I was hanging out in a hotel bar in New Orleans when 3 beautiful women walked in and went to sit in a corner booth. I noticed that these women were all very tall and the tallest one actually looked like she could have been from Sweden. I'm average height for a man at 5' 8, but this girl would tower over me. She must have been 6'- 4", with out the pumps. All the women were dressed very nicely in mid thigh length dresses that were snug fitting and showing a lot of cleavage. The tallest woman had shoulder length blonde hair with a light blue/silver dress on and I could swear she was checking me out. I had a couple of beers in me and I had always liked tall girls anyway so I talked to the bartender and bought the table a round of drinks. The waitress delivered the drinks and after she motioned toward me I raised my glass their way and smiled. I know that it's a corny move, but I'd had a few and thought "What the hell."

They all talked to the waitress for a second then sent her over to me. She said with a slight smile,

"Those ladies would like for you to join them at their table."

"They would?" I asked in disbelief. The waitress only nodded and if I hadn't had so much alcohol pumping through me I might have noticed she seemed to be trying very hard not to laugh. I stood up and started to move towards their table. I might have wobbled a little, but I didn't think it was too much. When I reached the side of the table they offered me the seat by the really tall Swedish girl. I felt dwarfed just sitting beside this giant beauty. Of the other two girls sitting in the booth one was also blonde and the other had black hair. Now that I was up close I could see that the black haired woman was Asian as she introduced them to me. She said,

"My name is Soonlee, this is Helga," indicating the woman beside me, "and this is Angel." indicating the woman beside her. Without hesitation Soonlee launched right into the explanation of the invite to their table. "We asked you to come over here join us because Helga finds you attractive and wants to ask you to go back to her room with her. Are you willing to go to Helga's room with her?"

I was struck speechless. I'm not a bad looking guy but let's face it, I was used to working a lot harder to get into a woman's room, and then to just be told straight up that that is what she planned caught me off guard completely. When Helga put her large warm hand on my knee I nodded yes, then blurted out,

"I'd love to go to Helga's room with her!"

"Good." Soonlee replied smoothly. "I will need to give her some instructions in her own language because she can't speak any English.

"Uh...won't that be a problem?" I asked.

"I'm sure you will be able to understand what she wants. After all, don't you speak the international language of love?" Soonlee asked with the slightest hint of a mocking smile.

"Sure. No problem. I'm sure we'll get along just fine." I said with more confidence than I felt. Soonlee then started talking to Helga and of course I couldn't understand a word she said, but Helga kept looking over at me and smiling. She nodded several times before Soonlee turned and addressed me again.

"What is your name?" she asked me.

"Jerry." I replied. Soonlee went on,

"Jerry this is Helga, Helga this is Jerry." She then said something in that same language which included my name. Helga smiled and extended her hand to me. As her hand enveloped mine a slight shiver ran down my spine and if it hadn't been for the alcohol I might have changed my mind. But no one ever said I was bright, and when there is alcohol coursing through my veins it's safe to say that I'm even less bright. I watched in amazement as Helga downed her entire Long Island Iced Tea, then looked at me and smiled expectantly. It was rather obvious that she was ready to go to her room. I looked over at Soonlee and quickly said,

"Would she like to dance to this song first?" A shadow of annoyance flitted across Soonlee's face before she looked to Helga and spoke in that sing-song language. Helga looked at me and thought for a second before shrugging her broad shoulders while nodding yes. We walked out onto the dance floor about 30 seconds into Eric Clapton's Wonderful Tonight. I turned to face her and held out my arms. Helga stepped into my arms and enveloped me in her own, pulling me tight against her body. I suddenly had a face full of cleavage and was finding it a little hard to breathe. I got my head turned to the left enough so I wouldn't smother then just enjoyed having my head cushioned on a large set of breasts. This was sure one big girl! I could tell she was starting to get excited by fact that one of her nipples was hard right under my nose.

