tagLoving WivesSometimes You Just Need To Scratch

Sometimes You Just Need To Scratch


After our argument and session on Thursday night Donna went on a rampage of sorts. The kids were pawned off to their friends for a sleep over on Saturday night and Friday after work she ran around like a chicken with her head cut off. I was almost afraid at what Donna might be planning for Saturday.

When she came back with four bottles of wine, Ready whip and a plain brown paper stuffed to overflowing, I got interested. When she threw handcuffs and leg restraints on the bed, I got concerned, very concerned.

"Hey babes," I said holding up the pair of fur lined handcuffs. "Something you want to tell me?"

"Don't worry, they're not for tonight but they were on sale and were too good a deal to pass up. Besides, who says we can't spice up our vanilla sex a bit anyway," she said walking over to me and shoving her tongue so far down my throat she had to taste what I'd had for lunch.

"If she brings out a cat of nine tails I'm out of here," I said to myself half jokingly but was afraid just the same.

You'd think by my concerns I was a real stick in the mud and only liked vanilla sex with me on top in a missionary position. Not true, but the thought of being whipped or spanked didn't do a thing for me either. I had my fantasies and more than once thought about one or two while Donna and I were making love; but they were still, just fantasies. I would be embarrassed as hell if Donna knew even half the things that went through my head at one time or another. After all, I was a guy wasn't I? I was allowed to let my mind wander; as long as I didn't act on them everything was still cool.

With a bottle and a half of wine at dinner I guess Donna was setting the stage for tonight's activities. I didn't know if the wine was for my benefit or hers, so I just drank it and went with the flow.

When we finally made it upstairs, with what was left of the second bottle of wine, and were naked lying in bed kissing when she made her request.

"Steve, I want to see how many times you can get me off tonight. You can use fingers, tongue your dick and anything else you want to, but I just want to see how many times you can do it, ok?" she said kissing me again. I bought whip cream, chocolate syrup and caramel topping to help you in your quest," she said showing me what she had lined up on her night table. "Whatever else you need, and if I don't have it, I can always pick it up next week."

I thought it was a joke at first, but when she kept going on and on, I finally figured out she was serious.

"What is this, some kind of test?" I said looking at her. "I hope it's pass / fail because I never did well on tests unless the curve was in my favor, and tonight I don't think it was."

Donna pulled out a pair of silk straps and fastened them to her wrists. "Attach them to the head board", she told me. "Don't make them too tight or fasten them too high on the headboard. I want this to be enjoyable not hurtful," she instructed as she helped me. With her restrained, Donna then asked that I put the blindfold on her. "I don't want to see what's happening, I just want to experience it," I was told.

So it began.

I did and used it all over the next three hours. I licked her clit, sucked her pussy until my lips were numb and my tongue fell off. I know I had to have gained at least two pounds from just the shit I ate. "I'll never look at Ready Whip again without getting hard," I said to myself as I now worked on her pussy with her black dildo as I licked the rest of the chocolate off her swollen clit.

After her first orgasm I tried my best to keep her up there. Every once in a while I needed a little rest, that's when I relied on either her second or third string quarterbacks.

I was getting tired and after noticing that we'd been at it for over two hours I was about ready to quit. "Just one more," I said to myself as I grabbed her red vibrator and lubed it up, still continuing to work the dildo in and out of a moaning Donna's pussy.

With one full twist, the first couple of inches went in past her anal ring. Dripping a generous amount of oil on the crack of her ass and twisting it another couple of times, all six inches disappeared.

Donna paused for a brief moment and I thought for a split second that I'd pushed it in too far before she cried out, "oh my God."

I turned it on high.

She moaned, she screamed, she buckled under me as I worked both holes without any mercy. She screamed out something when I gnawed on her clit before I buried each in their respective cavity.

There was a silent pause before Donna raised her ass off the bed, to get that last fraction of an inch more in her holes, and then fell motionless back on the bed.

I think she was done. I sure as hell knew I was.

"No more. Steve no more," came her feeble cry as I released her hands still leaving on the blindfold.

"You hear that guys, she's done; you can all go home now," I said out loud while chuckling to myself.

It was a couple of minutes more before Donna moved to take the blindfold off.

