tagMatureSon's Friend Ch. 02

Son's Friend Ch. 02


Hi it's me again, Celia Trevor.

I was in a total state of shock, it was 10am Sunday morning and I was still in bed, which was highly unusual for me, I just couldn't bring myself to get up, my mind was in complete and utter turmoil.

What had happened to me yesterday had left me practically lifeless, my body felt like it had been run over by a truck, such was the level and intensity of the fucking, and love making, I had endured, and willingly taken part in, albeit very unwillingly at first, until I couldn't deny it, or Declan any longer, he had completely overwhelmed me.

After all these faithful years, I was now a cheating wife.


My husband had asked me if anything was wrong this morning, could he get me anything. I told him I just felt like resting, the night before, when we had gone to bed he had wanted to make love with me, I told him I wasn't in the mood for it, that I had a migraine, I was so tired I said, which was so true.

The truth was I didn't want to make love with him because I knew I would feel as if I was being unfaithful to my new lover Dec, my son's friend, and the son of my neighbour,

He is a powerful dynamic young man, extremely good looking, with a personality to match, an aura I had never ever encountered, unbelievable maturity, and a dominance I never knew of, I had spent all my life not knowing that I was rather submissive, not until yesterday anyway!

I wasn't a slave type sub, but just being taken by him, making me want what he wanted, he had somehow read me, and knew me, for what I was.

Now he was the object of my desire, the sole focus of my being, here I was, 37 years old, married 19 faithful years, and in the space of a few hours, my life was turned upside down by him, and now, I was in love with this 18 year old boy, although calling him a boy didn't apply to him, he is man boy!

I was still lying in bed when my mobile rumbled, it was a text from him, he had taken my number before he left yesterday saying he would text me tomorrow, my heart leaped, I couldn't open it fast enough, it read;

'Hi, how is my gorgeous baby? My beautiful long legged, sexy fuck toy!

I will call round tomorrow morning, what time shall I arrive?' X.

I wasn't sure I liked being called his sexy fuck toy, but I just wanted to see him again, so I replied, 'I'll be alone after 8.30; I need to see you again x x.'

Then came his reply, which saying it took me by surprise was an understatement, he wrote, 'Be ready for me by 9.00am, wear backless high heels, mini skirt, stockings, suspender's, tiny top, no bra, no pants, hair down, don't disappoint me ok!' x x x

I was flabbergasted to say the least, stunned too. I just stared at the phone, then I realised I was furious, how dare he talk to me like that!

Moments later the phone rumbled again, the msg read, 'If you reply to that last text, I'll know you won't want me to come, so be careful! Ok?'

Now I was in a quandary, if I replied he wouldn't come, so obviously I didn't answer, I didn't realise then just what he had done by that one msg! He had cemented his hold over me, and I fell straight into it!

All I could think about was the way he had fucked me, made love to me, so powerfully, so tenderly, the way his kiss had moved me like no other kiss had ever done, it was as if he had been given the DNA profile of me, with the information to my soul laid bare.

While I was thinking all this, I had got out of bed without realising it, gone into my closet and started hunting down the Micro skirt I had bought years before, and the tiny tube top I had bought to go with it, Satin white, beautiful, I had never worn either as opportunity had never arisen, I was suddenly aware of where I was, and immediately accepted that my need to be with him again was more powerful than my perceived anger at being told what to wear, I was crossing an unseen line in my life, where was this all going to lead me?

My husband, and my marriage was in more trouble than he, or I, could ever have imagined, I know he didn't deserve this, but I wasn't in control of my emotions, maybe things would change as my new relationship with Dec developed, then a thought sprang unbidden into my mind, what would it be like to wake up to Dec each morning? Instead of my husband David, it pulled me to a stop instantly, what I was doing? How could I think such things?

But the fact was, I had thought it; it was there in my head! Me, 18, or 19 years older than my young masterful lover, and contemplating my life with him. I had given him my love and body for only a few short hours.

All my thoughts were of me in his strong arms; under his powerful body; being subjected to the enormous thrust of his wonderful cock that seemed to split me asunder.

I couldn't deny the changes in my heart, and in my mind.

