tagMatureSophia and Joshua

Sophia and Joshua

bySatin and Lace©

Looking over my Oakley sunglasses I could see my attention was once again being drove from the latest romance novel. It was a beautiful sight with my lust on high radar. His broad shoulders with the slim waist was making me hot. I couldn't help but see the sweat dripping from his forehead his curly hair sticking to his face. What a beautiful specimen my thoughts were racing once again. How did we get to this point? It was an accident one that I will always be grateful for.

It started night before the big game. I guess once again I am ahead of my self. I am married to the coach to a big mid west college town. My husband loves me, he seems to love football a lot more. I am in love with him also having an affair was something never considered. Well, not until Joshua came to live with us. Even then I was the wife of his coach, Vance Brooks. Everybody thought the world of Vance especially Joshua. Joshua is the quarterback of the century leading his team to a sixteen and zero season.

Every young girl was after Joshua he was tall dark and handsome. Has a smile that lights up a room. Has such dynamic personality that both guys and girls want to be in his circle. His circle is vast never taking anything from a situation that he doesn't give more back. His girl the one that he saw most of was named Muffie. Her last name isn't important not to this story. She was the epitome of the cheerleading squad leader. Cute, sexy and very friendly just not mature. Joshua was patient kept Muffie close in his life making excuses for her immaturity. The outburst seems to bring him pain at times yet he worked with her until the night before the last big game.

He had moved in with us when his parents were transferred a few months back. Having him live with us was a change for Vance and myself. We didn't have children his kids had always been the football team. Being fifteen years older than I, I was settled about not having children. Having another person in our space was different for the both of us. We managed it though with a lot of respecting each other's privacy. Joshua was living in our family room downstairs, ate his meals with us. This was his last year of playing college football scouts had started to enter his life. Offering him all types of wonderful things if he played for the big leagues.

Joshua was deciding on his life after college trying to make it a good decision for his future. Vance was there for any questions, but he wouldn't lead Joshua into any final decisions. The whole town was going crazy as always before a game. This being such an important one in a few days so much at stake I was feeling pressured. I wanted Vance to win this season ender as much as I wanted Joshua to win it for himself. Who would have thought in seventy two hours our lives were going to spin on their axis?

I had been restless after Vance walked out for yet another important football meeting. Being alone was becoming very tiresome. I decided to lay down on the sofa in the living room. Just a few feet away was the main staircase to the part of the house Joshua was living in. Muffie had apparently came over I could hear their voices. It was, it sounds like yet another argument they had been arguing a lot lately.

Trying not to pry I closed my eyes as though to sleep. When I heard some shouting then a little like some passionate kissing. I was totally embarrassed thinking I should get back to my room.

Just as I was to stand up I heard the front door slamming shut. I laid there wondering what had just happened? Then I heard the footsteps on the stairs and knew I couldn't make a graceful exit, not now at least. I laid there as though I was sleeping I could see Joshua as he mounted the last step. His hair was all ruffled, his shoulders were drooping and he was standing there in shadow with a raging hard on.

I caught myself inhaling from seeing his profile the hardness was very powerfully showing. He hadn't noticed me yet. I thought I would get away without being noticed when all of a sudden I sneezed. Joshua spun around looking at me. I laid there then I sat up.

"Oh Mrs. B, I am, I mean, I thought I was alone. I will go back downstairs." Joshua said half heartedly.

"No please don't. I am sorry I didn't mean to hear. I wasn't eavesdropping Joshua. Come over here let's talk okay?" I said comforting. I never did take my eyes away from his groin.

He walked over to the sofa I moved my feet to the ground as he slumped onto the over stuffed sofa so close I could smell his excitement. I felt a stirring like nothing I have ever felt. He didn't seem to be embarrassed by his arousal. I wanted him. I couldn't believe I did. He was so young, but so virile. I sat there looking in his face as he looked into my eyes. Leaning into him our lips met touching like lovers. New lovers not sure of ourselves wanting something that we both knew was forbidden. He surprised me by kissing me with intensity causing me to lose my thoughts. His passions were so demanding I knew I should get up walk away he must have known my thoughts for he reached around me pulling me into him.