"I died, went to heaven and finally fell back to earth," she said sitting up. "The only thing I want is a hot shower and a little rest," she said wiping the sweat from her face into her hair. "You really outdid yourself tonight. As soon as I finish my shower, you're going to get the best blowjob you've ever had or imagined in your wildest dreams," she said moving a little slowly making her way to the bathroom.

While lying on the bed, awaiting my payment, I just stared up at the textured ceiling. I knew I was in for a real treat and don't get me wrong I was looking foreword to it, but something was missing.

True to her word, Donna caved in the top of my head and turned my dick inside out. With a knotted handkerchief stuck up my butt, I must have gotten off three times before it was completely out of my ass. I eventually had to tell her to stop because I was too sensitive and empty to go any further. We slept in each other's arms and only broke when one of us had to make a bathroom run. I had never experienced anything quite like that, but found that fantasy was still better than reality.

Every week we kept taking it up a notch. Donna found that she like to have a porno movies always playing when we has sex. MF, FFM, MMF, FF and even MMMF we watched them all. I balked at the movie with the two guys doing it because it did less than nothing for me.

"You think that's fair? I watched the one with the two girls getting it on."

"To me that was hot, this one is just plain sick."

We turned it off and ejected it.

It now seemed we had a party to go to every weekend. If it wasn't us, it was one of her friends from work, a neighbor or a friend of a friend. There was always an open bar and a ton of food to eat. When I tried to back off one Saturday and stay home, Donna said that she'd promised Ronda and we were bringing the dip and chips.

Don't get me wrong, the sex was always mind blowing now, but that's all it was; sex. I really missed the slow intimate love making sessions we used to have but no longer had. The nonstop kissing, the gentle caresses and the togetherness of two people in love.

The thing I really hated though was that Donna kept using that huge black dildo whenever we didn't do it. It was keeping her pussy stretched out and made her way too loose for my comfort.

"Donna, I don't want you using Mr. Happy any more. I'm not nearly as big as it is, and I miss the tightness of how your pussy used to feel."

"Steve, when you're not around and I need to take the edge off, Mr. Happy fills the bill, so to speak."

"It may take the edge off, but lately I feel like I'm fucking the Holland Tunnel. Use your damn vibrator for a while, at least until you shrink back to size," I told her.

"You can always use my ass if you want something that tight."

"If all I wanted to do was fuck someone's ass, I guess I could turn gay and take a lover," I said sarcastically. "Just lay off Mr. Happy for a while."

All right I didn't like the look she gave me, but at this point I didn't care. Sex had become something like an Olympic event around our house and I'd given up trying to win the gold metal.

After two more weeks of hearing an echo when I fucked Donna I took care of the problem myself. One morning I grabbed it from her nightstand and on my way to work, I unintentionally dropped it out the window of my car. I was going to say, "Free at last, free at last thank God free at last," but thought that would be pushing it.

I thought Donna would say something or at least ask me if I knew where it was, but she didn't. After another two weeks she was smaller but nowhere near she'd been before. She had either bought a 'Mr. Happy #2' or was doing something I sure as hell hoped she wasn't doing.

I tore our fucking bedroom apart, when I took off early one day and beat her home by a couple of hours. I found a ton of other toys, videos and a few things I wasn't too sure what they were. All I knew was that they had to be sex related, since everything now revolved around it. I would have preferred to find three Mr. Happys than to think that there was a possibility that Donna could be using a human Mr. Happy.

It just wasn't something I wanted to consider possible at this time. But I now kept both eyes open.

When we went to parties now I watched her like a hawk. I watched her e-mails and checked out the history file on our computer daily. When I found nothing suspicious after a couple of weeks I just figured I was imagining it that is until we made love Friday night.

We were going at it hot and heavy as always. She'd all ready climaxed once when I climbed on board and started to do my thing; that's when I stopped, got off her and turned on the light.

"Donna, what the fuck is going on? Your pussy's the size of the God damn Grand Canon for Christ's sakes," I said maybe a bit too loud.

"Steve, hold your voice down. I don't think our children need to hear about our sex life."

"Donna, it's been six weeks since we had this discussion and your pussy is as large now, if not larger, than it was back then, what the hell is going on?"