So I located the said micro skirt and tiny tube top, high heels weren't a problem, neither were the stockings or suspenders, I had in mind a little gold necklace that I knew went the outfit, The stage as it were, was set!

I tried them all on, everything still fit.

I put them to one side for tomorrow; my pussy tingled at the thought of what would be my fate at the hands of my wonderful lover.

I wasn't going to be disappointed, but I also had no idea of the way things were to go!

I had a restless night, my husband tried to make love again, I again turned him down saying I wasn't in the mood, which actually wasn't a lie, there was no way I was going to be unfaithful to Dec this night!

Can you believe that? It should be the other way round! But no, not now.

I was grateful when the alarm went at 7.00am; my husband rose, went in the shower and did what all men do on a morning, I waited until he had finished then shot in there myself, showered, washed my hair, dried and brushed it till it literally glowed! Shaved, especially my pussy, I needed to be in prime condition. I put on some make up but not too much, I didn't want to arouse suspicions!

Dressing demurely for my morning appearance, downstairs I went, prepared breakfast etc, and went through the Monday morning rituals, but well aware of the time on the clock, I got my son and daughter out on time, 8.15, my husband was a little late, he left at 8.35 instead of the usual 8.30 much to my annoyance, although I never showed it, as soon as he was out of the door I was upstairs in a flash, undressed, and put on my skirt and top, stockings suspenders, the backless high heels, they and the ultra short skirt made my legs look a million miles long!

No pants, no bra! Finished my make up, put on the necklace, gave my hair its final brush, then checked myself in the full length mirror, and boy did I look good, in fact I complimented myself saying I looked beautiful, and it was all for him, Dec!

I went down stairs; it was 8.55, one last look in the hall mirror, yep, looking great girl, I said to myself!

I placed myself in the doorway to the kitchen and hallway, turned slightly to one side for effect, raised one shapely knee and waited, almost right on time the front door opened, he glanced at me, turned and locked the door, the back door was locked already, he then looked at me proper, 'Wow' was all he said, and oh my, did he look good too, white polo shirt, black trousers and loafers, terrific, my resolve to tease him went out of the window at that one word.

I rushed down the hall to him, jumped in the air, parted my legs, and landed on him at waist height, he hardly moved backwards at all, such was his physical strength, my feet hit the door with a thud, then I wrapped my legs around him and kissed him as hard and as passionately as I could.

'Please darling, take me upstairs and make love to me, do anything you want, but please do it now'! I almost begged.

He pulled away a little and smiled at me,' Dressed how I told you to'? He enquired.

'Yes' I gasped, my arousal was taking me over.

Keeping me in place he carried me up the stairs, and into my marital bedroom.

I expected him to take me straight to bed, but he didn't he stopped in the middle of the room and put me down.

'No, please' I said, indicating towards the bed.

'Let me see you'

'For what' I asked petulantly, I just wanted him to fuck me.

'I want to see if you are dressed just like I told you to' he replied.

It was then I showed my, "I always get my own way" side.

I scowled at him, and said it isn't necessary.

'Yes it is,' was his comment, 'now' he growled, 'show me.'

I did a pretty good impression of a silly girl stamping her foot!

Me, a 37 year old married woman acting like a spoilt child, what I didn't know was, I was going to get treated like one in a moment; I pulled up my top briefly, my nipples were on fire!

Then I tugged up my little skirt to prove there were no panties.

'Wonderful' he said.

'Im not really very happy about this' I complained petulantly.

With that, he stepped forward to me, and I opened my arms to him, he just spun me around, pushed me face down on the bed, moved me into the middle, held me down and climbed on top of me, he was facing away from me, looking down my body, his bum more or less on my shoulders, there was no way I could have got him off me, he worked my arms down to my sides, trapping them with his knees, I was getting excited now as to what my fate was going to be, I soon found out!

He pulled up my skirt, as if that was a difficult feat, then he started to spank me, I was stunned, it wasn't until the 3rd or 4th slap had landed that I began to feel it, it hurt like mad, I yelled at him to stop, and demanded that he get off me right now!

'You have a lesson to learn little baby girl' he roared, 'when I tell you to do something, you will do it ok!'

'Please,' I begged, 'stop, its hurting me.'

