tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSophie's Adventures Ch. 07

Sophie's Adventures Ch. 07


...Sophie stood up and walked down into the water to rinse the wet sand off of her naked body. I peeled myself out of the trench I found myself buried in and did the same.

"You enjoy that?" Sophie turned and asked.

"Yes master." I mockingly replied.

"Mistress." She corrected me firmly.

"Yes mistress, sorry mistress!" I quickly corrected myself.

"Good boy. Now what else where you going to do to me and my ass?...."

Chapter 7:

I looked up and ripped my shirt which Sophie had used to bind my arms together behind my back. I threw the rags into the sea and started to run towards her. She turned to run from me but I caught her and grabbed her body, throwing her quite hard further into the dark water under the support beams of the building we were below.

Sophie and I had just been a club with four other girls we had met on this holiday, Eleanor and Liz we met our first day and then Amy and Lucy who we met yesterday. They were no doubt inside still enjoying the music and trying to get as many phone numbers as possible so they would win the challenges we set before we went in. I was up against Sophie but any hopes of that were dashed when I went over and instructed her to strip on the pole and stage she was using to get male attention and numbers. Because of the result of a challenge she set me she had to do everything and anything I wanted that day.

We promptly left the club and ended up bringing each other to orgasm here on the beach. Sophie had pinned me down with her knees on my shoulders and the fear of drowning mixed with the sensations she and the water provided gave me an extremely intense orgasm. But that fear had now turned to a rage and my heart continued to beat heavily.

Sophie looked up at me as I approached her, she sat in the water with the waves coming in on her, I followed the waves and then decided to try something. I submerged myself enough in the water that Sophie couldn't see me. Then waiting for a big enough wave I rode that wave toward her and deliberately landed right on top of her. The wave and my body crashing down on her as she embraced my naked body in hers. She lay back in the sand and wrapped her arms and legs around me as we kissed passionately. The water still knocking into us rhythmically on the shore.

I held her arms down as I kissed her, then quickly flipped her onto her front, her face was just out of where the water was hitting the beach but with the tide moving quite quickly that wouldn't last too long. I kissed her back as I moved down her body, caressing her ass cheeks in my hands, parting them partially to get any sand out from between her legs. Salt water was course and caused a friction but while wet also provided lubrication. I placed my hand between her legs to caress her pussy with my fingers. Sophie groaned into the ground at my touch. She parted her legs further and with one hand I continued to play with her pussy while the other began to play with her ass. I slowly probed putting my finger further and further inside, I then added another and another widening her asshole.

"Rrrrgghhh....." Sophie groaned loudly. "Do it!"

"Do what mistress?" I teased.

"My ass! Do my ass!!" She forcefully screamed.

"Yes mistress. But the tide is coming in so we need to come while you can still breath!" I informed.

I then placed my cock at the gaping hole in her ass, she held her cheeks apart with her hands as I slowly entered her ass. We both gasped as the sensations mixed pleasure and pain, water crashing around us as I slowly, very slowly entered her. My cock gradually consumed by the soft flesh of her behind.

Sophie growled and groaned as I began to move my hips backward and forward into hers. She had her face down in the sand and spat water as she wriggled in the sea and sand.

I gained a solid rhythm and each time I plunged my hips forward into her she let out a scream.

"Oh!...Oh!....Agh!!...Aghhh!...Aghhh...! Spllt!...Spl! Sophie continued as water began to surround her face. As she screamed she was being slowly covered and I could feel a sense of urgency in her actions. She began to thrust along with me and reached her arms back, I held mine out in front and held her arms from behind pulling her in with them. This caused Sophie's body to lift slightly but she kept her head down as if all her strength were applied elsewhere. Still in this position Sophie was no longer drowning or fearing it and her urgency died down. I decided this would not do.

"Do you trust me?" I asked firmly

"Yes master!" Sophie quickly answered.

