Sorry for the Intrusion, Ma'am

byC.C. Rider©

"Oh, Agent Black, I hope you don't find anything in THERE."

Slowly I inserted my finger. When it was buried to the hilt, I began rotating my wrist. She shuddered and her butt cheeks jiggled.

"Hmm, could that be something, Mrs. Watson?"

"Oh, I don't know." She couldn't speak now without sighing, and her voice was a sexy moan.

"Perhaps I should use two fingers."

"Only if you must, Agent Black."

I pulled my finger out carefully, and, working slowly, I inserted two fingers. I lolled them about gently. I could feel her muscles relax in acceptance.

"Oh my, oh Agent Black, perhaps you should check two areas simultaneously."

(I suppressed a laugh. I was now sure Brenda was enjoying herself.)

"An excellent suggestion, Mrs. Watson. Perhaps by checking two areas at once I will finally find something."

I took my free hand and brought it up her thigh, against her pussy, and I explored her labia and clitoris. With my other hand I wiggled my fingers more assertively. Mrs. Watson's hips began to buck. I knew she was ready. I removed my hand from her twat and reached for the vibrator. I turned it on. I brought it up her thigh and slowly pressed it against her opening.

"I will be inserting a vaginal probe now."

"Oh yes, please."

"Try to remain calm, Mrs. Watson. This is a serious and delicate examination."

"Yes I know, please hurry."

I couldn't help my unprofessional chuckle. I wiggled my fingers. I teased her with the vibrator. Then I eased it into her vagina.

I moved the vibrator in and out of her, and now she was rocking on the pillow.

"It takes many insertions to get a good reading with this device, Mrs. Watson."

"Yes. Oh god yes. Do what you must."

As we progressed, her gyrations intensified. She was rocking and bobbing at the knees, trying to increase the friction.

"I need to turn the device on full now, Mrs. Watson."

"I'm ready, Agent Black."

I spun the dial at the base of the vibrator. In her ass, I began moving my fingers like they were running. In her pussy, I was plunging I was now plunging her vigorously with the vibrator. The motion of my hand was as fast as if I was jacking off at full crescendo. She wasn't moving anymore. She was clenched tight, clinging to the pillow like she wanted to suffocate it.

"Oh my god, Agent Black. Are you getting a good reading?"

"Excellent, Mrs. Watson."

"Oh, I think you may have found..."

"Yes, I feel it, Mrs. Watson. I think I've got it."

"Oh, goddammit you've got it, yes oh...!!!"

And then she let out a wholly unfamiliar war yelp. Her whole body shook like she was in a seizure. I was actually worried about her for a second.

"Are you okay, Mrs. Watson?"

She took a moment to catch her breath. "Did you get what you were looking for, Agent Black?"

"I am afraid not, ma'am. I lost it again. I apologize for any trauma that may have caused you."

"Oh, it's okay," she sighed heavily. "Duty calls. May I sit down for a moment, Agent Black?"

"Yes, of course, but let me clean you up first." I took another towel and lovingly wiped the excess oil and her juices from her ass and crotch and thighs. I stood up and guided her hips into the chair.

I let her rest for a moment. I looked at her sitting there, blindfolded, her wrists bound in her lap, exhausted from the examination, naked and radiant, and I can assure you that all I wanted to do was to stick my dick in her, somewhere, anywhere.

I reattached her restraints behind the chair.

"Is there more, Agent Black?" she asked.

I stood in front of her, unzipped my slacks, and pulled out my cock. I stroked as I looked at her.

"Oh yes, there's more."

"What should I do?"

"Spread your legs and lean forward with your face up."

"Like this, Agent Black?"


I stood in front of her with my aching cock in my hand.

"I have yet another device, Mrs. Watson: a special probe. I will start by examining your lips with it."

I took the tip of my penis and traced her lips. She parted her lips slightly. I traced a line around her lips, under her nose, across her cheek, over her chin.

"I need you to take this device as far into your mouth as you can."

"I understand, Agent Black. This probe does not vibrate, then?"