As soon as the song stopped she took me by the hand and lead me out of the bar toward her room. We must have been one helluva sight going through the halls. Me, a rather small white guy, in tow behind this big blonde woman.

We got to her door and she reached into her bra and pulled out the magnetic swipe key. She pushed the door open and quickly pushed me through it. She shut the door and leaned against it for a long second before walking slowly and sexily toward me. Helga reached out and pulled me into her arms as she bent down to place her hot mouth over mine. I opened my mouth and she pushed her tongue so deep into me she was at the back of my throat. After about half a minute of kissing me she eased back and started to quickly and roughly undress me. In no time I was standing completely naked in front of her. Helga ran her hands over my body in a lusting and appraising manner. I was really starting to get excited and it was showing down below as my cock began to rise to the occasion. But that was one part of me Helga seemed to have no interest in. She hadn't removed any of her clothes yet and I was wondering just what I had gotten myself into when she roughly pushed me back onto the bed as she fell on top of me. She was kissing me hard and grinding her crotch against me. She took her right leg and wedged it in between my legs then did the same with her left. I could feel her stockings rubbing against the inside of my thighs as she spread her legs forcing mine apart and began humping her crotch against mine. Then to my amazement and fear I felt something growing hard in her panties. She quickly reached down between her legs and pulled her panties to one side and I felt something that could only be a cock rubbing against my butt cheeks. I looked at her face and she looked too pretty to be a guy so I thought she must be wearing a strap-on dildo. Not that it made any difference, I didn't want either one inside of me.

I started to struggle and shake my head no, but this only made her smile knowingly and become rougher as she started to rub the head of the cock against my tight sphincter. Helga then brought her right hand up to her mouth and spit several time into her palm. She reached down to the cock and rubbed the spit on the head of it then started to push against me much harder. I was struggling really hard now because it was very apparent to me what she planned to do with that cock.

Helga lowered her full weight onto me as she pushed the head of her cock into my ass. Between the lack of air and the pain I thought I would pass out. I struggled even harder and started to hit her with my hands. With a smile Helga grabbed my wrists in her hands and pushed them up above my head. She rose up off of my chest putting extra pressure on my hands, and when she did I looked down past her breasts to where our crotches were and saw that there was no harness with a dildo strapped to her. It was her very own cock. I looked back to her face and she was smiling a smug smile as she shoved about half the length of her cock into me. I arched my back with the sudden intense pain and heard a low moan of pleasure escape from Helga's throat. She started to pump her hard cock in and out of me in long steady strokes as she held my arms pinned above my head. I watched her breasts moving under her dress with each thrust of her hips. I finally quit struggling and just lay there panting with the pain and pressure.

She was still fully dressed and completely having her way with me. After a few minutes, when she realized I wasn't struggling any more, she put both of my wrists in her left hand and with her right she started to pull at the front of her dress. She was trying to pull the dress down to get one of her boobs out, but the dress wasn't about to stretch that far. After a couple of attempts she just ripped the front open revealing her lacy pink, low cut bra. It turned out to be a front clasp bra because she easily undid it with her hand and pulled it open so that with each thrust her boobs bounced up and hit me in the face.

She took her right breast in her hand and started to rub the hard nipple all over my face. When I didn't open my mouth she shoved her big cock all the way into me and slapped my face with her hand really hard. I opened my mouth and lunged my head forward, intending to bite her nipple off, but she realized what I was going to do and punched me hard in the face. My head swam and it was hard to focus my eyes on her, but it was obvious she wasn't smiling at me any more. She shook her head no very sternly and brandished her fist at me again. I nodded my head yes showing her I understood what she meant. She lowered her breast back to my mouth, ready to hit me again with her fist if I made the least move to bite her. I opened my mouth and started to suck on her nipple. She let out another low moan of pleasure and after about a minute she lowered her fist and got back to fucking me with a vengeance.

