tagGroup SexSorority Party Ch. 02

Sorority Party Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Girls gone wild

"Well ladies, you look like perfect messes," Sister Lauren had said. "Why don't you help each other clean up?"

Covered in cum and still reeling with the thrill of her first orgy experience, Alexa felt like she was up for almost anything and she was sure her fellow pledge, Amber, was willing to do whatever it took to get into the sisterhood of Alpha Beta Tau. But this was going a little far.

Sure, she was surrounded by eight naked and spent guys - four of whom had just cum on her with her naked sorority sisters watching. But what Lauren was asking seemed beyond the pale.

Alexa had "cleaned up" four cocks tonight, licking the cum off of them after they had exploded onto her. She had never seen so much ropey white love juice in her life, much less had so much in her mouth.

She had always relegated women who liked cum in or on them to the level of slut. But here she was, with four men's end result on her. And now, Lauren was asking her to "clean up" Amber.

It wasn't that she had not noticed how hot Amber was. The former Idaho county fair beauty contest winner was nothing if not attractive. With long brown hair, firm C-cup breasts and a rock-hard ass, Amber could turn heads at a paraplegics' convention.

Still, Alexa had never even kissed another woman, much less licked her naked flesh.

But this was no ordinary night. Alexa had experienced things this night that she could not have imagined in her most deviant 19-year-old fantasies.

And she had tasted another woman already tonight, even though it was one step removed from that woman's body. Sucking the cock of one of her multiple lovers tonight, she had tasted Lauren's pussy.

It wasn't that different from the taste of her own – a taste she had come to love after many nights of masturbating to the New Kids on the Block, or Jason Priestly, or Matthew McConaughah, or any of a hundred other crushes she had had through the years. She couldn't help but lick her fingers before and after the act to taste her excitement and thinking that is what her lover would have tasted had he really been there.

But, even though the taste of another woman was not completely foreign .to her anymore, she was not sure she was ready to make that leap into bisexuality.

Misty, sensing Alexa's hesitation, gave her an unexpected way out.

"It's OK Sister A," she said, elevating Alexa from pledge to "sister" for the first time. "You've proven your willingness tonight, and you don't have to do anything you don't want to do now. But you have come so far tonight. Don't stop yourself now if you've ever wondered."

Alexa was surprised by the sincerity of Misty's tone. Here was a woman who had done nothing but humiliate her for a week in the name of "sisterhood," and yet she was now talking to her as an equal about opening new sexual doors for herself – and doing it while wrapped in the naked embrace of another woman.

Lauren and Misty had ended up on the love seat of the modest two-story home after warming up a couple of guys apiece to finish off on the pledges. They had sat on the leather seat, caressing one-another as the men took their turns with she and Amber.

Even as she spoke, Misty had cupped one of Lauren's double-D breasts, and Lauren rested her hand on Misty's inner thigh. The two were obviously no strangers to one-another's bodies.

"I promise, it's OK," Misty said, before kissing Lauren slowly and sensually. "Trust me."

That was all Amber needed. The more sexually adventurous of the two pledges, she had taken to the orgy with gusto. And now, she was made her way over to Alexa.

Without saying a word, she kissed the redhead. And to Alexa's surprise, she accepted the advance without pushing her away. Amber's lips were soft – softer than any man Alexa had ever kissed, and noticeably without stubble.

The two melted into an embrace with Amber on top, moving from her lips to Alexa's neck, kissing it even more softly than her first lover of the night, John, had done. Amber's touch was no comparison to his. Where he had been strong yet gentle, Amber was light and almost angelic.

The warm breath on Alexa's rapidly-cooling cum-covered skin, though, was all of the impetus she needed to make her nipples spring to life. And realizing this, Amber moved to them quickly.

Alexa gasped as Amber took her left nipple into her mouth. As it had been with her kiss, Amber's lips imparted new feelings throughout Alexa's body. Her mouth enveloped Alexa's nipple in a warm embrace, as the brunette's tongue made tiny circles around the areola.

Alexa felt Amber's other hand caress her right breast, tracing her fingers in the gooey white residue slowly dripping down the side of her b-cup. Amber applied more force now and her hand slid as it massaged Alexa's fleshy mound.

For the second time that night, Alexa began to run her fingers through someone's hair as that person pleasured her breasts. And she couldn't help but remark on the differences.

"I love the way your hair feels falling on my skin," she whispered. "And your mouth is wonderful."

With that, Amber gave her a little flick of the tongue and then switched her liplock to the left breast, pausing only to lick the cum from the valley between Alexa's molehills. Giving the left breast the same treatment as the right, Amber went lower to retrieve driblets of cum that had fallen on Alexa's stomach, before returning to lick the goo from her face and plant a deep kiss on her.

Alexa was a little disappointed that Amber had stopped at her belly, aching to feel that mouth in her most private (at least until tonight) place. She guessed that, despite Amber's willingness to experiment, she was still a little unsure of taking that final step.

By this time, though, Alexa's blood was running hot and she wanted to go all the way. Having already had the second-hand scent and taste of one woman in her mouth, nothing less would suffice tonight. She wanted the full experience.

After breaking from the kiss, Alexa rolled Amber over onto her back and proceeded to lick the cum droplets gracing her neck. Interchanging licking and kissing, the area was "clean" in no time, but Alexa wanted to prolong the sensation for Amber, knowing the feeling that someone playing with her neck caused in her.

Alexa kissed Amber's left ear, and realized she had found a sweet spot when Amber arched her back with pleasure and forcing her breasts into Alexa's, spreading the cum on each other's breasts.

Having never been in this situation before, Alexa decided to try rubbing nipples with the brunette, but the result came out more comical than erotic, being forced to grab the c-cups and position them so that they met her Bs.

