tagErotic CouplingsSonika Falls For Money Ch. 03

Sonika Falls For Money Ch. 03


Chapter 03: Sonika is fucked by Shatir's client in his own house.

Sonika lay on her back, savoring the erotic moments of her orgy in Ripu's office imagining the pungent smell of Shatir's balls, his eruption and the load of cum which had gone straight down her throat.

The weight of Ramya's hand on her shoulder woke her up,' Hey, take this cup of tea and let us go and watch a movie, by the way what are you day dreaming Sonu?', asked Ramya.

Last Friday if not for Ramya, Sonika was going to be naked all evening and may have landed in serious trouble. Her clothes had been torn into smithereens by Ripu to start with and after all the fuck was over, her blouse and bra was lit up and burnt to cinders by Shatir over the room heater lying in the corner.

'I will go now but not before leaving you in this state, this way I will regain a hardon faster and can fuck my secretary Manjula the moment I am back in my office' were his remarks before leaving her in that state.

Sonika begged Ripu to get her some clothes, he sadistically told her to convince Ramya to fuck him and he will do the needful.

This was ‘not to be' but eventually Sonika had to really beg Ramya, who finally paid the ransom of 'kissing ' Ripu on his cock.

Once she did that shameful act, Ripu got Sonika the clothes and that too the skimpiest ever made to wear but Ramya was disturbed all week as she had no experience with a man before and this had been too much for her.

Back to the Sunday afternoon at her collegue and best friend's house, she pressed the double bed mattress down beside Sonika to bring her out of the reverie and rolled the slut slightly towards herself.She knew Sonika was a 'man-eater', whose first love was and will always remain a warm prick whereas for Ramya, that one incident kept coming back to her mind and she could not stop wincing thinking of that evening episode in the office.

She forced her mind away from the dreaded certainty of getting fucked by these two goons one day, she was g;ad that for now she was with Sonika sleeping quietly for a change, otherwise her own house was in a commotion, a lot more since the time Radha had come down from Chennai. Ramya and Sonika saw a sleazy call girl based movie, returned home late and slept at Sonika's place.

Sonika got a vague assignment by Shatir the next day. She was asked to market and sell some of the mall space in Ripu's departmental store for more merchandise and this job was not to her taste.

She came out in the sun and blinked against the glare of the bright sunlight, then put on her dark glasses.

She reached the address given to her by Shatir, who also told her to wear a short skirt, which whipped around her bare thighs as she went briskly down the walk trying to focus her mind entirely on the problem ahead of her.

It was pretty clear that Ripu and Shatir had pushed her into a 'sophisticated call girl's' role and it seemed, her life had been reduced to hard-core basics.

In front of her faced the door of the house, which read 'LORIAS'.

Sonika had been to the Chanakyapuri area just a couple of times earlier but this was the first visit to somebody's house, she squared her shoulders, took a deep breath, and pressed the doorbell while nibbling nervously on her lower lip as she waited.

The house was pretty modern and all on one floor with the color being spotless white.

She had to wait for her ring to be answered for a long time increasing Sonika's nervousness, her watch was not working as she couldn't afford to have it repaired, she had run out of money last Friday.

She was hoping to get some from Ripu as advance, but the ‘mother fucker ‘ and his friend had screwed and creamed on her, dirtying and leaving her unclean but did not give her any money.

Of course she could sell the gold chain but that was a bonus not to be used so early.

Reluctantly but with no other choice, she pressed the rectangular white button a second time. "Good morning, Ms Sonika Gill."

Sonika was taken aback looking at the man in front of her at the door, his dark hair was flat on his head with water, it seemed he had just come out of the bathroom.

"I'm sorry," she mustered to say, "I thought you wanted me to . . ."

"Yes I want you to come in," he stated calmly in a Amitabh Bachchan baritone, releasing the power of a rich man.

"Please, come in, Ms.Gill."

"If it's inconvenient Mr. Loria, I will come later?" Sonika managed to say, mentally beating herself for the lack of courage and showing such stupid body language.

"No, it is convenient now" he said decisively, "Come in. I was just enjoying a good Nadia Noyce blue flick, we can discuss your issue while I finish it."

"errrr....Is Mrs. Loria here?" Sonika asked.