"Then take a breath and hold your nose!" I ordered. I let go and put my hand on the back of her neck. She turned to me looking worried, then smiled before taking a breath and pinching her nose with her fingers. I then pushed her head down into the water around us and her face was submerged, she began to move her hips and I continued to thrust back and forward quickly, I could feel Sophie's other hand playing with her pussy as she struggled underwater to find an orgasm and breath. Her wriggling rapidly increased as her urgency for both reached new levels, she writhed around under the water and tried to pull up against my arm that held her down. I was never going to stop her coming up when she clearly couldn't take any more but at first I would continue stop that effort for air.

She wriggled and wriggled before suddenly forcing herself up against my push, she let out an almighty scream as he face cleared the water before taking in several huge gasps trying to refil her lungs with oxygen. As she screamed I too let out an almighty release before letting her go and taking my cock out of her gaping ass. Sophie crawled a few feet out the sea before turning and laying on her back still panting for breath. I crawled up and joined her.

"Are you ok?.. Im sorry that was maybe a bit too much?" I said with concern.

"No.. no it was... it was incredible. The panic and the pleasure all rolled into one. I'm ok, and that was just incredible." She replied still struggling for breath.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

We kissed before laying there together to catch our breath and composure.


I woke from a dream about chasing and loss,It was very early and I felt worried, almost heartbroken as I opened my eyes. Strange how dreams can effect our emotions in such a real way.

Of course these feelings vanished when I looked over to see Sophie resting peacefully next to me. He long dark hair was messy and partly covered her face but she still looked good. She lay on her back with her face toward me, one hand lay flat beside her the other rested limp across her naked stomach.

Sophie had said on the journey down how she didn't bring any underwear at all with her, and only brought small sexy clothes to wear. So far she had gone above and beyond any dream I could have of such a thing and seemed to be regularly nude as well as appearing in tiny skirts and dresses and the most exotic swimwear. Of course she slept naked and right now her top was exposed revealing her pert round breasts.

As I lay there trying to wake up I thought back over yesterday and how Sophie had been under my complete control. After setting me a challenge the previous day she rewarded me by doing anything and everything I asked. And what a day, I'm sure we both enjoyed it but she seemed to spend the whole day naked and we had the most amazing sex so many times. A soft gentle time when we woke, once back at the apartment where we finally tried anal and both loved it. We had sex on the beach and my clothes were stolen then a kinky encounter half in the sea after we had been to a nightclub before a little more fun back at the apartment. I should have been spent but waking now I still wanted more.

I decided to wake Sophie in a similar way to how she woke me the previous day.

As she lay there naked with a bed sheet covering one leg I reached across and started to slide the rest of the sheet off of her, but in doing so started to tickle her and probably wake her. I decided to lift the rest of the sheet off and threw it to the floor exposing her beautiful naked body. She still remained motionless asleep. Her legs lay slightly open with one leg bent so her foot rested under the other leg. I decided to climb off the bed and go around to the bottom of it looking directly up at her from her feet. Ever so gently I held her leg up and moved the other from underneath laying both legs to rest with a gap in between. She must have been a deep sleeper because she didn't even stir at this.
I then gently climbed back onto the bed and on my knees sat over her legs, I didn't want to touch her anywhere at all right now just let her wake to the sensation of my tongue gently caressing her pussy.

I looked down at her beautifully clean shaved pussy, still completely hairless from her waxing before the holiday and now with a semi permanent tattoo of a butterfly sitting just where her pubic hair should be. It would go in a week or two but as it was only applied yesterday still looked fresh and vibrant.

Now I leaned down and placed my tongue on her pussy lips. I heard her murmur and pushed my tongue deeper inside, moving backward and forward, in and out, up and down trying to stimulate her. As she began to wriggle and gasp I could taste her juices beginning to flow as my arousal took full effect. Sophie's arms now rigid reached out into the air to try grasp the sensation as if it were a tangible object. Her body started to move and her hips moved up and down in time with groans and heavy breathing, with each lick she tried to maximize my efforts with movements of her pelvis, I reached under her and held her ass pulling it up to my face so her pussy remained tight against my mouth. This all quickened and quickened, her body temperature seemed to rise and I could see her go pink as her blood filled her skin with color and warmth. Her hips raised in the air to hold on to the intense orgasm as I continued to lick away inside her. I let go of her ass and she slowly lowered her hips down to the bed and sighed a huge sigh. 
I refused to stop though and kept licking, she began to wriggle uncomfortably as if I where tickling her with a feather duster, she reached down with her hands and pulled my mouth away. I looked up at her as Sophie smiled down at me.