As she spoke her lips tickled the tip of my penis, and I could see my pre-cum oozing and attaching itself to her lips and stretching like a strand of spider webbing.

"No, but it can do something the vaginal probe cannot. It has a fluid injection system."

"Oh, how interesting. You're not going to inject fluid in my mouth, are you?" she said as she leaned farther forward, teasing my dickhead into her lips.

"It will have to be injected somewhere, I'm afraid." I moved closer to her. "We'll talk about that latter. For now I need you to..."

"I know." Her lips slid down my shaft. I held my hands flat by the base of my cock, pushing the fabric of my slacks back into my pubic mound, exposing as much of my turgid penis as I could through my fly.

"Like the vaginal probe, this device needs many insertions to get a good reading, Mrs. Watson."

She began to suck me with more vigor, and I began to rock in and out of her mouth. We established a good rhythm. The thought of fucking her face like this, with her blindfolded, her arms clasped behind her, immobilized, naked, me fully clothed, no parts of our bodies touching except my cock and her warm, wet mouth and strong tongue, was excruciating.

"Oh, Mrs. Watson, I am getting an excellent reading."

She continued, building speed with each descent on my shaft, and I leaned back my head and moaned loudly.

"Are you all right, sir?"

"Don't stop, Mrs. Watson!"

She sucked at me wildly. Then she started to hum, and the vibration and pressure was too much.

"Wait a moment, Mrs. Watson..." I was gasping for air. She let my penis slip from her mouth.

"Was I doing something wrong?"

"Oh no. Excellent, really." I was stroking my cock as I looked down at her. "It is time to inject the fluid."

"Oh really? What is it for?"

How the hell should I know? I thought. "It is top secret, Mrs. Watson. You will just have to trust me."

"Oh, I do, Agent Black."

"Good. Now we have two options. The fluid can be injected either orally or rectally."

"Not vaginally?" she said slyly.

I looked at my watch and thought about it. I really wanted to ass-fuck her. "No. Not today. I suppose it could be injected vaginally, but then we would have to wait twenty or thirty minutes for the device to recharge. We don't have time."

"So that is not an alternative?"

"No. I should warn you that the fluid is warm and slightly viscous, and some – very few mind you, but some – find it a little bit difficult to swallow."

"You mean they gag on it a little, sometimes?"

I laughed. "Yes. I'm sure YOU would be fine, of course, but I wanted to warn you."

"Hmmm...." She tilted her head to one side playfully. "You promise to be careful if you do a... you know...?"

"An anal injection. Yes, I promise. Excellent choice, Mrs. Watson – we get a much better reading that way. I am going to remove your restraints now and have you lie face down over the towel with your arms outstretched in front of you, palms flat on the floor. Then I will reattach the restraints. I have to be able to trust you will comply."

"Yes sir. I understand."

I helped her up and guided her into position.

I stood over her. "It does look like you've passed one test, Mrs. Watson; your husband assured us in his interrogation that you would choose the anal injection."

"He did? Isn't that interesting."

"Perhaps he really is your husband." I started unbuttoning my shirt.

"Are you comfortable?" I asked.

"Yes, but I am nervous, Agent Black."

I admired her shapely teardrop ass, her pillowy mounds of flesh. I kicked off my shoes

"Don't be nervous," I said as I unbuckled my belt and pulled off of my pants.

"What are you doing, Agent Black?"

"I have to attach the device to my hips to free up my hands, so I am removing my trousers. You don't want me to get them soiled, do you?" I was pulling off my clothes as fast as I could.

"Oh, I suppose we can't have that."

"This can be a messy procedure."

I took the bottle of baby oil from the dresser. I stood naked over her and gripped my rock hard cock.

"We'll start with your legs together," I instructed, and she complied.

I straddled her thighs so that my cock was pointing at her ass.

"I will start by lubricating the area for insertion."

"Thank you for being so thoughtful, Agent Black."

I poured a liberal amount of oil over her and began to work the slippery fluid into her pliant bottom. I took my time. Occasionally I would give my erection a few oily tugs. I was savoring this.

Finally, I spread her cheeks and ran my fingers and thumbs up and down against the length of her crack. I teased and poked gently at her puckered little bumhole, and she moaned.