'Is it?' he asked, 'well isn't that amazing?' He then continued my spanking.

I started to cry, more in humiliation than anything else.

'Please, please stop' I wept, 'I will do anything you tell me, I promise, please Dec, stop.'

After what seemed like an eternity he did.

He rolled off me, and held me as I sobbed, kissed me, and asked, 'you ok baby?'

'Why did you do that?' I wept. But couldn't stop myself from snuggling up into his loving arms.

'You needed to be taught the error's of your ways' he said. 'Have you?'

'Yes' I said, 'Im not going through that again!'

'Let's hope you don't have to my baby' he mused.

He caressed my burning bum, turned me on my side and asked 'well, what are we going to do now?' With a laugh in his voice

I realised I was more turned on than I ever have been in my life; my pussy was ablaze for him, my young master.

'Just fuck me darling, make love to me please' I whispered.

He got off me, I took off my attire, except the stockings and suspenders, while he stripped off too.

His gorgeous great cock was fully erect, I almost feinted, I held out my arms, he climbed onto the bed, then onto me, oh was I so happy to feel that wonderful prick of his entering me again, driving in so deep, deeper than I had ever felt.

I orgasmed immediately, and went on to have several more as he absolutely hammered me before he shot his wonderful load, there have been times in my life when I had had more than one orgasm with my husband, but nothing like this, ever!

It was fortunate I was on the pill; or it would have been a racing certainty that he would have put a baby in me for sure.

That was the best fuck of my life just then, but more was to come, we both needed to get our breaths back, such was the intensity of just that one act of love.

We stroked, played with each other, I kissed my way down his neck, shoulders, both his nipple areas, down over his beautiful body, until I reached his hairy balls and cock, licking, kissing and sucking my way around him, he became erect after a while, and it took me a longish time to make him cum into my waiting mouth.

I gagged a few times, but not one drop of his wonderful spunk was lost, as he drove it into my mouth, I swallowed every bit!

I went back up him, kissing all the way up, 'Oh Celia, my beautiful lady, I love you' he said as I lay with my head on his chest, snuggled into him.

'I love you too baby, with all my heart and soul' I moaned into his mouth, as I kissed him relentlessly.

Never had I ever felt like this, I had never felt this way with my husband I now realised, even in the throes of our love, it was never like this.

Then Dec said something that almost stopped my heart from beating.'

I want us to leave here, he breathed, 'go away together, be man and wife'.

'Oh my darling, yes' I said, 'I will, its what I want too, please don't ever have any doubt about that my young masterful lover'.

'But Dec' I whispered, 'lets not talk about this today please, we must plan everything first ok? Let's just spend today in each others hearts and minds.'

'Yes Celia, you're right my lovely woman, we will' he replied.

It was a little while later, we had been kissing and touching and feeling almost none stop, that I got another shock.

He leaned over the edge of the bed, and went into the back pocket of his trousers, and pulled out a bottle of Baby Oil, and also a tube of KY Jelly, I gaped at them, I had conveniently forgotten that he had told me my ass was his, and that I had told him, it was his whenever he wanted it, well today was going to be the day!

My husband had tried for more years than I care to remember to get me to let him fuck me there, and I had always refused saying I didn't want to have it, and that he wasn't going to get it either! I had let him finger me now and again, but that was all.

I told Dec, 'Please Dec, I don't really want to do this darling, it will hurt me, I know it will.'

'Yes it will a little' he said, 'but do you want me to turn you over again, and give you another ass thrashing or what?'

'No' I moaned in reply. 'Please Dec' I begged, 'don't.'

'Get up and on your knees, and head down now!' He ordered me.

I obeyed him, and climbed to my knees, 'please be gentle with me Dec.'

'I will be as gentle as I can be babe' he replied.

He moved behind me, I could feel him fumbling with the bottle and tube, I felt a coldness on my bum, then he was sliding his finger into my ass, I assume it was his middle one, I must confess it did feel good, he was lubricating me in readiness for his prick, then further movement, he was oiling his bulging cock, I just knew it, after a short while I felt him nudge his cock at my ass and push a little, 'push back at me' he said.