"Thank you for that, but I don't think I can take two just as I'm waking up." She added.

I crawled upward along her body and moved in to kiss her lips. Naked myself the touch of her fingers on my skin felt like lightning and suddenly my cock who had been surprisingly calm in all that sprung right into action. As it hardened Sophie stroked it causing me to flinch and gasp.

"What do you want me to do with this?" Sophie asked, holding my cock in her hand. "Where do you want to put it?" She added with a giggle.

I was feeling the full effects of this arousal now and my lust was taking over fully. I reached down and hooked her legs under my arms raising them so her knees bent over my shoulders. Sophie was nearly folded in two and couldn't really move but I had a great position on my knees to start fucking her. Sophie took hold of my cock moving it across the entrance to her pussy mixing my pre cum with her own juices, she would slide the tip of my cock inside and out again as I realized she was using my cock as kind of brush and moving the wet from her pussy down to her ass. I looked down as I held her legs over my shoulders and she had one hand moving my cock around and she had fingers from her other hand penetrating her ass. I looked her in the eyes and was filled with passion. She didn't smile, she looked more serious than I'd seen before and her head shaking as her eyes filled with a fire of desire burning inside. This fire was catching inside me. I leaned down to kiss her, still her legs hooked over my shoulders, Sophie's thighs now pressed against her chest and her legs separated our bodies as we kissed each other. My cock had slid all the way inside her pussy and I could feel she still had her hand playing with her ass. I shifted my weight down to my hips forcing my cock deeper inside her than it had ever been. She groaned loudly into my ear and held my head close to her with her free hand. I began to thrust backward and forward as she remained pinned underneath my body folded in two. I let go of her legs giving her the option to lower them from my shoulders but she just kept them there and I felt her squeeze them together against my neck and cock. It was so tight I nearly lost it. I kept my hips moving back and forth and just at the moment of climax I leaned back thrusting my hips as far forward as I could. I sprayed her insides with cum and came back forward to lay on top of her. Our naked bodies collapsed into one as we both caught our breath.

"Don't you want to fuck my ass? I got it ready for you?" Sophie asked.

"I did want too. But I'm exhausted, that was intense! - Sorry can we come back to it?" I replied a little bashfully. 
"Back door is always open for you I said that before. That was quite a wake up call Mr what made you do that?" Sophie probed.

"I saw you laying there and thought of the previous day and how you woke me, wanted to return the favor somehow. Was it not good?" I explained.

"Oh my gosh no it was great, I was fast asleep then felt this wet tickling down there, I wondered what was going on and then as I woke realized more and more it was your tongue! I loved it. Then what you just did, was a little uncomfortable but felt amazing and you are really quite kinky when you get going! Our exploits yesterday have done you good!" Sophie assured me. I was happy she enjoyed it.

"Today we go on that trip. Cant remember how much it was going to be but your winnings from the wet T shirt contest the other night will more than cover it." I reminded Sophie.

"Oh yeah, to one of the other islands. Cool, we really need to go then it leaves at 8am! Whats the time?!" Sophie asked in a panic.

"It's fine we have about 45 minutes." I replied.

We shared a shower and applied sun cream, Sophie applied some make up and straightened her hair as quickly as she could. I went to pack some things in a bag and when I came back to room Sophie had got dressed. She was just about decent. A pink top that had thin straps over each shoulder, it sat loose on her body but left her entire abdomen exposed and even her breasts crept out at the bottom of the top. It tied up between her breasts and left quite a gap in between.

She wore a matching skirt, incredibly short that had a thin string waistline then the front and back of the skirt separated at the sides creating a flap each side. There was nothing to stop the front or back lifting up to reveal all and the same could be said with her top, if she jumped the material might fly away from her breasts. As she stood there she looked fantastic, long long legs almost completely exposed and her toned stomach out on display.

"Held together with... gravity?..." I commented in slightly worried tone.

