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Sorority Submission


Summary: It is the 1st humiliating day of Rush Week for a shy pledge.

Note 1: This story is dedicated to the real Anne who is exactly as the story describes: a powerful domme to her man and a submissive slut to other woman.

Note 2: A special thanks to the personal artwork of Candi who spent hours creating the images for this lengthy tale based on my complex and detailed requests.

Note 3: I am Canadian. I never pledged a sorority and base my ridiculous over-the-top plot on my fantasies, a few msn conversations, other stories I have read over the years and a plethora of 1980's movies (although sadly I also imagined it being a lot like that Amanda Bynes movie "Sydney White"...which I sadly also admit I liked...a lot). I have also condensed the timeframe for plot purposes.

Note 4: The story will have at least 6 parts and be released over the next year based on when the images are completed and the story edited.

Note 5: Thanks to Mab7991, Susan and LaRascasse for editing this story.

Sorority Submission

Prologue (Saturday)
I knew in high school I was bi; well I was pretty sure I was bi. I admired a woman's bodies way too much and ninety percent of my masturbation fantasies had me at the whim of some pretty cheerleader or a sexy teacher. Strangely, unlike many girls who were shy around boys, I was the opposite, which made sense I suppose due to my confusing sexuality. Around boys I was confident and truth be told a bit domineering...I slept with two guys in my grade twelve year, but in both cases I controlled the situation...I called the shots. Yet, around girls, especially those I had a crush on, I stammered and got shy like a wimpy school boy would do. Thus I never acted on my feelings though due to shyness and the fact that back in m small town high school being bi was still considered taboo (unlike at college where a girl is considered a prude if she has never at the very least, as Katy Perry put it, 'Kissed a Girl').

To make matters worse, although I am pretty, with blue eyes and dirty blonde hair, I did not develop early and the breasts I dreamed of never did arrive, unlike the promises my grandma made that they one day would. My 32a breasts were practically non-existent, although my nipples were super sensitive, I suppose begging to be important on my otherwise flat chest.

When I started college, I moved three hours away and decided to make a new start. I promised myself I would be more outgoing and hopefully confirm if I was bi. I decided I would pledge a sorority, the same one my mother was in years ago, and make the most of my stereotypical college years.

Being a second generation pledge, I was supposed to be a sure thing. But I learned that was not the case the very first day.

I arrived on time to the Pi Delta greet and meet initiation in a pink semi-casual dress and bubbling with excitement. I was introduced to the other potential pledges and we were wined and dined and wined some more...it was all very decadent and fake. Although I enjoyed the attention, I could tell there was something going on beneath the surface that I could not put my finger on, just an ominous feeling that wouldn't go away.

Finally, Beth, the senior sorority President, who was a solid twelve out of ten with flaming red hair, green eyes and voluptuous breasts, spoke. "Ladies, you are here tonight because you are the best of the best and we only take the best. Alumni of this prestigious sorority are lawyers, doctors, judges, politicians, actresses, and many other influential positions. Actually our current Dean, Ms. Walker, is a former member of this sorority. Yet, with such power comes sacrifice. We need to know you will be loyal Pi Delta as sisters, and that the sorority comes first. Over the next week you will partake in Rush Week and will be given five tasks to complete. These tasks will test your character and your loyalty. If you do not fulfill any one of the five tasks, you will not be allowed to pledge our sorority. With that said, each of you will be interviewed tomorrow by myself, Jamie, your pledge leader, and Kim our Vice-President." Jamie and Kim were physical clones of Beth, with huge breasts, their hair color being the only distinctive difference. While Beth had red hair, Jamie was a brunette and Kim a blonde. Beth, a permanent smile on her face, continued, "With all the formalities out of the way, please enjoy the rest of the festivities. Tomorrow rush week begins."

There was polite clapping and the music was started again. I met a ton of nice girls and was very excited about joining the sorority and fitting in.

The Interview (Sunday)
I arrived to the interview early and waited and waited for over forty-five minutes before I was called to be interviewed. When I entered the room I was surprised by the very formal setting. The three girls were at a board table of sorts and I was supposed to sit across from them.

Beth started. "Tell us a bit about yourself Anne."

"Well, I am eighteen, from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and my Mom is an alumni of Pi Delta. I am a dancer, love reading, tennis, softball, chess and...."

