a tear slip down her cheek.

I tried to pull back. She wrapped her arms around my hips and held me in her mouth until I was soft. Her tongue and suction cleaned me up before she released me. She asked, "Why did you try to pull back?"

"You were crying."

"I've wanted to do that with you since I was fourteen! Those were tears of joy!"

"Oh. We're not done yet, you know?"

"Really? What's next?"

"I'll show you." I kissed her and she acted surprised. Then I kissed her neck, shoulders and started down her chest.

"It's really Ok that I sag?"

"I didn't notice. Now shut up and see if you can enjoy what I'm doing." I moved down and took her breast in my mouth. She moaned and held my head. Her legs wrapped around my hips and squeezed.

My face moved to her other breast. She moaned again. My tongue found a scar near her areola and when I touched it with my tongue she said, "Frank did it. He bit me once when he was drunk and mad at me." I moved away from the scar and played with her nipple.

When I shifted lower she said, "Are you headed down there?"

I repeated, "Shut up and see if you can enjoy what I'm doing." She put both her hands over her mouth. I moved lower and tongued her navel. She wiggled and moaned. I shifted lower still and hooked my arms under her thighs, opening her legs just enough for the delicious odor de arousal to reach my nose. I dipped my tongue into her slit and tasted her for the first time.

Her hands left her mouth and grabbed my ears. "Oh God! Nick, lick me!"

I did. I touched everything my tongue could reach and she opened to give me access to anything she had. It wasn't long before she screamed in her first orgasm with me. Then it wasn't long before she screamed again. Her hands pulled my wet face away from her wetness and moved to the drawer near the bed. Donna and Linda had left me nine condoms.

I used one and LeeAnn kissed me as we mated for the first time. I kissed back and we made it last as long as we could. All the suppressed and long wanted feelings arrived and flooded both of us. When I came we both had tears in our eyes. We stayed coupled until there was danger the sperm I had released would find their way out of the condom and into LeeAnn.

When I cleaned up I crawled into our bed and snuggled with LeeAnn. In seconds we were warm and asleep. The alarm went off and we both jumped. I said, "Hurry, get dressed Momma's coming!"

LeeAnn started to jump out of bed and stopped, slapping me as she stopped. "Momma knows we did it last night." She said.

"I'm convinced Momma knows everything."

"Then she knows I need to pee." LeeAnn climbed over me and sat on the small toilet just a step away from the bed. She peed and flushed then came back to bed. "This is going to be a problem." I said.


"Getting started in the morning. I want to stay in bed and play with your body."

"How far do we need to get today?"

"Las Vegas."

"Do you like how I taste?" I watched her finger dip into her honey. I nodded and said, "I love how you taste." Her finger went into my mouth and I sucked. As I sucked she said, "I'll watch the odometer and each time you go a hundred miles you get a taste. When we're parked in Las Vegas you get all of me. You get the truck ready and I'll make breakfast." She dressed and started learning our micro-kitchen. I got ready to go, started the truck and got it warmed up.

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