Soul Mates


Calista’s hand trembled as the match dragged against the box causing it to burst into flame.

The two pink candles, one representing him, one her, were set on the table facing the southern windows overlooking the street below. Taking a deep breath, she lit them.

Was she making the right choice?

Tonight had to be the night even if only to say goodbye. She knew what she had to do. She had to get him back even if it was just for one night.

How could one person hurt so much, she thought. Everyone had told her time healed some of the pain. But after nine months, she still felt her heart had been ripped from her body leaving a gaping hole.

Calista sat weeping over Lachlan’s picture. Halloween had always been their special night. Her friend Lucy had introduced them at one of her parties five years ago. They had complimented each other even then, Lachlan had come dressed as a vampire and Calista as Buffy the vampire slayer. Over the years they had shared a closeness few people ever experience.

Closing her eyes she let her mind drift to happier times. Flashbacks of past moments together, watching a movie, moonlit walks, picnics shared, romantic dinners, holding hands. The tingling feeling of having Lachlan’s body near hers. Lying with him inside her.

Calista had set the room as Lucy had suggested. Smells of coriander, dill and lavender filled the room. Next the other candles were positioned: red in the south corner, green in the north, in the east yellow, finishing with blue in the west.

“Beautiful goddess, powerful god, hear my prayers. Lords of flame and fire, ignite my desire.” Calista chanted this three times.

“If this is meant to be, please bring Lachlan back to me.”

She hardly dared to breathe, would he come to her? Would the spell work? She could only hope.

Sounds of footsteps in the hall outside filled her ears, stopping in front of the closed door. The doorknob slowly turned. Calista, afraid to turn and look, squeezed her eyes shut. What if it wasn’t Lachlan? The door squeaked in protest as it opened as if trying to keep the being from entering. A new smell filled the room, slightly musty but with the familiar smell of his aftershave. A cold chill ran up her spine.

Could Calista trust her instincts? Had Lachlan really come back to her?

Footsteps approached, arms enfolded around her from behind. The two bodies fitting together as if they had never been apart. She cautiously opened her eyes. Lachlan’s tanned arms greeted her, his voice whispered in her ear.

“I’ve missed you so much, Calista.”

Tears fell silently down her cheeks. She turned to face him wanting to see him so urgently. He looked exactly as he had when he had left nine months ago. Walking out the door and out of her life.

Calista smiled; she could hardly believe it. So many questions raced through her mind, but before she could open her mouth Lachlan silenced her with a kiss. The kiss sealed their destiny, soothing her fears and starting to heal some of her pain she had felt.

Passion overwhelmed them. The connection they had shared was still unbroken. As their fingers explored familiar territory, their eyes locked together as slowly each devoured the other. His hands traced slow circles over each nipple causing her to melt in his arms. He knew exactly what she needed. He knew she needed him.

As his fingers circled her growing nipples her longing burnt brighter. Her back arched pushing her hips into his. Calista held onto his waist grinding their hips together. The months apart had only empathised her lust for him. She could feel his response as his cock grew in length and thickness, pressing into his pants.

In the incandescent glow, clothes piled on the floor. Bare flesh pressed against soft skin. Hard nipples scraped against his chest. His throbbing cock, collided with her rounded belly. Their bodies soon joined the clothes, settling onto the well-used rug. Torn between the urgency of their lust and a desire to savour every moment, they settled into the familiar stride of lovemaking, something they had shared many times before.

As Calista straddled Lachlan, the curves and hollows of each body moulded into the other. Sliding down onto his cock she wrapped her wet pussy around it. Pausing, she held him deep inside her, rhythmically clenching and releasing. Slowly she slid up until just the tip of his cock remained inside her then she plunged down grinding her hips into his.

As they surged forward, the final climax building for the both of them, nature’s manifestations seemed to increase in harmony with them. The breath of air that had filtered into the room had now turned into a light breeze. The curtains at the open windows danced, with the candles’ flames threatening to extinguish.

The wind caressed Calista’s flushed body as she rode Lachlan. Faster and faster she galloped her long hair flying everywhere. They were both locked in the moment, oblivious to the danger they faced. A danger from which there could be no escape.

Their passions peaked, exploding through out their bodies as a large gust of wind eclipsed the two pink candles.

Lachlan and Calista were now together, forever as the soul mates they truly were. Tonight had been their night, Halloween the night when the two worlds of the living and the dead were closest. Calista no longer having to grieve the death of her husband and Lachlan no longer roaming lost waiting for his true love.

Now they were fused as one – from now until eternity, until the sounding of the last trump.

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