Jamie interrupted, with an impatient wave of the hand, "Ok, ok, enough of your life story, let's get to the questions."

The abruptness surprised me, but I quit talking and waited for a question.

Beth smiled, "Ignore Jamie. It is her time of month and this is our fiftieth interview of the day."

"No worries," I smiled, attempting to just go with the flow, even though I felt butterflies in my stomach.

"So, question one. What would you bring to our sorority?" Beth asked.

I paused, trying to come up with a good answer. "Well, I am very athletic; I am a very good listener and...."

Jamie interrupted me again. "So you are flexible?" she asked.

"Very," I answered. "I have been a gymnast for years."

A strange smile crossed Jamie's face.

Beth said, giving Jamie a look, "Go on, Anne."

"Um, I am a people person and love to help out. I am also always eager to learn new things," I continued, trying to sell myself like I would in a job interview.

"Interesting," Jamie said, the same odd look on her face, as if she was thinking about something completely different from what we were discussing.

Kim asked, "What do you do for fun, girlfriend?"

Being called girlfriend relaxed me as it made me feel like part of them. I answered, "I love to read. I write poetry. I like to travel and just relax."

"So you are an introvert?" Jamie asked.

Having taking a few quizzes in my psychology class, I knew I was indeed an extreme introvert. "Yes," I admitted, before adding, "but I am hoping to change that by joining Pi Delta."

"Oh that you will," Jamie said as if it was a promise, yet something in her tone was very foreboding, making me slightly uncomfortable.

Beth chuckled, giving the brunette another quick look, "What Jamie means is that we are like one big family and we like to think we give all our girls opportunities to find their true selves."

"We dig very deep," Jamie added, not even a hint of a smile on her face.

"That sounds awesome," I gushed, excited to be in such a warm supportive environment.

The next few questions were about my grades, best subjects, had I tried drugs, where I had travelled and so forth. Then Beth warned, "These next few questions are very personal. But they need to be answered honestly. There are no secrets among sorority sisters."

"We share everything," Jamie added, stressing the word 'everything'."

"Ok," I replied, although I was instantly nervous, unable to fathom what kind of questions were to follow the already rather thorough interview.

"Are you a virgin?" Beth asked.

"Pardon?" I asked, surprised by the frank question.

Jamie repeated, her tone condescending, "It is a simple yes or no question. Are you a virgin?"

"No," I blushed.

"How many guys has a slut like you fucked?" Jamie asked, crudely.

Being called a slut was a slap across the face, but I answered as if I wasn't offended. "Just two."

"Have you licked any pussy?" Jamie questioned.

"No," I replied, flabbergasted by the question.

"Figures," Jamie sarcastically grumbled.

"Well then the next question may seem a bit redundant, after Jamie's rather abrupt question," Beth said, glaring at Jamie, "but I must ask it anyway. Are you straight, bi or a lesbian?"

I was again almost too shocked to answer and even though I was pretty sure I liked girls and boys, I stammered, "S-s-straight."

"How can you be so sure, if you have never been with a girl?" Jamie asked, a smile suddenly spreading across her lips. Was she flirting with me?

Beth shushed her. "Sssh, Jamie, it's nice to have a pledge who isn't already a whore."

"Thank you, ma'am," I said, feeling better that Beth was on my side.

"I assume you have not had anal sex then," Beth accused as if not having had anal sex made me a prude.

"God, no," I gasped, and then added, "Sorry for using the Lord's name in vain."

Jamie cackled, "Oh my, you are so fucking precious."

"Thank you, ma'am," I replied, not catching on to the obvious sarcasm.

"No threesomes, orgies, trains, obviously," Beth listed.

The parade of obscenities was shocking and I just shook my head no, as I kept waiting to discover I was on Candid Camera. Just the thought of any of these slutty acts was absurd even if many of my solo pleasure times included more than one partner.

"How often do you masturbate?" Beth asked.

I paused before answering, "Once a week maybe twice."

"That is it?" Jamie asked, "If I don't get off daily by myself, a guy or someone else, I am a ballistic bitch."