His tongue opened my lips slipping so seductively into my mouth with his tongue. I was so enthralled with his taste. Darting in and out I felt him tongue fucking me it was sheer eroticism. I was enjoying his kiss forgetting that I was his coach's wife. He pulled me on his lap causing me to sit on his lap with one leg over his legs. He unclasped my ribbon as my hair fell down around him and I am covering us both. I bit his lower lip as he moaned in anticipation. I could feel his hard, erect cock pushing into my red panties.

His mouth started moving across my cheek to my left ear as his tongue traced a hot trail to my lower lobe. I gasped by the innocence of this ecstasy. He sucked on my ear as his hands removed my red silken tee shirt. Freeing my breasts his fingers instantly finding my nipples enlarged by his sensual touches. The nipples were hardening to points as he tweaked them knowing his hands were giving me pleasures. Guilty pleasures were the best kind. Forever this young boy could play with me I thought.

I was sitting on him as he played me like a fine violin. His mouth moving down my neck I stretched my head back so that my hair cascaded across his muscular thighs. Baring my throat so he could keep kissing my throat. Knowing he would keep following my desires and soon be at my nipples. I felt his hot breath against my naked skin it was so very fine.

Moaning I could feel him becoming even more passionate as I showed him my approval. I gasped as his lips found my nipple. He pulled on it ever so gently I felt myself biting my lip until I tasted a little blood. I dug my fingers into his shoulders. This caused him to become more intense with his focus on my nipples I closed my eyes and let him take me away. Realizing his cock had come out of the opening of his pants I could feel the firm warm skin laying against my wet hot indention. The feeling of his manhood so close as he nibbled, bit and sucked my nipples drove me to the point of no return. I released some hot cum without realizing I had made him wet.

He pulled away from me and smiled at my face before he went back to making my breasts burst with ecstasy. Pushing me onto my back slowly he maneuvered me without losing his erotic breast play. I wanted him so bad I moved my hands down to his erect cock. It felt made of steel so wide, thick and nestled in silken hair. I stroked him with my hand barely fitting around the shaft. He stopped sucking but didn't lose my nipple waiting for what I would do next. As I stroked his shaft to the noble head I felt some pre cum oozing out, taking my fingers I made sure I brought them to my mouth. Licking them clean I watched his eyes as he smiled I felt like flying. He went into overdrive sucking my nipples until I felt more wetness coming to surface.

We both moaned from the sheer pleasure of just touching one another. I felt his hand slide down my stomach to the bikini hairline and the top of my red panties. All of a sudden his finger slipped down the leg and his bare finger touched my mound. I screamed out with such unbelievable joy. He moved from my breast and tongued my stomach until he reached my red panties. I wasn't embarrassed I wanted him to take them off of me. As I thought he would I raised my hips but he didn't remove them he just licked on the top of them as his finger found my utter wetness. His finger played around my opening as I laid there expecting him to enter me. I didn't realize I was pushing up as I opened my legs wider so he could have access to me.

He took his finger and brought it to his mouth as he sucked my juices off his hand. I wanted to shout but I couldn't. Then he moved them to one side with his other hand and kissed my pussy. I tensed up waiting for what he was going to do next. He took a long lick a slow, oh slower than that believe me a lot slower than what you are thinking. Licking my pussy up to my patch of hair. Then he went back down my slit with a slow driven lick. I was almost out of my skin with the feeling of this passionate lover.

He was giving me pleasures that I hadn't had. I was never sure what he would do next. Then as I felt his tongue grace my lips again I felt like I would escape my bounds here and take flight he stuck his long tongue into my pussy I did take flight. I remember nothing after that, just this floating feeling,

As he went about tonguing my wet pussy. Curling his tongue around my lips he drank the wetness, making slurping sounds. His ability to make such sounds added to my pleasures. Listening to his ravenous sounds caused me to feel an enormous sensuality. It crossed my mind Vance was a quiet lover. That's the only time Vance crossed my mind that night. His enjoyment was doubled by my moans and gasps. Joshua was an avid lover with an enormous talent of oral erotica.

I was beside myself with passion as he took his mouth covering my whole pussy with his mouth blowing hard on the outer lips. His fingers lightly passing over my ass. I felt his fingers tear away my panties with little effort. Being soaked they gave away without any hesitation. I looked down at his face glistening with my juices wanting him to kiss me right then and now. He must have seen it in my eyes for he came up and kissed me lingering inside my mouth as I tasted my own cum.