She followed the man reluctantly, having the feeling that the entire visit was getting off to a disastrous start, she was getting really uncomfortable with Mr Prakash Loria, though he was just about five foot four, there was something about him which was truly dangerous.

He had a way, which made her nervous.

"My wife and children are out of station and I need energetic and joyful company in such times," he answered lewdly, leading the way to the glass doors that opened out on to the sprawling bath tub in an open bath room.

The significant sight of Mr. Loria's bare thighs below the knee-length robe and his thick curling black hair plastered against his skin with the muscles flexed made Sonika jump, 'Maybe I should come back some other time?" she blurted again.

Mr. Loria opened the glass door and stood aside motioning her through "You might as well talk to me right now," he replied and "Help yourself to some coffee," he suggested.

"I have only a few more dips to take and some 15 minutes of the movie to watch."

He waved her towards the coffeepot on a table at the side.

The hot coffee burnt the skin on her thumb as Sonika tried tearing her eyes away from the home theatre, where Nadia Noyce was drinking the scum of 4 guys who had just erupted on her and into that glass tumbler, from where she was sipping the musky stuff.

Sonika was getting turned 'ON' and tried hard not to keep staring at the lewd shameless display, Nadia Noyce a true Indian pussy was giving the hot American sluts, good run for the 'porn bazaar' money,'Oh Wow', Nadia was a true slut, her facial expressions were just too much.

Sonali couldn't help but look again and this time her eyes fell on Mr Loria, he was naked.

Sonika's hand was in frenzy, making the cup shake loudly. She looked around for some escape but found none, she wanted to leave but didn't dare.

This man was a potential customer and that made it clear that she should stay, if she left now it would mean losing all chance of a sale - and the opulence she needed desperately in life.

Somehow sensing that he was almost finished with his bath, Sonika put her cup down and picked up his robe, to keep him from getting out of the tub naked openly in front of her.

"Thanks, but I'm not done yet," and picked up a short towel absolutely oblivious of his nudity.

Of course, Sonika wasn't.

She tried to take her eyes off him, hoping he hadn't noticed her staring, and holding his robe tightly in both hands went back to the place where she had left the coffee.

"What is it exactly that you want?" Mr.Loria asked her from the tub.

I want you to sell your merchandise from our mall," Sonika muttered.

"Sorry - I can't - hear you," he shouted.

Sonika bit her lip, her eyes were focused on what dangled below his taut stomach, he had come out and started to dry his hair, she repeated what she had said about selling the merchandise.

Sonika was feeling hot inside the bathroom and her legs were suddenly very shaky, her discomfort was anything but eased when her customer stopped drying and turned to sit facing her, his legs were spread and his arms at the back of his shoulders.

Her stare went to where his cock and balls nestled between his legs.

"You think that I will use your Mall?" Mr.Loria asked.

Sonika knew he had seen where she was looking and was drained plus flushed.

"Mr Agarwal and Mr Singh told me you wanted to see the agreement papers and will sign on them, you will, aren't you?." she once again mustered to say.

"That I might" he corrected, continuing with his hands behind his head, "if the price is right."

"But . . ."

"Would you dry my thighs?" he asked, shocking daylights out of her.

"I can't reach there because of my back," he informed her. "Just dry my thighs.

Sonika took a tight gulp down her throat, she had to do this and get him to take a slot in the mall, after all what he was asking was just to dry him up, if being nude in front of her didn't bother him, why should it bother her?

She knelt hesitantly, leaned forward to grip his ankles, his skin felt warm as she started to run the towel on his thighs,' Run it inside and take it up and down' he commanded.

Her eyes focused on his bare groin, his cock was holding droplets of water and the balls gleamed below the thick, black bush of pubic hair.

Sonika felt a trickle of sweat start down from the base of her throat towards the valley between her breasts, she suddenly became conscious of the lack of a bra and her nipples stiffened.

"How much do you think it is going to cost?" he asked giving a jolt to Sonika who suddenly realized that he was gazing down the neckline of her blouse and watching her gently swaying, naked breasts while she dried the thighs.

"Well - well over 10 lakh plus," she muttered.

Her eyes were still glued to Prakash Loria’s cock.

It seemed to be swelling and expanding.

"Maximum 5 lakhs," he informed her.