It was obvious to me that I was only there for her pleasure. She ground her boob against my face as she humped my ass with total abandon. Here I was in a hotel room being used as a sex toy by a big woman who had her breast shoved in my mouth while she fucked me hard in the ass with her cock. I could tell that she just wanted to use me because she never did anything that would have given me any pleasure. Her breathing was getting rough and I figured she was getting close to an orgasm so I thought that the best thing might be for me to help her along in an attempt to get this over with sooner. I applied myself to her breast in earnest and did my best to encourage her. But this seemed to have the opposite effect on her. Instead of getting more excited she became distracted and angry with me. She began to look at me angrily and treated me even more roughly. I couldn't figure out what the deal was with Helga, then it dawned on me. She wanted me to struggle and resist her!

I started to squirm and thrash around trying to get away from her again. The smile returned to her face right away as she grabbed both my wrists in her hands again to control me. She shoved both breasts into my face trying to smother me as she crammed her big cock into my ass again and again. Now she was really turned on, and within a few seconds she shoved her cock deep inside me and came hard in my ass.

She lay on top of me for a few moments as she caught her breath. Then I heard someone slowly clapping. It was Soonlee. She and Angel had entered the room while Helga was having her way with me. Angel had her dress up and was fisting her own cock, which was just starting to get hard. Helga pulled out of me, got up, and stepped off to the side as Angel moved to stand at the foot of the bed between my legs. As I watched her cock it grew bigger and bigger. It was much larger than mine and it was also getting longer and thicker than Helga's.

I watched in amazement as she stroked her cock, and it continued to grow. I'm not a great judge of the size of another person's penis but at one point she grabbed it in both hands and the head easily cleared her hands. If I was afraid before, I was terrified now. I had no doubts that she had plans to put that cock inside me and I was sure that it would rip me apart. Soonlee handed Angel a tube of lubricating jelly which she squirted liberally onto her cock, then rubbed it all over her cock with her hand.

I was held in a trance by her huge cock and while I was staring at Angel, Helga and Soonlee moved to either side of the bed. So when I finally came to my senses and made a break for the door they were there to catch me before I even got off of the bed. They grabbed my arms and easily held me down. I tried to kick at Angel, but she just grabbed my legs and pushed them up against my chest as she climbed onto the bed with me, her huge womanly cock bouncing around as she did so. Angel then spread my legs and while I continued struggling with all my might she aimed her rigid cock at my ass with her hips. I could feel the cold lube on her cock as she started to push the head of that huge beast into my tight rectum. It hurt more than anything I could ever remember and if it hadn't been for all the lube she had applied to it, it would never have gone into me. But as she pushed I could feel the huge head forcing its way past my sphincter muscle and opening me up. I saw beads of sweat forming in the cleavage of her breasts and on her forehead as she kept pushing into me. As I continued to struggle she smiled down at me and the look in her eyes spoke volumes. She was loving every minute of this. Her nipples were rock hard and showing through her dress. It was very obvious that the act of penetration was a major turn on for Angel.

After what seemed like forever I finally felt her cock head slip into me as my asshole almost snapped around the shaft of her huge cock. Angel closed her eyes for a second and moaned with the pleasure of her conquest. She then leaned up over me with a hand on either side of my head and kept slowly pushing herself into me as her breasts hung over my face still enclosed in her dress. I couldn't resist her any longer and just lay there beneath her. She worked her huge cock into me, then pulled it out a little bit only to push it back even deeper. It must have taken her 15 minutes to get her cock all the way into me. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning with the pleasure of being completely inside of me. Soonlee leaned down and said,

"Congratulations. You are the first guy to take all of Angel's cock without breaking down and sobbing."

I was in such pain that I can't say I felt like it was all that great an accomplishment. Angel then pulled slowly back out of me about half way and pushed slowly back into me again. She did this over and over until she was pulling out to the head of her cock and plunging all the way back into me. I was starting to get used to the size of her cock and the feeling of my insides moving around to accommodate her. I felt that if I opened my mouth and someone looked down my throat they would see her cock sliding back and forth in there.