I was breathless with such anticipation nothing seemed real to me. Nothing but this young stud using his skills to drive me insane.

"Oh you are all woman Sophia I knew you would be this amazing. I have wanted to touch your soul since I first seen you. I even went outside the first night to catch you in the shower. Your body is so fucking hot." Joshua's voice was hoarse from passions.

My mind couldn't absorb what he was saying I wanted him back on my pussy with that tongue I was pushing him down my body without shame. I was humping his face so he knew what I wanted. My knee's were on each side of his head as my hands were pulling on his long hair. I could feel his rough unshaven face on my inner thighs. I was shoving his face down into my love box all wet and sloppy. He was laughing at my readiness. His face was rubbing across my wet pussy with such vigor I came not knowing that he was about to pull my clit into his hot mouth.

The sensation of being pulled into his mouth was so sensual I screamed out as I shoved his face onto my clit harder. He laughed out loud at my enthusiasm.

"Oh, Sophie you like this don't you? You like my sucking your clit inside my mouth. Tell me you like it?" He said with a guttural raspy voice.

"Oh! Fucking yes!" I shouted through clinched teeth.

His slurping sound as he curled that tongue for me to see caused me such sheer ecstasy I almost wept with need. I wanted him to curl it around my clit so I could ride that tongues to another out of body experience. He took his fingers and opened my pussy lips so my clit stood exposed, curled tongue enveloped it with a gust of passion I lost control soaking him with my pussy cum. He was excited beyond

his own control. His mouth started torturing me with drawing my clit in then releasing it over and over again. I felt him over and over assaulting my precious bud until I felt like I would pass out.

All of a sudden he threw me onto my stomach so he could crawl under me and milk my clit from below. I was paralyzed with anticipations. Thinking of nothing but this tongue with Joshua guiding it in and out slow then fast, slurping then drawing it in. Biting it then nibbling my clit into submission. When he stopped I would weep with desire for him to start again. He moved me so I was pressed onto the back of the sofa, knee's on the cushions, ass in the air. As he slipped off the sofa he was on his knee's licking my pussy and ass. Long slow licks every so often he stuck his tongue inside my pussy then back around my ass hole.

I was becoming numb with pleasures thinking of nothing but the intensity he was orally pleasuring me. My clit was swollen with such vigorous lapping from his firm lips. It was sticking up with such enormous pressure needing to be released from this man. Turning my head I could see his face in the light of the hallway. I started pushing back on him with a rhythm in my hips as he continued his pleasure inducing motions. His tongue started teasing my clit, bouncing his hard tongue on the tip I started grabbing the material on the sofa.

"Oh no! No! I can't take this please fuck me Joshua!" I cried out in passion.

He didn't stop. He would attack it harder I was in deep pain now. I was willing to beg for him to put this fire out he had ignited so eagerly.

"Oh please fuck me! Please dog fuck me! Now!" I cried out.

He didn't stop. He just lapped up my juices. Smiling at my out and out raw sex my thighs were starting to get rigid.

"Oh Joshua, listen to me please." I cried hoarsely.

He didn't stop. He pressed his face into my pussy. Causing me to inhale deeply.

"Now! Please fuck me now!" I whispered quietly.

He didn't stop, but he did adjust me to lay on my back so he could place his hard cock at my lips. I felt the firm cock on my lips as I started quivering.

"What do you want Mrs. Brooks?" he said with utter glee.

"I want you to fuck me, Joshua." I answered with tears in my eyes.

"You want fucked? You want this cock buried inside your pussy?" He asked smiling deeply.

"Yes!" I said as I shook all over.

"Only your pussy?" He asked again teasing me by rubbing it around my pussy.

"I don't care. Just help me cum, please!" I managed between my tears.

"I don't know if you are wet enough Mrs. Brooks. Take your fingers and see if you are wet enough for me." He laughed.

I took my fingers and felt my wet, hot lips and knew my pussy would easily take him he had caused me to cum so many times. Leaving me needing him to fill me with his hot seed to put out this fire he ignited.

I could feel the slippery outer pussy then they slid inside of me so quickly it surprised him. He leaned back watching me play with my open exposed pussy for his eyes.