"Well I've still been using Mr. Happy once in a while, " she started to say before I yelled bullshit.

"I got rid of that dildo weeks ago when you wouldn't and there's not another one in this house; I looked," I told her. "Try another story," I said getting more pissed off now.

Without a word, Donna got out of the bed, raised up the mattress on her side and pulled out another black dildo; even bigger than the original Mr. Happy.

"Are you happy now?"

"You're fucking sick," I said putting on my shorts. "It must give you a lot of pleasure sleeping on top of it knowing that when my game isn't up to snuff, you have a reserve quarterback that would always fill the bill," I said grabbing my two pillows.

"Where are you going?"

"Away from you before I say something I won't be able to take back."

I threw my pillows on the guest room bed and before I could shut and lock the door Donna was standing in the doorway.

"Steve, don't be so childish, come back to bed."

"Why, does your ass need some attention? I sure as hell don't do it for you in the other hole anymore," I said pushing her back. "Leave me the fuck alone," I said shutting the door and locking it.

"Steve, Steve, open up this door," Donna said kicking it now. "Fine, pout see the hell if I care."

"That went well," I told myself as I got into the bed and roughed up the pillows. That conversation was long over due but now a million things started going through my head. Sleep, sleep is what I needed to get my mind clear; everything will look better in the morning I thought, but it didn't.

Donna was in a piss ass mood and even makeup couldn't hide the dark circles under her eyes. I hadn't slept much either, but at least I didn't look that bad, I hoped anyway.

"You finished acting like a child?" she said pouring herself a cup of coffee.

"You done acting like a ho?" I replied pissing her off even more as she threw her cup of coffee at me. Luckily I sidestepped it getting only a few drops on me. "Who's acting like a child now?"

I left for work before the kids came down and before it got even uglier. A drag out fight wasn't going to happen this morning, if I had anything to say about it, so I just left. Four e-mails and three voice mails didn't make me want to run home tonight after work either.

When she wrote in one of her e-mails that she must have hurt my itty-bitty ego I almost lost it. I tried to think of a good comeback but just ended up telling her, "go fuck herself Donna. Oh I'm sorry, that's right; you're doing that all ready. Touché," I thought to myself.

Donna was still in one of her moods when I got home. She was in the kitchen as the kids watched television and played on the computer. I went upstairs, changed and puttered around in the garage so I wouldn't have to talk to her.

Dinner was pretty quiet as I asked the kids about their day as Donna burned holes in me with her eyes. I did the dishes as always and settled into my chair with the newspaper. I'm not a slow reader, but I wanted the paper to last as long as possible. Did you know the temperature in Tobago was only seventy-two degrees? I was running out of things to do when I thought, screw it at about 9:30.

I flossed, brushed my teeth and got my clothes ready for tomorrow all under the watchful eye of my loving wife.

"Do you want to talk?" Donna asked as I grabbed a clean pair of boxers for tomorrow.

"Not really, I think I said it all last night; I don't know what I could add to it."

"That's not fair. You have to look at it from my point of view also."

I was stunned and sat on the bed; this I've to hear.

"All right Donna I'm all ears."

She went on to tell me how in the past she didn't bug me every time she wanted or needed sex because she knew that a lot of the times I was either tired or not in the mood. She then went on to tell me how her using her little toys made our marriage stronger and finally admitting she'd felt this way for over three years.

I listened in amazement as Donna laid it all out for me, or in other words, came clean for once in our marriage.

Was I in shock? Hell that doesn't begin to describe how I felt at this moment. Humiliated, inadequate and a few other choice words came to mind as I let her finish before saying a word.

"Wow, I never would have guess it, you really are one great actress Donna," I said trying not to sound too sarcastic. At least now I know where I stand with you," I told her standing up. "Donna, I have just one more question for the night, how many guys, besides me that is, have you bedded since we got married? Since I've been such a disappointment to you all these years, there must have been at least a half dozen or so. You can't expect me to believe that you've been true to me and Mr. Happy all this time," I said in a disgusted voice.

"Steve, you've got it all wrong," she tried to say or explain but I'd heard about all I wanted to hear for one night.