I did, and felt a searing pain as his cock suddenly lodged into my bum hole, it had the effect of making me shoot my legs backwards, but it also locked his cock into my ass as it tried its best to close, I moaned for him to stop, 'stay still' he said, I did, and so did he, after a while the pain settled, I felt my ass expanding, and the urgent need to shit dissipating, that's when he started to push deeper in.

I moaned in pain, but I accepted my fate, and then an amazing thing began happening, I started to feel excited, I was getting aroused!

He was pushing his prick into me, I was pushing back, he reached under me and found my clit, he was almost fully in my ass now, and in full control, he played my clit like a classical pianist.

I came in bucket loads.

I couldn't stop cumming, he shot his load into me, and the sensation of having my ass stuffed and filled with cum was all consuming, I just collapsed under him until he moved and rose off me after what seemed like forever, amazingly my ass felt sadly empty now.

He lay at my side, cuddled into me, and told me again of his complete and utter love for me, I repeated back exactly what he said to me, and I really meant every letter of it.

I looked at the clock, 1.00pm, 2 more hours of him then he would have to leave me I thought desolately.

Oh God, I said to myself I need more, much more of this, of him, his body, his love, and his cock, and his dominance of me.

My mind truly was made up about us now; I would leave, and go away with him.

We made love once more after that; it was astounding how many times I had orgasmed! I just didn't know the number, but I do know he had cum at least 4 times in this one day!

Before we got out of bed, we started laying plans, we agreed he would have to come out of college at the right opportunity, and when we had some where to go, we would then leave immediately.

What he didn't know, and neither did my husband or my family, was, at an early age my Grandmother had put into trust for me, over one million dollars, to mature when I reached 25, which it did, but I never touched it, I left it because we didn't need it, it had been my intention to pass it on to my own children.

I wasn't sure how much it was worth now as I never had any correspondence from the bank where it was lodged, because on my instructions nothing was to be mailed to me, my lawyer took care of that.

I did know it must be worth in the region of 4 or more millions by now, so I would use about half of that, and leave the rest for my children.

We continued to meet at every opportunity, our love, and our love making went from strength to strength, and while we were always equal in bed, it went unsaid that he owned me, I belonged to him totally. I was his, and I loved it.

It just got better; I learned that being submissive to Dec was as good as life could get for me; it made my love for him sublime.

My husband knew something was wrong, he wasn't stupid, and asked many questions, but I never admitted to anything, our home life literally went from bad to worse.

My children knew too, but I played the caring mother as best I could.

I never let my husband near me again; I gave him a wank by hand now and again just to try and keep him happy, but I ended up in the spare room,

Dec and I left about 2 months later, went clear across the country, and I put him back into college.

I managed to convince my husband through lawyers to divorce me; I conceded everything to him, the house, and the shared bank accounts, everything, the lot!

I never took a thing except my own personal belongings, and due to me having money, we bought a beautiful house.

I became Dec's wife, came off the pill, and a year later we had a beautiful baby boy, who looks exactly like his daddy.

Life couldn't be better now, my kids are starting to accept the situation, but not my husband, he hates me, which I find sad, but it wasn't his fault, and I couldn't blame him for that, but what had happened, happened.

Dec was and is, a true alpha male, my alpha male, and it can't be denied, he is the kindest, most caring person I have ever met, he doesn't need to order me to do something, and doesn't, we share everything we have and are.

I try and anticipate what he wants, or needs, that's not to say I have never been spanked again, because I have, a few times, and it certainly keeps me firmly in my place.

I have been tied to the bed, and fucked mercilessly, but I can't really, in all honesty call it punishment, because I love it, although it's tense to say the least at the time.

But it was 2 years into our relationship that things changed for us, and it was Dec that changed it, in a big way.

And depending on who reads this, it can only be from their own point of view I suppose, as to whether it was for the better or not, but I eventually.

Dec was coming up to his graduation, he had degrees in Science and Engineering, but what I didn't know was, he had been busy engineering something else, for me and for him.

Was it a surprise, you bet it was!

He had been home an hour or so one the Friday evening, and was getting amorous, I was quite happy I was always ready for him.

I had never ever thought of saying no to him, and would never even contemplate saying no either, not that I would have had a say in the matter anyway!

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