Son You Know We Shouldn't Ch. 05


Jennifer felt the onset of her third orgasm of the day; this time the feelings came from everywhere; her pussy, her lips, her tongue, her thighs, her body; her whole being was tingling with sexual energy. Suddenly her vagina spasmed and her clit began to radiate powerful surges of sexual pleasure. She pulled David into her and ground her cunt against him, jackhammering her heels against his buttocks and scouring his back with her fingernails. She crushed her lips against his and sucked on his tongue, panting and groaning into his mouth.

David felt his sister's vagina convulse and begin to milk him of his seed. Hot sperm flowed from his penis deep inside her hot sopping cunt. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight against him as he emptied himself inside her, responding to her needs, luxuriating in the feel of her fully-clothed body against his bare skin.

Muffled moans of delight filled the bedroom as brother and sister came together in a passionate embrace.

They remained locked together until they were both spent. Jennifer released her leg-lock and David was able to move his body a little. He kept his slowly deflating penis inside her and broke their passionate kiss. He stroked her hair and gently rained kisses on her face. He was sweating profusely and Jennifer's suit was stained with his perspiration. Her crotch was soaked and a concoction of semen and vaginal juices which seeped from her cunt and ran down the crack of her arse. Her thighs were sticky, her stockings-tops damp. But she was happy. Satiated.

They were both reluctant to break the embrace and they continued to kiss and explore each other with their tongues, lips and fingers. David helped Jennifer remove her jacket and lifted the camisole off her body. He unclasped her brassiere and found her large soft breasts with his fingertips and then his mouth.

Neither had said a word; they were lost in their post-coital reverie. Jennifer felt her bruised and swollen pussy begin to moisten with renewed excitement; David's attentiveness to her breasts hastened her arousal. She felt David's cock, which had never really become flaccid, harden and thicken inside her.

"God you're an animal!" she whispered into his mouth.

"You have no idea!" David replied, and suddenly pulled himself out of his sister's embrace.

Before she could react he pulled Jennifer to her feet and spun her around; he pushed her and she fell forward, forced to hold on to the desk for support. Jennifer was bent over the desk, naked to waist, her skirt rucked up, her long legs clad in the dark hose; her high-heels skittered on the floor as she tried to keep her balance.

David grabbed her waist and kicked her feet wider and in one quick movement he stepped between her legs and entered her. His hard cock slid into her sodden snatch; he buried it up to the hilt and smashed his pelvis against her buttocks.

"Now we fuck my way!" he groaned and began to fuck his sister with short fast strokes.

Jennifer kept her balance and pushed her buttocks back to meet his thrusts. She soon got the rhythm and the silent house resounded to the sounds of 'thwock, thwock, thwock,' as their sweating bodies slammed together.

Neither of the siblings lasted long despite the fact that they had both recently come. David held his sister by the hips and furiously pounded in and out of her inflamed pussy; as his orgasm approached he increased the tempo. Jennifer had never achieved orgasm before when being taken from behind; but the speed and intensity of her brother's fucking summoned an intense climax; she wriggled her hips and gyrated her arse against David's pulsating cock as her cunt once again convulsed in a series of orgasmic spasms.

Jennifer held onto the desk; her head bowed her knees quivering, finally sated. David hung onto her hips and leaned his body over hers; licking at the beads of sweat running down her back.

"David let me sit down before I fall down," Jennifer pleaded.

He deftly stood her up, spun her around, and lifted her back up on the desk. He eased his way between her thighs and pushed his semi-erect penis back inside her. She lifted her legs up around his waist and swung her ankles back and forth. She kissed him and stroked his matted hair.

"God that was so good David!" she smiled and kissed him again.

David reluctantly pulled his deflating penis out his sister's sopping cunt; he lazily rubbed his cock on Jennifer's thigh watching little droplets of seminal fluid ooze from the eye of his cock and soak into the dark welts of her nylons.

Jennifer regained her composure and gently pushed David from between her legs. She wiped her crotch with her panties and dropped them back on the table.

"I suppose you want them for later," she smirked as she closed her legs and pulled down the hem of her skirt; she rummaged in her purse for cigarettes.

David smiled and dropped his sister's sodden panties into the top drawer and closed it.

"So! What do we do about mom?" Jennifer asked, sucking on her cigarette.

David took the cigarette from his sister's fingers and took a drag and handed it back.

"I have a plan," he said, exhaling a stream of smoke.

"Come with me to mom's room."

David led his sister to their mother's bedroom.

Five minutes later he had laid out some of his mother's lingerie on her bed.

"You can wear your own shoes; the black pumps with the really high heels will look great with this," he said, pointing to the lingerie he had laid out on his mother's bed.

"Yes those heels should set off mom's lingerie nicely David, but do you think she will mind me wearing it?" Jennifer asked.

"If my plan works; I'm sure she will love you wearing it," David smiled wickedly.

