tagMatureSorry, I Misplaced My Hammer

Sorry, I Misplaced My Hammer


This was it: a new life. Anna had left her miserable old life for good. She was standing by the road where a taxicab had just dropped her off. She couldn't believe where she was. Bye bye east coast, hello Hollywood! This was the big break for her. She had left her home, job, friends, everything to get here. More than anything in the world she wanted to be an actor. Her boyfriend dumping her had only been the last straw.

The new apartment was half the size of her old house. The owner, a grumpy old man, gave her a quick look around but there really wasn't much to see. When entering the apartment living room/bedroom was the first thing to bump into. The kitchen was small and the bathroom had no bath. Still Anna thought it was marvelous.

A first night in a new place was always a strange experience. Anna was tired but didn't want to go to bed yet. She took a shower, organized her things and finally put her brand new nightgown on. She had thrown away all her boring flannel pajamas and bought satin and lace gowns to replace them. The new pink baby-doll seemed appropriate for the occasion. Anna stood in the middle of the bedroom facing the door and brushed her shoulder-length brown hair. She thought about her new situation, her family, her agent and even her ex-boyfriend from time to time. She was million miles away when suddenly she heard a sound of a key turning in the lock. Before Anna realized the situation a tall tanned man in his forties walked in. He was surprised about the light in Anna's night lamp and even more startled about the fact that a young woman wearing barely nothing stood right in front of him.

'I ... think I left my hammer here...' the janitor mumbled with a deep voice. 'Sorry, I didn't know anyone was here' he said quickly and closed the door.

Anna was frozen. What had just happened? She had stood there and had made no effort to cover herself. It had all happened too fast. She tried to forget it and go to bed but she couldn't stop thinking about that man. He had been nothing like her ex. Jake was young and skinny with light brown hair and saggy old clothes. This person was a MAN. Anna had seen his big muscular hands under his blue worker's vest. He had had dark, almost black hair and strong characteristic face. Why didn't she do something? She should have at least talked to him!

The next day Anna spent walking on clouds. Her castings went poorly because she had trouble concentrating. She couldn't remember her lines which caused her to lose all those jobs. She didn't mind, though. The dark stranger was constantly messing with her head. Just by closing her eyes she could see his dark features, strong chest and arms. Oh, what she would give to have those arms around her! Anna's agent brought her back to earth by saying she would never be a star if she couldn't remember few lousy lines. Still she went home smiling.

Anna tried to do some cooking and cleaning around the house but ended up ordering a pizza. Then she tried on all her new clothes though she had already realized no one actually wore those kind of things – even around here. Still she was proud of her nightgown collection. The long black satin one made her bottom look quite good and the cream colored one with its wide décolletage really brought out the best of her big breasts. But now it was a warm night after a hot day. She decided to wear a white see-through gown that was almost more like a net than a dress.

She waited. At first she stood in the middle of the floor just like the night before. She looked at the door. Then she brushed her hair again. An hour later Anna had to give up. She was tired and convinced that last night had only been a mistake. The mystery man was probably home with his wife and kids feeling embarrassed about yesterday. So she went to bed and fell a sleep.

At eleven o'clock at that very night a key opened the lock to Anna's apartment. Through her dreams she could hear the door knob being turned. She was wide awake. She switched on her night lamp and saw a man standing by the bed. He had a black shirt and jeans that revealed all his goods. Anna stood up and was so close to him now that he could hear heart beating. The janitor put his strong hands onto her shoulders and firmly pushed her against the wall. He gazed at her body under the gown. Then staring right into her eyes he slipped his hands under her skirt. Anna's hardening nipples pushed the gown away from her body. Still keeping his eyes nailed to hers the janitor moved his fingers over her panties. Anna licked her lips but she couldn't move because the man held her so tight – and didn't want to move because it felt so good.

Then the man kneeled down and pulled her dark red panties down. Anna opened her legs a little and with the tip of his tongue he tasted her. Anna wriggled. The man stood up again and grabbed her breast stroking them persistently. Finally he took the whole gown off and threw it to the other side of the room. She was naked. Her breasts went up and down because she was breathing so heavily. The janitor took one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked it while placing his hand back to her now bare cunt. He felt her wetness. After that he finally kissed her. Their tongues searched each other inside her mouth and Anna smelled his manly aftershave.

Suddenly he pulled away from her and threw her to the bed on her stomach. He bit her bottom and held her down again. He walked to the other side of the bed so she could see him. He got undressed in front of her. He removed his shirt revealing trimmed abs and chest. Then he unbuttoned his jeans soon stood there naked. He got onto the bed and climbed over her so that he was on her legs. He took both of her hands into his left hand and reached for the hair brush on her night table. He stroked her bottom for awhile and then gave it a sharp slap with the brush. Anna's muscles tighten but she didn't say anything. He slapped again. His erection started to grow. He slapped that lily-white ass again. His cock was rock hard. He turned her around. Anna stared at this big cock pointing right at her. He pulled her closer so her lips touched it. Anna opened her mouth and he put it in. She started sucking this monstrous thing but the man was ready to use it otherwise. He turned her around again but this time she was on her hands and knees. He put his cock into her moist vagina and Anna gasped an approving sigh. He fucked her hard and long. At last he spread his sperm all over her cunt while Anna's orgasm filled the room with a powerful scream.

When later they laid on Anna's bed both sweaty and out of breath the janitor turned to Anna, straightened his arm towards her and said smiling: 'Hi, I'm Don.'

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