Son's Halloween Party


I held on to the window sill and felt my next orgasm washing over me. My juices flowed down my legs as he kept forcing his cock deep into me.

One of his hands slid down my waist and found my clit. He started to rub my clit while he hammered is penis into me. I was so wet that he easily slid the entire length of his cock in and out of me. Each thrust felt like he managed to pushed even deeper than the last. His finger rapidly pushed me towards another orgasm.

His cock exploded into me filling me with another blast of his semen. My pussy responded by wrapping tightly around his shaft as I came with him. My body shook with every blast of cum that shot out of him. My knees were getting weak as I came again.

I felt his body collapse onto me. His sweaty chest pressed against my back as I felt his cock twitch again and shoot another small load of cum into me. We stayed there like that with his cock inside of me for several minutes before he finally pulled himself out. I collapsed onto his bed and rolled over. Looking up at his sweaty chest I suddenly realized where I was. I had to get out of here.

I slide my body down the bed and paused as my face passed his cock. I took him into my mouth again and tasted my own pussy juice mixed with his cum. I gave his cock a few long sucks and made sure I drained him. I stood back up pulled my costume back on and slipped out of his room before he could stop me.

I ran back to Sara's house. By the time I made it there her party was just winding down. She immediately came up to me to ask how everything went. I handed her the wig and told her that everything was under control.

She said "I was going to ask you was took you so long, but I think I have an idea." as she stepped back and pointed at my costume. In my haste to leave my son's room I didn't do a very good job retying my costume. One of my breasts was hanging out and I still had a mixture of pussy juice and my son's cum dripping down my leg.

"Like I said, everything is under control. I need a drink."

She put her arm around me and with a little wink she whispered into my ear "I knew you would have a good time tonight! Now I want you to tell me all about it."

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by Anonymous

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by MaryAnderson08/14/17

Thanks for the fun story.

What's a horny mom to do when she finds the consequences of incest are mind-blowing orgasms, that her innocent son is actually an insatiable stud, and that he may have a mommy-thing of his own? And hemore...

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