The pain was down to a dull throb and as I watched her fuck me I was once again struck by the fact that a beautiful woman was on top of me thrusting her big dick into me. Without being told to, I reached my hands up to her breasts and began to rub them through the fabric of her dress while I gently pinched her nipples. This brought more moans of pleasure and Angel increased the tempo of her thrusts into me. Angel seemed to like the positive feedback I was giving her, so I hooked my feet just below her firm bottom and began to pull her into me. This really set her on fire and she began to pound me into the bed. After a few minutes of pounding she pushed up off of my chest and quickly reached down and pulled her dress over her head and threw it to the floor, so that now all she had on were her lacy black bra, panties, stockings and high heels.

Angel repositioned herself without pulling out of me, so that she was in a sitting position on the bed and I was sitting in her lap impaled on her huge cock. I was trying to move up and down on her some, but she was so big that I couldn't really get much movement going. With me still in her lap she scooted over to the corner of the bed and put her feet on the floor. I still had my legs around her as she grabbed me at the waist and began to raise me up and down on her cock. The look on her face told me she was in complete control and that everything she was doing was for her pleasure only. She stayed in that position for a few minutes then stood up with me still wrapped around her and set me on the dresser that was against the wall. She was so beautiful, and yet so strong!

As Angel leaned over me her breasts were just under my chin and her cleavage was so inviting I just had to burry my face in it as she thrusted harder and harder into me. I reached down and grabbed her ass in my hands and encouraged her to fuck me even harder, which she easily did. I was now used to her huge size and was starting to get into the idea of being a fuck toy for this woman when Angel grabbed me again and this time she stood up, stepped back and lay down on the bed with me on top of her. I sat up, put a hand on each breast and began to ride her for all that I was worth while I squeezed her breasts through her bra. I could feel her breathing heavily and I knew she was starting to get close to an orgasm.

Angel reached up and pulled me to her chest. She started to thrust into me again with her arms wrapped around me. She pulled my mouth to hers, forced her tongue into me as far as it would go, and started to cum deep in my ass. As soon as she started to orgasm I joined her with one of my own. When we were finished cuming I lay there on top of her and we kissed while she made small slow thrusts into me to keep herself hard. After a short time Angel whispered in my ear,

"You seemed to enjoy that." I nodded my head yes as it lay there on her cleavage. "I want to keep going.", she whispered. "What I'm doing will keep me hard, but since you've been through so much I thought I would ask if you want to stop."

There was a snort from Helga which said she wouldn't have asked that, obviously she could understand English after all. I lay there on top of Angel, feeling her cock slowly moving inside of me and asked myself if I wanted her to keep going. I knew I wasn't going to be able to sit down no matter what happened next. Angel was so soft and beautiful yet hard and sexy at the same time. I had never felt so content as I did right now with her inside me as my head rose and fell with her breasts as she breathed. I felt warm and protected in her arms. I had always thought that was how a woman was supposed to feel after sex, and yet I liked feeling that way in her arms. As I was thinking, Angel started to move her cock a little faster and farther with each thrust. She said,

"I'm almost to the point of no return, if I get anymore turned on we're going to keep going whether you want to or not." As she said this, her hands moved down onto my hips and she started to pump into me again in earnest. "Never mind, it seems that my cock has decided for you." she said in a low voice. "Besides, this is for the best. When Soonlee gets a hold of you, you will be in for a real hurting. She likes to see how much she can hurt a man while she is having sex with him. And Soonlee is almost as big as I am."

Angel rolled over back on top of me and as she looked into my eyes I said to her,

"Please, don't let Soonlee hurt me. I feel so vulnerable after being with you. I need you to protect me." I started to kiss her cleavage and run my hands up and down her sides. Then I reached around behind her back and unclasped her bra so I could suck on her nipples. I stopped for a second and said to Angel, "I tried not to let Helga rape me, but I was no match for her or you. I'm sure I can't fight off Soonlee either. What will I do if you don't protect me?" Angel's eyes were closed as I sucked on her nipples and kissed her breasts all over. She moaned and growled,

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