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Sonya's Story


Reading about other Mormon women made me want to share my story. I was raised Mormon and then married a man outside of my upbringing. I was ostracized for a while because of my choice but my mother and father forgave me after they saw that my marriage was blessed and it would remain in tact for all my life.

I do still go to church with my family when we visit them and my husband does also. He does not object to my joining them in the hall I grew up in and understands why I am the way I am. So, I am still Mormon, because I never was baptized into my husbands faith and still practice most of my Mormon teachings.

A description of me is as follows: My husband says I am a BBW. After bearing eight children I am a little thicker than the average size 10-12 woman, but I am happy with who I am. My measurements are 42DDD, 32, 38. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, soft white skin. My lips are pouty and my pussy is always wet ... and I love sex. My husband has called me his motherly nympho. I guess that is why it was easy for Steve in this story to seduce me.

This is about an experience with one of my daughter's men. I did not know they were dating at the time. This guy she was dating is a policeman in our town. He had recently separated from a good friend of mine after being married to her for some time.

One night my husband, and I were talking with him and he was asking us for help in rekindling the relationship with his wife. He and my husband had some beers and my husband, not being a drinker, got drunker than normal and began to nod off. Well me and Steve continued to talk for a while and my husband woke up and suggested we all go into the hot tub.

Well, I didn't like the idea but my husband convinced me that would be ok. I changed into my two piece suit that I wear to the beach, conservative yet leaving some to the imagination. Bill and Steve got into the hot tub in their boxers and kept drinking. Then my husband began dozing off again. I got out and helped him into bed. He fell asleep almost immediately and and I went back outside to the hot tub.

I crawled over the side and sat across from Steve. He and I talked and he offered me a drink. I accepted. I am by no means a drinker but I did know this drink was very strong. I drank it and soon felt a little woozy. The next thing I knew Steve was beside me and his arm was around me. He was talking to me as he handed me a second drink and I accepted it. Well after that second drink my inhibitions were down and Steve began to touch me in places that I had not been touched in days.

Steve's fingers found my clit and very quickly he was fingering me to an intense orgasm. Soon Steve had my bottoms down and they were floating in the hot tub as he sucked on my nipples. Steve was an incredible lover and he soon had me bent over the side of the hot tub, his cock shoved inside my tight pussy. After several minutes of good hard fucking he was pumping me full of his cum. I loved it and hated it at the same time. I needed the good fucking he gave me but I felt sorry for what I was doing to my friend, who is also his wife that he was separated from.

Steve fucked me twice more before leaving that night. The second time was on the same bed as my husband was passed out on. After Steve left my heart was torn as I looked at my sleeping husband. I figured what he didn't know wasn't going hurt him and that I could deal with my feelings about it in the morning.

Later on that night I heard the front door open and close and knew our daughter Jen was at home. I greeted her and asked her how babysitting was and she said fine. Then I recalled that she had baby sat for Steve. He had left over an hour and a half ago. I asked her what she had been doing since Steve left earlier and she blushed.

I looked at her then noticed a love bite on her neck. I asked her who left that and she didn't want to tell me. I finally talked her into telling me and when she said "Steve" I almost passed out. I held her then told her to go to bed. I needed to think.

In the morning after Bill went to work, I went over to Steve's house and confronted him on this matter. Steve admitted that he had seduced our Jen and he fucked her good. He even called his wife and told her that he was with some hot sexy young bitch and she could do what she wanted.

I stared at Steve as he told me this then he told me that his wife came by their house and let herself in with her key. Steve said that his wife walked into the bedroom as he was fucking Jen and she froze. Steve then said that his wife Carla's right hand dipped to her skirt and pushed fingers into her pubic area. Steve said Carla was standing there, fingering her own pussy while he fucked Jen.

Steve then leered at me as he pulled his cock out and said, "I told Carla to crawl on the bed and spread her legs."

I looked at him and he said, "Carla was like a fucking robot." She dropped her skirt, crawled on the bed and pushed her wet cunt into Jen's face. Jen did not need to be told what to do as she lowered her face and licked Carla to a great orgasm." Steve continued to hold his cock as he told me more of the story and then said, "Get on your knees baby, come to me and suck my cock now."

As I looked at Steve I moved towards him. I got down on my knees and took his cock into my mouth. I sucked him like a common street whore and then took his cum deep into my throat. I sucked him harder and harder, keeping him erect. I pulled my mouth off his throbbing cock and then turned around and sat down on his stiff manhood. My pussy accepted him like the slut mommy I was and soon he was fucking me.

As I was riding that thick hard cock I looked up and saw Carla standing in the bedroom door. She was naked, fingering her pussy and watching me fucking her husband. She moved over to me and Steve and lowered herself between my legs and started sucking on my clit. I thought I died and was dreaming all of this until my body betrayed me and I came, violently jerking and rasping for air.

Soon Steve filled my pussy with his cum and then I sat there, watching Carla lick our combined cum out of my cunt. Steve and Carla both chuckled as Steve told me that my daughter was learning how to be a good whore like I was and they intended to teach her lots more.

I started to protest, asking them to leave Jen alone but Carla said, "Oh no, that little cunt is mine and Steve's now. And, you will join us too in a day or so."

I gasped as she said this and I objected saying that I could not and would not have sex with my daughter.

"You will not only have sex with her, but you would help Steve and I fuck her over and over again As often as we want her hot sexy young body." Carla had a menacing tone to her voice.

I left as they laughed at me knowing that I was in a serious dilemma. Two days later, Carla called me at work and told me to stop by their place after work. I protested but she said if I knew what was good for me I would do as I was told.

When I arrived at their house, Carla met me at the door dressed in a mini skirt and very small top that showed almost all of her magnificent titties. I went into the house and we sat down and talked for a bit. Then I heard a woman's voice in the bedroom telling someone to fuck her harder.

Carla smiled and said, "Go take a look."

I got up nervously and moved to the bedroom door. There on the bed was Jen, on her knees with Steve fucking her like a common whore. I felt a hand wrap around my waist and then felt my belt loosened and my slacks slide down my legs. Carla fingered me while I watched Steve fucking my daughter and I soon moaned in orgasmic delight.

Carla led me to the bed and then pulled Jen's face around to my wet cunt and pushed her lips to mine telling Jen to lick it. My daughter, did not know the pussy she was licking was mine, all she knew was it was a pussy and she loved to eat pussy.

Jen licked up my juices. Then Carla shoved me down on the bed in front of Jen. Jen moaned as she saw me and felt Steve filling her young cunt. I watched as her face told the story as she came, too. Steve pulled out of my hot sexy daughter and led her over my face. I licked my daughters pussy for the first time that night and have done it many times since.

Steve and Carla are back together and they want to get my husband involved in our little game. I have begged them not to. They have agreed to not tell him as long as Jen and I continue to be their fuck toys.

Of course, you can guess what our decision has been. Steve and Carla now tell us that they want us to bring them some fresh meat as they put it from time to time.

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