Sonika was desperate to cut his eyes away from her breasts and she tried shaking her shoulders into a hunch by bringing her arms close together, then realised it did not help but only opened the neckline of her blouse further, pressing her breasts inward creating a crevice between them.

"That should be possible," she told him, trying to keep her mind on business. His cock was getting harder and larger, sliding this way and that way, as it slowly but luxuriously stiffened and lifted.

Sonika shrieked “What”, when he said "Not enough,".

"Any broker in town can get it to me for 5 lakhs," he countered.

Sonika felt his breath on her breasts, as her hands weren't big enough to cover, since one of them had to hold the towel drying his thighs.

"I might - maybe get it for you at 3.5 lakhs," Sonika spattered.

It was a relief when he asked her to stop drying.

Her blouse brushed the tip of her breasts, making the excited nipples tingle as she tore her eyes off Loria’s erection.

"Let's go back into the tub together," he said, Sonika struggled to say "I don't want to as I have not come for that, please don’t force me," she pointed out.

"Neither have I," Loria said as he reached for the front of her blouse.

"Mr. Loria, please," Sonika protested, taking steps backward.

"You'd be surprised how a nice commune bathing will make things different," saying he reached for her blouse.

"Mr. Loria!" Sonika exclaimed, gripping his arms.

His eyes grilled Sonika and suddenly there was a menacing look with an un-appeasing hard razor sharpness in the gaze and he quietly roared, "Mz. Gill, don't be a fool, I am not a Saint and you are no Mother Teresa. Let us be humans and do not forget that you are here to get buisness and not preach morals, or are you?".

Sonika knew what he was saying was the truth and if she refused liberty to his advances, not only would Shatir and Ripu lose the business but also control over the entire community of his friends, who would give them revenue on basis of this one deal.

She was not only bothered about this but whether he also was privy to how desperately she was in need of money?.

Hence she agreed reluctantly and shook off his hands from her wrists.

"I was told you will act tough but eventually come around to start looking at the deal my way," he said while his fingers adroitly opened the blouse buttons, Sonika for the first time this day started feeling shameful while he made her naked from the top.

He opened her skirt and slowly pulled it over the buttocks and dropped it around her legs, her panties looked gentle below her tummy and were nearly transparent showing most of the dark thatch on her pubis and cuntal spread. She just hoped that this would not get removed but it remained a glimmer of hope as Mr Loria deprived her of that too.

The panty just got shred into pieces and vanished when he yanked it off her body with his thumbs on the elastic, and then he knelt in front of her pussy, while with the other hand he lifted her feet to remove the debris of panty.

Her shoes were the only shred of wear on her fair body and he unbuckled the pair while she watched him do the same. Sonika tried hiding her cunt from him and his hot eyes piercing over and through her bare body.

Mr Loria who was fed on her lewd acts by both her employers, boldly closed around the wrist at her crotch with his hand and pushed that minute cover away from the sexy pussy and without releasing her, walked off to the bath tub taking her with him.

His fingers pushed into the dense jungle of her cunt and rotated them into her hot vortex which was getting slurpy, exciting and ready for a good afternoon fuck.

" What is your commission on this deal? Around 4%.Add the same from the customer and you have around 40,000 rupees. That would help in clearing twelve months' rent for your place ". He grinned whie revealing some more of her travails to her.

Sonika let her legs open further as he gorged his fingers in and out of her pussy, the other hand of his was on her 37" neatly rounded boob and was holding it firm and secure, twisting the aureole on her nipple expertly.

Meanwhile the cock was slowly getting into the crack of her ass like a woodpecker creating a house, Mr Loria suddenly swung her around and hooked his arms under her ass and lifted her in his arms, and without any shame placed her into the bath tub.

Sonia took it all without a whimper.

Mr Loria bent over her and mesmerized her with his hands over the soft 37" breasts, as her nipples burrowed into his palms, he squeezed the fleshy boobs on the sexy body making Sonika moan softly.

This was too much for her and lit up her whole internals, right from her toes to her forehead through the cunt and navel. She knew now, it was important for her to be enjoying this and also to let this middle aged man know, that she was going to.

Prakash Loria was a womanizer and needed a woman every 4 hours. He fucked his women usually during the day since his wife wanted him for herself in the night.