The way she said 'someone else' had me nervous as the brunette's eyes bore into me. Before I could even stop myself, I quipped back, "I guess it has been a couple of days then." The other two girls exploded with laughter as Jamie glared at me with a look that could kill. As soon as I said it, I wished I could take it back. I apologized, "I am so sorry, that was completely uncalled for." Although I didn't really feel sorry, I didn't want a brief moment of being sassy to hurt my chances of joining the sorority.

Jamie's glare quickly faded as she smiled and said, "That is alright, you have a little spunk. I wasn't sure a good girl like you had any. Training you will be a lot more fun than I thought."

The word 'training' caught my attention, but I just assumed it was a poor choice of words.

Beth continued what felt to me more like an interrogation than an interview. "And how do you pleasure yourself, Anne?"

"Do I really have to answer that?" I asked, feeling this was getting way too personal.

"There are no secrets between sisters," the mostly quiet Kim pointed out.

I thought to myself that my sister and I had never had a conversation even remotely as personal as this. "Just my fingers," I admitted.

"I bet you don't even own any toys, do you?" Jamie again chirped, her tone full of accusation.

"No I don't," I admitted, but trying to impress them, I released a secret I had ever told anyone, "but I have used my brush often."

"You fucked yourself with a brush?" Jamie crudely reworded.

"No...yes...I guess so," I replied, my face instantly red with shame, mortified by how dirty she made it sound.

"Well, that is all for the interview, Anne," Beth said, "thank you for your time."

I couldn't tell if Beth's flippant attitude was a good or bad sign. I asked, "Is there anything else?"

"Not today," Beth said, before adding, "but your first task will be given to you tomorrow."

"Ok," I said, eager to start the real pledging, although kind of nervous about what lay ahead after this bizarre interview.

Jamie didn't say anything, but the look in her eyes as I left was creepy, I couldn't quite place it, other than to say it felt like she was assessing me, sizing me up...but I had no clue for what.

RUSH TASK #1: Dress Like a Slut (Monday)

The first task arrived the next morning. Each of us potential pledges were given an outfit to wear that was definitely not high school appropriate, but apparently colleges don't have dress codes.

A sorority sister named Camree brought me an outfit and a note. She smiled, clearly in on something us rush week pledges were not and said, "Make sure you follow the instructions completely."

I nodded and she was gone. I looked at the outfit I was expected to wear. It was ludicrous. It was a school girl's uniform: a white blouse and a very short plaid skirt, but instead of knee high socks that are most common with such an outfit there were white thigh high stockings, the tops of which obviously would be completely visible given the length of the skirt. I sighed being so shy I wasn't really comfortable bringing such obvious attention to myself. I grabbed the note:

Wannabe Sorority Sister
Your journey begins today. Task one is a simple one. Wear the outfit that has been hand-picked for you.

Pledge Leader Jamie

P.S.: You are also not allowed to wear any undergarments with your outfit. No BRA and no PANTIES. (Unless it is that time of month, then panties are allowed).

P.S.S.: A reminder if you do not fulfill any of the tasks, you will be eliminated from the OPPORTUNITY to become a sister.

P.S.S.S.: You are expected to be at the sorority house at seven...DO NOT BE LATE!


I gasped. I had never gone in public without underwear. My breasts were so small that a bra had always been more of a fashion accessory than a necessity, but no underwear was nerve-wrecking. I wouldn't even fathom doing such a thing...until now.

I sighed as I started to get out of my conservative warm pajamas and dressed in the expected attire, unable to figure out why they would want to dress us up so absurdly. Although I was mortified by the thought of being seen in public dressed so scantily, my determination to become a sorority sister won out.

Once dressed, I checked myself in the mirror and was pleasantly surprised by how cute I looked...kind of slutty...but cute. I grabbed my backpack and headed off to my first class.

As soon as I walked out my door and started down the stairs I realized that not all the girls were dressed the same. Each was dressed in some sort of naughty schoolboy stroke fantasy outfit. I saw a maid's outfit, a nurse, a pirate, a princess, just to name a few, but all were the sluttiest versions possible.

I realized I was going to be late for class if I didn't hurry. At least, they hadn't chosen my shoes, so I was able to wear flats. I walked, almost ran, to my class, my right hand keeping my skirt from flying up from the brisk breeze. Arriving in class, I sat in the very back row as to limit the number of people who might see me dressed this way; at the very least no one would be able to see me from behind.