Both of them giggled with the attempt, and Alexa soon returned to licking Amber clean. Putting the handholds she had on the reclining woman's breasts to good use, Alexa licked and sucked every inch of her chest – concentrating on the nipples, but also running her hands between the breasts in that area guys almost always forgot to pay attention to.

Having worked on Amber's upper body for several minutes, Alexa decided to give her lower body a workout as well. Slowly she traced her tongue down Amber's taut abs, pausing to lick the cum that had collected in her belly button, then kissing just inside her pelvic area. As it always did when men did it to her, the kisses tickled and Amber jumped slightly.

And now was the time of truth.

Alexa opened Amber's legs wide and then used her index and middle finger to spread the girl's outer labia for better access to the treasure that lay between her legs, then dove tongue first into the opening.

The taste was close to that of her own pussy juices and those of Lauren's that she'd tasted earlier tonight. But this was warm and more pungent and somehow more inviting. She relished it in ways she never thought she could have before tonight.

And the reaction from Amber only turned her on more. Between the fleshy folds, Alexa found Amber's clit quickly. It seemed larger than her own and made a good target for Alexa's tongue.

Working the mini-falus back and forth, she was driving Amber crazy with pleasure. Licking left to right, Alexa tried to remember the way that Mr. Harris, her senior English teacher had eaten her out. That had been the best head she had ever gotten, cumming almost instantly and repeatedly before he even put his cock in her.

He had gone straight for the clit as well, but then backed off to lick her whole pussy, examining every crack and crevice with his slippery tongue. And after a while, he would return to her clit for more massage work.

And so, Alexa followed his example, spreading her tongue to wet as much of Amber's pussy as possible, then – with the tongue still flattened – returned to the swollen erectile tissue at the center of the issue. She began moving her head back and forth rapidly, giving herself a slight headache, but giving Amber the feeling of a human vibrator – another trick she had picked up from Mr. Harris.

The technique worked like a charm and Alexa's chin was soon flooded with a creamy blast from between Amber's legs. Amber arched her back and grunted with the orgasm, clutching the back of Alexa's head and shoving it deeper into her pussy.

That only made Alexa lick harder, trying to give Amber another orgasm on top of the last. She decided to insert the thumb of her free hand into Amber's pussy to aid in the process.

The world outside of their bodies had fallen away, and Alexa at least, had forgotten about the eight men and two women watching them. That is, until she felt a soft hand on her back, making its way down to her ass.

Alexa looked up to find Misty on her knees beside her. Misty bent down and kissed the newly anointed sorority sister and take in the taste of the other.

"That looked so good that I had to try it," she said after the kiss. "But Amber shouldn't get all of the attention tonight."

And with that, Misty guided Alexa to the ground, then swung her body over the redhead's body with her smoldering-hot pussy over Alexa's mouth. Lowering herself onto Alexa, she found an eagerly-awaiting tongue that began exploring her right away.

Amber kissed Misty and seemed to consider eating out Alexa, but then moved on to the other side of the room, where most of the men had regained their erections and Lauren was trying to keep them all occupied by masturbating for them. Amber jumped in the middle of the group and began making out with Lauren as the guys crowded around.

Misty was hovering over Alexa's face and rubbing her pussy with a wetted middle finger, and admiring the little tuft of red hair on Alexa's crotch.

"God, you've got a pretty pussy," she told the reclining redhead. "I'm going to have fun with that."

That got her a couple of deep appreciative licks, to which she could only purr, "Mmmmm," and then said, "That was good. Do me a favor and lube up my ass a little." And then to one of the black guys who had fucked Amber earlier, "Oh Stephen, I need something from you."

He didn't have to be told twice. He was there as fast as his feet could carry him. And by that time, Alexa, in the throws of passion, had dug her tongue at least a half-inch deep into Misty's little brown pucker.

Stephen was already hard from watching Misty and Amber, but needed a little lube himself, and put his dick into Misty's pussy for a few strokes, then into Alexa's mouth before setting up the battering ram at Misty's back door.

Misty leaned forward to give Stephen more access to her ass and so that she could begin working on Alexa's pussy. Sister M was a master at the art of cunnilingus, or Alexa soon learned. A few flicks of the tongue and middle finger, and Alexa was cumming harder than she had all night.

Some of it had to be the build-up from all of the pussy licking she had been doing, but Alexa recognized talent when she felt it and determined to learn Misty's secrets before the night was through.

Of course, it was hard for Alexa to concentrate on what Misty was doing to her pussy and continue licking at the same time, not to mention the massive cock that was now slamming into Misty's ass right in front of her face.

Misty's moans of pleasure from being ass fucked periodically interrupted the bliss of her tongue on Alexa's pussy and the feeling of her wetted fingers making tiny circles on her virgin asshole.

Again and again she came, rocking her tiny frame repeatedly, until all of the sudden Misty leaned up. Unable to see what was happening, she got the idea when someone's cock slid into place. With all of the buffet-style cunnilingus going on, Alexa had not even considered calling over a cock to fill her void. But now, someone had answered her non-call.

She couldn't see who it was, but he had a good-sized member, which filled her nicely after getting in position - sitting on his ass with his legs on the outside of hers. He rocked back and forth, and even though that position didn't allow for much movement, it gave him enough to get the job done.

She was cumming again after only a few minutes. And her contracting sugar walls - combined with the build-up that the mystery man had surely experienced in the circle with Lauren and Amber – made him explode into her and sending shivers through her body.

Stephen came soon afterward and the four of them collapsed onto the floor in a heap of flesh. It had been an exhausting session and they all struggled to catch their breath – all except the stranger, who had come late to the party.

Alexa recognized him as soon as she removed Stephen and Misty's legs from around her head.

"Mr. Harris?" she asked. "What are you doing here?"

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