He was married to the sexy model Veena Prakash of the yester years whose cunt was made available to him at Feroz Khan's movie 'Qurbani'premiere, after which he married her for social convenience.

At this moment he started probing the cunt further and it became clear that this pussy was much more hotter and tighter than Veena's in her heydays had been.

He left her pussy and started stroking his fingers down the sexy thighs and finally once again reached the pussy and this time he spread the inner lips which were shining wet, plucky and ripe with juice. The clitoral bud really gleamed like a pearl in the bright sunlight, he coated his left hand's middle finger with her juices and rubbed the sticky fluid on her nerve racking boobs, teasing them to a bulbous and uncontrollable size.

"Wwaaahhh," Sonika moaned and her feet tensed while her hips rolled and she was lit up on fire, which was piercing through the glass above from the burning sun. Mr Loria was unrelenting in his obscene explorations and made her cry out "OOiiiii," as she again moaned, her sex was now ready to take one more plunge into the sinful world of abandonment and release.

She wanted his cock in her, deep inside her, and this time she was impatient for the same and she reached out blindly and found the hard hot cock, she fondled the rod and started shaking it like a real bitch in the heat season with only one difference, that here she was hot literally too, gazing into the bright sunlight.

Mr Loria was enjoying all this and his left hand still engulfed one of her breasts, pink nipple jutted out between his pinching fingers and at the same time, he fondled the steamy inner layers of her dripping pussy with the fingers of his other hand, which was full of her secretions.

The hot kneading grip of her hand around his throbbing but ready prick was lifting him higher and higher.

Finally, Mr Prakash Loria lowered his cock into the marketing executive's pussy. The bath tub groaned as his weight was added to hers as Sonika spread her thighs wide and he got into her.

She kept hold of his cock until it nestled its head at the opening to her ready vagina, now she spread her hands around his hard muscular back, pushing her hips up in an attempt to get as much of the cock needing the same very badly, wanting it to desperately dig into her.

Sonika accepted the sensitive head of Mr Loria's cock like a soft toy and was enjoying the copulation. Mr Loria was really thrilled with the hot, gripping tightness of her juicy pussy and he eased his phallus into her with aggressive but gentle pushing of his body, for him this was a gift of god. After a long time it came to be a lucky catch.

Sonika was tight, delicious and real sexy bitch and had a hot clinging sheath of pussy flesh engrossed as of now in milking the rich man's steamy but stocky cock, the bastard Loria could feel the knots of her pubic hair scratching the flesh on his shaft as he fucked in and out of her lively cunt.

"OhhhhhhhhMaaaawww, fuck me," Sonika started blabbering now, wrapping her legs around his lower body. She nudged him to fuck her more with her toes and heels, pushing him further into her hot but voracious hole.

"Fuck me," she whispered. She regained all the animal lust which had burnt away her dress a few days back in Ripu's office and here it once again made all shame, hesitations and inhibitions go away like a fart in the wind.

All that mattered to her now was reaching 'Climax', that wonderful burning peak of pleasure.

As Loria clutched her firm boobs with his fingers, he thrust his cock into her eager pussy making Sonika heave and jerk under him, her hips were writhing and pressing against his attack. His cock splashed against her pussy plastering the clitoris.

Sonika for the first time in months reached climax "Ohhh,Ohhh, Ohhh, I am finished, I am cummiiinnnggggg," Sonika's body shuddered and arched back for a while in the tub as she climaxed.

Loria's own cumming was barely stoppable and he reached the same within a few seconds after he had brought her off, with a gush of sperm so copious and juicy that they meshed the mixed pubic areas.

"Aaaahhhh," Sonika exclaimed, her cuntal muscles now relaxed after the orgasm went away.

She lay under Loria aching to get free and scouting for breath.

He was not finished yet and started to thrust his cock more and more into her pussy.

Sonika had lit the fire of a War tank in him, for the second time in minutes, she felt the volcano explode from his testicles releasing additional wad of thick semen spattering all over Sonika on her boobs and every where as this time he poured his load on her sexy sprawled nude body.

"Thanks for the fuck," he said handing the signed agreement back to her.

His signature on the agreement papers was as bold as his cock was in her cunt a little while ago.

More on Sonika to continue............

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