Another sorority sister wannabe, Rose, sat beside me in a hooters outfit. She gave a knowing, embarrassed, smile and joked, "Seems a little early for Halloween."

"Especially, a risqué Halloween," I replied, sharing her mutual discomfort.

"Actually, you look nice," Rose complimented.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes and at least you look relatively fashionable," she sighed, before pointing to her large breasts against a tight t-shirt that advertised 'Hooters' right on it, "and at least you are not advertising yourself as a ditz."

"Well, if nothing else," I said, trying to compliment her, "the outfit sure showcases your assets."

"That it does," she chuckled. "As does yours."

"How so?" I asked.

"You have amazing legs and the thigh highs really direct people's eyes to them," she pointed out.

"Thanks," I said, my face going red with the compliment.

Class began and as I became immersed in the lecture, ironically on women's rights, I forgot about my attire. Class ended and both Rose and I waited until the class left as we briefly discussed rush week. We both agreed that although our outfits were a bit embarrassing, it wasn't that big a deal.

We went our separate ways. Unlike the empty campus in the morning, many more students were out and about and I felt every set of eyes looking at me, judging me. I kept my head down and quickly headed to my literature class. Again, I sat in the back row.

The rest of the morning had me an anxious mess feeling as if everyone was judging me. Three times I was whistled at, two guys complimented my legs and one creepy guy asked me out. But it was the attention from other girls that was the worst. I could feel their glares. I could see their disapproval and at least twice I heard someone call me a slut. I was almost in tears by lunch, when I bumped into Beth who was dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt.

"You ok, sexy?" Beth asked.

I blushed at being called sexy as I replied, "Some people are so mean."

"Other girls?" she asked, knowingly.

"Yes," I whispered, trying to hold back my tears.

"They are jealous," Beth explained.

"Of me?" I asked.

"Of course," Beth smiled. "You look absolutely delicious in your outfit and most girls going here know about our different tasks and are jealous that you may become something they never can...a sister of the Pi Deltas."

"Oh," I said, surprised, and suddenly a bit more relaxed.

"I need more confidence than that from a future Pi Delta," Beth said.

Hearing her imply I was going to be a Pi Delta gave me a boost of confidence I needed. "Ok," I replied, "why do I care what others think?"

"Exactly. All you need are your sisters," Beth smiled, pulling me in for a hug. Her large breasts felt so warm against my body. I suddenly had an urge to cup them in my hands, but, of course, resisted the temptation, even as a spark was lit down below.

Letting me go, Beth's smile shifted from sweet to something unexplainable. "Did you obey the letter?"

"Yes, ma'am," I admitted, my face beet red.

"How does it feel?" she asked.

"Weird, at first, but you get used to it," I replied honestly.

Pulling me into a nearby bathroom she said, "Panty check. Let me see."

"Pardon?" I asked, confused.

"Lift up your skirt. I need to make sure you obeyed the instructions," she said, her tone shifting just slightly from the sweet-as-pie tone to something a bit more authoritative.

"Here?" I asked, suddenly very uncomfortable, even as my pussy continued to beg for attention.

"Yes, now hurry up before someone comes in," Beth instructed, her tone implying she was losing patience with me.

Not wanting to upset her, I lifted up my skirt to show my obedience to the task.

"Your cunt looks wet," Beth said, surprising me by moving her hand to my exposed vagina.

I gasped as she touched me quickly and moved her fingers to her mouth. "You are wet, my pet." I wondered being called 'my pet' but let it go as I nervously stood still during inspection.

She sucked her finger with my juice on it and smiled, "Hmmmm, delicious." She finished sucking her finger, winked and said, "See you at seven."

She left me alone in the washroom stunned. I quickly allowed my skirt to fall back down hiding my wet and excited pussy. Undeniably horny and desperately needing to get off, I went to a stall and began pleasuring myself. As I rubbed my swollen clit, I Beth referring to me as her pet returned into my head. Although I had fantasized many times about being with a girl, after one endearing name and one forbidden touch, I became obsessed. Imagining being with Beth was all it took for me to reach my much needed orgasm. I bit my lip as my orgasm spread through me as someone else entered the washroom, oblivious to my naughty deed.

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