Jennifer smiled back.

She tentatively reached out and fondled her brother's penis. It began to thicken in response.

"Do we have time for another quickie before she comes home?"

David responded by reaching for his sister and pulling her body against his. His cock fitted nicely between her legs and he lifted her skirt out of the way and rubbed it on her thigh. Jennifer closed her thighs around her brother's hardening cock and leaned in to kiss him.

"I guess we do," she grinned.


Michele Cashmore parked her car in the driveway; her house was dark, faint light peeked around the edges of the drawn blinds. She was tired, hungry and horny. After a full day's work she had attended the parent teacher meeting at David's high school. She was pleased to hear that David was doing exceptionally well and that his grades had improved this semester. She smiled to herself: 'nothing like a good fucking from mommy to improve your son's academic achievements,' she thought.

Constantly talking about David had conjured up images of them having sex and had gotten her horny. She wished that her daughter wasn't living with them so she could race home and ravish her son. It had been quite a while now since she had had his long thick cock inside her.

Then she met David's favourite teacher; Carolyn Jones. Michele eyed Carolyn critically and she could see why her son fantasised about her. She was very similar to Michele; same build, a little plump but with great legs and full breasts, attractive face, wearing lots of makeup, mascara, lipstick and rouge. Carolyn wore her brunette hair in a bob the same as Michele; she was wearing a mauve suit with a white silk blouse. Her skirt was short and split with a side vent that showed off her long elegant legs. They were clad in lustrous, flesh-toned hosiery and her feet were shod in black high-heeled sandals.

Michele had found herself become a little jealous; she knew that David often used pictures of Carolyn to fuel his masturbatory fantasies. The images this bought to mind had made her feel even hornier.

She sat in the dark car and let her hand slide under her skirt. She was wearing thigh-high hold-up stockings and boy-leg knickers so she had easy access to her cunt. She gave herself a quick rub and smiled. She would tell her children that she was tired and go straight to her bedroom and masturbate with her vibrator; food could wait until later!

Michele opened the front door and was surprised to see the lounge room was darkened; lit only by a single lamp. What she saw next shocked her. She drooped her car keys and handbag and stood transfixed; her mouth agape.

Jennifer, her thirty-two year old daughter, stood in the doorway leading into the lounge from the kitchen. Lit by the glow of the single lamp, Jennifer was naked except for a crimson corset, fully-fashioned black stockings and black six-inch high-heeled pumps. Her gleaming jet-black bob framed her heavily made up face. Her lips were painted bright-red, her eyes framed by black mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow, her cheeks were rouged. She stood defiantly; one foot pushed forward with her hands on her hips.

Her long fingernails were painted with glossy red nailpolish matching her lipstick. She looked like a Madame straight out of a saddo-masochist dungeon. She looked magnificent.

Dumbfounded; Michele could only utter:

"You're wearing my corset."

"I borrowed it," Jennifer replied.

She smiled and went on.

"I borrowed this too!"

Jennifer tugged on a stocking she was holding tightly in one hand. She held the stocking by the welt; the rest of the stocking disappeared behind the door jamb. When she pulled on the stocking her brother slowly appeared from behind the door jamb; he was naked and the foot of the stocking was tied around his erect penis.

"I hope you don't mind."

David smiled at his mother who was still standing spellbound in the entrance to the lounge room astounded at the spectacle unfolding before her.

Jennifer pulled David along behind her as she strutted into the darkened lounge.

"There's plenty for us both mom; see, he's ready to go," she giggled.

Thirty minutes later David ejaculated deep inside his mother; he was lying on the lounge room rug and she was straddling his body dressed only in her hold-up stockings and high-heels. She rode him and gyrated her body on his pulsing cock; milking it with her spasming vagina as her own orgasm shook her body.

David had his head buried between his sister's thighs furiously lapping at her cunt; she kneeled astride his face, face to face with her mother, her juices flooding into her brother's mouth; she wriggled and squirmed as she came. Michele had freed her daughter's tits from the bustiere of her corset and was sucking on one nipple while she tweaked the other between her fingers. Jennifer's head was thrown back in the throes of passion. Mother, son and daughter all moaned with ecstasy as their respective orgasms wracked their bodies.

After a few minutes Jennifer lifted her luscious buttocks off her brother's face so that he could breath a little easier. She sat on his chest facing her mother who still straddled her son's groin; her cunt occasionally spasming and milking him of the last of his seed. Mother and daughter kissed each other passionately.

"Shall we change ends?" Jennifer smiled seductively at her mother.

"You know we shouldn't," Michele smirked back, "but what the hell!"

"Now let's see if we can't get your brother hard again."

The End

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What Next........

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This is like my sister and me.. at the time she was 23 I was 18.. Well she was getting married but I desperately wanted to have sex with her.. well I put a camera in her room of her apartment one daymore...

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