"Yeah, I thought it was sexy, just cant move around too quickly or everything will be on display!" Sophie excitedly replied.

We headed down to the entrance of the apartment complex where our trip would be meeting to get on a coach. I had packed some drinks and sun cream, money and the room key. I dressed in some swim shorts that doubled as regular shorts and just put a t shirt on top. Sophie of course had very little on and the other people waiting looked on with dubious expressions. It was obvious she had nothing on underneath with her top held together by a bow between her breasts offering no support at all. Her breasts continued to peak out the bottom at anyone who cared to look. Her skirt was so short her ass cheeks did a similar trick at the top of her long toned legs.

There was a lot of waiting and a bit of confusion, all these reps where talking in French to one another very quickly and everyone looked on in concern. We tried to ask what was going on at the reception desk while we paid for the rest of the trip. Eventually we were all ushered on to two different coaches. They looked at our tickets and nodded as we entered the cool air conditioned vehicle. Sophie and I picked a seat and waited for everyone else to get on so we could get moving.

After about ten minutes of driving a voice came over the speaker system from the front. She spoke in French at first then translated to English.
We heard a few words that caused Sophie to look at me with real concern. She was much better at French than I and then when the English translation came over I realized why she was worried. We had signed up to go to one of the other islands just off the coast, this coach was actually going to a theme park about an hour away!

"Oh.. Well! Hope you like roller coasters!" I said to Sophie, trying to make the best of it.

"Yeah... not really the best outfit for it though. I need gravity on my side and theme parks are quite the opposite!" She laughingly replied. "It's going to be interesting!"

As we got closer we could see the metal frames of some roller coasters and other rides standing tall. The familiar screams of joy could be heard faintly in the distance and everyone looked out the windows intently. I began to fully see how this was not the place for Sophie's outfit, it was one thing to dress so liberally on the beach or in a holiday resort but this was just a regular public theme park. Sure it was hot but people wore shorts and small tops not things that would flap around revealing all in just a mild breeze let alone going upside down on rides!

We all got off the coach and joined a line to get in, we were given tickets as we left the coach but goodness knows how we ended up on this adventure and not what we originally thought. We were told to be back there at 6pm. A long time from now.

"I feel Sooo under dressed..." Sophie said in a terrified tone.

"It's fine, don't worry you look great." I replied.

"I don't doubt how I look but there is a time and a place and this is about the worst outfit I could have picked for a them park!" She agitatedly shouted at me.

"Well I guess we have two options, maybe three. We could just not go on any rides. We could go get you some new clothes from one of the gift shops, or we could just try not to worry." I suggested calmly.
"I don't want to go to a theme park and do nothing what's the point in that! I don't want to waste money on clothes I will never wear again. Lets just get on with it, whatever happens happens. So some people might get a bit of a show, hopefully no one will mind too much!" Sophie replied a little more enthusiastically.

We entered the park and began walking toward a map of the place looking at what was there. We worked out a vague plan but decided really to just walk around and do things as we saw fit. The first attraction we got too was like a huge pendulum thatwould swing incredibly high in the air, then at the end of the pendulum it would spin around in circles too. We joined the relatively small line whilst we kept watching.

"This will put your outfit to the test!" I joyfully stated.

"Yeah, I think I'm going to end up flashing someone every ride I get on, let alone during the ride itself!" Sophie added with a little more fear.

When it came time to get on the ride my heart was racing, I was never one for thrill seeking rides so was a bit nervous as to wether I would actually enjoy this or feel sick. Then I was also nervous to see what would happen to Sophie's clothes.

We walked over to the stationary pendulum. There were big seats with an overhead harness you had to climb into, they weren't too high but as soon as you sat they forced your legs apart, I looked at Sophie as she giggled. Apparently her ass was naked on the seat but because of the slits on the sides of her skirt she had a chance of not showing everyone her goods at the front, however with her legs wide apart the skirt would no doubt flap around even if it did cover her for now. A guy came along to pull the overhead harness down and did a double take on Sophie surprised at how much skin she had on show. Her harness held her all in place so it didn't appear too much of a problem.

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