"Play with your clit for me. Show me your favorite way to masturbate your hot clit to submission." He said with awe.

I didn't think of the fact nobody had ever seen me pleasure myself so intimately. I just went straight to my clit moving in circles moaning as I touched my red hot clit. He sat upon his heels and watched my fingers slipping on either side of my clit stroking it like I had stroked him earlier. This was oddly so erotic having him watch me stroke myself. No man had watched me play with my clit before. I enjoyed masturbating always thought it was a very private thing though.

Joshua was starting to stroke his cock as he watched my clit turn red with more blood rushing to the head. I was shivering from the thrill of exposing myself to this man's eye. Watching him stroking his cock with such utter disregard that I was there watching him. He was smiling with at my perspiration as my breathing being more erratic. His breathing was rapidly increasing with each stroke of my hand and his. He watched as my pussy was releasing juice like a river flowing down and disappearing inside my ass.

"That is so fucking hot Sophia. I can't believe what I am seeing. Keep going I want to see your face when you cum for me." Joshua's voice cracked.

I was trying to keep my eyes opened so I could see him and his pleasure. But as I felt myself going over that precipice I couldn't keep them open. My thighs were shaking, my calves were becoming rock hard. My breathing was slowed down to almost nothing. My back was arching, my lips were grimacing as I felt my orgasm locking in. At that wonderful moment nothing would have separated me from my cumming. Not even a tornado or a house fire. I was determined to cum. My stomach was bouncing from the pleasure ripping over my whole body.

I was capable in seeing his face as he watched me cum screaming inside I saw his face. It was filled with awe.

"Yes. That's beautiful Sophia you are so fucking hot. I can't believe you are allowing me to watch this. I am so fucking amazed you are going to cum for me like this." He shouted just a micro second before I flew into sub space.

I was beyond this earth flying as my wetness splashed against him. He started to stroke himself with renewed vigor as he watched me quivering with waves of cumming. Waves of orgasms shook me almost off the surface of the sofa. His own orgasm was over taking his body. I heard a scream not realizing it was my own. Then I heard another scream but this was much lower I was almost sure it was Joshua's.

He did cum with such force he fell forward onto my body shaking with ecstasy.

We laid there tangled in each others limbs as we both rode our orgasms. I was drenched with sweat, as he was. We both had cum so hard we shook slipping on each others wet body. Breathing so hard we laid there without speaking. When I could finally feel myself I took my hands and rubbed his head with all the wet curls matted onto his forehead. His cock didn't go soft he was hard in a matter of minutes so I moved a little and took him into my mouth. His moans encouraged my progress. I started slowly licking my cum off him mingled with his. He tasted so spicy I felt so womanly his hands and that mouth had taken me to the moon.

His voice was soft and low as he told me what he liked as I learned what his cock was all about. Listening to his voice was so sensuous I fell quiet. I kept sucking him not wanting to stop until he felt the pleasure he had driven into my mind. His recovery period was quick taking control he pushed me onto my side. Coming up behind me he placed his cock on my pussy bringing my leg over his. He started fucking me a slow rhythm.

I laid there enjoying this sensation both of us rocking on the other. We had the nothing to think about besides one another. Not caring about the world. Making each other feel alive by sharing a slow hot fuck. He took his fingers as he placed his arm around me and found my clit. His cock inside of me was pushing my clit out and making it stand hard again. Rubbing it with circles he had indeed watched my hands pleasuring myself. I purred like a kitten. Leaning back against him we were locked into one another's arm. His lips were kissing my neck my ears. Whispering my name I laid there feeling so satisfied.

"Sophia I want you again." He whispered before kissing my bare shoulder.

"I think you are having me again." I said laughing.

"No, I meant I want to be able to do this with you again and again." He said with anticipation.

"I do too." I honestly said.

As I said that he took my hips and pushing them backwards he pumped four times hard holding my body on the sofa. His cum squirted hot against my insides. I felt the heat from the splashing it made me scream out as I felt myself slipping into my own orgasm. My juices filled his hand running through his fingers. We laid there spent. Lackadaisically drifting in and out of sleep. Entwined we were lovers we both knew this for a fact. How we would stay lovers didn't even occur to us.

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