"I'm really surprised you stuck with me all these years, it must have been unbearable for you to know that you married someone who could never keep up with or satisfy you. I would have dumped my ass a long time ago."

"Steve, I've never cheated on you."

"And I'm supposed to believe that? After everything I've found out over the past few months? I maybe under sexed compared to you, but I'm not a total fucking idiot," I told her. "Right now I don't give a rats ass what you do anymore, just keep the fuck away from me," I said walking out of our bedroom and into our guest room. I guess I shouldn't have slammed the door as hard as I did, and probably woke the kids, but I was pissed, angry and a hundred other emotions.

"Steve, please," I heard Donna say on the other side of the door but my brain was already at warp drive processing the details of the last four years of my marriage and what I wanted going foreword.

Most guys would probably say that they'd give their eyeteeth to have a hot wife like mine who thought about sex all the time. Don't they say a guy thinks about sex every thirty seconds? Well right now that was the last thing I wanted on my mind.

Did I think Donna had cheated on me? Damn right, she must have, even though I didn't have a speck of proof. My next nightmare was that maybe I wasn't the real father of my kids; and that one hurt a lot as I played one after another scenario's in my head. I was now an official basket case.

For the second night in a row I didn't sleep worth a damn. I did get up early enough that I at least didn't have to worry about running into Donna. I was out of the house before 6:30 and stopped at McDonald for breakfast.

I wasn't worth a shit all day long. I tried to stay away from everyone but my open door seemed to be an invitation to everyone who walked down the hall. I finally shut it. Five o'clock came and went as I sat at my desk looking at my computer completely oblivious to what was on the screen. At 7:00 I got up and found my way out to my car and spend the next twenty minutes deciding what to do next.

How I ended up at Tony's I haven't a clue. I think the car drove itself to where I wanted to be. The first two beers went down awful fast and the next two just found their own way down my throat. I sipped on the fifth one and I never finished the sixth as the bartender cut me off, took my keys and called a cab.

I guess I told him where I lived or maybe he looked through my wallet, anyway I made it home but it was dark and late. I tried to focus on my watch but all I saw was a round glass knob on my wrist.

"It's about time," Donna yelled out as she opened the door. "Do you know how worried I was," she started to say but stopped. "Are you drunk?"


"Get in here," she shouted as she pulled me in the door. "Look at yourself, you can barely stand for Christ's sakes. I hope you're proud of yourself."

I slept on the couch. There was no way I could have made it up the stairs with or without Donna's help.

I only puked twice last night. The first time I gave up my breakfast, lunch and the rest of the beer I drank. However, the second time I was sure I saw half a lung and my liver in the toilet before I flushed. By 5:30 I was done trying to sleep so I took a long shower, got dressed and called a cab. At lunch I had some one drive me over to get my car but still didn't want to put anything in my stomach. I thought about going home early, but ended up still at my desk at 6:00. Donna's e-mail said it all.

"Are you coming home for dinner or are you going to drink yours again tonight?"

It was just cutting and sarcastic enough to make her point about the previous night. I e-mail back that I would be home, but not to wait dinner on me. I left the office at about twenty after six and took the scenic route home; no use rushing home to what I know awaited me.

Donna was just finishing cleaning up the kitchen when I walked through the door. I went to the living room to greet my kids who gave me the normal quick look and greeting as they continued playing their video games. "I can see they really missed me," I thought to myself as I avoided Donna's stare and went upstairs to change.

I was whipped to say the least. I hadn't got hardly any sleep in the past two nights and knew Donna was primed for another discussion tonight, so I just sat on the bed and waited for her. I must have fell asleep because she shook me awake sometime after 9:30.

"Steve, wake up," she said shaking me.

It took me a moment or two to get my brain working again as I finally realized where I was.

"We need to talk, and I don't want to do it upstairs. I'll meet you downstairs in the den," she said walking out the door.

I sat up, rubbed my eyes and got to my feet. You know how you feel when you're woken out of a deep sleep and you're a little foggy? That's how I felt slowly walking down the hall to the stairs. Donna was sitting on the chair across from the couch when I walked in and shut the door. I flopped down on the couch and got ready for an ass chewing.

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