When I couldn't take it any longer, I scooted up and pressed bottom of my cock against the length of her butt groove. I placed my hands on her shoulder blades and massaged her back as I rocked back and forth, forcing my cock into the depths of her ass crack, rubbing it up and down.

"Mmmm...." She moaned. "I didn't know my search included a rubdown."

"I am only trying to relax you for the insertion, Mrs. Watson. Down bellow I am trying to build up heat against the receiving area. It will help make you more accommodating."

"Mmmm... I see."

At last, I was ready. She was ready. It was time.

"I will begin the insertion now, Mrs. Watson."

"Please be gentle."

I sat up. Her ass and my cock were sopping with oil. I adjusted myself so that the tip of my penis was resting on the point of insertion. Using my thumb, I pressed my dickhead down, until there was a slight forgiveness of flesh. I pressed more firmly, and slowly my dickhead disappeared into the darkness.

"Oooooh," she purred.

I took my time. I squeezed her cheeks and pushed them together and pulled them apart. I used my thumbs to press down where my cock was disappearing.

"Oh, Mrs. Watson, this is going much easier than I anticipated."

"Oh, Agent Black, are you trying to imply that I am loose?"

"Oh, no ma'am."

"Good. This is very frightening for me, you know?"

"I am sure. I will be careful. Once I have the probe fully inserted, I will begin with a slow, steady motion."

I leaned forward for a better angle and steadied myself with my hands on the floor by her hips. Then I pressed my last inches into her.

"I have full insertion, Mrs. Watson."

"Oh my, Agent Black; it is so deep." Her voice was deep and sultry now.

"If I could have you bear down just...." Oh my god!

"Like that?"

I coughed. "Oh shit yes, like that."


She flexed so strongly her but cheeks started to close and push me up and out of her. I retreated very slowly. I was sweating and we hadn't even started.

I withdrew almost all the way and started down again. She arched her back, and I was able to go even deeper.

"I will let you control the pace, Mrs. Watson, but we will gradually have to get faster in order to..." She was bearing down on me again, and I was having difficulty breathing.

"Oh god, stick it in my ass, Agent Black. Go ahead!"

"Yes..." I started to hump her more aggressively. "Like that, Mrs. Watson."


"Like that?"


She was pushing herself off the floor into me. I humped her at full speed.

I was bucking. She was bouncing. I was out of breath. She cried out and went flat on the floor. She was limp. I went faster. And then I felt it.

"Here it comes!"

I collapsed on her and pushed myself as far as I could into her, and I could feel my hot cum pumping into her in flood after flood. She was still limp. I kept coming, and my body shuddered with the force of my ejaculation. And then I was worried for her, until she spoke.

"My god. I am glad I chose anal injection; you might have drowned me, Agent Black."

I pushed up on my hands, off of her, and pulled my cock from her asshole. Cum was dribbling and splattering everywhere.

I straddled her thighs and surveyed the carnage. Oil and come were slathered across my wife's ass. Her asshole was red and slightly agape and bubbling with cum. My flagging cock was a gooey mess. I crawled off of her and sat on the floor.

"Holy shit, Brenda. That was fucking awesome."

"Yes, it was." She pulled off the blindfold with her clasped hands. "My ass will never forget the infamous Agent Black," she said looking at me. "Now would you undo these goddamn restraints, please?"

We showered together, and I enjoyed soaping her up. We hugged and kissed, and I got another erection. I offered Brenda a "vaginal injection."

"Sorry, but I have GOT to get back to work," she said matter-of-factly, leaving me in the shower lathered and aroused.

Later, in the garage, she gave me a peck on the cheek.

"Do want me to pick something up for dinner."

"Nah," I replied waiving her off. "It's Friday. We always order delivery on Friday."

"I hope there's something good on TV tonight. Luv ya, honey."

"Luv ya too, sweet."

And we got in our cars and drove back to work.

I spent most the afternoon trying to come up with a theme for our next rendezvous. Brenda always ogles those larger-than-life black celebrities and athletes. Hmmm...

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